Media or Cult? CNN Buries a Massive Russiagate Gaffe

AARON MATÉ: It’s The Real News. I’m Aaron Maté. On Friday, CNN reported what sounded like
a bombshell story. KATE: There’s a lot that you have gotten in
the past day plus, lay out your new reporting today on this effort to give Trump access
to WikiLeaks documents. SPEAKER: Well, Kate, this email on September
4th, 2016 was sent to Donald Trump, then candidate Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and others
in the Trump organization, including Donald Trump Jr’s personal secretary or personal
assistant I should say. In this email it actually has a decryption
code and a link to a web address where purportedly, they could have received the hacked WikiLeaks
document. AARON MATÉ: If this story was correct, that
would have meant that the Trump campaign was offered the hacked Democratic Party emails
before WikiLeaks published them. The problem is the story was totally false. Hours later, it emerged that the email that
Trump campaign received was dated after WikiLeaks published the emails. In other words, somebody sent the Trump campaign
a link to the hacked emails that have already been made public. The story was retracted but not before fueling
a new ground of innuendo over alleged Trump-Russia collusion. The biggest question is how this mistake was
made. Both CNN and other outlets confirmed that
the story was given to them by multiple sources. How did all these multiple sources get it
so wrong? Well, neither CNN nor MSNBC or CBS have explained
their mistake. In fact on Sunday, the CNN show reliable sources
head on David Frum, the former speechwriter for George W. Bush, who coined the phrase
“axis of evil.” Frum said that the mistake is a reason why
the media should be trusted. DAVID FRUM: You asked the question, Brian,
why should, given these mistakes, why should people trust the media. I would say the mistakes are precisely the
reason the people should trust the media. Astronomers make mistakes all the time because
science is a process of discovery of truth. Astrologers never make mistakes or at least
they never own up to them because what they are offering is a closed system of ideology
and propaganda. Faced with wrongdoing, circled by lies, the
process of piercing the lies to uncover the truth about the wrongdoing is inherently not
only difficult but adversary because the people who are trying to find the truth are operating
against bad-faith actors engaged in concealment. They get partial pieces of the truth. In the process, there are going to overshoots
and undershoots. AARON MATÉ: Joining me is Max Blumenthal,
senior editor of Alternet’s Grayzone Project, co-host of the podcast, Moderate Rebels. Max, I want to start again just by replaying
that clip from David Frum, but just the key part where he says that the mistake by the
CNN is why we should trust them. DAVID FRUM: You asked the question, Brian,
why should, given these mistakes, why should people trust the media. I would say the mistakes are precisely the
reason the people should trust the media. AARON MATE: That’s David Frum, former speechwriter
for George W. Bush, champion of the Iraq war, the man who coined the phrase “axis of evil,”
speaking to CNN on Sunday. It’s just so remarkable, Max, that after this
massive screwup, CNN offers no explanation for how it happened. And again, brings on the guy who helped sell
the Iraq war to say that mistakes are why we should be trusting the media. Your comments on what David Frum said? MAX BLUMENTHAL: Well, we should also acknowledge
that David Frum has been involved with Rob Reiner in this initiative, the Committee to
Investigate Russia, which we previously penned that featured Morgan Freeman. David Frum has been drumming up the Russiagate
narrative, and it appears pretty clear from this latest episode that the Russiagate narrative
is falling apart in this pack of opportunistic journalists that have followed it down a rabbit
hole are really desperate for new stories and they can’t really find anything. There’s no “there” there increasingly,
which leads them into these embarrassing journalistic cul-de-sac where they are producing erroneous
reports. I mean, this follows Brian Ross’ embarrassing
report. They basically drummed up a narrative, which
was designed to get Trump into a kind of investigation he couldn’t get out of, that would eventually
lead to him having to testify, him being subpoenaed and eventually, the president being indicted
and impeached. As far as I can tell watching Mueller’s investigation,
it’s not really going in that direction and it’s because the narrative of Russiagate is
just that. It’s not rooted in fact. What we witnessed on this really remarkable
episode of Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter was a window into a cult that’s been
created around Russiagate. And we’ve seen the research on cults that
when the millennial promise by the cult leader of deliverance is discredited or the cult
leader is exposed as a fraud, when the underlying narrative that brought people into the cult
is exposed, the cult members deepen their conviction instead of falling into disillusionment. That’s kind of the paradox of cult thinking
and that’s what’s happened here. David Frum comes on and says that we should
trust the media because of mistakes and that the media aren’t the ones who are relying
on cult thinking, it’s its targets. In fact, there’s very little factual basis
for them to go on to link WikiLeaks to Russian Intelligence Services. That was really the essential basis of the
CNN story is accepting the CIA’s version of WikiLeaks which is that it’s a hostile foreign
intelligence operation instead of a public platform for whistleblowers to expose how
the sausage is made in diplomacy and in covert operations. That’s another fact that hasn’t really been
