Mera Krodh (2010) – Ravi Teja | Primani | Allari Naresh | Siva Balaji | Hindi Dubbed Movie

“God is with the one who has no one.” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “God is with the one who has no one.” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “God is with the one who has no one.” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” ‘On your mark! Ready! Go!’ Go! – You come! Chest up! ‘On your mark! Ready! Go!’ ’37! Next!’ Yes. 5/7! Chest up! Go. ‘His name is Karan Singh!’ ‘For the sake of his love
he wishes to do a government job.’ ‘He has done BA in History.
A gold medalist!’ ‘Yes! We know you
are a gold medalist.’ ‘The world is learning
computers and is going ahead.’ ‘But you are wasting your
time in these worthless things.’ Whatever you have learnt
that no one learns now. The colleges nowadays
do not keep BA History. You will not get
a job with this degree. Every day you start from morning. I was just thinking as to why
are you quiet today when you started. I? – Yes. Priya! – Yes, father! My dear,
when did our country become free? What will you do knowing all this? As it is I am not
interested in History. Did you see! When your daughter only
does not know properly.. ..what is the use of asking your son? I am going! Wait a minute! Priya! Come here! ‘Brother, what happened?’ – Come here. What is it?
– What is your father’s name? Don’t show your teeth.
Answer my question. Narendra Singh!
– And his father’s name? Veer Pratap Singh!
– And his father’s name? His name is.. Dharmendra Singh! And what is his father’s name? His father’s name..who
was before Dharmendra Singh? His name was also Narendra Singh! And what was his father’s name,
grandma? Son, I don’t know. – That’s it! Gangadhar Singh! His father’s
name was, Bhupender Singh! And his father’s
name was Bhushan Singh! Now I am trying to find out
the name of Bhushan Singh’s father. I came to know that
he had come from UP. This is the complete History
of our ancestors. – Yes. How many are there who know
the History of their ancestors? Modern youth and their education! By mistake if you ask them the name of
their grandfather or great grandfather. Then they look down in shame. But no one is big or small
in connection with education. What the one who learns
computer knows I don’t know.. ..and what I know he does not know. In short all are the same. You are right.
I had forbidden you, isn’t it? Okay, disconnect the line now. Why didn’t you print
my photo in your new poster? So what if your photo
is not printed on the poster? I have resided you in my heart.
– All should learn from you how to talk. If you go and put this
in the post box then along with.. ..passport the visa will
also come to your house. May you prosper! You don’t worry at all. I will hang your cut
outs in every alley near me. Yes, of course! – I sent it twice.. Hey, give me! – Give me! Hello! The tiger of politics. The servant of the people,
Bhappi Yadav speaking. Yes! Okay! I will do your work. Priest! Priest, give me also.
Give..give me! Priest, give me the offering. Give me one more. The thing is as I am the
servant of the people some people. Yes, the same. The poster with my photograph.. ..stick it in every alley in the city. I will see what happens after that. You don’t worry at all.
Just do as much is told to you. Okay? Bye-bye! Give me! – Give me! ‘This is Manish! The only
aim in his life is to go abroad.’ ‘But the opposite happens
of whatever he does.’ “What has happened?” “How did this happen?” “When did this happen?
Why did this happen?” “When it happened, then is happened..” “Oh, forget it. Don’t think about it.” Manish! – Yes. “What has happened?” This time too you did not
send an application for the passport? Son, Manish! I do not have the capacity
to send you abroad.. ..but even then before I die
I would like to see you independent. That is why I give you money, son. You will not reform! – Father! You will not change! – Father! Come on, get lost!
– Father, don’t beat me. Go away from here! Get out! If you would have also
died with your mother.. ..i would have shed tears
for two days and kept quiet. How long will this go on? Get out! Go! – Father! Don’t show me your face again? Go! Go! Son, Manish! How long will this go on? When will you mend your ways?
Who knows? Okay, fine. Here..keep this money. This time surely send the application. Okay? Go! You were doing a drama
just to show her, isn’t it? Okay. Let me see how long you do it. Hey! Manish! Manish! Boss! Okay, bye! Good morning. ‘His name is Chandu!’ ‘It is his dream to
open a computer institute.’ ‘And for that he is
trying for a bank loan.’ ‘Along with that he is also
trying to win a girl’s love.’ I ran away from there! – Really! It was so much fun! Priya, what is this?
He has come here today also. See! You don’t say anything.
Just keep walking quietly. ‘Let me see what is
in my fate today..’ – Hey! It is a letter! Don’t take it. ‘Pick it up!’ ‘Pick it up!’ ‘Chandu’s father is less
of father and more his friend.’ ‘Actually his father only
gave this idea to Chandu.’ How was my idea?
– Absolutely rubbish! What happened over there? ‘Foolish man! Go away! And then after that? Good! Positive reaction. The command you have
on that computer hard disc.. don’t even have that
much command on that girl’s heart. As a personal advisor.. – Yes. You will not go to college
today evening. – What? I will go! – You will go? It is a very nice film. – Yes. And that fight sequence?
– Even I had seen it. You too liked it, right? – Yes. Hey, what is this?
Till now the son was coming.. ..the father also started coming now?
I am going. You handle this!
– Hey, wait! Stop! Oh, no! Hey! My child, don’t feel bad.
This is not that letter. This is Chandu’s bio-data. One minute! There was no other way in pacifying
you so I had to bring all this. There is a bank statement,
bank pass book.. documents,
there is everything. And everything is in Chandu’s name. Nowadays the government
has made a new rule, isn’t it? Before marriage the medical test of
the boy and the girl should be done. All the test reports are also in this. My son does not have
any other disease.. ..other than falling in love with you. My child, you are very fortunate. There is no mother-in-law
to trouble you. There is no sister-in-law
to harass you. And there is no tension
of dowry as well. Whatever there is it is only me. If you don’t like me staying
with you both then tell me. I will also go away. Okay? Hey! At least give
me an answer before going. I will tell him only. My child, you tell me.
I will tell him. She said, isn’t it that she
will tell me. You go from here. You don’t understand
girl’s psychology. I know it. You go from here! You don’t know anything. First ring the cycle bell
you will come to know right now. Forget about the cycle
bell and go from here. Ring the bell that girl will go away. “Shining in the sand and
sun like a pearl upon the ocean..” “Come and feel me. Oh, feel me!” “Shining in the sand and
sun like a pearl upon the ocean..” “..come and heal me,
come and heal me.” “Thinking about the love
we make and all life sharing..” “Come and feel me. Come and feel me.” “Shining in the sand and
sun like a pearl upon the ocean..” “Come and feel me. Come on heal me.” “Now that you have become mine..” “The way I said yes..” “Why shouldn’t then I also say..say..” “Even I am in love..I am in love!” “I belong to you..I belong to you..” “Since the time I have met you..” ‘Since childhood all three
of them are best friends..’ ‘..and they sleep on Karan’s terrace.’ Oh, my god! All of them are drunkards! Who is it? Who is it? What is it? Did you drink liquor at night?
– What? No.. Did you drink or no? I drank very little but your
brother finished the whole bottle. This one! One,
two, three..he drank three bottles. Bad boys! Bad boys! Oh, no! That means you too drank? You cunning drunkard! Henceforth don’t talk to me. – Priya! If you don’t talk to me
I will drink the whole bottle. I will show you right now! Oh, my god! – What is happening? Oh, no! Hey! Hey! Hey, Chandu! What is happening? Having faith on us Karan
allows us to sleep here.. ..and you are flirting
with his sister? You fool,
this is like cheating on friendship. What will he think if
he comes to know of this? You traitor! If he comes to know of this
just think what will be your state? Hey! I know all this!
Sleep quietly! – What did you say? Hey! Don’t be surprised. Go to sleep. Why are you over reacting?
Go to sleep. Between the two of you
I turned out to be a fool. I will go to sleep!
I will go to sleep! “Pretty as a picture,
a colorfully dressed girl..” “..her agile eyes are a dagger.” “Her agile eyes are a dagger
and her beauty turned into a weapon.” “When her beauty killed me,
people started talking..” “Play the kettle drum..” What is in this? – Lord
Ganesha’s offerings, grandmother. Mother has sent it. When Lord Ganesh was told
to take a round around the world.. ..saying that his parents
are his world he took a round.. ..around Parvati and Lord Shiva. For you everything is Karan,
isn’t it? – Yes. Then first go and feed him.
He will then run around you. Really, grandmother? – Really. But there is a problem. While eating the offering
his eyes should be closed. Only then this offering
will show it’s effect immediately. Really? – Yes. What’s the matter? You are
here early in the morning today? Do you have any problem? Go! Go! Karan! Hey! Your leg is crossing the border!
Move away! Looks like even after closing
his eyes he can see everything. Okay, I am going to sleep. Karan! Karan! Karan! Wake up, Karan! Hey! Why are you ruining my sleep? Karan, I have brought
something for you. Give it to me, then. You have to eat that with
your eyes closed. Get up, Karan! What is the connection
of the eyes with eating? Give me I will eat it. Without brushing your teeth?
Get up, Karan! Get up, quickly! Get up! Why have you come here early
in the morning to ruin my sleep? Come with me! Wonder what she has brought to eat?
– Come on! I was sleeping so nicely! Yes, I am washing. I am washing. What I have brought if you
eat that with your eyes closed.. will keep following me. Who gave you this idea
of going round and round? Grandmother! – Grandma
told you and you believed it? Go and get it. I will eat it. First close your eyes.
– You..okay, I will close them. Go and get it. Oh! – What happened? It is not there! Early morning you ruined
my sleep by bringing this empty box? Shall I slap you? I had brought!
– But what had you brought? ‘If you eat this with your eyes closed
you will keep running after me.’ “Yours and mine, my and your
love story is very difficult.” “It cannot be defined in two words.” “This is a story
of a one and a girl..” Karan, why are you laughing? Tell me, Karan. Why are you laughing? Tell me. Tell me.
