Nathan For You – The Movement

If you need to
move to a different house
you might call City of Angels,an up-and-coming
moving company
that serves the L.A. area.But lately,
owner David Sassounian
has been finding it hard
to stay profitable
with the rising cost
of labor in his industry.
– For us, our most expensive
cost is our employees, for sure.– But after spending some time
watching David’s movers,
I realized there might be
a simple solution
to all of his problems.So I paid him a visit
to see if I could help.
Your movers
are very in shape. – Our guys are in shape,
yeah. – I mean, lifting
all those boxes and furniture.That’s a great way
to get fit.
– Yeah, the guys are getting
a great workout. They’re always getting
a great workout.– And that’s the idea.You see, the average
gym member in America
spends over $700 a year
to perform physical labor
that’s very similar
to the work
that David’s employees do.So if we can make
a convincing argument
that moving
boxes and furniture
is a better workout
that going to the gym,
David could tap into
an endless supply of labor
that would actually pay himfor the opportunity
to move stuff.
– People don’t usually
pay to work… for somebody else. – I think you’ll get
a lot more people if they just think
it’s a workout, and we don’t tell them that they’re actually
doing free labor.I mean,
that’s just my opinion
as someone who knows
a lot about marketing.– I don’t know.I don’t know
if I can convince people to do that.– David was skepticalbut agreed to give me a chanceto prove that this
would work.
Launching a fitness craze,
would be no easy task.I didn’t know much
about this stuff,
but it seemed like
every popular workout
was based on
a charismatic figure
who’s a living example
of what the workout can do.
I know I’m charismatic,and since the workout
was my idea anyways,
I thought it would be easiest
if I just did it.
But after reviewing
the promotional images I took,
I realized I just
didn’t have the body
to be a convincing
fitness authority.
So I sent my producers
to a local fitness convention,
and they found
a professional bodybuilder
who seemed interested
in being a spokesperson.
So later that week,
I brought him to my office
to see if he could impress me
enough to get the job.
– I’m older,
but watch me. Look at me.I can outperform you.I can–you know, I look
just as good as you do. I see this as an opportunity
really for me to teach.– Jack said
all the right things,
but what I really cared about
was his body.
– Yeah, you’ve got–seems like you’ve got
a good bod. – Thank you.
Yeah.Jack got the job.And because his role as
spokesman would be so crucial,
I prepared an extensive
contract for him to sign.
In the event of your death, we have the rights
to your name, likeness. – Sure, sure. – DNA as well.
Okay.– Is that–
are you comfortable with that? – Yeah, yeah.
– Okay. – That’s fine.– With Jack on board,I walked him through
my concept
for a new workout called
The Movement
that would consist entirely
of moving boxes and furniture
from one location
to another.
My plan was to position Jackas the guru behind
this workout
in the hopes
I could convince people
he got his amazing physiquesolely from lifting
household items.
Let’s see some attitude.Beautiful.And to really
sell this idea,
I hired an obese look-aliketo pose as Jack
before he lost the weight.
Now that The Movement
had its figurehead,
I wanted to legitimize Jack
with his own book.
So to get
the job done quickly,
I contacted a ghostwriter
who advertised his services
on Craigslist
and invited him to my office
to see if he was right
for the task.
– What I’m looking for
is someone who knows a lot about fitness. – Okay.
Is that you?– Yes. – You know, for my own
due diligence, I need to know
you’re a good writer before hiring you,
obviously. – Yeah. – So can you come up with
an original sentence right now and tell it to me? – Um… Okay. Um, the candles flickered,
the sheets were still, but all the energy in the room
surrounded Roman and Kenzie. Kenzie stepped forth and… gently touched Roman’s arm. He suddenly felt weak in
his legs and trembled and fell as if his Achilles heel
had been struck by a blade, but all it was
was simply a woman’s touch. – Wow. That was a good sentence. – Thank you. – Obviously this book
would be more fitness, but– – Yeah.– Austin seemed like a pretty
good fit for the project,
so I gave him as much
information as I could
about the workout
and its founder, Jack.
– What did he do
when he was younger? – As a child?
– Yeah. – Some things I don’t know, and you’re just gonna have
to fill in the blanks yourself. – Okay.
Yeah.– All right then. –With Austin off
to write the book,
I had a cover designed,
highlighting the fact
that Jack got his bodyonly from moving
