Millennials vs Generation Z – How Do They Compare & What’s the Difference?

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head
over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. Millennials, also referred to as Generation
Y, are the generational group who follow Generation X and are typically categorized as people
born between 1980 to the mid-1990s. Millennials are also sometimes referred to
as echo boomers due to a major surge in birth rates in the 1980s and 90s. Generation Z or Gen Z is the generational
group that came after the Millennials, born between the mid-1990s up to the mid 2000’s. Generation Z is also referred to as the iGeneration,
iGen, or Post-Millennials. How do these generations compare? That’s what we’ll be looking at today,
in this episode of The Infographics Show: Millennials vs Generation Z. Though these two groups sit side by side on
the generation ladder, the expansion of the Internet and the leaps that have been made
with the digital revolution has seen them exposed to a host of different experiences. Add to that the influence of parents from
different generations, and we have plenty of scope for differences in attitude and behavior. We’ve reviewed what researchers have said,
so we can bring you our list of 10 ways these generations compare and differ. Let’s take a look. 1. Attention Span – Generation Z processes information
faster than any other generation, including Millennials. They live in a high tech world of constant
updates, and having grown up with access to apps such as Vine and Snapchat, their attention
span is likely to be lower than that of Millennials. A study showed that while only 4% of Millennials
and older generations believe 13 is an ok age for owning a smartphone, as high as 18%
of Generation Z members think it is an ok age. 2. Multi-Tasking – A short attention span is
not always a drawback, and what Generation Z lack in focus, they make up for in their
multi-tasking capabilities. Generation Z can work on a school assignment
on their computer, and do research on their tablet, all while taking notes. And in the evening, they will often sit in
front of the TV watching a movie, at the same time chatting with a friend on Facebook from
their phone or laptop. It’s head spinning stuff! 3. Independent vs Collaborative – 71% of Generation
Z say they live by the phrase “if you want it done right, then do it yourself.” Generation Z tend to be more competitive and
will adopt a ‘do it yourself’ mindset in personal or professional activities. And when it comes to workspaces, 69% of Generation
Z would rather have their own workspace than share it with others, whereas Millennials
would opt for a collaborative working environment where they can team up with their colleagues. 4. The Digital Pioneers – 40% of Generation Z
say that reliable Wi-Fi is more important than reliable bathrooms. And according to Pew Research, only 14% of
U.S. adults had access to the Internet in 1995 but by 2014, 87% had access. Millennials saw first hand how social media
revolutionized the way in which we communicate. They were pioneers in the digital age, witnessing
the birth of smartphones, instant messaging, and Internet searching capability. Generation Z were born into this tech immersed
society and so have a very different perspective. 5. Face to Face or Digital Chat – All this
technology has also had an effect on how these generations differ with communication habits,
and 74% of Generation Z say they prefer to communicate face to face with colleagues in
the workplace…As we just mentioned, Millennials pioneered many of the digital communication
tools, which revolutionized how we do business, but with Generation Z preferring a more personal
approach, maybe they are the ideal generation to strike the right balance between online
and offline workplace communications. 6. Optimistic Vision- A 2016 survey conducted
by Lincoln Financial Group tells us that Generation Z are far more optimistic than the Millennials. 50% of Generation Z says America is heading
in the right direction, versus 42% of Millennials…64% of Gen Z have started researching or talking
to others about their financial futures by age 13. And after they’ve started having those conversations,
95% of those making financial plans feel optimistic about their future in general. 7. Convenience over brands. – Accenture research tells us that Generation
Z love tech driven, fast shopping experiences like 1-hour delivery, activated shopping and
in-store kiosks. Brands are less important and they’ll happily
switch retailers who are better at providing these services. And they see shopping as a social experience. They like to consult friends and get opinions
on products. They can be unforgiving when leaving reviews
for retailers and are also twice as likely to consult YouTube as Millennials, before
making a purchase. 8. Different ways of learning – 75% of Generation
Z say there are other ways of getting a good education other than the traditional route
of going to college, according to Sparks & Honey research. And Generation Z has the beauty of hindsight
on their side to see how things panned out for their counterparts. Many Millennials now have large student debts
and have been left questioning whether it was worth it, with 44% of recent college grads
employed in jobs that do not require a degree. 9. Tolerance – Millennials tend to be more tolerant
than Generation Z, as they have generally encountered more situations in life where
things have the potential to go wrong. For Generation Z, it’s all about getting
the job done and problems for them to look elsewhere. As an example, if Generation Z experience
a technical hitch when making an online purchase, it’s unlikely they’ll visit the store
again, whereas Millennials will be more lenient and likely give the store a second chance. And finally number 10…Social influencers
are today’s celebrities. – Generation Z are more likely to be browsing
YouTube than sitting in a movie theatre. 63% of them say they prefer to see real people
than celebs in their ads. So it’s pretty obvious we’ve probably
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Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. There are so many different sources about which years are Gen Y and which are Gen Z. Don't focus on particular years too much.