Tell me. Tell me. – I will tell you. I will tell you. Tell me, Manu! – What? You fool, at least wipe your mouth. Karan! Go! Go! What is going on? Sir, she is mad. Here, drink water. Oh, no! It was not Akbar
it was Birbal. – Karan! There is no need to worry.
This time I will surely get a job. I am hearing this
since the past two years. Hey! – What? The competition has become very tough. What have I done? BA. And thousands of people
have done BA before me. In the employment office too as per
the order the call letters are sent. Have you understood or not? Karan! – What is it? Karan. By bribing them we can tell them
to send the call letter quickly. And what about those
who don’t have money? There must be someone
else also like me, right? He too must be waiting for
a job just to acquire his love. And if you are in such a hurry. Then go and get married where
your father tells you to get married. Go! Hey! All give exams to get a job. And I am the one who is
giving exams just to acquire you. Crazy girl! Let’s go! Even if I do business and
earn money will your father agree? No. He will not agree. But never mind. This time I will surely get a job. And we both will surely get married. I accept that your father
is my childhood friend. And we have also decided
to get you both married. But you know that till
my condition is not fulfilled.. ..this marriage cannot
take place. – Oh! Once upon a time that means
in 1978 I had stood first in SSC. I wanted to do a government job. But I could not do it
because of family problems. Donkeys who secured lesser percentage
than me became government officers. I thought seeing my daughter
doing a government job.. ..I will die in peace. But instead of studying
she keeps eating all day. Eat! And the question about you.. With your BA degree you keep wandering
at times here and at times there. At times here and at times there. But you never got a government job. You don’t easily get a government job. Look, son. I have only one condition. My would-be son-in-law,
never mind if he earns one rupee.. ..but he should earn
that from a government job. Look, with this hand
get the government letter.. ..and I will hand her
to you with this hand. Uncle, this is my left hand. But the government letter
will be in your right hand, isn’t it? Uncle, I accept your condition. Not with this hand. But with my left hand I
will bring the appointment letter. And with the right hand
I will take her and run away! Hey! Hey! Stop! Karan, you have still not
received the appointment order. Sorry, uncle! By the way uncle
I liked your conditions. I enjoyed this! Your father-in-law
has put a condition.. ..that he will give his daughter
only when you get a government job. If he says that the post should
be good then you will have to.. You have to do IKS
to become a collector. Hey! That is not IKS. It is IAS. Whatever it is what
difference does it make? You idiot! Drink quietly! Sir, here is the change. Hey! Karan had ordered
for Chili Chicken. Did you give? ‘Yes, I am giving. I am giving.’ Come. Hey! Make a peg for Pandu as well.
– Yes, I am giving him. Yes, give him then. You keep quiet! – Here, open this. My loan will get
sanctioned next month. Once I open the institute. I will be settled. You will be.
As it is your setting is done. Hey, Karan,
do you know why he beat me now? No! – Oh, no! Even though you know.. pretend that
you don’t know anything. Thanks. Sit quietly. Chandu. This time I will also
get a government job, you see. And I..if my passport
comes I will fly in the air! Why will you run? Along with the band we
will take you to the airport. And then we will make
you sit in the plane. After going there as
it is you will have to run. Yes? – Yes. Santosh! How is it that
you have come so suddenly? You remembered us today? It’s been three years
that we have seen you. You could have atleast phoned us? Aunty, I used to call Karan.
He never told you? Does he ever tell me anything?
Let it be. Come in. – Hello, uncle. Oh, how are you, Santosh? Everything fine?
– Yes, I am fine, uncle. And what are you doing nowadays? That..I..I have completed my law.
– What? Very good. Where is your gold medalist?
Saw he became a lawyer. I know. It is time you have to go,
isn’t it? Yes, it is time.
– Son, sit. I am going. Son, come in. Aunty! – Yes! Where is Priya?
– She has gone to college. Oh! Okay. And Karan? Hey, Manu!
That is enough now. Let’s go! Wait! Let me wash
and clean my underwear. How much ever you wash
it won’t become clean. Come. Hey, Manu!
Come on! – Yes, I am coming. Hey, Santosh!
When did you come? – I just came. It has been so many days!
Is everything fine? It is good. – And how is mother? She too is fine. Hey, this is my friend, Santosh. From fourth to inter we
were together in the same class.. ..on the same bench,
in the same hostel.. ..and we were also
after the same girl. Hello, boss! Chandu! – Hello. My name is Manu. – Hi. Look at him. He has started. Do you want to have a bath?
– I do not know how to swim. Who knows here to swim? Sitting on the bank just
keep moving your hands and legs.. will know everything.
– You keep quiet! Come, let’s go home. Come. Hey, Manu! I used to beat
the one who used to beat him. By the way how did you come suddenly? Never mind suddenly
but he came the right time. Today wearing new clothes
we will go to the fair. And there amongst the
girls we will enjoy ourselves. It will be fun! – Come on! “All my friends,
listen, there is good news.” “Thousands of girls
have come to the fair.” “All my friends,
listen, there is good news.” “Thousands of girls
have come to the fair.” “Fair, dark,
fat and thin all kinds of girls..” “Make one of them your life partner.” “Make one of them your life partner.” “Experience the love however you get.” “Enjoy yourself in the fair.” “Do not hide your desires
and emotions in your heart ever.” “By making everyone laugh
and entertaining everyone..” “..learn to live your life.” “If you get it don’t
let it get lost..” “Do not let your dreams
sleep like this..” “If you get it don’t
let it get lost..” “Do not let your dreams
sleep like this..” “With great difficulty
you get moments of love.” “All of you experience
that by falling in love.” “Experience the love however you get.” “Enjoy yourself in the fair.” “We are dancing merrily
and enjoying ourselves.” “There is so much
furor in the fair today.” “Fill your eyes with
the beauty here..” “Life is so innocent.” “Keep walking with a smile..” “Keep dancing singing like this.” “Keep walking with a smile..” “Keep dancing singing like this.” “There is an exhibition
of youth here..” “No one should remain
alone in the fair today..” “Experience the love however you get.” “Enjoy yourself in the fair.” “All my friends,
listen, there is good news.” “Thousands of girls
have come to the fair.” “All my friends,
listen, there is good news.” “Thousands of girls
have come to the fair.” “Fair, dark,
fat and thin all kinds of girls..” “Make one of them your life partner.” “Make one of them your life partner.” “Experience the love however you get.” “Enjoy yourself in the fair.” Oh, my god! Is this Manish’s house? Yes, sir.
Has my son done anything wrong? Yes. He is like that only, sir.
He will never mend his ways. Because of him I cannot
face anyone in this village. Didn’t you see?
I cannot even eat my food properly. Do one thing. You also search for
him and I will also search for him. If you find him put him
behind bars and beat him nicely. Forget all that. He has sent an application
for the passport, isn’t it? Yes, sir, he has sent it. I have come to inquire for the same. When he comes send
him to the police station. Sir! Sir! – Sir, see there he comes. Sir, my name is Manish. You are Sunderlal, isn’t it?
– Yes, it’s me, sir. What is your date of birth?
– 26/2/1982, sir. Do you have a ration card?
– Yes, I have, sir. Go and get it.
– I will get it right away. Sir, take this. Sir! – What is it? When will I get my passport? You will get it in 10 to 15 days. Instead of humiliating me
add poison in my food and kill me. Take this! Manish! Manish! Manish! The idea is good but he
should listen to us, isn’t it? Here, take this, Karan.
There is a letter for you. ‘Where does this happen
in our day to day life?’ ‘Yes. Yes.’ Karan! – Hey, who is it? Hey! Hey, what are you
doing you shameless girl! Leave..leave him. – Mother-in-law! If I would have my way by
now I would have squeezed your son. And mother-in-law, what is this?
He is such a coward. I just jumped on
him and he got scared. Don’t you feed him chicken,
mutton, almonds, pistachio.. ..and all these things? He will become nice and strong. Do you allow him to eat anything? You only eat up everything. – Yes. As it is at this age you
will not be able to do anything. After marriage I will
only cook and feed him. Hey! – Hey! Hey! – Hey! I am letting you go now. After marriage you will
come here only, isn’t it? I will teach you a lesson then.
– Hey! Don’t act too smart! Why have you come here? You have received your call letter,
isn’t it? Yes, I have received it.
I have to go on the 26th. On the 26th? – Yes. Karan! – Yes! Hold the call letter in this
hand and hold me with that hand. Come on, we will go to father.
– Leave! Leave! Leave me. This is just an interview letter. I will get a job
only after I clear this. There are so many formalities. But where do you know all this? Yes. When will my dream be fulfilled? Very soon. Ready all the documents
and place order for computers. We will send a cheque to that company. Is that okay?
– Okay, madam. Double okay. Once he is settled
I am a free bird then. You go home now. – Why should I go? Papa, I have a lot of things to do.
– What work do you have? Will I have to tell you everything?
I have work. And listen! You take my cycle
and give me your scooter keys. What is the matter? – Come closer. What’s the matter? – Priya has come. Oh! Where? – Wait, papa!
Papa! Don’t turn so quickly. Turn slowly. Turn slowly. Okay, fine. Where is she? On the opposite side where
the vegetable store is there. Don’t worry. Great! It is nice to spend
time with a girl you love. Love will become stronger. Papa that is enough. – Okay, listen. Does her family know your love story?
– Papa, her brother knows about this. But even though he knows
he pretends not to know. Then don’t take undue advantage. Behave decently with her. I know. But you go now.
– You go first. Take this. By the way you know how
to ride a cycle, isn’t it? Okay! Cover your head with a veil. Brother Manu!
See he jumped in the water. Hey! Hey! Hey! Help!