boxes and furniture
and that he’d never been
to a gym in his life.
The problem was, in reality,Jack goes to the gym
– I’m in the gym
six to seven days a week.– With The Movement
about to go public,
I couldn’t risk Jack
being seen at a gym,
or else we’d be exposed
as a fraud.
So I set up a private
workout space
so he could maintain
his body in secret.
So you think this will work
to maintain those muscles? – If this is, you know,
what I have to do, uh, I can–
I’ll make it work. – All right, well,
you gonna have a workout or– – Sure. – All right, uh… Have fun.I felt confident
moving forward
now that our secret
was safe,
and I was thankful
that Jack was so committed
to The Movement.And a couple days later,Austin returned
with the completed book.
Steve Jobs? – Yeah. I was one of his
childhood friends. – Oh, okay.Austin had taken a
few liberties
with Jack’s life story,but for my purposes
it would work.
So I rushed published
a bunch of copies
and mailed them to media
outlets throughout the state
in the hopes
I’d get some interest.
And as luck would have it,we soon got the big break
we needed.
So I have some exciting news.
– Okay. – One of the most popular
morning news shows in the state wants you to talk about
The Movement live on air tomorrow morning. – Oh. Okay. Wow. –How do you feel?– I felt, uh– I felt like a–
I felt a rush go right by me. I mean, that is phenomenal. – Just so you know too. I gave them this book…
Okay.– That I had ghostwritten
about your life. – Mm-kay. – Obviously the author
didn’t know anything about you. – Right.– So he kinda made
some stuff up.
– Okay. – It seems like
a big part of it is how you were childhood
friends with Steve Jobs. So…do you know Steve Jobs? – Steve Jobs, yes. Uh, he–he’s
the Microsoft– – Apple.
– Apple, right. –Yeah.
– Yeah. – So anyways, yeah,
you might want to read it over to get a sense of what your
life is like before tomorrow.– Okay, okay.In the later chapters,
it actually says
you spend a lot of time
volunteering with jungle children. I don’t know what that is, but
you might want to bring it up, because audiences love someone who gives back
and is charitable. – Okay, I’ll be able to– I’ll tell them, you know,
what they wanna hear.male announcer:
You’re watching
San Diego 6 News
In the Morning.
– Welcome back. We are in spring, but we’re
always looking ahead to summer. And if you’re looking
to lose a couple of pounds, we have a free way to do it with things that are already
in your home, and we have proof
that it works. – We’re gonna
introduce you to someone. Come in here and look
at this before picture. This is Jack Garbarino before– This was Jack
about a hundred pounds ago. Now let’s have you
the grand reveal. –The big reveal.– This is Jack now.
– Hello. – How great do you
look now, Jack? – I look great,
I feel great. I feel a renewed person. I’m lean and mean,
and I’m a fighting machine.Nathan: The news appearance
couldn’t have gone better.
And over the next
couple weeks,
Jack made appearances
on morning shows
throughout the region.– Our next guest lost more
than one hundred pounds
and never stepped foot
in a gym.
– Can you lose
a hundred pounds just by moving boxes
and furniture?One guy says
it’s possible.
– Look at this man,
he lost over a hundred pounds,and now he’s sharing his
fitness tips with all of us.
– Jack–
– Good to be here. – You’re a story
of inspiration. – Yes, um–
Yeah, that was me. I mean, you can see
that I was a fat tub of lard. – [laughs]
– And, uh– – ‘Cause you can say it.
I can’t. – And you also
came across Steve Jobs. – Yes.
– How did you meet him? – Well, I grew up with him
as a child. – No kidding. – He was my best friend
as a child. – Were you able to keep
that friendship with Steve Jobs so he could see what you were
motivated to eventually become? – You know, he never saw me
really at this fit. We kept in touch, but– That’s it,
simple as this. I do work,
charity work… – Okay. – With jungle children. – Jungle child is what? Yeah, jungle children
are children that live in the jungle. A while ago I was working
with a jungle child. His name was Dendy. He was a great
inspiration for me. And unfortunately,
tragically he died when baboons kidnapped
and ate him. It was actually
one of the worst days of my life. – Where is this?Nathan:
Jack turned out to be
an extremely compelling
and he was really hitting
our message home.
– In my opinion, gym stands for
“giving your money away.” Never been to a gym
in my life. Never stepped foot in the gym
in my entire life. I got this body by simply
just moving boxes and furniture. If I could do it,
anybody else could do it. Sign up and you can see
what we’re doing to help people
around the country. – Good work.
You look amazing.

