MSNBC Election Night State Calls 2016

Maurice Vega

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  1. They really did not plan on a Trump victory. it was like they were expecting to read from the prepared script but now had nothing to say and basically just sat there in shock. Historic night regardless of what your political beliefs.

  2. At first I thought we'd lost. As the night went on, that faint glimmer of hope she might be beaten began to shine brighter and brighter. Honestly, it wasn't until after Florida and Iowa, when over half of Wisconsin was in and we were leading there, in PA, and in MI I began to realize we really could win.

  3. β€œThe race to 270” never once did they mention the race to the popular vote.
    Pay attention libtards.

  4. Anyone remember that blue used to be the color for Republicans…Reagans election in 1980 was blue. But the leftist media didn't like the visuals…leftist Democrats and the color red for commies. While fitting, they don't want the people to know the truth. Note how quickly they call for Hillary, and how late for Trump. And sweeping the American south AND midwest. Clinton concedes, and MSNBC STILL doesn't call it for Trump. Instead they make it about Clinton: "Clinton concedes".

  5. The reason DC doesn't deserve electoral votes is that is represents the Federal Government. It was ceded to the Federal Government by Maryland, and is not a State. The 1961 allow allowing it electoral votes is likely unconstitutional. How fair is it to citizens of the United States that the seat of power be given the same rights as other states? Its not a good idea, unless you like big government tyranny. Attempts to give DC two Senators and a Representative are just a means of stacking the government in the favor of Demcrats, just like their other ideas, like adding more Supreme Court Justices, lowering the voting age to 16, and allowing convicted murderers to vote.

  6. 0:30 not much red or blue but in a little while it will look much different…… yeah for the RED

  7. Interesting that the blue states are where most of the nations problems are and where one can get the most free stuff etc, etc. These democrats are interestingly voting more and more for their own death. The statistics prove it. Does man have an ability to learn and change? Rarely.

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