Mitsotakis wins Greek election with majority

we are at the moment hearing from the new prime minister of Greece Kyriakos kiriakos Mitsotakis he is addressing the media right now expressing a very very clear victory this has been a resounding win for the New Democracy party they have secured almost 40% of the vote about 158 seats is the number that we're being given at the moment syriza the incumbent government didn't perform as badly as what opinion polls were predicting they have secured just over 31% and that gives them about 86 percent seats in the parliament which is 10 more than what opinion polls were predicting now I am just being given some notes as to what Mitsotakis has been telling the media he is calling for unity he is saying that he is a prime minister for all Greeks regardless of who you voted for on Sunday he says I am going to unify you and I will be a prime minister for everyone he says he is confident that he can carry out a mission that has been assigned to him and that mission is to deliver change that is what the people wanted they wanted an update and a revolutionised economy and he says he can deliver that he says he is willing and able to take their lives in his hands so some very powerful words there he says he is also pleased to bring back the Greeks who have migrated overseas now about four hundred and twenty thousand Greeks have left the country during that ten years of economic crisis there was just what they were calling a brain drain they were just not enough jobs here so more than 400,000 people highly educated professionals left the country he is pleading with them to come back to bring back the expertise that they've learned from overseas bring it back to Greece and help him give a boost to Greece's economy so some very inspiring is some very passionate and very positive words coming from the new Greek Prime Minister addressing the media right now as you've been saying out throughout your coverage Melinda you know the internal issues have been have been the major things that candidates were campaigning on you mention there the economy I mean the Greek economy has really really suffered and Mitsotakis has made some big promises about how he's going to turn things around what is he planning to do now his vow to voters leading into Sunday's election was threefold he said I'm going to lower taxes I'm going to create more jobs and I'm going to boost foreign investment in the country that's really what he needs to deliver on now because he has made that promise over and over again at the moment unemployment sits at 18 percent it's a lot lower than what it was at the peak of the crisis which was 28% but still it's disastrously high and he says that he is the man to reduce that I've just been given some additional notes as to what he's been saying he says that we're ready to roll up our sleeves and work hard to bring Greece back on track and as I said he is bowing to do that by lowering taxes and generating more employment he says his mission is to make our lives better through growth more jobs and an effective state with a stronger voice in the European Union that's a very important point he has said that he wants to modernize Greece and take it away from shed that impression of being the problem child of the European Union and he wants it to take more of a center stage there he has called on the Greek parliament to remain open all summer it usually closes during August so that's another very interesting point it's proof that he really does mean business women don't mean that's gonna be a huge task Greece is now just finished there the main points but my apologies there it's gonna be a huge task Greece's debt to GDP ratio is a hundred and eighty percent I mean that is incredible talk us through some of the other issues that have been big for during campaigning and obviously for voters I'm thinking immigration job creation just talk us through what some of the other big issues were well when he says just then in his speech we're going to roll up our sleeves and get to work he has a lot of work in front of him as I mentioned 18% unemployment that is going to be one of their major tasks but also law and order security domestic security has been one of the number-one orders of business that they new democracies say that they're going to focus on in their early term in Parliament now we spoke a little bit earlier to the new democracy deputy secretary of internal strategy and may zani Massoni told us that one of the first orders of business is going to be it sounds like giving a little bit more power to the police to restore law and order in some of the more you could call the fringe of regions around athens new democracy is more right-leaning it's more conservative it's more nationalistic and that has been a criticism from some sections within Greek society that they've almost been saying there's a new sheriff in town they fear that he's going to be a little bit too heavy-handed and is going to give too much power over to the police but it will be interesting to see how he juggles that they have also said that they're going to be stricter on immigration policy that Greeks borders are not open to refugees perhaps the way they have been under syriza so they're going to be a bit tougher on the refugee situation which could create a little bit of conflict with its neighbor turkey who is struggling with an overflow of refugees in its own country at the moment so that the two countries quite opposed their on their refugees foreign policy stance thank you you

Maurice Vega

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  1. Mistotakis is no different to Tsipras.
    By his won words, he admitted that, "the state has continuity", meaning he will honour the policies and agreements made by Tsipras, irrespective if they are in the economic or national interests of the Greek people.
    In 6 months, there will be protests in the streets to remove him.

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