Money, Politics, and Fake News: How the DOJ is Using an Obscure Law to Fight Back…

Maurice Vega

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  1. Congress should focus on social media not tv channels. Social media is corrupting the new generation who don't even watch tv

  2. Al Jazeera busted the NRA in Australia, expect Trump to ban them

  3. This is not a precision tool because it relies on whatever US administration happens to be in power to apply it and we all know at this point that the US administrations and government actually cannot be trusted with shit like this. So no, this is NOT a precision tool, it's a slippery slope.
    If the US is applying this to foreign news organisations, then I'm all for other countries making US new organizations register on a similar law in their countries. Or can we just ban them altogether? We all know that 95% of US new orgs run pro-US stories with their own propaganda spin, no matter the context.

  4. Hey Phil at 9:25 you call Josh Gottheimer the Congressman from Connecticut. He’s actually the Congress man for New Jersey’s 5th district.

  5. I am loving these deep dive videos!! They're like Cheddar or Vox or even Last Week Tonight segments but with Philly D thrown in. 😃 Please keep doing them – I am learning so much!

  6. CNN, BBC, etc, are all owned by multinational corporations, led by many non-americans.

    Israel has almost complete control over america's own democracy, but its like its ok because its israel?
    To complain about RT because its russian seems dishonest, seems more like its just a vieled attack at it for being non-left wing like CNN.
    But if foreign propaganda mattered to you, you'd be against most news sources in america, because they are pushing a pro-zionist narrative.

    Non-left wing news = bad
    Religious Nazi's For Isreal = good and morally the best people around how can you even question it you hateful bigotted hitler lover

  7. Look up who decides what news gets the green light

    Groups run by a load of neo-cons, just pushing US foreign policy

  8. If you ever wondered if the US political parties where corrupt , wonder no longer , its open season , as long as you can pay for it ……….. its crazy

  9. Antifa – Paid for by George Sorus

    Islamic extremisim – Qatar/ Saudi Arabia
    Chinise Propaganda in Africa – Chinise Comunist party

  10. I admit i am not the most educated when it comes to this but for national security if you are reporting to a foreign power we should atleast know what intention you have in your reporting. In addition chocolate chip cookie dough

  11. I wonder if it is time to reevaluate the role of lobbyists in all this?These 'buisinesses' give money to politicians campaigns which tend to influence the outcome of various decisions in favour of their clients. So, by removing them from the political landscape, more malevolent forces are more easily identifiable! Just a thought.

  12. AJ and RT are trash. We have RT here in France and it's borderline conspiracy shit all the time, and AJ+ is incredibly obviously trying to hypocritically sow division by only talking about regressive topics and "police brutality" (most of the ones I've seen on AJ+ were legitimate shootings and not brutality)

  13. Yeah because having the name Russia Today is not clear enough for stupid fucking Americans to draw their on conclusions.
    DeFranco certainly showing himself for the NSA/CIA nanny state Shill propagandist that he is in this Segment.
    Foreign Powers are not destroying America, Its own Corporate greed and Political willingness to participate in an extreme poverty wealth divide Through excessive or inconsequential funding is what is doing all the damage.

  14. Al Jazeera and RT are both foreign state propaganda organizations! Hell you have to be blind, deaf and retarded to not see the writing on the wall when it comes to their news bias to see how much it qualifies as propaganda! It’s absolutely obvious in their reporting they have an anti-Western and anti-American bias!

  15. the thing I find most scary is when journalists go spread propaganda, that way even when you try to fight against it you are criticized by journalists. the biggest example of that is al Jazeera, its the propaganda spreading channel and all it is.

  16. i just love the fact that trump took the phrase fake news in respect to outright facebook lies by one person news outlets in order to drive crazy traffic, and applied it to literally everything. and then various politicians including putin are throwing around the term. fake news in terms of prominent organizations is not a thing. i can't believe people buy it when it's stated. the only thing fake about fake news, is fake news.

  17. If you are confused watch the movie "Good night and good luck" it is said those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. McCarthy was that generations Trump, the only difference was they didn't have 24 hour news cycles, they had news reels at the beginning of movies. Because of this McCarthy took aim at Hollywood. Nothing has changed. Politicians take aim at those with the biggest microphone, today that is major news agencies. If you look back, without investigative news we wouldn't have had access to information that took down Presidents, the church, banks, and foreign powers. You may not like what reporters are saying but that doesn't make it "fake news". Open your eyes and history books before it is too late. Good night, and good luck.

  18. Make AJ register. And AJ+ their youtube arm. And The Young Turks, their sock puppet.
    RT is not so bad, but perhaps them and the BBC & DW should also be considered

  19. If any news organisation suddenly has to register when they spread propaganda paid for by some government, literally every single news organisation will be registered, and seen for what they are. :B

  20. so if its not fake news @phillyD then what is it? if you see news coverage that is so partisan or poorly fact checked or poorly reported or just reported in bad faith what is that then? no so fake news?

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