Megatron Movie Leader Class Review

hey hey my name is job' and i'm back at it again with the worst toy reviews on youtube even though this version of megatron comes from what is arguably the worst movie in existence it looks pretty cool the painting and the sculpting on this figure is awesome all the toys that came out of bey former's have exquisite mechanical detail megatron is no exception doesn't mean it's perfect I mean why this I know some of you are gonna angrily mention how there's some third-party upgrades to this figure but the truth is I don't care about this figure that much in contrast his fapping arm looks really nice almost looks like some sort of alien battle ax but in my opinion if you have transformed the arm shut up it looks a lot more sleek there's even a little gimmick that's on this arm yeah and I gotta mention the head this is an excellent sculpt I kind of wish he had a moving jaw something similar to what we have in the Starscream figure check out the review please because without a moving jaw this next gimmick looks kind of silly why does Hasbro insist on getting their baristas to do their voices now I can't say I could do a better Hugo Weaving than this guy but I can sure as hell do a better something I live to serve you master where is the Cuba alright that was pretty terrible you win this time has began endure I should point out that this figure came with a missile but let's just say put in my ass and move forward so the figure looks great but can he yeah this guy's head has no possibility outside of his talking gimmick but I'll take what I can get fake swivel here rotate at the left arm shoulder moves out is that what I think it is is that shank yes elbow claw articulation moving to the right hand also rotate that the shut up shoulder move is out nobody said swivel no elbow that's pretty much effort this arm disgusting and to deepen my depression no way swivel rotate at the legs legs move out whoa ratcheting through whoa bend at the knee and some toe as you can see the possibility of this figure leaves much to be desired in this prime figma Matic Academy SH Maserati Godzilla and the x-trans BOTS apollyon which of course is a much better Megatron figure this being a transformer shouldn't be a shock to you guys to say that it transforms until what fukin and here we have the metal flow the sword of Cybertronian tank actually looks pretty cool the mechanical detail from the robot mode of course carries over however you do get this beautiful moment of gold due to the very nature of this design there isn't much in the way of robot kibble except right in the swiveling Center actually this is intentional and completely movie accurate looks rough stupid and if you push the missile launch button you get a new sound put it and a stalking feature is still functional this being a rock solid tank doesn't have much pose ability except the important turret movement and you get some plastic wheels that lets it roll this is one sizable tank prime merica Godzilla not Megatron overall figure buddy looks nice I guess ah as much as the Transformers movies suck and they're stupid and they're pieces of dress that should just not please go away I can't deny that they gave us some pretty good toys now this is when I plug something so the video doesn't feel like a complete waste of time if you guys didn't catch last Wednesday's video I'm just reminding you that Jabba the song is now its own separate channel here's a sample for any of you guys who haven't heard me sing like I'm at subscribe I'm me too let me play I live to serve you master where is the cube all right that was pretty terrible

Maurice Vega

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  1. How does Jobby have both a great singing voice, and a…squeal? (5:09 for reference) that wouldn’t be amiss in on an alien?
    Because Jobby is a talented voice actor that’s why.

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