discussed here. And then finally, David Frum talks about the
media as these brave truth tellers, who are devoting lots of resources and energy to try
to find out the truth. That’s not what happened here. Throughout Russiagate, what we’ve mostly seen
with the journalists who are making their names and careers off of it, is a total lack
of shoe leather. They’re basically sitting at their desks and
waiting for the latest leak to come in, to arrive in their email, either from retired
members of the intelligence community like John Brennan or from the House Intelligence
Committee. And it appears what happened here is that
the House Intelligence Committee, which is driving the Russiagate narrative through leaks,
substantially through the office of Representative Adam Schiff, who’s the ranking Democrat on
the committed, provided false information to CNN, NBC, independently confirmed it through
Ken Dilanian, who is the reporter who I think lost his previous job because he had been
clearing articles with the CIA prior to publication and promising the CIA positive coverage. I think CBS also reported the same story. So many of these stories are coming out of
the House Intelligence Committee through these staffers who are subpoenaing emails from the
Trump administration or Don Jr, the Fredo of the Trump crime family and then they’re
leaking them to opportunistic reporters who are basically, stenographers. For once, one of the reporters or a series
of reporters got caught. But this really needs to go to the House Intelligence
Committee and raise questions about their agenda and the veracity of their leaks and
how they’ve created a narrative that really rests on, at best, a very shaky foundation
which is that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russian Intelligence Services to subvert
American democracy and throw the results of the election. AARON MATÉ: Max, and this is why we’re probably
not hearing the explanation for how this story was screwed up so massively. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Exactly. AARON MATÉ: Because as you say, this was
not just based on one source. CNN and MSNBC and CBS all said that they had
independently confirmed it through multiple sources, but yet nobody has explained who
these sources were and how they all got it so wrong. This was the key point raised by Glenn Greenwald
in the big article on this topic in The Intercept on Saturday. Brian Stelter, who hosted David Frum and also
Carl Bernstein on the show, on Sunday, in that segment that we played that clip from. I emailed Brian Stelter and I asked him, “Why
didn’t you raise the issue of how this massive mistake happened,” because he didn’t. He said on the show that the mistake happened
and was retracted but he didn’t get into the issue of how it happened. And I asked him, “Why didn’t you raise the
issue and do you plan on raising it?” He referred me to a CNN’s spokesperson who
said that they had no comment. A refusal, first of all, to demand accountability
for how the mistake happened and then when you ask those who are supposed to be the watchdogs,
the media critics like Brian Stelter if they plan on finding out, they have no comment
on why they’re not seeking the truth. MAX BLUMENTHAL: First of all, Brian Stelter
has put himself in an uncomfortable position because he has rejected any skepticism around
the Russiagate narrative and even badgered Trump administration officials who have just
merely attempted to deny that they colluded with Russia. Whatever you think about the Trump administration,
and I definitely don’t think very highly of it and I doubt many viewers of this will,
the notion of collusion between the political campaign in the US and Russian Intelligence
Services is at least or should at least be a matter of debate. But Brian Stelter has attempted to take that
debate off the table for the purpose of what I consider kind of grandstanding. And then there’s the more salient issue of
sourcing Sam Husseini at FAIR, the media monitoring group, wrote a great piece earlier this year
asking whether journalists should expose sources who deliberately lie to them or deceive them. In this case, what we have is a case of high-level
deception of journalists and yet the journalists continue to protect the sources that lied
to them. Why are they protecting the sources that lie
to them? Without those sources, it’s like they’re pretty
much going to watch their watering hole evaporate. The parrots in the parrot jungle aren’t going
to have their bird feeder anymore because that bird feeder is the House Intelligence
Committee that’s been feeding them all these leaks while they just sit at their desks,
wait for the leaks to arrive and then report them and frame them as sharply as possible,
like the good little stenographers they are. They would basically be depriving themselves
of their journalistic lifeline, if you can even call it journalism at all. I think media critiques, a principled media
critique would start asking questions about what’s going on inside the House Intelligence
Committee and whether this really is an investigation or a political ploy to create a narrative
that is actually having, I would consider, dangerous diplomatic effects and ramifications
from the rating of Russian Consulates to the sanctioning of Russia over the objections
of European countries to a total collapse of US coordination with Russia in conflict
areas like Syria. To a lot of people in the media, this isn’t
just about making their careers but this is having real world consequences. AARON MATÉ: Max, you mentioned how some journalists
are convincing themselves that they’re challenging Trump by focusing so intently on the whole
Russia issue, while at the meantime ignoring voices like yours, who are skeptical of the