They are drowning in the water. Help! Listen! – Yes, minister! Take the boat towards
that side. – Okay. Come on, hurry up! Come here! Hey, Karan! Take it still more closer. Move ahead! Come on. Karan, hold him. You knew he cannot swim.
Why did you allow him to jump then? Are you out of your mind?
What if something happens to him! Karan, I did not tell him to jump.
– Karan, calm down. What are you doing?
– I did not tell him to jump! He jumped on his own! ‘Minister, we have found a body.’ Hey, all of you come here. Help them. Karan, what has happened?
– Bring him up. Slowly! Slowly! Pull! Pull! It is not you mistake! You calm down. Yes! – Calm down! Calm down! Bring him up! – Hey, Manu! Yes. Turn him this side. Turn him! Yes. Sway him! Sway him! More fast. One minute. One minute. Keep him down. Hey, Santosh!
Santosh! Santhosh! Santosh! My brother, what are you doing? Get up! Hey, pick him up! Bring him here.
– Bring both the benches here. Stand on this! – Yes! Yes! Okay. Turn him upside down. Turn him upside down. Pull him up! – Sway him! Pull him up! Still faster! Yes! Do it faster! Faster! Yes. Yes! Make him sit.
Make him sit now. – Slowly. Slowly! Yes. – Mad man! Hey you!
Nothing will happen to you now. Did you see how I saved him life? By shouting, Santosh!
Santosh! Nothing is going to happen. Listen! I am going to the
house of that madam in Gandhinagar. Come there with the car at night. Hey, wait! – Hey!
You selected this place to die? What would we tell
your mother if something.. ..would have happened to you? Do you know,
I was on the verge of dying! One minute, Manu! – You keep quiet! Till today you never
raised your hand on me. And today without knowing the truth.. raised your hand
on me because of him? Hey, Manu! Sorry! Sorry! Hey, Santosh! Why did you jump? Buddy, if you are Karan’s friend
then you are our friend as well. Tell us what the matter is?
– Hey, you keep quiet. Hey, Santosh!
What happened? What’s the matter? You love her? – Yes. What is her name? – Prabha! ‘Stupid! How many times
I told you not to follow me.’ Till you do not fall in
love with me I will be after you. ‘Just forget about it in this birth.’ How many births it might
take but till you don’t love me.. ..I will be after you. ‘Because of you I will be defamed.’ I am already defamed! Look,
Iam asking you for the last time. Will you love me or not?
– ‘No!’ Bye! – Bye! Now? – ‘No!’ And now? – ‘No!’ And now? ‘Horrible! Didn’t I say, no?’ Prabha, you only tell me what
should I do to acquire your love? ‘Go and jump in that water.’ ‘Stupid!’ Prabha, I do not know to swim. I love you! Hey, he jumped in the water!
– Yes, let us save him. Yes, let’s go! Hey, Santosh! You jumped
there and you also jumped here. Looks like you are born to jump. Tell the truth. You jumped on this faith that
people around would save you, right? Hey! After that Prabha
fell in love with me. She fell in love with you?
How could she not fall in love? That is the rule! After that? After that somehow her parents
came to know the news of our love. What do you mean, somehow? You only must have told them. Hey, Karan! All these
girls are very calm initially. And after falling in love
they stick to you on the bike. In the park, on the beach,
in the pub, in the club.. the theatre,
in the auto, in the bus.. Oh, my god! No sooner they
get an opportunity they begin. They go crazy! So the family
members are bound to know. Hey, sorrowful soul! Keep quiet. You are very fortunate,
isn’t it? Speak. You speak. Prabha’s father took
her to the village. Does your mother know about this?
– She knows. And even after knowing this she
is fixing my alliance somewhere else. She is the daughter
of some central minister. And I don’t like her at all. Friend, shall I tell you one thing? Getting estranged from Prabha
I will not be able to live. If we don’t get married
both of us will end our lives. I wanted to tell you my
problem that is why I came here. Why didn’t you tell
me this till today then? That is why you jumped? By dying will your problem get solved? If you have fallen
in love then be a man! Karan, that is not the case..
– Shut up! Stop crying like women. In this world do you
know on whose guarantee.. ..does every person fall in love? After falling in love,
if there is any problem.. ..his friends will be there
to help him on this guarantee. You will get married to Prabha only! ‘Yes. I will call you in the evening.’ ‘We will meet later. Bye.’ Mr. Sharma! – Yes! Mr. Sharma! – Hello. Karan has sent me to you.
– Yes. Karan had called me. Here is the key. Take this car. Oh, yes! I forgot!
The advance for the car.. – Let it be. When it is the matter of love,
why the money then? Consider this as a help
from me for your friend’s love. Thank you, sir. All the best! Bye! Hey, Chandu!
Have you made all the arrangements? Park the car near the house.
No one must be suspicious. Okay? Carefully! Too good, Karan! Why are you so excited? Hey! Oh, my god!
Why are you so excited? Then tomorrow if my father
creates some problem in our wedding.. ..then will you elope
with me in the same way? Oh, my god! No sooner you signal to
me I will come flying to you. I will co operate completely! Keep quiet, you foolish girl.
Crazy girl. Their problem is different
and our problem is different. Prabha’s father is a scoundrel
but your father is very nice. His condition is genuine
and no sooner I fulfill it.. will automatically be mine.. I am going now. Okay? What is this? – What happened now? As it is it will take you
two to three days to come, isn’t it? Yes, it will take so many days. Then till then you can
give me something and go. Oh! I completely forgot! Your father thinks ten
times to give two rupees. Here take 100 rupees. Keep it. Don’t eat junk food with this. Your stomach will get upset. Okay? I was not talking of this.
– What do you want then? Hey! What is it? Keep quiet! There is no one here. Come. ‘Son, Karan!’ Oh, my god! ‘I am here! Here!’ Appointment order! Sorry, uncle! By the way your entry
is always at the right time. Why is this for? – This is my money. I will be happy if this
is of any use for people in love. In future if we face
such a problem then.. ..someone may also
help us like this. Keep it. At least you can
fill diesel with this. Hey! Our love will
not face such a problem. Because our love is.. No, do as I told you to do. Your brother is coming. Go now. You are scared.
– Will you go so slowly? Go quickly. He already knows about our love story. But we have to behave
as if he does not know. I understood!
Coward! – Go run from here! Hi! – Hi, Chandu! What, hi? From so long
I am waiting for you here. We have come now. It is two hours, you all don’t.. Hey, Manu! What happened? Did you see what I saw?
– I did not see anything. Come on! – Surprising! Thought you were right
in front you did not see? Whose call was that? – My mothers. Does she know that you are with us?
– No. She does not know. Why have you kept your phone on then? I thought if Prabha calls then.. Okay, Karan! – Yes! Where are we going now? Karnool! – What? Karnool! – What? The same Karnool which is in Railsema? Yes, the same. Oh, my god!
It is a very dangerous place! Okay, listen! We will come
back in two to three days, isn’t it? We can come.. – Yes.. And we won’t be able to come also.
– What? And you can get buried also there. What? – Yes. Hey, Karan! See that girl is asking for lift. What should we do then? She is a poor girl. We will drop her
wherever she wants to go. Karan, we will go, isn’t it?
– I will slap you now! We all are going for your work,
isn’t it? Keep quiet for some time. Hey, Chandu, stop the car! Stop the car!
– You will not listen! Stop the car! Stop the car! Excuse me!
There is place here. Come. Come. Come. Sit here. Come in. Drive the car now! What is your name? – What? What is your name? Look out and see the scenery
or else I will break your head. Stop! Stop the car here. Take a little behind. A little behind! That’s enough! Stop! Quickly go and get the snacks! – Okay. Move aside! Give two packets of chips. Hey, Chandu! Don’t drink too much. You have to drive the car. – Okay. Here are the chips. I will go and ask her
whether she also wants. Go and ask her then. – Okay. Excuse me! – Yes! Shall I order special tea for you? With a lot of cream? Cheers! – Cheers! What happened? – She drank nit. Really? – Yes. That girl has vanished! What are you saying? Where she must have gone? Where did she go? Where did she go? Where she must have gone? Brother, did you see a girl? Where she must have gone?
I did not even ask her name. She fooled me and ran away! Hey! She drank and ran away! Romeo! Why do you take tension? She met on the way and
she disappeared on the way. Really? – Yes. “Alluring damsel!
Alluring damsel! Alluring damsel!” “Come and bloom in my arms today..” “All night we will make merry..” “I will burn and
you too burn a little.” “I entertain everyone,
I spread joy, I make everyone laugh..” “I make everyone forget their sorrow.” “My heart whistled on what you said..” “The fire in my heart
does not get doused.” “There is sweet fire on my lips..” “It is not fire but the tune of love.” “Your slim waist sways like a snake.” “Hey you boy, don’t flirt with me.” “All those who are
here are all thieves.” “The weather is magical
and the heart is crazy..” “Every moment it spreads fun around.” “Whatever you tell
me I will do the same.” “Whatever that happens
today let it happen.” “Whatever you tell
me I will do the same.” “Whatever that happens
today let it happen.” “I entertain everyone,
I spread joy, I make everyone laugh..” “I make everyone forget their sorrow.” “My heart whistled on what you said..” “The fire in my heart
does not get doused.” “I have got intoxicated!” “I have gained more courage now.” “My youth has started flying..” “It is getting attached to everyone..” “The queen of night our saga
will gradually become a story..” “Oh, my beloved, I am crazy..” “Let other feel jealous
if they wish to.” “Whatever you tell
me I will do the same.” “Whatever that happens
today let it happen.” “Whatever you tell
me I will do the same.” “Whatever that happens
today let it happen.” “My heart whistled on what you said..” “The fire in my heart
does not get doused.” “I entertain everyone,
I spread joy, I make everyone laugh..” “I make everyone forget their sorrow.” “Alluring damsel!
Alluring damsel! Alluring damsel!” Stop the car! Why, beautiful?
