Modi speech: Indian Prime Minister defends Kashmir decision


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  1. @CNN @HalaGorani – why the quote around just the word terrorism? you were quoting Modi but said quote only for that word. do you disagree or doubt there has been terrorism in Kashmir? Would you say 'quote terrorism' when referring to 9/11? why do you not have the courage to even say it right?you have been scared to say jihadi terrorism, islamic jihad, now you cannot even say terrorism with apologizing for it?

  2. Modi and the BJP has done the equivalent of Trump taking over Native American Reservation Lands (1851 Native American Land Appropriations Act) by putting the chiefs under house arrest, put in their own government, started a curfew, cut internet and phones, and shutdown media.

    I just want the international community to know what’s going on

  3. there are kashmiri people who are dying right now by the hands of these indian bastards
    and you are saying kashmir will be safe in the hands of india .Indian kills muslims in kashmir and u everyone says that we are terrorists .So,if they kill it is to protect and if we kill it is terrorism I am from Pakistan

  4. Inshallah kashmir ko azadi milee gii aur Allah ki taraf se nihatte mazlon ke liee madad ajae gi bohat jald… Musalmano Allah ki zaad se kabhi mayoos mat hona aur koshish jari rakhna.

  5. Terrorists in the world are the first king Ashok, the Hindu subcontinent – then there is Nathu Lall Godes, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Narendra Modi, son you will be expelled from the earth. Way killed Muslims! !! Burma in Chittagong Hill Tracts and Indian terrorists and Indians Nsa-hatred hatred of the Buddha Burmar are forced to destroy them in the name of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian, and Islamic flags should be

  6. Agr kashmir na raha india 🇮🇳 walo to india bhi nahi rahy ga mita dain gay sab inshaa allah 1 Pakistani 10 indian ky barabar ha

  7. Dear Mr Prime Minister sir – 1. Good job on J&K administrative changes. A certain section of people will object it because changes are hard to digest 2. Water – if we want a hunger ridden and Ease of transportation then we need to pay highest priority to water conservation. As we know we face drought & flood almost every year so we need to plan on water conservation. No excuses should be made on dams, lakes, ponds, tree plantation. I agree you have done a lot on security and people will remember you forever for that. But as an urban citizen we see severe water problem on summer because of lazy and corrupt system. Similarly in monsoon we have to conserve the rain water so that it can stopped from coming on roads 3. Auto sector economy – point 2 is one of the problems why people don't want to buy new vehicles. We don't have road to run our vehicles.
    If we have to spend 20% of our time and resources in water planning then also it will not be a bad idea since we can servive without anything but Not of water 4. Every minister is busy in impressing you and it is not a bad idea but at the same time they should not overlook their work. Again kindly let me know if I can be of greater help……. Thank you again for being the best PM of India…..Regards, proud to be an Indian….. Jai Hind

  8. Nihaty Kashmirio, oroto, bacho, aur bodho par aslahy k zoor par taqat dekhany waly MODI tuj par Hazaar bar ALLAH ki Lanat ho…

  9. Modi is working on the anti conversion law to exploit minorities. Modi and BJP wants a Hindu nation. Genocide won’t be too far away.

  10. Modi is an extremist persons who has killed millions people before becoming president of India.
    Worst &corrupt people of world without toilets and food (India)

  11. we are witnessing a modern era "Concentration Camp" set up by Indian Prime Minister 'Modi' and his Nazi-mind party (R.S.S) in "Occupied Kashmir". world should react immediately on genocide of Muslims.

  12. we are witnessing a modern era "Concentration Camp" set up by Indian Prime Minister 'Modi' and his Nazi-mind party (R.S.S) in "Occupied Kashmir". world should react immediately on genocide of Muslims

  13. we are witnessing a modern era "Concentration Camp" set up by Indian Prime Minister 'Modi' and his Nazi-mind party (R.S.S) in "Occupied Kashmir". world should react immediately on genocide of Muslims.