whole Russiagate narrative. Our friend, Brian Stelter, who we’ve mentioned
I have an example of that, he had White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway on a show earlier
this year and he confronted her for not doing enough to protect America from Russian interference. This is that clip. KELLYANNE CONWAY: Russia collusion, which
has to do with the campaign. You’re not talking about here as we’re governing,
right? That all has to do with the campaign, correct? BRIAN STELTER: The way that Russia attacked
us last year is the biggest story I can think of. KELLYANNE CONWAY: Now you’re talking about
the campaign. BRIAN STELTER: Russia continues to attack
us today. KELLYANNE CONWAY: Hold on. BRIAN STELTER: They’re going to attack us
in the midterms, Kellyanne and I don’t see your boss doing enough to protect us. AARON MATÉ: “I don’t see your boss doing
enough to protect us,” Brian Stelter says to Kellyanne Conway. I just thought, Max, this is such a good snapshot
of where our media is at now. Ignoring dissenting voices, ignoring for the
most part, Trump’s actual policies and trying to go after him so hard on this Russia issue,
which as both you and I have covered extensively, and as you mentioned earlier, the evidentiary
basis of it is so thin, yet the refusal by the media to jump off the wagon. MAX BLUMENTHAL:: Yeah. I mean, if they jump off the wagon, well they’re
circling the wagon. They’re in a kind of a logger right now and
that’s what we saw in Brian Stelter’s latest Reliable Sources. Carl Bernstein is brought on also because
he has been sort of in the limelight to indulge the liberal delusion that Russiagate is Watergate;
that there is a real scandal afoot. Carl Bernstein isn’t a working journalist
who’s investigating. He doesn’t know anything about Russia. He’s just there as a symbol for liberals to
convince themselves that impeachment is over the horizon and that this is, as Brian Stelter
said, “the biggest story right now,” and that Russia attacked us and that on skepticism
is possible. Skepticism means giving in to Trump for the
hardcore partisan liberals who started this shabby narrative. Now they put themselves in a really impossible
situation where it’s not really adding up. The Michael Flynn indictment was a perfect
example. It didn’t show a collusion with Russia. It showed Michael Flynn, first of all, beseeching
Russia not to implement any counter measures against US sanctions which any diplomat would
do, basically begging Russia not to retaliate. Russia asked for nothing of Michael Flynn. And the collusion that it showed was with
Israel which we have discussed previously, with Jared Kushner acting on behalf of Benjamin
Netanyahu dispatching Flynn to ask Russia to use its veto power at the UN Security Council
to stop a resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity. So, one of these is adding up really. The best they have are these bit players like
George Papadopoulos, who I previously thought was the father of the child sitcom’s star,
Webster before I heard about him in this investigation. But they’re not able to issue accountability
for each other because they’ve all played into this narrative in one way or the other. It’s not just corporate media, it’s also progressive
media. I mean, Mother Jones took all of this money
from a right-wing oligarch who’s behind the RealClearPolitics empire to start its Russia
investigation. The Center for American Progress had its Moscow
Connection Project. Democracy Now! has been pushing the Russiagate
narrative. I’ve seen it in so many places that it’s really
hard for anyone to take accountability. We’re basically going to have to wait for
Mueller’s investigation to end. But just one quick point there is that I see
a lot of similarities between what’s called the Russia investigation, although it almost
only peripherally deals with Russia now and Ken Starr’s Whitewater investigation. You go back to the Clinton Era when the Clintons
fell under investigation for maybe a shady land deal and it wound up with Bill Clinton’s
impeachment for his sexual peccadilloes. This investigation could continue for a long
time and wind up having nothing to do with Russia. But what’s important for many liberals and
for a media that feels like it’s under attack from Trump is simply to get the president
and it doesn’t matter if it proves their narrative or not, as long as they can all escape accountability. AARON MATÉ: Two things, just for those who
weren’t around the ’80s. Max was referring to Webster, the TV series,
starring Emmanuel Lewis where the father’s character’s name was George Papadopolis, similar
to the name of George Papadopoulos, this low-level Trump aid who has been indicted for lying
to the FBI, who says he was told by some people that they have contacts with the Russian government. And the second thing, on Israelgate, Max,
I just want to mention, you and I covered that story… MAX BLUMENTHAL: Can we play a quick clip of
a Webster judging the Merriam-Webster dictionary competition on South Park? AARON MATÉ: Maybe next time, maybe next time. The second thing, on Israelgate, Max, you
and I covered that immediately here on The Real News and it’s been striking to watch
that for all this focus over the past year on foreign meddling, foreign influence all
over Trump, there has been almost no coverage at all of Israelgate except for you. You wrote a big piece on it on Alternet. I wrote about it also myself in The Nation. It’s just been quite striking to watch that
absence. But maybe that will change, probably not. We have to leave it there, though. Max Blumenthal, senior editor of Alternet’s
Grayzone Project, co-host of the podcast, Moderate Rebels, thank you. MAX BLUMENTHAL: Thanks for having me. AARON MATÉ: And thank you for joining us
on The Real News.