– Yes! I have reached my border. Border? You’ll have a border? Okay! So you stay here? Get lost!
You crazy boy! He is after me? Give four teas! – ‘Okay, sit.’ Hey! – Yes. That man is glaring at me. When no one knows us here
who will specially glare at you? That one! I will slap you now!
You got scared of him? Drink your tea! Yes, tell me.
I was waiting for your call only. Where are you? Yes! Yes! Okay, okay! I am coming.
– Who was that? Our Nandu! – Yes. He has opened a hotel in this village.
– That’s great! Santosh, you are very fortunate. Consider you have got married.
– He alone is more than enough! How many ever come
he will beat all of them! Hey! Which city you have come.. ..and whose daughter are you
thinking of kidnapping do you know? Raja Thakur’s daughter! People get scared to
even go towards that house.. ..and you are thinking of kidnapping
the daughter of that house? Don’t lose your senses
in your excitement. He talks less and kill people more. Do you know his mother?
Bhavna Malhotra! Political leader! – Hello, sir. Then by telling his mother
they can send a proposal, isn’t it? Hey, Nandu!
It is no use talking there. Already her people
are searching for us. What did you say? Us? – Yes. When did I get included in you all? You got included now, right? Brother, please! Hey! – Hey! Henceforth you will also
be included in all the.. ..good and bad things we do. Henceforth you only are our leader. I? – Yes. You don’t take tension. Understood? Hey, wait!
He is getting more, isn’t it? You eat. As I was not getting
married in the village. That is why I came here five hundred
kilometers far away and started trying. Now that you all have come. Not marriage but my
funeral will be taken out. Nandu, don’t worry at all. We are those kind of people
who don’t take someone’s life.. ..but give our lives for others. After him we will
also get you married. Hey! From the owner of the hotel,
you will.. Did I tell you?
Did I tell you that I own this hotel? Why are you landing me in trouble? Listen! If you wish
to return home alive then.. ..till this man does not
leave from here don’t say anything. Hello, Bhai! Hello!
– Tell me, what will you have? Chicken and fried bread!
– Fried bread for Bhai! Is he that girl’s uncle? – Move away! That man is Raja Thakur’s driver. One driver has such a built up?
Just look at his face. There are so many
dirty marks on his face. They are not ordinary marks
but marks obtained by swords. What? – Yes. Sword marks? Hey! Good-bye, Bhai! – Yes. Hey, Karan! – Thank you, sir. Karan! – Hey, wait!
Where are you going? I will discuss marriage and come. Hey! Listen to me! He will die and will
also get me killed. Hello, sir! Yes! Sit. Tell me. I want your old cars. For what?
– Actually we have started a company. We purchase old cars and
re model them and then sell them. More than new things
I love old things. I do not sell in scrap what
does not work or is broken down. Old is gold. And I do not sell gold. Yes? – You are right. Son, are you from eastern UP? Yes, sir. From Gorakhpur.
I am now settled in Delhi, sir. No sooner I saw you
I understood. – Oh! Hey, listen! Hey, listen! Hey, listen! Hey, listen! What are you all thinking
about looking up at the sky? Aren’t you’ll scared? I am scared thinking wonder
which bomb will come from where. Son, Karan!
Don’t you have any tension? Why should I take any
tension when you are there? Where am I in this?
– You can do everything. And you have also given
us place to stay. – Yes, so? You are our leader. Gang leader! Hey! I am talking seriously
and you all are joking? Hey! Why are you
shouting unnecessarily? Sir! Hey, Nandu! – Yes. Why are you unnecessarily worried? Hey! Tonight only we
will go and kidnap that girl. Son! Not us but you are going. Please do not include me with you. What do you mean?
You will not come with us? Not at all, my lord! – Okay! Hey! Hey, go in! Hey! Hey, go in! Hey, go in! Hey! Who else is there to go in?
You have to go, isn’t it? So, go! Why do I have to go every time? Next time I will go. This time you go. Hey.. – Just go! Yes. ‘Here the dogs are
like devils and hungry!’ Chandu, there are very
dangerous dogs here. – Yes. ‘Save me from these dogs!’ Where are you going? Sit quietly! You will die and you
will also land me in trouble. Hey! Who are you?
– I am a human being, brother. Don’t I know?
What is your name? – Chulbul Pandey! Chulbul Pandey? – Yes. Sir! He is a thief, sir.
– Why have you come here? Sir, I came to steal. By the way how many thefts
have you committed till now? No, no, no!
Sir, I am not that big a thief. I am a very small thief.
I steal buckets from near the well. You have such a big house!
There is no well nor a bucket here. There is a swimming pool
here that too for children to play. Sir, I jumped into that
and both my legs got wounded. Sir, of you give me some money. I will treat myself and
return to my village, sir.. Hey! You come to steal
and you demand money? Hey! – He is beating me. You look innocent from your face.
– Yes, sir. I should not see you again
in this village. – No, never! Take this! Buddy, I felt that Raja
Thakur is a very nice man. We are unnecessarily taking
tension and for no reason.. ..we are taking such a big risk. I am telling you we should
directly go and talk about marriage. Who knows like the
way he gave me money.. ..he may get his daughter
married to Santosh.. ..and straightaway send
them on their honeymoon? He will send. He will surely send. No sooner he comes to know
the reason you all have come here.. ..he will behead all of you. And send you heads to your
respective homes by courier. You did not come why
then are you talking so much? I did not come because
I am very terribly scared of him. When I came to know that
you are caught I was shocked. Do you love me so much?
– No! Why will I love you? Are you some item girl? I thought as you are caught
you will land me in trouble as well. That is why I was scared. Why will I land you in trouble?
You are already in trouble. What harm have I caused you
that you are set to get me killed? Hey! I have nothing to do
with all of you! Go away from here! Do you understand what he is saying? Hey! You are the root cause
of all the problem. Go away from here. Hey, Nandu!
– Karan! Karan, my brother! My friend! Don’t play with life like this. Have mercy on me and forget
all this and go away from here. Whatever happens I will not leave him. There is no question
of going back now. Okay, don’t go!
Don’t go at all! But leave me alone. Hey, Nandu! – Okay, let’s go! Mrs. Bhavna! – Hail to her! Mrs. Bhavna! – Hail to her! ‘9848376555!’ Trap this cell phone
and immediately inform me.. ..where the signal is coming from. Mrs. Bhavna! – Hail to her! Mrs. Bhavna! – Hail to her! Hello, madam! – Hello. Mrs. Bhavna! – Hail to her! My son is lost.
He is not even answering the call. I am absolutely sure
that he is in this area only. If anything happens to him. Then Raja Thakur only
will be responsible for this. She is creating a drama!
I have nothing to do with her son. My daughter is safe with me. In the same way even
I want to safeguard my son. But what if something happens to him? Madam, nothing such will happen. He is the district head of our party. Hello. – Hello. Madam, wherever your son is within
24 hours he will be in front of you. Don’t worry at all. Hello. – ‘Madam, this is Sudhakar.’ Yes, tell me. ‘The mobile number that you
just gave me that is in Karnool.’ Thank you. As I thought my son
is in this same village. Listen! – Madam! Keep a watch on Raja Thakur’s house.
– Yes, madam. Find out who comes and goes there. I want my son!
And for that I can do anything! Hey! Where is the girl?
– She is inside. Is that Prabha?
– One girl has gone in. Only Santosh can tell us who she is. You come with me. – Karan, no..that.. Come on! How is that girl? – However
she is what does it matter to you? Santosh will only marry her, isn’t it? I know he will only get married. I do not take risk for any girl. First I should like her
only then I will take the risk. Hey! Will you stop now? Come on. Prabha, we are Santosh’s friends. Don’t stop. Talk while you walk. I will not be able
to live without him. We have come to take you. – What? Keep your hands folded
and keep walking ahead. Where is Santosh?
– He is waiting outside. My father is with me..
– We will take care of him. Come here. Did you see? Didn’t I say
that my idea will work? – Absolutely! Where is Manu? This is for me.
There are three more people with me. Give for them also. Priest! – He will never change! I will to him..
– Priest, give me some more.. Hey! What are you doing?
What did I tell you? I was taking the offerings.
– You always feel hungry? From morning we have
not eaten anything. That is why I was
arranging for breakfast. Hurry up! – Come on! Take him along.
– Let me at least take breakfast. What happened? Is the work done? Did you see the girl? – We saw her! Okay. I will also go and see.. There is no need for you
to see anything. You wait here. Without seeing I don’t take the risk. Stop talking nonsense
and sit quietly. – What? Hey! – B! C! Hey! We have spoken to Prabha! In a while we will take
her away from here. – Really? And your mother too is here.
– What? Mother is here.. Where is she? – Quiet!
Quiet! Why are you so scared of her? Look, you don’t know my mother. My mother must have come
here with her entire army. Your mother can come with
as many people as she likes.. ..but this is Raja Thakur’s area. And it is very difficult
to lock horns with him. It is difficult?
– Hey! Don’t worry. I will see. Hey! Call your mother! – But why? Quickly make a call to your mother! Now tell her that Raja
Thakur’s men have kidnapped you.. ..and are beating you. Santosh! – Mother,
Raja Thakur’s men have kidnapped me. He will kill me! – That’s enough! Save me, mother. Hey, Raja Thakur! Where is my son? Why do you ask me? I know that you only
have kidnapped my son.. ..and has hidden him somewhere.
Where is he? If I would have been worried
about you or your son.. and your men would not
have dared to step into our district. Go! I do not want to argue with you.
– Hey, stop! Give me an answer and go. Hey! Don’t misbehave with our sir. Just because she has come from
out you are raising your voice on her? But we are from this village. Hey, tell them to move aside. How can you tell
me to go away from here? All this has happened because of you. What should I do then? Don’t pretend to be innocent. Hey, Prabha!