  2. I dont like how people generalize generations. Like when older people hate on younger millennials and gen z-ers for being how we are now and how we always have our phone. And as a gen z-er I will always argue back that it's not our fault we grow up in this generation. Younger millennials and gen z-ers have grown up surrounded in tech (not counting the generations to come) and it's how we've grown up. School basically force technology in our faces. They force us to have IPads and I'll admit its helpful in a lot of ways but there are other times where I just want a simple pencil and paper. Honestly I have more arguments and could talk about this for hours.

  3. millenials invented internet. EVERYTHING was handed to Gen z for free. Gen z is the most laziest, most entitled, worst most dumbest generation of all time

  4. I was born in 1997. I'm definitely somewhere in the middle. And sometimes it's so hard! To interact with people. No, I hardly remember a time without cell phones/internet, but I also wasn't born with one in my hand!!

  5. I was born in February 1999.
    My childhood and early teens were definitely closer to the 'millenial type': not that much of modern tech around. Just a Famiclone, some old indestructible Nokia and Siemens phones and a 512 MB Celeron PC (this one when I was 8 years old – I used to play so much of Thief: The Dark Project demo and Abuse on that machine). I only gained my PS2 in 2010, and my first smartphone in 2014.

    However, my last teens and now early 20's are something closer to the 'Gen Z's life style'. Although I can relate to both millenials and gen z's, nowadays I feel a bit far from the first ones.

  6. Optimistic vision? I'm sorry, but up until now all I have seen in my generation is Nihilism and a craving for Death.

  7. The greatest generation to live was the silent generations who storms the beaches of Omaha & help win WW2. No generation living today can do what they did. Every generation can learn something from the before or later generations. Alot of that info is right & wrong. Every G likes to believe they are better then the next but they all have their pros & cons like everything else.

  8. Gen X = born in 1965 to 1980
    millennials (a.k.a. Gen Y) = born in 1981 to 1996
    Gen Z = born 1997 and after

  9. Millennials – 1980-1995
    Millennial-Gen Z Hybrid – 1995-1997
    Gen Z – 1997-2004/5
    Gen Z-Alpha Hybrid (start of Fortnite generation) – 2005/6-2009
    Gen Z Alpha – 2010-2019?
    Gen iAlpha/Gen AA? = 2020-2029?

  10. I’m Gen X with a Gen Z daughter and have to say this is spot on with her. I actually love it about her, because she has “taught” me so many things with her enlightened approach.

  11. Im a gen Z born in 2004, i don’t recognise all of these facts, but what i want to say that all of these facts doesn’t apply to every gen Z. Some may do everything through their screens, some likes to do it face to face.

  12. I personally disagree with the 7th point, I won't go out of my way to get cheaper stuff over quality if it's of great value and makes me feel that I'm satisfied with where my money went.

  13. I was born in 2000, but my parents are baby boomers. So I have the same aged parents as most millennials.

  14. I’m literally in between Gen Y and Gen Z I’m alone in the cultural zeitgeists on either side of me.

  15. We millenials came early to this planet ….we millenials created most of the technology that you gen z are depended upon … So we millenials created the meduim which you gen z are utilising it better than us …

  16. These videos are so dumb. You’re comparing PRETEENS and teenagers to people well into or coming into adulthood. Generation Z are kids… we aren’t alike because we are in two different periods in our life. However, we both are used to technology, we “need” our phones, we have lost some hope in society compared to the past, we don’t pay attention to politics and we both know and understand trends… but like I said, millennials are ADULTS. Any high schooler is going to be more into trends than people worrying about their job and bills. I feel like our generations aren’t actually that different.

