MLA Biyyapu Madhusudhan Reddy Comedy Punches On Chandrababu | Friday Politics

Maurice Vega

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  1. అదే పనిగా జగన్ భజన ,ఇక అసెంబ్లీ లో వెకిలి నవ్వు ల నజరానా, ఈ 5సం తప్పదు ప్రజలకు హేళన, అమరావతి కి ఉంది తానా తందాన, వరల్డ్ బాంక్ చేసింది గర్జన, త్వరలోప్రజలూ చేస్తారు నిర్థారణ, ముందుంది మనకు వంచన. ఇక టోపీ పెడతాడు నెత్తిన.

  2. Assembly is going on good no doubt but still everyone shld confine to subject no need to make any comments on a particular person there should be difference. Our honourable financial minister is doing very good job .

  3. Lakhs of daily workers are on roads now.. no work.. thousands of contract employees future is dark because of ur politics.. crores of money and AP properties are given to neighbor state the most cunning CM.. lot of investment s are going to other states.. but current govt is not at all bothered about the state future.. always focusing on CBN and laughing shamelessly.. you doesnt know the basics of state administration, no knowledge of state at all.. just came into power because of EVM tampering and wasting peoples money and time to point out previous govt. Soon you will get good lesson from the same people and central govt. Then people will return all your laughs.

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