– Keep your son in control. Yes. Yes. I don’t need your advice. Listen! “God is with the one who has no one!”
– Look, someone is taking Prabha away! “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “Don’t bow down in
front of injustice.” “Fulfill the true religion of love.” “Fight against injustice..” “Don’t bow down!” “You will get love if you give love..” “If you attack you will be attacked.” “Our arms will be out swords..” “We will not get scared..” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “All your dreams will be fulfilled.” “The clouds of sorrow
will pass away now.” “If you have courage the
road will open out to you..” “Joy is waiting with
open arms for you.” “Don’t ever turn back!” “Just keep moving ahead!” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “He only turns day into night.” “He sets everything right.” “He only makes you
victorious or defeats you.” “He is the ultimate god!” “He is the truth!” “He teaches us all the sweet words.” “Because of Him this
world is priceless.” “He is called as the learned one!” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” Hey! Come on! Come! Chandu, get up! Come! Hurry up! Come on! Hey, Karan! It is paining too much! Take me to some hospital! “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” Hey! Come on, catch him! Catch him! What happened?
– The doctor is asking for money. How much? – Karan,
the doctor is asking for money. Tell me, how much? – Karan! Hey, give me the phone! Karan! It is paining a lot! They gave me on injection.. ..and are demanding
twenty-five thousand. Why is Manu talking of only one thing? He cannot hear! ‘Hey, Manu!’ ‘Hey, Manu!’ Manu! Hey! Hey, Manu! Can you hear me? Hey, Manu! Can you hear my voice? What? – He has become deaf! How much ever you shout
he will not answer you. Hey, Karan! You sent
both of them safely, isn’t it? Don’t touch! It is paining a lot! The truck went over my leg. Hello! Yes, I am only speaking. Son, what happened? What happened? Tell me. Those scoundrels are arrested. Fine! I will be there right away! Hey! Hand them over to the SP. Hey, go in! – Henceforth
I will never befriend anyone. I had nothing to do with them. You had left our company, isn’t it? Why did you come here
then searching for us? Go away! Get lost from here! I did not come to meet you’ll.
And why will I search for you? All of you have ruined my life. What? If I give you a slap you will die! Yes!
– Hey! Why are you shouting? Sir, his speaker is not working that
is why I had become a little loud. If you shout again I will shoot you. Didn’t I tell you earlier that
you too will land in trouble with us? You are our don! Mafia don! ‘G! A! N! G! Gang! Gang! “Play, bang! Bang!” “Gang leader!” Yes, sir. They are arrested. I do not know what the problem is.. ..but I know that thy are in custody.
– Oh, god! Please protect my grandson. If a police case is registered then.. ..he won’t get a government job. I have arrested you all so
that I can save you from these people. Even I worship love. They both know the law.
They are major. If they come to me
I can give them protection. Sir, what protection can
you give them in front of the.. ..power of their parents? They will not spare them. Then tell them to give an application
that they want protection. I will free all of you. Okay, sir! Here, call them. Sir, you will get the letter. Till then you will
have to stay behind bars. I will stay, sir. No problem. Hey! Call the other one. – ‘Yes, sir.’ Can you hear? – What? Constable, whatever I say
write it on that pad and show him. Yes, sir. What is your relation with Santosh? There is no relation! How do you know him? He is Karan’s friend. Why did you then support him? What? Because Karan is my friend. What is your relation
with that hotel man, Nandu? He is only our leader! Gang leader! Wonder what that scoundrel told them. Hello, sir! Please come, sir. The other day you had come
to my house for this same work? Hey! I did not do anything.
Whatever was done these people did it. Where is my daughter? Away from you and with her love. Right now she is very happy. She is happy! I will show you..
– Sir, please don’t do this. Hey! That is enough now!
No doubt you love your daughter a lot. But you could never
understand her feelings. Mother feeds her.
Father fulfills all the necessities. But a friend can do anything. What you parents should have
done that we as friends have done. No one can estrange them now. I know where they are
but I will not tell you. Go and do whatever you wish. I will show you.. – No, sir! Let’s go. Sir, let’s go from here!
Sir! Sir, please, sir. Leave me!
– Sir, listen to me..let’s go. Sir, if you feed them three
meals a day and ask them.. ..they will not tell you anything. Torture all of them!
They will immediately speak the truth. Look, you please don’t
tell us what we have to do. Then right now where my daughter is.. ..and now to find
her I know very well. You release them.
I will deal with them myself. Why did you then lodge a complaint? I did not lodge a complaint.
– Who did it then? I had lodged a complaint. Tell me! You came here to
free them and take them with you? That day you created such a
drama after keeping my son with you. Tell me the truth.
How much money had you given them? Hey! One more word you say and
I will forget that you are a woman. What will you do? Tell me! My son was going to get
married in a wealthy family.. that time you kidnapped him. By getting him married to
your daughter and to look after.. ..your beer factory and
other illegal business’s.. found my son to so all this? These illiterate
servants are not enough? You want more! You also want my son! You have spoken a lot! If my daughter would
have brought some beggar.. ..and would have said that
I wish to marry him, papa.. ..I would have washed his feet and would
have got my daughter married to him. But she fell in love with your son. And I cannot even think
of sending my daughter.. a house where
a woman like you stays. Hey, that is enough!
What do you know about me? The whole city knows!
– Beware what you say! Shut up! Shut up, I say! This is a police station
and not a fish market. – Get lost! The complaint is filed
and the inquiry is going on. We will inform you
no sooner we find your son. You can please leave now!
– FIR! Book an FIR! I will ruin everyone’s life! By beating the right
people at the right place.. ..the truth will
come out automatically. I will not spare anyone! Hey, come out! Come out! Can’t you hear? – Come out! ‘Destroy everything.’ Who is that? Who is that? Destroy everything! Who are you all?
Come on, go..go from here! You old woman! Hello! – ‘Listen! Some goons
have barged into our house.’ ‘They are breaking everything.
Please come soon!’ Driver, turn the car! Turn the car! Hey! – Hey! Hey, who are you?
Why have you come here? Hey! Hey! Move from here!
– Hey, what are you doing? Don’t beat! What are you doing? Leave him! Stop! – I am Chandu’s father.
He is in the emergency ward. You son is in our custody.
You cannot meet him. I am an ex-service man!
You cannot stop me. Sir! Listen to me! Son! My son! Chandu! Chandu! Sir! – Doctor,
what has happened to him? What is your relation with the patient?
– I am his father. Doctor, what has happened to him?
– His right leg is seriously smashed. We will have to amputee
it from below the knee. Over! Everything is over! We have lost respect,
honor and everything. Wonder what had gone
wrong with me that.. ..I fixed my daughter’s
marriage in this house. Brother, such a grave incident
has taken place in the house. Instead of pacifying
them you are talking rubbish? Just keep quiet.
– Why should I keep quiet? What do you know?
Just talking! You keep quiet! Every man that passes
from here is advising me. Karan Singh! BA! Gold medalist! By fighting with the goons he has become
a criminal in the eyes of the law now. In this life now he will
never get a government job. Listen! Now he will have
to wander in every alley.. ..shouting,
nice hot grams..nice hot grams.. What is this? If he glares
at me like this will I get scared? Brother, stop it now! Why should I keep quiet? Am I wrong? Should I have over
my daughter to a criminal? If need be I will poison and kill her. But I will not get her married to him. Hey! What do you think of yourself? Listen to me carefully. I will never get my son
married to your daughter. Look at him! The truth is
bitter so he is driving me away! Listen! Just because that
old woman died I came here. Otherwise I would
have shown you what I am. What do you think of yourself? Listen! Whatever my son
does there is justice in that. My son is not only a gold medalist!
He is gold himself! Why should I argue with you?
Get lost from here! Father-in-law! – Look here, my child! I do not know what
happened with Karan there. But here we are sad because
of my mother’s death. Instead of pacifying
us he is taunting us? I was accepting this shameless man.. my relative
just because of my son. When he only does not
wish why should we bother? Listen! Don’t ever show
me your face again in this birth. Get lost from here! Brother, please..
– To hell with brother! You are still standing
here and talking? Oh! The wedding has still not taken
place and you are already relatives? Hey! What commotion is going on? Nothing, sir!
This is our personal matter. You go away from here.
– Sharda. Tell these people
to go away from here! Who are you showing this ego? If your son will listen to you then
my daughter too will listen to me. Tell me, my child!
You will listen to me, isn’t it? You won’t listen to me? Okay! You too humiliate me now! Mother and daughter,
both have gone against me. Both of you stay happily.
All stay happily! – No! Like this old woman
even I will die now. Go and die now! – Yes, I am going! Listen to me! – I will go and die! Brother!
– Don’t come to shed tears then. Saraswati, what is this?
No one has any respect for me now. What is this happening? He will be ruined!
By instigating my family against me.. Father! – He has
estranged them from me. Father, listen to me.
– He will be cursed! All of you celebrate now!
Please wait! You did not waste any
time in humiliating me. Both of you are also my enemy. It is no use living now
after so much humiliation! Father, all are watching!
What are you doing? You are responsible for everything. I have no relation with you now!
Enjoy after my death! Listen! Open the door!
– Father, open the door! Father, open the door! Brother Shambu, come down and see..
– Sister, what happened? He has locked the door from inside. Brother Shyam! Come quickly! Just see.. – What happened? Just see he has locked
the room from inside. – Brother! Just see what father is doing.
– One minute! You move aside. Brother! Brother! – Open the door! Brother! – Open the door! Just look at him!
– I will not live now! Brother! – Father! Father! What are you doing? Bring him down. Don’t worry, come down. As she was my daughter
I raised her so lovingly. What all I did for her. But she
did not keep my respect. – Calm down. I have no respect at all.
There is no value for my words. I do not wish to live!
– Please calm down. Let me die! Tell father that you
will listen to him. Tell him. She will not listen?