  14. Only Hindus are the one appreciating this conditions of Kashmir,wow RSS and modi were really successful in brainwashing these lost people

  15. Pakistan is nation who used fighter plan and tanks on his own population in FATA & KPK
    Pakistan did genocide in Bangladesh and now playing dirty game in Kashmir

  16. कश्मीर हमारा है। भारत कश्मीर को कभी नहीं जाने सेंकते । जय हिंद

  17. Kashmir and Pakistan and India all of these are TOILETS of the world with Urinary or without.TOILETS. SHIT HOUSES.

  18. Modi is one of the most dishonest politicians of modern India.
    His entire political career is marred with his deep rooted hatred towards the minorities of India, endless intolerance towards the Muslims and venomous attitude towards the Muslims.
    The philosophy of Modi is 100% parallel with the mentality of one of the most evil persons of human history.
    We mean Hitler.
    Modi is nothing but the shadow of Hitler.
    Modi and Hitler both are evil figures of human history.
    But there is a problem.
    The world could realize in time that there was a viciously dangerous monster in action.
    Fortunately that monster was checked in time and the planet earth was rescued from an unimaginable catastrophe.
    Unfortunately the modern world is indifferent with the presence of a dragon in the current world.
    This dragon is thousands of times more catastrophic than HItler.
    This dragon is none but Modi.
    Very soon this dragon is going to send the finest civilization of human history to the stone age.
    It is seriously alarming.
    The world needs to notice this thing sooner than later.
    Because the later means "stone age".

  19. Mr. Modi
    Fear God, don’t lie,
    Those who oppressed innocent people, pay severe consequences
    May God guide you

  20. Murderer of thousands of people won on basis of hatred is justifying curfew in Kashmir, this curfews will change to massacre and later on will result to war between India and Kashmir. Peaceful word should not believe in false arguments and must do something to stop.

  21. The Actual People of Kashmir were never asked what they want neither by Pakistan nor by India, There was never a Plebiscite as promised by Govt of India from beginning (NEHRU PROMISED PLEBISCITE, PATEL Cheated Kashmiris) and the occupation of Kashmir was done cunningly by Indian Govt and Indian Army. Kashmir never belonged to India, Because Kashmiris have a "RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION" which is guaranteed by UNO to all the world Nationalities. I was only saying what millions of Kashmiris have been saying for years. They want freedom, Independence from Indian Domination and decide their own future and is this not the Natural justice?…

    The middle class goat is very sensitive about itself and very callous about other peoples’ goats….It would be immoral of me to preach violence unless I’m prepared to pick up arms myself. It is equally immoral for me to preach nonviolence when I’m not bearing the brunt of the attack.

    gross violation of human rights and greatest number of fake encounters done in Kashmir valley no media reports? What is their life no mainstream Indian Middle class goat cares? some excerpts of paras taken from report: Hope you will show try tto understand what actual reality is and what is happening and the addition of fascists makes country boil, every body gets hurt…. ..

    The Indian State has become hard and unforgiving. What it once did in places like Kashmir, Manipur, and Nagaland, it does in mainland India. So some of the strategies we inherited from the freedom movement are a bit obsolete now.

    A fake encounter is an unlawful execution, with a dramatic component. It is when government authorities kill a person, or persons, for an alleged crime, in a struggle staged to make the killing(s) look like a legitimate act of self-defense. The army, police, and counterterrorism groups might fake an encounter for cash rewards or professional advancement. The Special Operations Group, an infamous Indian counterinsurgency force, was reportedly given 120,000 rupees ($2000) by the government for the body of a “Pakistani terrorist,” who later turned out to be an innocent Kashmiri carpenter. Between 1993 and 2008, a total of 1,224 deaths occurred during fake encounters in India, according to data released by the National Human Rights Commission. Amnesty International has noted that convictions in these cases are “exceptionally rare.”

    …..contd…. The protests only grew. Nine days after the encounter, local businesses went on strike, and despite a curfew, people congregated in the streets daily to demand that action be taken. Their anger culminated on April 3, 2000, when several thousand protesters marched to the local courts to deliver a document demanding that the bodies of the five dead men be exhumed, and the whereabouts of the other missing Kashmiris be properly looked into. Approximately 4,000 protesters had reached the town of Brakpora when members of an Indian paramilitary group opened “indiscriminate fire” on them, according to an Amnesty International report. Eight, including Rashid’s brother, were killed.


    Contd… Six years later, in 2006, the Central Bureau of Investigation, India’s FBI, released a thirty-seven-page report accusing five soldiers from the 7 Rashtriya Rifles of direct involvement in a fake encounter at Pathribal. The accusations were thorough and damning, and for the first time confirmed the claims of the family members of the dead…..

    denunciations of the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002; the plans for bauxite mining in Orissa (now Odisha) by a London-based corporation called Vedanta Resources; the paramilitary operations in central India against indigenous tribal populations and ultra-left guerillas known as Naxalites; and India’s military presence in Kashmir, where more than 500,000 troops hold in check a majority Muslim population that wants to secede from India.

    “Kashmir was never an integral part of India”.

    I am fighting “for free speech against the most violent and terrifying odds.”

