My OCD (Song)

Hello? Hello Mr. Neal. How are you today? I’m good. Where’s the rest of the group? Oh it’s just you. I’m the group? Yes but don’t worry, I don’t need anyone else. That Picture frame Those Hoodie Strings They are driving me insane Unequal pizza slices Fonts of different sizes It’s more than I can take Missing parenthesis Uneven capris Googling “askew” Bags opened the wrong end Should be recognized as a sin, Along with An unsolved Rubik’s cube I gotta make things right Make it the way it’s supposed to be It’s my OCD Toilet paper facing inwards Un-synchronized synchronized swimmers A closet thats not organized Pills removed out of sequence Sideburns that are not even That one rebel mini blind I gotta make things right Make it the way it’s supposed to be It’s my OCD Mr. Neal, how’s everything going? Fine. Would you like to take a break? Yeah Actually that’d be Great. I hope you’re hungry I’ve prepared some snacks for you. Enjoy And I gotta make things right Make it the way it’s supposed to be It’s my OCD baby I gotta make things right Make it the way it’s supposed to be It’s my OCD Alright we’re all done you’re free to go. Mr. Neal? Mr. Neal? Can I come back tomorrow?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why was the phrase "unfinished charging phone percentage at 74% is just not convenient" not there?

  2. Wait a minute, do they never mention other severe ocd problems such as unnecessary fears and needing to tap something 3 times before you walk past it? This is only the perfectionism side of things. There is a much bigger spectrum of problems.

  3. You: Wow Youtube randomly recommenced me this 5-year-old song, what the heck
    Me, an intellectual: The song is still standing the test of time and being put back into circulation of the Youtube Sphere.

  4. Is there such a thing as anti-OCD? Because if so, I have it bad. I disorganize things, eat food wrong, roll my sleeves and pants up unevenly on purpose, and pour the milk before the cereal just to spite people.

    My brother said I don’t have anti-OCD, I just want to watch the world burn.

  5. came back after 3 years
    but still remember the lyrics
    this is one of the reasons why rhett and link are the top of YouTube

  6. My ex-wife has CDO; it's like OCD, but with the letters in the proper order.

    "I can't stand how you put your shampoo bottle on the shower shelf with the label NOT pointing out!"

    I can say this here, because with 72k comments (as of this posting), she'll never see it. Thank you. I will now put a jar of jam in my sock drawer, and laugh myself to sleep.

  7. my *YouTube Recommendations*:
    2014: no
    2015: nope
    2016: nahh
    2017: nuh-uh
    2018: not yet
    2019: okie dokie lets recommend this for her

  8. I have odc like everything has to be perfect this morning I had to make my bed move all my pillows and teddies to the right position and when I saw my friend open the bag upside down I was please dont do that I dont like it

  9. I was watching this at 23:59 and since I have ocd I was so annoyed then when he said I got a make things right it changed to 00:00

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