N. Korea assails U.S. for its “political and military provocations,” S. Korea…

North Korea’s envoy to the UN has
slammed the u.s. for making little progress in improving the relations
between the two sides he insists the regime has made efforts for lasting
peace on the Korean Peninsula but Washington is spoiling the atmosphere
our akemi-san tells us more North Korea’s ambassador to the UN Kim
Seong is pressing Washington to abide by the joint statement adopted by their
leaders in Singapore last year speaking in New York on Monday at a General
Assembly meeting on the International Atomic Energy Agency Kim claimed the
u.s. is entirely to blame for the quote a vicious cycle of aggravated tension
being witnessed on the Korean Peninsula he also accused a South Korean
government of engaging in quote double-dealing behavior the Envoy also
said scam progress has been made in regards to the relationship between
Pyongyang and Washington due to political and military provocations
perpetrated by the u.s. he also told the 193 member General Assembly that
Pyongyang has made proactive efforts in good faith to establish lasting peace on
the Korean Peninsula he explained the regime has refrained from testing
nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missiles for more than 20 months however
acting IAEA Director General Colonel Feraud to point it out that the North’s
nuclear activities are still a cause for serious concern and they clearly violate
the UN Security Council resolutions he called on the North to comply with its
UN obligations and cooperate promptly with the international nuclear watchdog
kim moo-sung arirang news

Maurice Vega

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