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  1. How can Frum ever had a job???
    Among the dumbest things I have heard in a long time, should add I (well I guess all of us) have heard an abundance of bovine waste i.e. a lot of bullshit during the last year.

  2. Oh so the lies are the truth. Got it!?
    We are literally hearing double speak we are living Orwells 1984 right now. Orwell blamed the communists he didn't realize he was actually describing the capitalists and the elites of the USA.

  3. Russia / DNC investigation would cost a fraction with many nefarious actors going to jail. The money changers tables are going sideways and fast.

  4. Media critics in general haven't performed very well on Russiagate even though it has given them many opportunities to intervene.

  5. I don't usually care for Alternet, but this is an excellent interview, and kudos to Aaron for calling out Democracy Now (and then). Great to Matt. I think this interview should be required viewing for every American.

  6. CNN also got wrong the source of the documents linked in the email. Guccifer 2.0, not Wikileaks, leaked those DNC documents. Wikileaks merely tweeted about it. This was the same batch of files that VIPS analyzed to have been leaked via a USB drive, not hacked remotely.

  7. Reposted 2X, 1) 2)

  8. I doubt there was collusion in a political sense.. but in an economic sense? Over the years? I would be honestly shocked if there wasn't (not that really matters here, since they're separate issues.)

  9. David's point was that the media admits to its mistakes. This is why he draws the analogy that astronomy does, but astrology does not. Obviously, the media doesn't always admit to its mistakes, but it's more likely to than Donald Trump.

    Edit: The host of this show is a moron and Frum's point went completely over his head.

  10. Odd that both sources had the same date error (14th not 4th). And why would Wikileaks send a key to decrypt already released info? It's all fishy. Somebody trying to discredit?

  11. yea Because the "real news" network never make any mistakes… good god… the Russian apologist never ends on this channel

  12. if "real news" is going to keep using Trump apologist talking points like bashing the media I'm gonna stop watching this weak channel

  13. If everything is fake news then why would news organizations bother with making corrections at all-how do differentiate a correction from something that was reported if everything is a lie? Trump demands corrections when the news organization gets it wrong, why wouldn't Trump & his sycophants demand corrections on EVERY news piece if everything is a lie? Surely Trump and his administration has the evidence to disprove reporting? How else were previous corrections made if not for Trump and team disputing the reporting. Why do you think Trump doesn't dispute every reporting?
    It's rather curious to watch Trump use reports from the very news sources he calls fake news when the stories benefit him and his arguments.
    Doesn't FOX news ever have to make corrections? YES, just days ago they misled viewers by stating that one of Roy Moore's accusers forged a signature which was categorically false. I wonder if FOX news ever reported false things about President Obama- we all know the lied from FOX about Obama would take days to cover. Why isnt FOX considered fake by Trump and his worshippers? It's almost as if Trump and his worshippers simply want to discredit the press because what is being investigated is revealing what a con man Trump is.
    Guiliani is on tape talking about all the FBI agents who hated Clinton and called several FBI offices Trump Nation including the NY field office. The book Clinton Cash funded by Bannon was used to open an investigation into the uranium deal story that turned out to be false. Sounds like a bunch of indignant whiners complaining about bias over one agent who expressed political opinions that in no way had anything to do with his work. It's well known the FBI leans right. This is more bullying and "working the ref" to intimidate officers from doing their job. Trump knows it must be bad if you have to threaten an already right leaning organization.
    What's even worse is the GOP & Trump habit of only seeing whats in front of them at the moment. These knuckleheads don't realize the next Democrat in office, can do the same thing if he or she were to be under investigation. How would the right react to a Democrat president purging everyone who doesn't bow to the administration? The right would lose their minds.
    We see what you're doing and no one is buying the crap Trump and the GOP are peddling.

