N. Korean leader likely to visit China this week to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties

when North Korean China said to mark the
70th anniversary of the diplomatic ties many observers are speculating that
North Korean leader Kim jong-un might head over to China this week and if he
does eyes are on how the North Korean leader might use his close ties with
Beijing as leverage ahead of the delayed working-level denuclearization talks
with the u.s. our own song he starts us off since tensions begin to thaw on the
Korean Peninsula in 2018 North Korean leader Kim jong-un has visited China
four times and in June Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the North Korean
capital these five summits between the two communist allies took place when
they felt the need to show their close friendship before and after the Kim
Trump summits and amid a prolonged deadlock and denuclearization talks this
week Kim jong-un is expected to head to China once again that as North Korea
u.s. denuclearization talks are expected to get back on track in the near future
and more importantly as Pyongyang and Beijing celebrate their 70th anniversary
of establishing diplomatic ties on October 6th South Korea’s Intelligence
Agency also believes a visit is likely it could happen before or after October
6th since the day marked the anniversary of North korea-china diplomatic
relations the first to North Korea US summits kim
visited china give her that president the possibility is there as a result of
server C that a resumption of working-level talks between Pyongyang
and Washington will pick up speed after Kim returns from China kim’s visit to
china will further strengthen North korea-china relations and help the north
get an upper hand and his negotiations with the US that is even if North Korea
faces sanctions it’ll keep its economic situation stable and make the u.s.
change its stance rather than giving in if kim has to China this week it’s
likely that China will side with North Korea to call for regime security and
sanctions relief from Washington for there to be any progress in
denuclearization talks Oh jung-hee Arirang

Maurice Vega

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