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Maurice Vega

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  1. People need to start waking up.. never has there ever been this many fires ever this is terrorism.. it makes good news to distract everyone with

  2. Good morning everyone I'm not surprised how forty five have people lie and go to jail for him knowing he is dirty let's as longs as you are white and rich you can do what you want

  3. You want to protect Kurdish people get off that podium at your news stand pick up a gun and go over there we won't stop you just make sure my brother passes by you coming home from there because he doesn't need to die over there.

  4. As a Canadian, I knew who Elijah Cummings was and respected the man for his morals and compassion. A true loss. My condolences to the family.

  5. This is exactly what that young prophet Diego Ortiz said, God would punish the US with water and fire πŸ”₯ and this is just the beginning 😒😒

  6. Grew up in Maryland, I had an amazing history teacher. Because of him this 53 year old white woman saw the life of a true hero a girl could look up to Ms. Tubman. This was in 1983…thank you to the great educators out there.

  7. The fifty or so troops Trump pulled out of northern Syria were fairly safe human shields since neither the Turks or Kurds had any real incentive to harm them. But the thousands sent to Saudi Arabia definitely are. Apparently the Iranian missiles easily found their way through an ineffective missile defence system. Why can't they do it again, taking out the oil installations and the troops?

  8. I find it sad and disgusting that we abandoned our allies,that poor girl fought and was injured for us,just like our own troops.god help them .the horrors of this is unfathomable

  9. Wow! I am for getting out of the Middle East, completely but to stay to protect the Syrian oil fields takes on a whole new level in our terrible foreign policies! Our presence there has always been about the oil and the money. That is why the Congress here was up in roars about leaving there.

  10. Cicely Tyson as Harriet Tubman was a powerful portrayal. Not sure this movie will top that. But nice to see a whole new generation learning her significance in history.

  11. No Mr. President no, YOU are the worst hoax , the worst joke in the history of this country, but the donkey will have the last laugh.

  12. Thanks for another night of the news. Even though it’s the morning for me πŸ˜† I definitely will be buying that book. Looks to be a good read.

  13. Yeah so the Dumbocrats win an impeachment order by a Judge who is probably a Catholic Jesuit! What a travesty…all the dems want is to destroy America with civil war to start with!

  14. There is nothing to spare in this ungodly, unrighteuos country, Usa. Let it burn! β˜’οΈπŸ’£πŸ”₯

    /BEN, Prophet

  15. 100,000 middle class tax payers have left Los Angeles this year. With 100,000 homeless Garcetti can just move them into those homes. California gets more liberal Democrat voters . Win Win

  16. Prayers and for America let us πŸ™ repent and confess and turn back to our Lord Jesus. Enough with the immorality. God is not happy with what is happening with sinful behavior.

  17. πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
    I'm here to hide the whistleblower
    From those raging fires.
    Wait a minute!
    Are those yummy carrots?
    Crown my furry rabbit feet with those

  18. I and many other people don't believe anything that the Democrats say and if they had something we would have heard all about it.


  20. Super Super plastic surgery for American girls to design your own police girls around $850K to $350K to design each girl lord PARADISE Heaven in fullest formation right here$$$$$$$$$$

  21. My Under Ground Shopping Mall Design's And Plan's Would Cost Around About An Estimate Of About A $400 Pentillion Dollar's to build And Yes With A "p" Not An "M" Nor even A "B" Nor Even A "T" Nor Even A "Q" And Yes With A "P" Yes It Would Cost Around About An Estimate Of A About A $400 Pentillion Dollar's to build because it is designed to be built for Minus -300 story's under ground for 20 by 20 Square Mile's And Right on The Mississippi River some where and/or any where on the Mississippi River For Many Many Location Option's And any where on the And Right On The Mississippi River some where Too in general And More And More And it is so big that people can Actually live, work, And Play there And it is so big that it would even have a Mayor And It Even Has A Metro Subway Train Transit System Just to get Around This Monster Of A Shopping Mall Built under ground And So Just Go to My YouTube Channel Of My "Astroineum" And/Or "Isaac Thomas" for More Information About My under ground Mississippi River Shopping Mall Design's And Plan's pretty cool huh!

  22. Our Living Holy Bible says If people Shall trun from their evil ways and call upon our God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ,He will hear them from Heaven and Restore Their Land .

    California has turned away from Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ and that's why this is happening.

    Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ is trying to get people attention in the last days before the Tribulations Time.

    People need to awaking from their slumber and call upon our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ.
    The only one who can save us . Stop depending On Our Government and Start Praying and Start Depending on Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ.

  23. Lucky for you Californians your wonderful politicians passed that emergency bill to keep PG&E from going bankrupt in case of another incident, yepo, good ol Tax Payers will pay for the damages with a smile and a grin, I'm sure!

  24. I seen on another video that the UN is involved in this just like what's going on in India they are blaming the UN for setting these fires

  25. Time for a change in genre.
    No more "news"; it's now "knows".
    Protests, fires, people missing, people suspiciously dying, people suspiciously killing, Trump, propaganda, prejudice, racism, un-accountability, cars, trucks, kids….
    We KNOWS… we already KNOWS.
    I'm still waiting to see how "jet fuel" and fire can disintegrate Steel beams. That would surely be NEW.

  26. So the US Taxpayers have to pay to rebuild a Rich area again that burns like an inferno every year because these people are trying to habitate in a EXTREME FIRE ZONE AND THE ONLY PLAN IS TO WAIT UNTIL A FIRE STARTS AND THEN CRY ZONE

  27. On Wednesday, a fire broke out in northern California.Β It is already known that seven minutes before the start of the fire, the PG&E high-voltage lines were damaged, but the cause of the fire has not yet been established.

    In 2018, the worst fire in state history killed 85 people.Β It was due to an accident on the PG&E high voltage line.

  28. Between Olga rain story and Trump news, a quick slide over of Felicity Hoffman breaking news " out of prison "………where was the story ? Why so long on Trump ? Or Olga? Censoring what you want to show us ? Interesting.


  30. Come on California should have use Sheep to eat the under brush before these Fires start. What about the Horses who saves them

  31. SEE! From what I see in this video, Whites and Blacks can become as ONE! Now why everyone on the main streets cannot not be like this at all TIMES? The U.S. will be a must better place if this will to happen! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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