She will never listen. Both of you stay happy! Let me die! Leave me! I do not wish to live!
I do not wish to live! Your father says that
he will finish himself. Tell him that you will listen to him. My child, tell him. Look, if you do not listen to
your father I too will die with him. I beg of you, my child! Please
don’t snatch my husband from me. I will fall at your feet.
– Mother! No, mother! My child!
– Mother! My child, say yes. My child, say yes. I will do as you say. Did you hear? She will listen to you. “Oh, my fate, what have you done?” “You have filled the sorrow
of separation in my heart.” “My days and nights
are scattered now.” “Without you I stay awake all night.” “Tell me, how should I live?” “Why is god angry with me?” “Oh, my fate, what have you done?” “You have filled the sorrow
of separation in my heart.” “Crying all the tears
of my eyes have dried up now.” “I never thought you would
suddenly get lost like this.” “There is a sigh in my heart,
my heart is saddened.” “The shadows of your
memories are with me.” “How long should I endure?” “This separation from you
I cannot endure anymore now.” “No prayers were of any use.” “Wonder why god is angry with me?” “Oh, my fate, what have you done?” Did you see he always
comes and sits between us. Hey, Nandu! Do you know
a lawyer is coming to bail us out? We will be free then.
Who is coming for you? Hey! So many days not
considering me your friend.. were using me and now you
are leaving me along and going away? What? – What do you mean by, what? Instead of your ears
if you would have got beaten.. ..on your head you
would have gone forever. Hey! Keep quiet! Sorry, sir. Shall we go in? Only then you will be able to go out. ‘Taking into consideration
all the witnesses and evidences..’ ‘..the court has decided that
Santosh Malhotra and Prabha Thakur..’ ‘ both being major
their wedding is legal.’ ‘So the court leaves Karan,
Chandu, Manish and Nandu on bail.’ ‘As they are accused of
kidnapping they will have to..’ ‘ present in court on
the day of the hearing of the case.’ Brother! Brother! Brother! Son, Karan! Come here! Come. Unlucky! Unlucky boy! No sooner he was born his mother died. I thought when he grows up
he will take care of me, but no. I..I have to take care of him. Oh, no! I am so ill-fated! I am ruined!
I cannot show my face to anyone. Hey! Hey! He is coming! Don’t allow him to come
or else I will kill him! Don’t allow him to come here. Hey! He is not my son!
Tell him to go away from my sight. Go away from here!
Tell him to go away from here! Father! Don’t beat me!
Don’t beat me, father! Father, I have become deaf, father! I cannot hear your shouting. What do you wish to say?
That I am not your son? Only that, isn’t it? Mother! Father, I love you very much. You will not be troubled
anymore because of me. Father, you be happy! Son, Manish! Manish! Your grandfather who was in
army also lost his leg in 1965 war. Wonder who has cast
an evil eye on our family. Listen! You have to
be very courageous now. Finish what you have thought of doing. Come, my dear. Sit, my child. Both of you chat. I will just be back. Oh, my god! What has happened? Hey! Why are you crying?
Nothing has happened to me. I am telling you nothing
has happened to me. I was told that it was a minor accident.
– Hey! Nothing has happened to me.
I am telling you. Listen to me. Nothing has happened to me.
– You lied to me. Papa! Tell her to stop crying. Papa! ‘Papa! Priya is crying!
Can’t you hear?’ ‘Papa, tell her to stop crying.’ ‘Please!’ He has returned home. If you run to him saying,
Karan, Karan.. ..when you return you
will find my dead body. Stay the way you have stayed till now. Remove him and his
memories from your heart. So many days you lived
the way you wanted. You did what you wished to do.
I never said anything. Karan, your mother nurtured
you in her womb for nine months. And I pampered you for years together. Today you will have
to obey to our decision. Forget about that girl. At any cost I will not
make that scoundrel’s daughter.. ..the daughter-in-law of my house. “Oh, my fate, what have you done?” “You have filled the sorrow
of separation in my heart.” “My days and nights
are scattered now.” “Without you I stay awake all night.” “Tell me, how should I live?” “Why is god angry with me?” “Oh, my fate, what have you done?” “You have filled the sorrow
of separation in my heart.” “As you are not with
me I do not like anything.” “Only your fragrance
resides in my breath.” “Wonder who has canst
an evil eye or a curse on us.,” “What kind of punishment
is this to live without you?” “How should I say?” “Whom should I go and
tell the feelings of my heart?” “No prayers were of any use.” “Wonder why fate is angry with me?” Hello, sir! Please come. – Hey. I have not come here
for your greetings. You got your daughter married but who
will repay the loan that you had taken? Sir, please give me some time. If I keep giving you
time I will be ruined. I cannot wait anymore. If you cannot pay back my money
then transfer this place in my name. Just see what my condition is now? I have to go in the open
air for my morning jobs.. ..and I have to take
bath with well water. In this way I will die very soon. Why don’t you make arrangements
in some good lodge? What commotion is this? That money lender is fighting saying
giving me this place against the money. Chandu, you sit. Today I will decide and go. The value of this place
is much more than your loan. Give me a month’s time.
– I cannot give you. Listen! Can’t you understand
what he is saying? Just because you gave
money have you become god? Give him some time.
He will return it with interest. Will you give if he does not give? After one month.. – What? Come after a month! Go now! I will see! Uncle, you also.. In this area you have
number one catering. For any function
people only come to you. What is all this then? Karan, the loan that
I have taken is increasing.. by day like my age. And there is no one to help me. I cannot work now. Uncle, we are there!
We all together will work hard. We will repay your loan. All of you are well educated, my son. There is no income in this profession. You must think of taking
up a good job and progress. Uncle, a man does not
become great by his work.. ..but he becomes great
by his noble thoughts. From today consider
us your own children. You don’t worry at all now. Tell me, are you all ready? I am absolutely ready! Right now I have started
seeing some light in my life now. Oh, my god! Never mind! No sooner electricity comes
back we will start our new work. This is that house. Listen, you deaf man! You wait here. Hey, take care that he
does not create any problem. What? – Nothing. I am coming
back with a mike. You wait here. What was he saying? – Nothing. Who do you want to meet? I have heard that there
is some function here next week? I have come to take
the catering order. If there is an elderly
person at home please call him. My younger uncle takes
care of all the arrangements. He has gone out.
He will be back in some time. You talk to him only. We will have to talk to younger uncle.
Understood? Let’s go. Hey, Pandu!
Just see we will only get this order. When he is there? – Hey! What wrong did I say? The items are fine and
the rates are also not too high. According to me there
should not be any problem. Hey, wait! Where are you going? For what work we are
here and what are you doing? You will land us
in trouble in this way! Come on – Hey, what is your problem? Hey, Karan!
We should get this order at any cost. It is the question
of his life and my wife. Please! Please!
– I will slap you now! ‘Younger uncle, four boys
had come to take the catering order.’ ‘They are waiting for
you at the end of the lane.’ Oh, my god! This one! We will not get this order!
Come on, let’s go. You’ll have not spared anyone
in your village also, isn’t it? I am repenting by befriending you all. Listen, friends! You are good, isn’t it? I have given life to many people. Actually I am born to give life. If I do not give you life
who else will give, tell me? Take the contract. Feed people. Everyone in the state
should appreciate it. Regarding food? – About me! I love you! – What? Brother,
where should I keep this Papadum? Listen! – You got
everything from there? Yes, absolutely! – Okay. Where are you going?
– She said something to me. Forget what she said.
There are so many things to do inside. Go in and do your work. – What? Go in and do your work. Hey! What is going on? You are feeling shy? Hey you? Feeling shy? Uncle! Hey. Listen! – Yes. Shall we sell the leftover food to
some other hotel and earn some money? Only you can think
lowly like this. Come on. What wrong did I say? Hey! If there is shortage
of money don’t ask me for money then. I will not ask! – Hey! What does he think of himself? Oh, god! The expenses of this function is one
lakh and publicity is worth ten lakhs? He must be spending
all his income in publicity? The way he has stuck
the posters as if he is.. ..blessing the whole
world..this scoundrel.. Come on, why do you take tension?
– See the way he is blessing everyone! Come, let’s go! Hey! What is this? – Oh, my god! This messiah has given a new life to
four boys who were defeated in life. What is this? He has made us beggars on the street? And in front of the world
he is trying to act like god. Boss, he is not any ordinary item. Okay, listen.
Has he hung posters only here.. ..or has he pasted
them all over the state? There is light coming out
from his hand. He thinks he is god? Hey! You scoundrel! – Why are
you shouting? Calm down. Calm down. If we don’t teach him a lesson. He will tell everyone that
he has given is a new life. The whole world knows about him.
– Hey, Karan! See till tomorrow morning.. He will become the messiah
who has helped the disabled. Hey! You are making
fun of our great leader! What do you think of yourself?
Go away from here! One minute. One minute.
Listen to me. Listen to me. Give it to me.
Give it to me. Tell me one thing. Who gave the money
to print all these posters? The minister has an office in every
district and village to do this work. ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ Some tine back you
were saying something. What were you saying? You wish to hear it again and again? What? – Naughty! “My beloved,
when I saw you, I realized..” I love you! Hey, Pandu! – Yes, brother Karan! Give this money to the grocer. – Okay. Hey, Chandu! – Yes! Just check the accounts. – Okay. Hello, Karan!
How are you? – I am fine. How are you? I am very fine. – How is Santosh? He is also very fine. I will call him. Santosh! Hey! Santosh! Phone! I am coming! It is Karan! Hello! Hey, Karan! Are you fine? I am fine.
I am fine! I am absolutely fine. Prabha is happy with you, isn’t it?
Give her the phone. I am very happy! Here speak to her. Hello. Are you fine? Yes. I am fine.
Is Santosh keeping you happy? Yes, yes. He takes utmost care of me. Uncle has made all
the arrangements here. There is no need for
us to go out of the resort. Okay, tell me.
