Milton Friedman – Big Business, Big Government

Maurice Vega

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  1. But Big banks can send the police to take your home even if the bank committed fraud against you. A mechanic can put a lien on your vehicle if you don’t want to pay for service that wasn’t completed.

  2. "I'm not against business. I'm against big business in bed with big government."
    – Rep. Dave Brat (R – Virginia)

  3. Big bussiness cannot exist without Big goverment. This is Friedman's one mistake. The two cannot be seperated.

  4. And if One Corporation owns and controls all of our farm land and products. Who controls who? Monopolies impose a higher cost on the market by killing competition. They end up controlling the "Free Market". Big Business and Big Government are the same problem. Too much undue influence in the hands of the few. Business does not deserve "special" treatment. If you can't succeed in the market as it is and as you are. You have a failed business model. Your choices and decisions didn't work. Try something else. Why should Tax Payers subsidize your bad idea? This garbage goes on all the time. Just look at weapons manufactures and the Trillion dollar garbage they produce with government approval.

  5. Oh, I'm sure Friedman knows all about big business colluding with big government. He was, after all, close friends with fascists like Pinochet, and his students helped fascist regimes all over Latin America.

  6. corp welfare dwarfs ALL public welfare combined. Handful of HUGE corps own most of the media & Rs like friedman who have a vested interest in bashing public welfare with welfare queen narratives so you wont notice the REAL welfare queens! when is the last time you saw a story about corp welfare HMMMM? wake up america! #DISTRACTIONPOLITICS

  7. dont tell friedman about privatization of prisons, oops. Mass incarceration much? POS R corp shill

  8. I agree with this main point, to have freedom and prosperity for all, we must have total dispersal of power, so that no one-two groups have all power, and the rest of us have none.

    This is why I am against big government, big business, big religion, big science. Any organization that grows and becomes a unit for gaining and using power eventually becomes corrupt, no matter what the reason or source for them to gather.

  9. be careful when arguing about concentration of wealth. When you are in a true free enterprise system, wealth is not a static number. There is no pot of wealth that never goes up or down. Wealth is constantly created and moved around.

  10. I like a lot of the points Milton Friedman makes here. It's interesting to see dissidents on the economic right and the economic left agreeing on the same problem. Concentration of wealth leads to big business ruling the government. I absolutely agree with this problem. I don't agree however with the statement of Friedman that big corporations can't force people to 'give' them money, unlike the government that can. When you look at some third world countries today, you see police forces being used by big corporations as some kind of private army. One example is the wake of the Haitian coup in 2004, where Haitian businessmen used police forces to secure their position and attack political opponents. If rich individuals have the availability to use force to get what they want, it's a logical conclusion that they will use this power to do so, just like governments. What you're creating then, are paramilitaries, gangs, mafia, bandits as some kind of police force to do the dirty work. You also see this in the crushing of worker unions in countries like Colombia and Honduras, where paramilitary troops are being used to crush worker organisations. If they [corporations] can use this force and get away with it (government generally can get away with it much easier, since they can be more repressive than a corporation can), I don't see a fundamental thing why governments would use it but corporations won't.

  11. The true paradox is how do you combat concentration of power.  If you want large corporations to be forced to compete, who has the power to force them to compete?  If you have puny government, there is no entity that has the power to force companies to compete.  If you do have a government with enough power to force them to compete, then you have the danger of the government being co-opted by the very companies it should be regulating.

  12. what milton forgets to mention about big business is that they might not get your money but what about them destroying natural resources and pollution? that DOES affect you in the pocket book too just indirectly.

  13. Anyone that disagrees with that I ask them to research the largest corporations and their relationship with government. If they dont find a government big enough to prop up large corporations than I will pay them the same amount GE paid in federal taxes.

  14. I don't think Capitalism was ever only about serving people strictly what they needed. I don't really understand your grievance. Capitalism is an entity of freedom in my opinion and what you're describing as a negative (buying things people don't necessarily need) is really a freedom. With all due respect, who are you to decide what's best for anyone other than yourself? I do not see the injustice in a firm producing something people want, even if you don't agree with what they desire.

  15. I'm not sure why you consider marketing to be a substitute with capitalism, but it's really more of a tool in enterprise. As far as capitalism ruining our culture it really depends on culture of what and to whom, but even that isn't exactly fair. Capitalism is a two way street and two parties (enterprise and consumer) contribute. If you mean a culture of obesity for example, is it really enterprise appealing to wide interests that's the problem or the interests themselves?

  16. This is perhaps the best video for understanding Milton Friedman's position on free market capitalism.

  17. Represents an unacceptable concentration of power? as opposed to a government that has the power to redistribute wealth and to carry out any act necessary to execute that?

  18. So…your complaining about Friedman favoring dispersal of power (ie democratization of the marketplace) based on the fact that corporate personhood concentrates power through massive privilege bestowed by govt? Did you even listen to what he's saying? That's the whole fucking point he's trying to make. You and so many others keep bagging on corporate/govt collusion and acting like Friedman FAVORS that. Take your fingers out of your ears and pay attention.

  19. Thank goodness business runs solely for greed. That compels them to do whatever they can to please me, before someone else does. Govt doesn't give a shit if you're happy, or if you feel like you're getting your money's worth. Govt gives you one shade of grey. Free markets give you a million shades of whatever the hell your heart desires, and it will be on sale this weekend. Price-match guaranteed. Only the STUPID are controlled.
    Monopolies, you cry? Bullshit. Govt is the only true monopoly.

  20. Replace or convert medium and big corporations (vertical and authoritarian institutions) with democratic institutions in a market! We shouldnt have to choose for corporate tyranny or for a big government! We should choose total democracy! I dont think Friedman is right in this one, the corporation is also force!

  21. Forget the hot button word greed. Everyone acts in there own self-interest. That is simply a fact of life. You need to realize that politicians are no different than businessmen in this regard. If you do not understand this, the actions of politicians will seem baffling. But, politicians are far more dangerous because they have a monopoly on the legal use of force.

  22. I beg to differ. Free market monopolizing businesses have a lot of control over your life. I agree that govt has as much, probably even more control. Although I think these two entities are much more similar than people like to admit. Democracy provides the same illusion that you are choosing your boss as business does. And both work in tandem to ensure that you cannot escape the system by bartering for a living. Business is run solely for greed, whereas govt. has some underlying basis of care.

  23. Don't mistake alternative choices as being worse than only one – government's choice for you. This world is about trade-offs, not solutions.

  24. I agree with good parents giving a person a leg up but the odds of lucking out and having rational, sane parents is extremely limited. Hail, the odds of us being rational and sane ain't much better…

  25. You can still choose to:
    not travel,
    grow your own food, or barter,
    live in the country and use free well water,
    generate your own power, or live without like the amish,
    care for your own health,
    provide your own entertainment, etc etc etc.
    Free market business cannot force anything.
    Only the govt. claims the power of life & death coercion. Pay the tax or be fined. Pay the fine or go to jail. If you fail to submit and resist instead, you are subject to gunfire.
    Walmart has no such power.

  26. He is wrong. Business can steal money from my pocket, and they do. Three widget companies all offering the same essential services (travel, food, water, power, healthcare, entertainment etc), gives the illusion of choice and freewill, but you HAVE to choose between the three. And when they slap on a charge for something you've missed, or unknowingly done, you have to pay. Sure, you can move to another provider but you'll get exactly the same thing.

  27. But he absolutely did;

    search "Milton Friedman – Persuasion vs Coercion" for Miltin's words on the subject. It's one of my favorite "Q & A" answers from fim.

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