Michael Gove does not rule out ignoring legislation to stop no-deal Brexit

See what the legislation says, You’re asking me about
a pig in a poke and I will wait to see what
legislation the opposition may try to bring forward
but we know what – We’re in new constitutional times,
but for a government to say ‘we won’t abide by legislation’
is impossible, surely? Well, we will see what the
legislation says when it is put forward. For me, the most important
thing is to bear in mind, actually, you already have
legislation in place, which an overwhelming
majority of MPs voted for.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Gove is not only weird, but a dangerously incompetant liar. Stop the madness. Stop no deal please. Sincerely, a former leaver.

  2. When Remain are literally trying to prevent the enactment of the largest democratic vote in the history of the UK they really can't take the moral high ground on democracy…

  3. I dreamt last night I had Michael Gove hostage. He was wearing his wee glasses and a sash. I attached clamps to his gonads and just as I was about to flick the switch, I woke up. I’ve got to admit, not since my wife ran off with her gym instructor, have I ever felt so cheated. ?

  4. That’s what happens when an unelected Prime Minister, tries to shut down an elected Parliament,
    to run the country through and ‘no deal’ for which he has no democratic mandate ?

  5. To all British and Northern Irish friends: You shoud not pay your taxes as this undemocratic government and its puppet monarch shall not have sovereignity over you!

  6. A cobbled together law to keep us tied to the EU indefinitely is treason !!!
    Your damn right it should be ignored. Article 50 says we left on WTO on the 29th of March. Remoaners have ALREADY ignored that law.
    Perverting the law to Carve the UK up and hand it to the EU.
    Corbyn, Swinson and Co have no shame. If they do this they should be shot !!!

  7. I voted out but I’m extremely sorry now , because the only real people who are going to benefit are Britains most wealthiest now coming out of the E.U .

  8. 80 after the second World war and the like of this want back before that for what, greed for the few,wake up dream land is not coming,

  9. WTO the only way now , get prepared to watch this country grow and grow and grow without European Union in our faces ????????????

  10. No ties, no shackles, no fees (for a trade deficit), no transition period, no ECJ, no delay to new trade deals, no Single Market, no Customs Union, no Surrender Treaty. Or NO TORIES.

  11. Why do so many people worry about disrespecting MPs and legislation when MPs have disrespected 17.4 million people and Brexit.

  12. Bye bye UK it was nice knowing you. Not really. This self destruction is incredible to watch. How supposedly educated people let their country get to this state is truly amazing. The sun, express, telegraph and social media need to be investigated due to their false reporting and influencing people. Brexit means brexit even if it means my town goes to Brazilian status. Truly stupid.

  13. If only more of the people could see and understand the dangerously oligarchic nature of the EU Commission, and its open agenda for Britain, as well as what they and their children are so close to losing forever by remaining.
    It has been very sad to discover that such a large percentage of Brits, especially those in the supposedly educated middle class, are either painfully selfish, or so very unread and intellectually shallow that they cannot see, or understand, the serious danger of a bureaucratically centralised, totalitarian collectivism.

  14. The Government are doing the responsible thing, while Steptoe encourages violent protest to try and force his way into power. Decent hard working people don't want you Steptoe, we never will.

    The Government as the executive will negotiate, parliament's voice will come in the form of voting for a deal. Gove is just delivering some cold hard truths to the establishment, the adults are in charge, we will be leaving in two months time.

  15. Well said!…. Remainers have lost all credibility so time to take control and do whatever it takes to deliver Brexit.

  16. Boris needs to appoint 600 new pro-Brexit peers to the House of Lords to push through Brexit, then abolish that nest of arrogant anti-democratic vipers. The Liberal PM Asquith threatened to do that in 1910, to create enough new Liberal peers to overcome the then Conservative majority in the Lords. The remoaners would have no moral high ground to complain from. And I can think of 600 great candidates: Brexit Party prospective MPs, already vetted and ready to go.

  17. Brexit benefits include being out of customs union, single market, ecj and free movement immigration/ kalergiplan
    Having own points system etc. England will set its own tariffs and providers. Also will save bilionz

  18. What canyon these plungers understand the simple facts. More likely reach a deal if walk away no more to pay an option. The previous proposal that got knocked back justifiably 3 times by Parliament is not acceptable and these imbeciles are attempting to pull the rug under the man who is trying his best for his country.

  19. Remainers have used all means to derail and stop Brexit. They do not like it now someone with backbone takes up the fight. Roll on Oct 31st.

  20. Ignore whatever remainers say or do at this stage, they may try and mask it but they have only one goal in mind, and that is stopping our democratic decision to leave the EU.

  21. WM cannot force PM to go to Brussels for an xtension.
    the only options for WM: revoke Art 50. or NCV followed by GE.
    will they have time to do so , before oct 31 ??
    oct 31, is already written into law. BoJo could just run the clock down.