Are your rest of the friend’s fines? Yes, all are fine. Here speak to them. Take, Prabha!
– Hello, Prabha! How are you? Yes, fine. Fine. Okay, how is Manu? Manu? One minute!
Hey! Hey! – Who is it? Prabha and Santosh. Hello. – ‘Hello, Manu!’ Are you fine? – ‘Yes. I am fine.’ Even I am having an
affair with one girl here. Very soon we will also come there. We all will have fun over there.
– ‘Yes.’ Didn’t I tell you about that girl? Yes, Prabha!
Rest everything fine there? Take care of yourself. Okay. ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘The protector of the people!
– Hail to him!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘The protector of the people!
– Hail to him!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘The protector of the people!
– Hail to him!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘The protector of the people!
– Hail to him!’ Come! Just look at him! He stopped making
fried bread and started preparing tea. This is called as destiny! – What? Who am I talking to? Deaf fellow. First give to the minister. – Oh! Sir! Hey, Karan!
I feared that due to your friendship.. life would get ruined. But you have proved
that friendship does not.. ..ruin your life but it
helps you to progress in life. Go! Go and do you work.
Don’t do over acting. Hang Karan’s photo
and worship it daily. Because of you he
has started his business. All the time he is talking. He had just clicked the snap.. ‘The protector of the people!
– Hail to him!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘Minister! – Hail to you!’ ‘The protector of the people!
– Hail to him!’ Uncle, listen to me.
We don’t want this order. But son,
we have already taken advance. You have only taken advance, isn’t it?
Return it. There Karan has come.
– Uncle, what is the problem? We will now decide what should
be done and what should not be done. What happened? We have got a new order.
I have also taken the advance. But he is forbidding me.
– Why are you forbidding him? What is the problem? – Leave it. What, leave it?
That is what I am asking you. Karan, we will not take this order.
Leave it. When you all wish to do what
you want why am I needed here? Do what you want. I am going. – See this! What is this? Great! Son, Kishen Pratap Singh! BCOM. Reserved police force. Bhopal! You should be fortunate enough
to have a government salary. Okay. Okay. We could not get it but our future
son-in-law is fortunate to have it. Hey Raghunath!
– You! You have fulfilled
your obstinacy, right? You will never get a
son-in-law like Karan ever. You should be shot on the road. Come! Come! What happened to you? Chanting Karan’s name
you used to feed him, isn’t it? Where is that Karan now? Tell me! Was all that a drama? Okay! He must have scared
you saying I will kill myself, right? Let him die then?
Who is going to benefit if he lives? Hey! – He will not die himself. I will only kill him. If you don’t behave decently
we will call the police. Never mind if I have to
go to jail but I will kill him. What are you doing?
– Hey, Karan, leave me! Keep that down.
– I will not spare him alive today! What are you doing?
– I said, keep this down. He is not a human being he is a demon. Manu, didn’t I say, keep this down. I will kill him! – Keep this down! Leave me! You.. No, my friend. – Karan! Karan! I could not do what he wanted. Sorry, Mr. Raghunath! I liked your truth very much. What has happened to you? The one who fights
for his friend’s love.. can he leave
his love in this way? Just because you have
promised your father? How can god do like
this with true lovers? Don’t you feel sad about this? – No. You won’t tell even
if you are sad. Go! Priya! Priya!
– Yes! Mother, what is it? What is all this? You shameless girl! Do you go to college
to study or to do all this? Mother, no! Don’t beat me , mother. You will get us defamed!
– Sharda! Sharda! Will you defame us?
– What nonsense is this? Why are you beating her? See this! She should be killed! What is this? – Ask her only. Hey! Look here! – She is
hell bent on tarnishing our honor. Look here! – Father! What is this? What is this? Why don’t you speak? – Keep quiet! Thinking you were studying
we gave you freedom. And you are doing all this? What is this?
What kind of photo is this? Tell me! – Brother! ‘Sharda, henceforth she
will not go out of the house.’ Her education and
everything should stop. Brother! Come! Did you see all this? Horrible! The one whom you brought
home as a friend.. ..he dared to do all this? I knew this from the beginning. Hey! Do you know who he is? He is a very good human being. He has no right to accept my daughter. I know him since childhood.
He is more educated than me. He is more capable than me. What more do you both want? Is this much enough?
– What more do you want? Tell me. Oh! What is his religion?
What caste he is? Whether is puts a dot
on the forehead or not. Whether he wears the
sacred thread or not. What is his lineage?
You wish to know that, right? All this is not necessary. Is your daughter’s happiness
more valuable for you.. ..or those relatives
are more valuable for you.. ..who are jealous of our happiness
and are happy to see us in trouble? Instead of handing her over
to some stranger and making her sad.. is better to get her
married to the one she loves. He will keep her happier than us. Believe me, father!
Accept this. Please. I did not get whom I loved. At least let her get
married to the one she loves. Where are you going
without saying anything? My happiness lies in
the happiness of my children. All of you do what you wish! Oh! Thank you, brother! I can hear! – You will
be able to hear everything now. Come. I don’t understand leaving
aside murderers, rapist.. terrorists why are they
making us come here again and again? If you’ll get a chance
you’ll will do that as well. Do what you want. Whatever you wish to
say say it in this ear. Here, listen to this.. – You.. Say such things in this ear. Hey, this law is only
for the wealthy people. Hello, sir! – One minute. Hi, friends! – Hello, sir. How many more days
this case will go on? The case is closed. The one who had filed
this case has withdrawn it. What are you saying?
– I am speaking the truth. There is no need for you’ll
to come to the court now. Friends,
I wish to tell you’ll something. Instead of always thinking
of others sometimes.. must also think
about yourself. Okay? What is happening? Sir! – Yes! You got them caught. Listen, Karan!
We will go home and talk.. Having faith in you we
had sent them to you, right? I am telling you, at least come home..
– What is left now? If you could not do anything
you should have told us. We would have done. Didn’t I say, I will tell you?
At last let us go home first. Hey! You have humiliated friendship. You have deceived us.
– Deceit? I deceived you’ll? Come..come with me..
– Where are you taking me? They both want a divorce!
Ask the lawyer. You unnecessarily sent them to me. They did not come
to settle down in life. Under the name of love and marriage
they had come to satisfy their lust. No sooner they got satisfied. They both got fed up of each
other and they went away from there. They went away? But where? They must have gone
to their respective homes. One day they asked
money from me for shopping. I gave them. Nonsense! He gave only five thousand. I could not buy what I wanted to. I was short of money
even to do my facial. Is your facial so necessary right now?
– Shut up! I had come here having faith
in you but now I have to beg. Look, don’t talk nonsense!
– Otherwise what? What will you do? Nonsense! Get out of my sight. Why are you running away from me? What should I do then?
Dance with you on my head? You have irritated me. Oh, no! I committed
a very big mistake. More than you I committed
a bigger mistake! What do you mean? Yes! I am also thinking the same
what you are thinking in your mind. Hey! Let me also hear
as to what I am thinking. I know you very well.
– What do you know about me? Hey! Get lost from here!
– Tell me, what will you do? You.. – Hey! Will you beat me? She has irritated me! – Hey, stop! What is going on? She is expressing her feelings. She says she made
a mistake by marrying me. And he is saying that he has also
committed a greater mistake than that. Keep quiet! If you keep seeing each
other’s face everyday.. ..then you won’t be
able to even spend a week. A person not only needs
love but also needs money to live. I have arranged for a job for you.
Join from tomorrow. Your friend had gone for the job. With great difficulty
I had found a job for him. But he could not
even work for ten days. He took his ten days
salary and came back. ‘It is so easy to say that I will
even become a coolie for my love.’ ‘But you come to know when you do it.’ ‘Oh, my god!
It is so difficult to work.’ I should have listened to my father. And if I too would have listened to
my mother I would be enjoying today. Hey! What do you wish to say? What you wish to say I too
wish to say exactly the same thing. Yes, you are getting
bored of me now, right? Leaving everything behind I came
running after you like a crazy girl. I should beat myself with slippers. As I was the first one
to come after you I should only.. ..beat myself with slippers.
– What are you doing? Put your shoe down. Put it down! Sorry! Will you please
excuse us for a minute? Why are you fighting
over such a small issue? She talks too much.
– And do you talk any less? Look, don’t irritate me.
Iwill get angry. Get lost! You are getting angry on me? When you were after me like a lovesick
boy at that time you did not get angry? Didn’t you come after
me like a crazy girl? Why were you then saying
that I will die for you? I was out of my mind! – Santosh! If I would have realized then I
would not have to see this day today. What will a person like you
understand the meaning of love? You have your mother’s
ego so you are talking like this. I will kill you if
you speak about my mother! What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind? Go from here! I will kill her! He is not habituated to working.
Lazy man! While in love everything
seems to rosy. But when the time
comes to face life then.. ..the boy and girl
start thinking differently. To acquire love they
fight with the world. But after they get their
love they fight with each other. Hey! If you wish to live together you
will have to understand each other. Everything goes well in the first two,
three months of marriage. But after that there
comes a gap. Vaccum. They are sitting opposite
to each other but are not talking. They see each other’s
face but they don’t smile. Life becomes a success
only after you pass that. How many people can cross this? Only four to five from hundred. Hey! If both of you
wish to stay together then.. ..either change
yourself or change her. That means I should
go and apologize to her now? Why can’t you do that? Though you never knew swimming
you jumped into the water, isn’t it? Go and apologize. Hey! Why did you act so smart? No sooner I twitch my fingers
many like you will come to me. Looks like your entire
family is like this. I will bury you right here
if you say anything about my family. If you raise your hand on
me I can also raise my hand on you. Come on, dot it! You.. You wretched girl,
you are raising your hand on me? I will break your hands and legs. You want to see? – You will beat me? I will only kill you! – You.. Just get lost from here! You wretched girl! – I will kill you! What are you doing?