  14. The USA meddles in countless other countries politics and elections. It's completely plausible that Russia meddled in America's in some way, not that that means colluding with Trump.

  15. Nice job pointing out the fake news propaganda. It's in all mainstream forums not just CNN. Alternative media is where the facts lie and that's why they're trying to demonetize the truth. Nice reporting

  16. They are trying so hard to vilify Russia with their bullshit and the American people simply are not buying it waking up to the fact that their real enemies are their own elites! More people are turning to RT , irregardless of Russian propaganda, because they are spot on in exposing US corruption and bullshit!

  17. Only mistakes in astronomy is hypothesis what you can prove with never discoveries. Cnn compares it like saying santa is real.Then say it it good jounalism. when it is retracted.

  18. Leave it to CNN to yell "RAWSHAW!" while net neutrality is quietly being undone and when Hillary blatantly colluded with the DNC.

  19. David Frum is a member of the David Rockefeller founded and chaired Bilderberg Group, co-founded with Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, husband of the Dutch Queen who was a member of the House of Nassau.

    How do I know? Anonymous sources? MI6? No, the publicly available list of former Steering Committee members of the Bilderberg Group.

    Frum, David (CAN)
    Rockefeller, David (USA)

    Notice that all except Walter Scheel (nazi) were aristocrats:

    Bernhard of the Netherlands (NLD)
    Alec Home of the Hirsel (GBR)
    Walter Scheel (DEU)
    Eric Roll of Ipsden (GBR)
    Peter Carrington (GBR)
    Etienne Davignon (BEL)

  20. Woooow! We should trust liars because they lie. We should trust thieves because they steal. This was not a mistake, this was propaganda done deliberately.

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  22. This Russia Story has taken on a life of its own. Pathetic. The Democrats are hugely responsible for keeping this going.

  23. I stopped watching CNN a long time ago. If they continue to lose business, this problem will be solved. CNN deserves to implode under the weight of its own disingenuous & propagandized tripe. Just one of the many reasons I choose to get my information from reliable journalists and from outlets like The Real News.

  24. Why is this being framed as some kind of journalistic error that they just won't fess up to? The mainstream media has been used as propaganda outlets for some decades. The lies are intentional. They aren't mistakes. They lie about Russia "hacking our election". They lie about what's happening in Syria. They lied about Iraq & their weapons of mass destruction. They obfuscate the facts & mislead the populace every single day, on purpose. Don't ever forget it.

  25. The Russia Hacked Hoax is obviously a tableu manufacturered by Team Bush CIA. It's a dud. Maybe theyll try the sex harrassment thing for a week or so. Once Trump signs the Empirical Family Tax Cut, he'll just be in the way, (they need someone to blame when they announce to America that the Social Security Trust fund is just an illusion); then Team Bush will pounce. Hence Lindsey Graham golfing with Trump on Sunday, buttering-up The Donald for the Kill. Reality on the 8th Hole at Mar-a-Lago, "Don't be a loser Don, go live our your golden years on Fantasy Island with Ken Lay, or you'll get the Poppy Bush extra-crispy recipe for Christmas. Think about it, but either way, make sure to sign the Tax Cut for your grandkids before you go."

  26. This is exactly why I support select independent media and also various foreign news outlets. The so-called news media in the US is a complete joke and quite frankly has become dangerous in how they report geopolitical affairs. As Max says, even some of the progressive media has jumped on the anti-Russia bandwagon, including my once favored Democracy Now, which I can no longer even listen to. These progressive media outlets are more than likely beholden to the wishes of their big $ supporters, which means they sold out.

  27. Propaganda agencies know that the big lie has more impact than its retraction so it is possible to delude the public even while eventually admitting any lack of validity because people notice and remember what has emotional impact while ignoring and forgetting that which does not.

  28. Let's see: Carl Bernstein should be dismissed, Kelly Ann Conway and Trump are defended, and These two traitorous creeps must be smarter than the vast majority of US and European Intelligence and news agencies. Craven.

  29. What happens is all the MSM get thier stories from the Associated Press which they pay for as a member of the AP. They then make minor changes to the story & fool the papers' buyer by putting a byline with a local reporter's name. They don't want to explain the failure b/c it would show that all of the international news come from the AP, primarily.