  17. Holy cow, I’m a Gen X and although I can’t obviously feel like a Gen Z because we were born at different times and have a different experience record, I totally agree with them, and I act exactly as they do in every situation mentioned in this video! I know I am very different from Gen Ys, and it is confirmed, but I thought I would be even more different from Zs, I really didn’t expect I would relate so much! (education, attention span, multi-tasking, face-to-face communication, social online shopping, etc.) Wow.

  18. compare the difference Millennials vs Generation Z on social media is the right title, secondary multitasking is not watch tv and send facebook messages

  19. This is my main aggravation with these organizations trying to define a generation.
    (1) stick with a time frame!!!! a generation is every 20 years. There are 5 generation within a century (20+20+20+20+20=100)
    (2) those born within the second half of the generation are always more progressive than those born in the first half, for example millennials born in the 80s(1980-89) were influence by gen-x life (no internet)while as those born in the 90s (1990-1999) were less influenced by gen-x life (internet etc), just like with gen-x (1960-80) those born in the 60’s were (influenced by the 1950) are more conservative than those born in the 70’s
    (3) At the beginning of every decade there a transitional periods (80-83) (90-93) within or in between the two generations that sets the social/political tone and attitudes that will be adopted by fellow peers that will shape there view of the world, politics etc. this shaping of social/political attitudes often times happen through the media as children (tv shows on Nickelodeon or Disney, music, movie etc) , massive social events within your city or country. programs such as DARE (government program that told millennials primary 90s born millennial the bad effects of tobacco, now as of 2019 tobacco use among millennial is only 10%, among post early millennial (2000-2020) tobacco use is nearly nonexistent due to ‘Fresh Empire’ a new drug prevention program) is an example of massive cultural events within the U.S. that took place within schools that deeply effected millennials view on drugs and living a healthy lifestyle etc

  20. Im born in 1982! I disagree that im the same Generation generation than someone born in 95! O_o
    We are the last Generation that knows both: The Analog and Digital World!

  21. I am GenZ from Denmark, I hate millennials because they see everything as offensive and wanna shut down anything that is funny.

  22. i feel like us people born from 1995-1999 sorta fit in with both if we’re speaking in generalities about generations

  23. This is ridiculous, they are comparing older men and women with younger ones. Of course they will have a different mind set.

  24. I just find it weird that my cousin who was born in 2006 is the same generation as I am, I was born in 1998. She never saw a floppy disk, grew up with YouTube, hasn’t seen a world without Facebook, vine was part of her childhood and this decade was her “coming to adolescence”, she doesn’t remember a world without Lady Gaga, while I literally lived in a world where Paint was the entertainment and there were no such things as influencers. Her memories start in 2011, mine at 2003. How, HOW are we the same generation?

  25. I was born in 86 so I guess I'm millennial ? I know the struggle with early internet (took forever!) windows 98 ? used to play outside and walk to visit my friends but also technology was a big part during my teenage years. College debt ? I miss the mall shopping experience now it's more online. Adapting to Gen Z.

  26. Can we please just STOP putting LABELS on people altogether?

    Like others have stated, you can't generalize an entire generation , that's a very narrow minded way of thinking!
    Generationalism is indeed a peculiar thing. Maybe this false sense of superiority to the younger generations is a mechanism of making sure, that the new gen feels mocked and is therefore compelled to excel, which ultimately furthers our development as a species.

    So let's not fulfill the cliche, by complaining about the f'ed-up world the previous generations left us and accept our duty to leave this earth better than we entered it.

  27. Born December 1998 , first consoles n64/original Xbox bought Minecraft in 09 on pc skipped 6th grade to buy and play On Xbox360 just got back into this summer with the college buddies. And I have never played more than 1 game of fornite before deleting it. This Minecraft Xbox360 is the test of you are true Gen Z

  28. We arent more optimistic we know boomers and millennials ruined the planet and economy we never achieving our goals

  29. Gen Z will probably be the last generation to know of the life without tech, although it really depends on your life not your generation

  30. I was born in 1981, had internet access since 1995, cellular phone since 1996, what's the molly-f**king difference? We're all being trained to live docile lives as consumers, any prowess beyond this fact is an illusion. The great generations of our species, imo, lived centuries ago. It's important to remember that to generalize and stereotype in any capacity beyond humor is ignorant..

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