Micheál Martin On Anti-EU Populists – Alde Congress 2018

The people who claim to defend the
nation-state in Europe are actually its biggest enemies we have to reclaim our
flags from them of course the number one claim of the anti EU populists is that
the Union costs you money, that it controls everything and is worth nothing
to ordinary people all too often anti-eu rhetoric has
involved no cost for them they can happily be anti EU while ignoring the
reality of all that it gives to them and their countries part of this is because
we’ve all allowed ourselves to get sucked into the into focusing not just
on the EU budget and fight fight over new policies we’ve forgotten to talk
about the much bigger impact of the Union and exactly what it means and hard
facts for people from every walk of life and this is why the lies of the leave
campaign worked in the Brexit referendum and it is why so many anti-EU
parties are trying to copy the English anti-eu ideas.

Maurice Vega

2 Responses

  1. anti eu rhetoric? eu doesnt help anyone, they reduce everyones rights and prosperity. the eu is a literal burning heap of garbage. lies of the leaf campaign? boy you must be stupid if you think any media campaign could have ever damaged the eus reputation anywhere near the eu itself has. im honestly now certain pro eu people are literally deranged, and need to be locked up and rehabilitated.

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