  30. More Trump apoligists masquerading as a fake news organization. Doing the usual "nothing to see here" routine. These Trumpkins are in full panic mode. Look at these two idiots. They're basically babbling word salads. Not caring about making sense at all. Well trained by Kellyanne Conway, no doubt.

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  32. What if this blatant Fake News story was done to help the Roy Moore's campaign and his claims of false accusations by the Washington Post.

  33. So, while this story proves that MSM undoubtedly lied, and they do an awful lot, I don't see where asking a candidate's campaign to merely look at some documents that are free online for ALL to see…is a crime. So what if it's candidate Trump or Clinton or POTUS-elect Trump or Clinton. BFD. This is all about making it a "crime" to LOOK at publicized materials that point to collusion and crimes of particular actors. Chris Cuomo made a big threat to ANYONE looking at Wikileaks documents and only excusing MSM Liars for looking at them. This entire argument should be about Freedom of Speech or better yet…..Freedom of Learning Vs being herded like sheep by BigMedia.

  34. DAVID Frum making this statement makes me wonder if he was on some drugs…Frum is usually bright this was totally word salad.

  35. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels:

  36. QUIETLY retracted and other agencies repeated the story without verification. Retraction is good, responsibility / reputation is more important.

    That guy put a total spin on the situation. Propaganda at its finest.

  37. Sorry, but no. To say there's nothing to the story of Russian meddling is nonsense. This doesn't require the disparagement of Wiki Lieaks. There's an investigation still ongoing. Looks like even the Flynn connection is bearing fruit. The real stinko, of course, is Trump's longstanding connections with Russian mafia and oligarchs. Good for Moeller.

  38. If you keep calling them "hacked emails" you are not helping people understand the issue. They were most likely leaked but without proof can we please just call them the "DNC corruption emails"?

  39. Under Hitler with Goebbels, propaganda was based on lies. In a democracy, only large chunks of truth can function as effective propaganda. Yes, the US is divided between these 2.

  40. Mate and Blumenthal are doing The Real News Network damage. I do not trust these guys. There are real elements to Russian interference in the US election. PERIOD. This is independent of whether Trump himself participated in a conspiracy. Weighing in on the Mueller investigation like this is not good. Trump is a pathological LIAR and has behaved like a Manchurian candidate and now chief executive. He brought this on himself when he goaded Russia in public to hack and release Clinton info. With that one statement Trump's toes are right on the line of Treason in my book. If this was during the Cold War Trump he would have been removed one way or another by now. PERIOD. The Real News is getting lost in all of this media commentary and the "Neo McCarthyist" commentary. Just give us the facts and keep updating them. But you are not doing a good job at that. Trump and his supporters are the true "Cult" in all of this. Yea I wouldn't give TRN 2 cents until you abandon these apologetics for the despicable human we have in the White House.

  41. it would be nice if david frum were actually correct, though. it's the kind of thing you want to be true. even when you ignore the flaws in the analogy – one hopes that publishing media is a little different than testing scientific hypotheses, anyways. still. you'd like the media to in some sense be error-correcting, and to own up to itself when it's caught.

    but, that means catching errors and not catching lies .

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  44. the telling of all these narratives and wild accusations are just laughable. the way aaron smirks when he goes to max for an opinion tells you how ridiculous these reporters and news media are. these news stories are laughable, so laughable it makes you wonder what is their agenda. why would they say such lies and than justify it? why would they not report other facts and truths? why would they push these narratives so hard with so much coverage? we should be asking how did these official investigations start? who has been pushing the russia-collusion narrative? why is the evidence of corruption involving hillary clinton being ignored? why does mueller ignore the hillary clintons suspicions of corruption? the bias is so blatant it makes you think that their corruption is not even worthy of hiding. they break the law out in the open and tells the public that we are going to like it as well. john brennan of the cia has been exposed. clapper of nsa has been exposed. rice and lynch has been exposed. hillary clinton has been exposed multiple times. adam schiff has been exposed yet no news of these officials corruptions from main stream media. well all that has been slowly changing as of late. mccabe has been fired. comey fired. a special counsel has been demanded by congress and fox news. why is fox the only one reporting any of this in america? must we depend on a conservative news network just to get real news? apparently this is what all this has come to. partisans will put their partisan party and agenda before the people of america. their number one priority is to bring down trump and everything else is second including our own country. what will cnn msnbc cbs nbc wsj nyt and wapo do when their is no russia-collusion? their credibility is already shot but will they apologize? will it matter to the american public? i think not.

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