Maurice Vega

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  1. All of this is completely fucking real. Insane. Honestly starting to believe that some of the weirder shit thats been happening the past few years is related to Nathan For You

  2. "You could see that I was a fat tub of lard." Damn. Laughed my ass off. P.S. I used to be and still am a fat tub of lard 230lbs 5'9. Priviledge checked. Just sayin. Lol.

  3. Nathan exposes the media and "journalists" for what they are… PR scribes and presenters who will push BS stories and present them as true without doing actual research or challenging dubious statements. Our media pretends to be purveyors of truth but journalists are dimwits, not smarter than us who are trying to understand our chaotic world and failing miserably. This system can easily be hacked for free advertisement, if you give the media what it wants, free content. So next time you hear the media uncritically push an opinion, poll or study, it is your job to be skeptical, because the media can't be bothered to check facts.

  4. When he starts pumping that upside down office chair above his head lolll as if that's a natural workout or moving motion. Too good

  5. What an actor is Jack, I could never tell such a dramatic story about Dandy, Steve without laughing my head off. Jesus, Mary Joseph this is the funniest thing Ive seen for years, besides: Britney Spears Toxis water treatment performance of Chand and John Thomas.

  6. Every time I see the Yoga mats at 6:00 it just kills me. Thank god he has some yoga mats. No idea where he's going to put them, but just in case, they're there.

  7. Oh Jack, just going with it, not giving a shit what's true or not. And this quote "GYM stands for Giving Your Money Away". Classic .

  8. Thats actually almost a good idea. Get a whole bunch of people to volunteer from gyms to help people that cant physically do the work themselves

  9. In a matter of days that ghost writer wrote a book that convinced regionally major news outlets of a fairly elaborate farce.

    That's pretty impressive. 👏

  10. Did hiring illegal immigrants ever cross that dudes mind? He could definitely lower his wages and not worry about giving them benefits becuase in California illegal immigrants get free health insurance. This guy is a dumb businessman that's for sure. He could probably have them sleep in his moving trucks and charge them for that in a sense basically giving himself a little extra money to play with. I love my life so much. God bless America 🤣🇺🇸👍

  11. A hilarious part about all of these is how it's REAL, at least as far as Google shows 😂 The book "The Movement" can literally be found on Amazon with over four stars 😆

  12. Just the way that he describes working out at a gym as “paying $700 a year to preform physical labor” is so fucking funny

  13. i fucking love how aggressively on board the bodybuilder is with every step of this like holy shit he enthusiastically lies to multiple television stations

  14. Sad that he convinced a happy strong healthy member of society to reduce to lying. Sounds like the modern democratic party. But I guess it's whatever it takes to get ahead… poor judgement in my eyes. I understand it's supposed to be "comedy", but it definitely shines light on the poor saps that get fame for doing something dumb, then reuse the money earned to do harm to unsuspecting people. Sorry, but that's all I see

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