N. Korea tops agenda for Moon-Trump summit set for 23rd in New York

president moon jaein will hold
face-to-face talks with US president Donald Trump early next week on the
sidelines of the UN General Assembly officials say their top priority will be
garnering more international support for the Allies efforts to establish lasting
peace as well as the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula Park June has this
report president Mun Dean and US President
Donald Trump are set to meet next Monday on e 23rd for the ninth bilateral
summits on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York the two
sides plan to discuss measures to achieve complete denuclearization and
lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula and various ways to strengthen the South
korea-us alliance as well as regional issues according to a senior blue house
official North Korea is expected to top their agenda especially with science and
nuclear negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington will resume soon but the
official also says they will likely have more than North Korea on their plates
for one there’s a trade dispute between Seoul and Tokyo that prompted the South
Korean government’s decision to end its military intelligence sharing pact with
Japan fueling concerns of the future of the trilateral alliance and amid rising
concerns of a rift in seoul-washington ties the two sides had to settle some
pressing matters like how much South Korea will have to pay next year for
stationing u.s. troops in the country the rest of his itinerary at the UN
General Assembly will also be centered around his peace initiative when he sits
down with other world leaders and he was Secretary General Antonio Guterres and
president moon will call for the member nations continued support for the peace
process through his keynote speech on the 24th and what the president of the
International Olympic Committee president moon will discuss the
formation of unified inter-korean teams for the Tokyo Olympics and a Joint
Entrance at the opening ceremony he will also bring up the two Koreas co-hosting
of the 2032 Summer Games this was among the agreements made by the leaders of
the two Koreas when they met in Pyongyang last year president moon is
the first South Korean president to attend the UN General Assembly for three
years straight while his main focus will be gathering
support the international community for his
peace efforts on the Korean Peninsula will also work to increase Korea’s
contribution to resolving global issues like climate change package and era news

Maurice Vega

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