  22. OMG I've just heard on BBC News that there might be a temporary fresh lettuce shortage. This is truly shocking. I'm not sure I can make it without salad every day. I'm starting to panic. Let's cancel Brexit, I just can't face it. LMAO. We had a shortage of cauliflower last month due to too much rain, the remoaners did not emit so much as a squeak in protest.

  23. They shut down parliament and shut up the people's democracy then contend they may ignore the legislative process whilst having the utmost gaul stating they respect the will of the people… but since when did the British people have the political expertise resource and acumen to debate affairs of high state and why do these hypocrites that respect only the democracy of there way or no way even bother to try to pretend to have the British people's intrests at heart…So you have to ask the pertinent question of just who is it that these people really serve? It's not me or you it's not the elected house of representatives and it's certainly not the British people is it? Michael gove Boris Johnson they have got be trumps chosen chumps…haven't they?

  24. And to think I believed this lying pos when he said that leaving the EU was for increased sovereignty? This guy should rot in hell.

  25. the brexit gang are destorying the foundation of our denocarcy, for a lie, brexit will not give you freedom, only make everything worst

  26. WTO rules BREXIT for me please – then we can start talking to an EU which will listen, as it will be an EU which has either had to start checks on the ROI/NI border, or it as EU which has decided after all to be pragmatic about the ROI/NI border and – well do pretty much what the UK suggested years ago – using manifests to check shipments electronically, with sample spot checks conducted at locations away from the border.

    The EU and its red line intransigence that the "integrity of the single market must be protected at all costs" – I mean really, it is such a little border and the trade is so marginal compared to the total value of EU trade, one would almost think that those trying to destroy BREXIt had weaponized the border issue.

    No doubt if the EU does start checks on the border then those with a blood lust will start killing Unionists – I mean stands to reason dunnit – check what's in the back of an articulated truck means that the violent Nationalists are legitimised in killing – err – no actually.

    The Guardian (L0Lz) aka The Madrasa.

    F EU

  27. Mrs Balls – aka Yvette Cooper has no problem ignoring the will of her constituents – 70% of whom voted LEAVE – Yvette is DEMANDING democracy in Parliament by being given the chance to pass legislation which goes against the will of the people – and the revealed will of Parliament – which voted for the referendum, stated that it would respect the result of the referendum, and voted to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU ..

    Which bit of democracy does Yvette not like.?

  28. Brexit: Gove refuses to rule out ignoring any law passed to stop no deal ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/01/brexit-gove-refuses-rule-out-ignoring-law-passed-stop-no-deal-

  29. What’s so fascinating about this whole business is how quickly claims of “have your cake and eat it too” and “it’ll be painless”, “well have deals in place right away” have been reduced to “hey, we survived WWII”.

    People know they were lied to, are still being lied to and do it care a wit.

    Sort of demonstrates the danger of ignorance, xenophobia and Dunning-Krueger in an ostensible democracy.

  30. Remainers in Parliament don't want no deal, they don't want a deal and the EU won't negotiate another deal. There is only one option, leave by default under WTO rules. It's not rocket science. The remaniacs just want to keep extending article 50 in the hope they can eventually revoke it. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

  31. The dictatorship of bojo & co, bunch of rightwing nutters. What happened to Parliament is sovereign? And not a cabal of rightwing loons with no elected PM & a majority of one, if they even have that now.

  32. A V Dicey wrote in “the law of the constitution” (1885) “the house can in accordance of the constitution be deprived of power (when) there is fair reason to suppose that the opinion of the house is not the opinion of the electorate.
    70% remain m.p.’s occupy the house, majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union. Leaving with some sort of deal was not on the ballot paper, the option to leave the European Union was.

  33. The remain press gang have undermined this process since we voted to leave, this enabled the EU to give us the worst withdrawal agreement we could possibly get, which not many MPs voted for.
    Well done remain press and politicians, this is entirely your doing.

    EDIT: Theresa May had some say in it as well, its not ENTIRELY your doing.

  34. Sorry I have no interest in anything England's answer to Pablo Escobar has to say
    Past present or future
    Jog on smack head

  35. tHOSE DESPICABLE Tory henchmen, with their mega expenses and smarmy half truths. Gove is bad for Britain, always was always will be, like Cameron, it's in their DNA.

  36. You can see the desperation in the remain media now ? they finally have lost control. Brexit is coming. Democracy is coming.

  37. Golly! Not to be outdone by the US, GB is getting its own cadre of lawless, authoritarian right wingers. The unwashed ought to take note that the privileged Tories in favor of crashing out will suffer far less than the hoi polloi if the whole thing goes wrong.

  38. The remainiacs don't want to stop no deal they want to stop Brexit all together. They should at least admit it. The silent MAJORITY will not stay silent for much longer.

  39. We need out on October 31st and if not, then before the end of the year. The EU tax avoidance directive, that comes in to force at the beginning of 2020, will do untold damage to our way of life. I believe that this is the law that most of us are referring to when we say that we do not like having EU laws imposed on us. Once we are free of the European Union we can begin the process of converting our economy to the libertarian model increasingly favored by the British public, reducing taxes and bringing an end to state involvement in health and education.

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