NDC's Number Of Years In Governance Is The Cause of Ghana's Long Suffering Development

former President John Evans Atta Mills a you'll be I'm say about the Union our Papa promote a Latino the moon somebody a car as an aircar Ghana on as he began on come on it is our promise or a measure say said the Ohio mom call a lady no SEO nameko watching and you know recently I have reports an ebony we know my own language as a deity but day beyond mu g d sa kanya a solution homage mama or omit him on bias a German Marty imagine you a New Hampshire man la linea named PC or come Aussie United you know but all come or come identity mama I was in idea now okay Myanmar someone okay Serbia Albania how much as any I would my own comfort been to her and Fabian to her Okin is an enemy and Marcel alcohol can you see MIT but as a mono she's here come see me and masamune Arabia know may appear with much as yellow as a custom non what can I say about change you know what kinda cream talk on alumina when we a say that way way as I want yeah see cause he a cocoon and I see a cause we see ya back up with my betcha quim Hanukkah now a magic women look when media check and Nam hormone mmm not by him and I'm afraid by until my equipment gonna do yeah less than two minutes are gonna and in PC was blaming your government never course and yes I'm gonna all to Brad watch Tracy become a crisis anyone mmm oh no you got a DB I and I bet 62 bar mmm and I know nobody at Castle Bay 27 26 years mmm actually mom I am ia huh in Jessie say yes I purchased a party but twice something years in turn until I chose anybody wanna fight you wanna do you a see I gotcha a woman now if we say an uber solution to the problem ah a new solution to the problem that's 70-acre no solution a solution the solution Appa no no I got 27 years yeah there's Evan yes I'm gonna know if your solution mmm Melissa yes a new solution when Yun away your furniture or know what do you know why'd you have to move a drink John on one custom would you do chief come on he didn't say Ghanim terminus where do ya catchy anyone and coma would be my to us say a better tomorrow do some purpose or not know what the exam Oh No I thought you to infest to me know any awesome not a fruit be somet Ramon Casa manomaya me I may be born in I sent me new me home I'm a chassis no see siento I mean the two will say there be men gay men me for now woman oh and if I don't be under man gasm whatever they to say no sir and this a man who continue to zona de gonna force a child oh hey idea uh no no your my idea so me because they are all coming at me Casey so that's equipment now Oaxaca action criminal well yeah – Musa one I a yachtie Hawaiian Oh betrays a homeowner Yuma an ad for an America quim o Kesava quad intro a gigantic o NT no yep editorial penny mwah cigar Evil Queen mo no anonymous a didn't you see any big man aunty in a bacon a TTT a say yeah johnny was a Tamils in a bread and yeah I see you move man I mean I'm attacked me Kukui a Matisse a ammonia movement ah they need the original they say air possible nah sigh maybe but we know and yeah a baby in a my pyre same way as a the PAI did much officer taka yeah they're blooming politicians oh yes he can we be on another dongho Guevara and a Mallorca see lipedema and essa Mia how selfish Ajo the panel oniony goo ba da capo a abuyin a circus about 180 said machine it was an advanced amateur see they are kind of mitosis let me just say area Oh media so on Sunday we do mark the one Lavanya in typical knowledge today it was but you can immediately abilities Akabusi nyancy incident Angelo Oh bhisma they canada or platform and say we are a non-unique 100 T to Serbia Honam yeah yeah see you know yeah si home Betty you

Maurice Vega

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