Mulayam Singh Yadav at home: Indian politician, government official who founded Samajwadi Party

Maurice Vega

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  1. Mulla Mulayam…Father of Akhiluddin and Founder of Namazwadi Party. Protector of Azam Khan and Secret Fucker of Mayawati. Leads the country in Nepotism. Pillar of Caste Based Zero Development Politics. Chiefly responsible for the fall and destruction of Uttar Pradesh or as he says Utta Pradesh. Relative of another most corrupt Lalu Prasad. He and his family members should be kicked out of Indian Politics forever. Mulla Mulayam and Akhiluddin don't have any courage to a Fuck Coward like Raj Thackeray. Never spoken a single word against him. All of these idiots should rot in hell.

  2. Public kaisi madarchod hai bhn ki lodi… Janta
    Is maa ke lode ko or iski family ko up lootne ka licenses dia 25 sal tak…fir bolti h vikas nhi hua ..arey madarchodo lootero ko jitaoge to lootenge hi naa

  3. Ye madarchod yadav jis din marega, us din iske naam se paanch baar muth marunga aur iske muh me gira dunga.

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