Mike Johnson: Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Not Relevant’ To Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Really Mr. JOHNSON?? Televise your townhall meeting on monday and let's really see what your constituents have to say……

  2. Rudy just married his inbred cousin. He abandoned his wife & took up with his cousin. Rudy attended a NY City baseball game recently where he was "booed" by thousands of spectators when it was announced over the PA that it was the Ghouls birthday & that he was in the stands & in attendance.

  3. It's pretty amazing that a Republican that supports Trump can at the same time say that people are sick of partisanship.

  4. I don't understand why the republicans are not willing to investigate and seek for the truth, instead of acting as the president's personal attorney? Isn't the truth more important for the American people and the future generations?

  5. Is this guy Mike Johnson for real!? Seriously!? People are sick of this? Maybe where you're from…doubtful! Yes, we are sick of this! Not what you're claiming, but about the way the misguided Republicans who back Trump are reacting. Mr. Johnson claims the Democrats are "making a big mistake". No, sir! The mistake is that this bufoon (Trump) is in the oval office!! THAT'S the big MISTAKE!!

  6. These politicians are just a sad joke at this point. A sad joke with power, unfortunately.
    Little boy, the only thing I’m sick and tired of is you people.

  7. Partisanship is the very essence of the GOP. If Johnson’s constituents want less of it, they need only separate themselves from the Grand Obfuscation Party.

  8. Republikkkcons kick scream b cheat to win. If trump was a democrat he would already be in prison so. Republikkkcons are terrorists

  9. Shame on you Mike Johnson , you are just as pathetic and spineless as the rest of the bottom feeding pond scum sucking Republicans .

  10. god the russia-publicans are disgusting… can't wait for this chapter of history to end and for them to remembered for the cowardly traitors they are. #GrumpOldPedos and #InbredRednecks everywhere 🙁

  11. i do NOT appreciate politicians attempting to speak for me in the sense of "the american people…yadda yadda…" I'm not tired or worn out, just livid.

  12. The actors at play.
    OY VEY!!!
    ✡Volodymyr Zelensky
    ✡Alexander Vindman
    ✡Adam Schiff
    ✡Jerrold Nadler
    ✡Lev Parnas
    ✡Igor Fruman
    ✡Daniel Goldman
    ✡Eliot Engel
    ✡George Soros
    ✡Gordon Sondland
    ✡Elissa Slotkin
    ✡Elaine Luria
    ✡Pamela Karlan
    ✡Noah Feldman
    ✡Michael Gerhardt
    ✡Charles Kupperman
    ✡Rabbi Moshe Azman

  13. Mike Johnson —- what we are sick of is deceit, feeling unsafe, having out hard earned tax dollars squandered and having a cheating, fake president working for RUSSIA. That, Mr. Johnson, is what we are sick of … the daily drama. Vote BLUE

  14. Think the gentleman means to say the public is sick of the Republican enablers of Executive Branch misconduct and corruption.

  15. Rudy skip Town he's not coming back he doesn't want to go to jail 😂 😂 we will get your Rudy trump cellmate 🤣

  16. How can they just lie everyday straight to the cameras? We can't wait for an election because Trump keeps trying to rig the election…

  17. While dems are targeting Trump, our greatest military and intelligence officials are building a massive case against dems

  18. Over 135,000 Sealed Federal Indictments. 7,000 resignations, Federal death penalty reinstated. Dems know what is coming down the pipe. PAIN

  19. Going on dems 4th year of lies and they really believe the people are to stupid to notice. That will cost them everything

  20. Dems leaders underestimated the voters, the good guys, the military, Trump. They thought their leaders, the PUPPET MASTERS, were in control. FOOLS

  21. I don't know who will protect dems leaders once we destroy their entire cabal. How will they be able to walk the streets?

  22. I'm sick of the children known as republic partiers and I'm sick of Mike Johnson and other whiny Trump defender pretenders telling me how I'm tired of impeachment. I am not, but I am sick of Trump and his whimpering sycophants and I can't wait for them to go down with the Trumptanic. Disgusting self serving trash.

  23. Dems leaders lied, leaked, spied & framed the President. They broke every law known to man, used every trick in the book.

  24. The only charade that is going on is the republicans closing their eyes and thinking world can't see their naked partisanship and protection of corruption.

  25. Even a teenager knows there is massive corruption in government but it takes an adult to figure out it's heavily infested on the dems side

  26. Trump was able to flip many Republican leaders to fight on the good guys side but the dems decided to fight for the PUPPET MASTERS 💰

  27. No he's not but his mentality is im untouchable above the law like every republucan who follows Trump. To gamble your life with Trump means your going to jail. What don't they understand. I think they are not smart enough to be in office.

  28. LOL, the American people demanded the Focker to be Impeach and GOP trash is next! Goo-Lie-any is up to his ballz in this sheet too!

  29. People are only sick of this because of the failure of their sycophantic representatives to do the right thing. A rotten orange won't taste any better in 2020.

  30. I get a kick out of the GOP saying the public hates this when the people I speak with they are more setup with Trump and the lack of action on the GOP part for NOT standing up against Trump.



    I am a time traveler. And I travelled back through time from the year of our lord 2021. I have come to tell you that President Trump is still the President. Congress is now a Republican majority. 2 of the 4 squad members didn't get a 2nd term. Adam Schitt has been indicted. Joe Biden incriminated himself during Trump's trial in the Senate. Of which he was acquitted on all counts. And Nancy Pelosi is still drunk.

    President Trump and the GOP would like to thank the failed Coup attempt for making all this possible.

    A sincere Thank you from everybody in the prosperous future in the year 2021.

  33. Republicans ALWAYS are telling people what the American people WANT. They need to start speaking for themselves.

  34. Right…. so the president is under impeachment and his personal counsel is working on a documentary in Ukraine??? How stupid does he think we are? Pretty darn obviously…. Here’s my spin; he’s building himself a new home and making arrangements to move. How’s that?

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