    The Word "Kashmiri" is a Unique Nationality Identifier and Definition, A "Nationality" is above Caste and Religion and is particularly Culturally, Sociologically, Psychologically, Linguistically, Historically a Unique Identifiable group and Right to Self Determination is a genuine right…That movement itself is Genuine and not religious, fanatical on both sides, or terroristic, or playing into others' is not a genuine freedom struggle….KASHMIR BELONGS TO MUSLIMS, HINDUS, CHRISTIANS, PUNDITS ALL…… The real needs and genuine demands of freedom etc should be addressed… it should not be any fanatical religious based war…..Because the Kashmiri NATIONALITY Gets freedom then it will be sound and strong to establish and fight any other external influence …..but Nationality does not mean religion (so anything RELIGION Based is ruled out).

  22. Pakistan is a curse on earth this plays bad game in the name of religion
    Every international terrorist lives in Pakistan
    Pakistan GDP 3.3

  23. This decision has nothing to do with the development of Kashmir.
    Watch what a Kashmiri Economist and ex minters says about it.

  24. This is a war not waged by India on Kashmir and Pakistan but a war waged by Hinduism on Islam and all Muslims. May the true religion win. X


  26. When a state rightfully belongs to you, you done need to ask how they feel about it. It's funny how CNN only dances around on the periphery and draws conclusions. The special status of Kashmir was a TEMPORARY arrangement. Kashmir was supposed to be an Indian state a long time ago, in the mid 50's with the constituent assembly of Kashmir possessing the the most significant vote on the matter. The assembly was dissolved and hence the Indian supreme Court removed the temporary status and made it a law/right. Laws can be amended and the vote of the Kashmir assembly was no longer required since, wait for it, it was dissolved in the mid 50s.

    Now, let's come to CNN's prediction of the possible rift between India and Pakistan. Thank you CNN for stating the obvious. But you conveniently left out how the indian troops were attacked, and on certain instances killed by Kashmiris and the troops weren't even allowed to act in self defense because the Kashmiris were "special". They got what was coming to them.

  27. Junaid Khan  The Modi government chose to take this shameless action during one of the holiest times of the year for Muslims. He knew the people would be locked down during Eid. He didn't have even the slightest bit of humanity to wait after Eid to commit his crime…. isn't that shame upon shame? What a sad loser of a leader which history will spit on for generations. He may be a hero for RSS…but the entire world will remember Modi as a coward and a 3rd rate nationalist tyrant.

  28. Small countries Ike Pakistani never success with democratic rule … it need presidential or army chief ruling .. that is now happening in pak ….prime minister imran khan never ever go to Kashmir … there is cue happens.. that is why now army chief visited POK to give support ….

  29. Stop human genocide in kashmir india!! You have lost humanity!! Stop taking over innocent humans land!! Also those indians who are calling pakistan terrorist let me remind you we lost 70,000 lives to fight terrorism! And the world knows how u killed thousands of muslims in gujrat! Modi is the new hitler! He is doing exact same thing in kashmir to muslims like how hitler did to jews by putting them in concentration camp! Indian government has put curfew in kashmir from last week they were unable to even celebrate eid!! #freekashmirfromindia #kashmirbelongstokashmiris

  30. All the indians who are supporting this” taking over of innocent peoples land and home” are basically supporting HUMAN GENOCIDE!! While Pakistan is just trying to raise awareness about how indians are killing our neighbors by putting curfew on them from last 70 years!! Give kashmir their freedom india! Stop blaming pakistan we are just being “HUMAN” AND TRYING TO STOP WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENED BEFORE IN HISTORY! Modi is the new hitler!!
    Ps: now watch how indians will use dirty language in the comments! They can never talk without cussing
    “Inhuman beasts”

  31. Free khalistan. Time to make khalistan…Indian Punjab new name is khalistan…
    Khalistan zindabad..kick out all hindu from khalistan

  32. This is an issue that will never be resolved. This conflict is a cash cow for the Imperial Nations. Before India was ruled by the Imperial power British. They divided India into smaller manageable sections. They took its natural resources and labor. Now things has changed much. They might have a Democracy but the slave Nations hasn't gotten any freedom. The exact natural resources and labor output is used to buy weapons that's are turned obsolete by the same Nations. There will be no Nuclear war either… No one want it cash cow to be killed. And beside a Nuclear war will also effect the rich countries… The dumb part is that the do intelligent Nations of India and Pakistan can't figure how to get out of slavery

  33. New Delhi's move could lead to another confrontation???? Mr Nikhil are you on weed??? Well … didn't pakistani army say that they would go to 'any extent'.?
    New Delhi didn't say anything about war. Frustration can be clearly seen on the other side.

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