– I will not spare you! Hey, shut up!
This is our personal matter. Go out! What did you say?
It is a personal matter? If you both have a problem
then my help is necessary. But if there is some problem
between the two of you.. ..then I am not needed. Good! Very good! Hey! You both are in place right now. That means you will
come and sleep between us? ‘Get out from here!’ ‘Yes, now tell me. What do you want?’ ‘I cannot stay with
a degraded man like you.’ ‘Even I don’t wish to stay with you!’ ‘Get out from here!’ I am ruined! I made the biggest of my
life by falling in love with him. Take this! Take your Mangalsutra
and keep it with you. Prabha, what have you done? You threw your Mangalsutra? Do you know how much trouble.. ..those three went through
for this Mangalsutra? For that should I endure
trouble all my life? Oh, no! Hey! Santosh!
Just once speak to Karan. Prabha will not disobey him.
– Get lost! That day he was shedding
tears in front of us. That was then. Santosh was saying that
he will die without Prabha. That is an old story. For her he also jumped into the river. All that is old story. I thought they are no
less than any Laila or Majnu. When they came to me, oh, my god! Both used to keep looking
into each other’s eyes as if.. ..they are two bodies and one soul. They used to cling to each other like
Reena Roy and Jeetendra from Nagin. Both their aims were
fulfilled so they went away. Most of the people are like this. What to do? I thought
both will remain happy but no. Leave it! Leave it. It is of no use. Hey! We should let them go?
Why should we let them go? Thinking that their love
is true we took such a big risk. Because of them our lives got ruined. Both of them will have
to give an answer to this. If they would have cared about
you why would they separate? Tell me. Look, not only you but even if their
families would have got them married.. ..they would not have stayed together. Like a line outside the ration
shop there is a similar line.. ..outside the court for divorce. Look, as a friend you have
every right to unite them.. ..but upon they separating you
have no right to ask them a question.. to why are you separating? Absolutely wrong! When they were in
problems they came to us. Considering their problems as ours.. ..we faced every possible
danger and united them. And they have separated today? And we don’t have a right
to ask them why they have separated? We definitely have a right. Every friend who has risked
his life for them has a right. And we also have
a right to punish them. They will have to answer us.
They will surely have to answer us. There you are, my friend! Great! Giving the name of love to their
lust which they wanted to fulfill.. ..and for that they used their
friends, they should not be spared. Hey, Manu! Let’s go! Go, my friends! Such ungrateful
people should be punished. Only then they both will realize. Stop! Stop! Stop! That day too
I told you but you did not listen.. They will not meet you!
It is of no use! Now also I am telling you
don’t go there and get humiliated. Wait! The meeting is at ten.
Do you remember? Go to the bank and collect the DD. Why have you come here now? I wish to speak to Prabha. You wish to speak to her? All those who try to take the
place of a father cannot become one. Hey! When she was in trouble.. ..she did not come to
you with tears in her eyes. Searching for me she
came here back to me. Friendship is greater
than all relationships. That is what you had said, right? What happened now? Hey! She is my daughter!
I raised her with my own hands. What is good or bad for her. Where I should get her
married don’t I know that? Without knowing all this
because of you she got trapped.. this fake love
and ruined her life. What do you think that
we don’t understand her sorrow? Seeing her weep even my heart weeps. Fathers like us who fulfill
l the demands of their children.. ..get scared when they
hear the name of love. Do you know why? Because they never wish that
children should leave them and go. Now because of you all the
matter has reached till divorce. After her divorce I have
to get her married again. How much tension I have!
– Jut once let her talk to me. You want to talk to her? Prabha! They have come to speak to you. There is nothing left
to speak to them now. Considering what
happened as a bad dream.. ..I have forgotten it long back. Bad dream?
– Hey! Why are you going in? Wait! Hey! – Hey! What is wrong with you? Hey! – Hey! Hey! Hey! Let’s go from here. Sir, why did you allow them to go? If we have power they have courage. Hey, Chandu! – Hey! Get up! Carefully! Slowly! Hey, Santosh! Come out! Hey, move aside! Santosh! Santosh! Hey, Santosh, come out! – Come out! Come out! – We wish to speak to you! Hey, call Santosh! I am telling you to
go away from here quietly.. ..or else you will have
to face the consequences. Hey, call him down! Call him! – Bring him down! Santosh, come out!
We want to speak to you. Hey! Let them come. – Move back! You scoundrels! You have come again
to influence my son? If you have got my son
married quietly in some temple.. ..will I accept that as a marriage? Never mind if the
marriage was illegal but.. ..I got him divorced legally. Next 26th I will
get the divorce order. And that too with both their consent. On the same day my
son will get married.. the daughter
of the central minister. Come and have dinner and go. Hey! Throw them out from here! Hey, didn’t you hear what madam said? Come on, get lost from here!
– We will not go. We will not go. First call Santosh out. We will take him also along with us. What happened?
– Come down. We wish to speak to you. I do not want to talk to you all. Hey! – I do not wish to hear
or say anything about her. Go! Hey! Hey, Chandu! – Chandu! Tell me! That Prabha was
saying that it was a bad dream. And that Santosh was getting angry! Because of those two the
lives of we three have got ruined. What can we do about that now? We will kill both of them! We risked our lives and united them.
All has gone waste! We will kill both of them! If it gets printed in the
paper all the lovers will read it. All the lovers will get
scared of falling in love.. ..and then deceiving each other. At least one amongst them
will be successful, right? What happened?
What are you both thinking about? Didn’t you see how
they behaved with us? Are we so shameless?
They have no right to live. If both of you are not coming
I will alone go and kill them. To hell with them! Deceitful people.. – Hey, Manu! We will kill them! “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” So soon you got ready
for a second marriage? You selected the boy? – Hey! ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ ‘Bhavana! – Hail to her!’ “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “Don’t bow down in
front of injustice.” “Fulfill the true religion of love.” “Fight against injustice..” “Don’t bow down!” “You will get love if you give love..” “If you attack you will be attacked.” “Our arms will be out swords..” “We will not get scared..” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “Of you have courage
you can face any danger.” “The clouds of sorrow
will pass away now.” Let me go! – Shut up! I will kill him! Where are you taking me? Let me go! “Don’t ever turn back!” “Just keep moving ahead!” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “He only turns day into night.” “He sets everything right.” “He only makes you
victorious or defeats you.” “He is the ultimate god!” “He is the truth!” “He teaches us all the sweet words.” “Because of Him this
world is priceless.” “He is called as the learned one!” “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” Stop her! Stop her!
– Where are you running away? Where are you running away? Hey, Manu! Come here! Hey! Stop! – Help! Help! Someone please save me! Help! Come! Come here! Get up! Get up! Get up! You scoundrel! Tell me. That day you
came running after us? Today after seeing
us you are running away? Are you scared seeing us? Hey, Karan!
Why are you unnecessarily talking? Just kill him!
Kill both of them! You scoundrel! Hey, Manu! Manu! Manu! Wait! Wait! Are you out of your mind? Will you kill them?
Will you become a murderer? What will be the difference
between them and us then? Throw it! Throw it! Throw! Calm down. What were you saying?
What were you saying? You don’t want to speak.
You don’t want to speak. You don’t want to speak. And what did you say?
What did you say? A bad dream? I will kill both of
you and bury you here only. Why did you come to me
with a fake drama of your love? If you would have told
me that I have enticed one item.. I need a room to spend
the night with her.. ..I would have vacated
my house for you. Hey! I came for you! Why did he come? Why did he come?
And why did he also come? Did they come for her or for you? They came for the sake of friendship. They came for the sake of love. People who are truly in
love they stay with each other. They take an oath of
living and dying together. The victory of true love is not
in running away and getting married.. ..but un staying
together all your life. Hey! If those in love are right.. ..then parents will
never stop people in love. By giving her a divorce
you will get married again. And what if you cannot
get along with her as well? And you! You could not get
along with him so a second marriage. If you cannot get along
with him then a third marriage? And what if you cannot
get along with him, then? She is not called a virtuous
but a degraded woman. Daily I would read in the paper.. ..bout people in love
estranging from each other. But I used never think about them. But today it is hurting me a lot. When I think that we staked our
lives for degraded lovers like you.. ..I feel very hurt. Hey! In this world big or small.. ..even to this extent that
God also supports true lovers. People like me lose their temper
when people like you do treachery. Then neither will you get place
for love nor friends to support you. You scoundrel, don’t even
by mistake try to defame love. Hey, Karan! Let me kill them. They both will never change. Hey! The day they separated
without asking us.. ..that day only they died. They both are dead bodies. Let’s go! Come. Okay, tell me one thing.
The girl will come with you, right? Hey! It does not make any
difference how many they may be. I am coming there with 20 people. We will take the girl
and leave from there. It is the matter of my friend’s love.
I will have to help, right? We will also accompany you. Hey! I have found
four new friends now. You don’t worry at all. When friends like us
are there love can never end. “God is with the one who has no one!” “He is with you in
joy as well as sorrow.” “Don’t bow down in
front of injustice.” “Fulfill the true religion of love.” “Fight against injustice..” “Don’t bow down!” “You will get love if you give love..” “If you attack you will be attacked.” “Our arms will be out swords..”

Maurice Vega

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  1. What an idiotic, illogical movie………. No script, dull pace, no proper ending…….. A movie without any reason. No significance of actress, a big big Disappointment………..

  2. This is Telugu movie, in Telugu language they have given best dubbing. Because of the worst dubbing into Hindi language, this movie is not that much of effective in Hindi.

  3. This Is My Most Favorite Movie Done By Ravi Teja Sir….

    What A Passion Towards Friendship And Love..I Feel Regret When I Think Why Don't I Have Friends Like Him…

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