N. Korean ambassador to UN urges U.S. to come to nuclear talks with new proposal

our top story this morning North Korea’s
ambassador to the UN is urging the United States to come up come to the
upcoming denuclearization negotiations with a new proposal that would be
acceptable to Pyongyang speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York on
Monday the envoy said it’s up to Washington to turn any future talks into
a window of opportunity or an occasion that will hasten the crisis our Eason
Jay starts us off on the final day of the annual gathering of world leaders at
the United Nations on Monday North Korea’s ambassador to the UN Kim
Hyung called for the full implementation of the statement issued by the leaders
of North Korea and the u.s. after their first summit in Singapore last year the
relations between the DPRK and the US have made little progress so far and the
situation on the Korean Peninsula has not come out of the vicious cycle of
increased attention which is entirely attributable to the political and
military provocations perpetrated by the u.s. Tim says it’s up to Washington to
turn any future nuclear talks into a window of opportunity or an occasion
that would hasten the crisis and in order to improve the chance of striking
a nuclear deal he said Washington needs to come to
nuclear talks with a new proposal comrade Kim Jong un
chairman of the state affairs Commission in as historical policy speech stated
the position that there was a need for the u.s. to put aside its current method
of calculation and approaches with a new one and we wait with patience for
acreages decision from the US last month Pyongyang expressed its willingness to
resume working-level talks in late September saying it believes the US will
come up with a mutually acceptable proposal however last week US Secretary
of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that no meetings had been scheduled but the
u.s. stands ready to restart talks time the North Korean envoy also
criticized the South Korean government accusing it of double-dealing he said
Seoul entered into inter-korean agreements last year only to deploy
ultra-modern US weapons and hold joint military exercises with Washington this
year it is attributable to the double-dealing behavior of the South
Korean authorities who performed the act of a handshake of peace before all but
behind the scenes introduced ultra more than offensive weapons and held joint
military exercise with the United States targeting the DPRK despite earlier
speculation that the UN gathering could set the stage for high-level talks
between Pompeo and his North Korean counterpart lee young-ho d was absent
this year after being present at the previous three UN events Eason J Arirang

Maurice Vega

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  1. Sorry NK, somebody left the door open at the White House. A bear got in and ate our president. Either vice president Pence or Bernie Sanders will get back to you. Until then keep watching old episodes of m*a*s*h*.

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