Minister Anil Kumar Yadav Comments On Chandrababu | Ap Assembly | Friday Politics

Maurice Vega

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  1. Anil sir meeru minister konchem voice control pettukoni unandi neeku 5 years kada undedi not a prominent job kadu kk plz control ur self kkkk

  2. Anil Kumar AP minister shit
    A citizen cont eligible for government job if he involved in any case
    But the who have lot of Case's they can sit in assembly

  3. పని చేసేవాడు చేసీ చూపిస్తాడు నువ్వు కూడా చంద్రబాబు అనీతోడేవి అయ్యావు

  4. Illiterates who are lazy and do not work and rowdy natured people beside the roads and fight on the roads have the same behaviour, attitude. Commitment to a leader and following him is good but that shouldn’t blind a politician who holds such an honourable position in the government. It looks very cheap.

  5. Anil ur not suitable for political leaders better to go and do some business in red light areas ur suitable for that neku subject thaeliadhu nuvvu oka akubacchagadivi me nayakadu nee kantae 100times akubaccha gadu sollu api prajalu gurunchi konchem chudandi Ayya arri pulka

  6. AP Janalaki baga jarigindhi, Jagan lanti Musti mantri dorikada, vadu BJP ni adgaledhu, KCR ni adagaledhu, janalaki edo musti vestadu, saripotundhi, within 1 year AP will be least developed state in INdia

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