Moon says political differences shouldn’t deepen into political conflict

President Moon Jae-in has once again reiterated
the need to overhaul the nation’s all-powerful prosecution.
Meeting his top aides on Monday, President Moon pointed out, while people taking to the
streets to express their political opinions is positive, he stressed that it must not
deepen divides. Park Hee-jun reports. President Moon Jae-in
warned that differences in political opinion should not result in a deep political clash.
At a weekly meeting with his top aides on Monday, President Moon brought up the candle-light
demonstrations for the first time. According to Moon, the demonstrations — some
demanding reform and others calling for the expulsion of controversial Justice Minister
Cho Kuk — are not signs of division. Rather, they’re a show of direct democracy
that complements the representative democracy system.
But he expressed concerns over the vigils potentially turning into a severe confrontation. “It would be undesirable for differences in
political opinion to go beyond a lively debate and turn into an overwhelming conflict that
engulfs our politics. Now that many people have expressed their opinions and society
has listened to them, I ask that we now gather our wisdom to resolve the issue according
to procedure.” Asked whether President Moon was implying
that the people should refrain from further demonstrations,… a senior Blue House official
said it’s up to the press to interpret his remarks.
Saying that the public is united it its demands for the prosecution’s reform — Moon reminded
the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution that they need to work together to make it
happen. Such a message comes a week after the president
ordered the prosecution to draw up its own reform plan.
It ups the pressure on Prosecutor-General Yoon Seok-yeol,… who has been blasted for
the extensive probe into the corruption allegations surrounding Minister Cho and his family.
President Moon is seen to be trying to use this momentum to push ahead with his reform
drive. He instructed parliament to hasten the legislative
process for creating an independent body that investigates high-ranking government officials
and transfers more investigative rights to the police. During the meeting, President Moon also assured
the people that his government is doing its best to repair the damage caused by Typhoon
Mitag. With more typhoons heading this way,… he
called for close coordination with local governments to strengthen safety in disaster prone areas
and facilities. And he said the country is doing its utmost
to contain the African swine fever and stop it from spreading south. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

Maurice Vega

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