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Hello, everyone. This is Running On Empty Food Review. And good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Afternoon it is. 12:22 p.m… It’s 22 minutes after noon. and welcome to this review of a very interesting item here. Now granted don’t… I’ll say it out right. I don’t want to give the assumption in the impression that this is available at every single McDonald’s. Because it’s not. It’s a specialty item, and I personally just thought it would make for an interesting video. So that’s why I did it. Of course my policy really is, I want to review brand new items from major establishments, But when something really strikes me is very unique, very interesting, from a reputable well-known establishment, I’ll say why the heck not, I’ll review it. Because it never hurts. This is the pizza from McDonald’s. Those two words really don’t go together that often, but McDonald’s in very very very selected few locations does have pizza. There’s three locations in total. There’s one location in Ohio. There’s one location in West Virginia, and then there is one location in Orlando, Florida. And I’m here in the third location, the Orlando location. And it’s actually the home of the world’s largest McDonald’s believe it or not. and they serve pizza there of all things. Not exclusively pizza, but they do serve pizza among other things. Now this pizza that I got is a personal pizza, ten inches in diameter. And you can get it with an assortment of toppings. I got it with pepperoni, and It comes in its own little pizza box. Now again, this is a very specialty item available and only a selected few McDonald’s, but it makes an interesting review right. So here’s the delicious pizza. Right there you can see it. Nice, long view of it on camera. You can see it comes in the standard eight slices, and the pepperoni they use it’s not the small little, you know, tiny little Pepperoni pieces. This is big, you know, deadly meat Pepperoni that they’re breaking out for this one. You know, it is thin crust. Here’s a better view of a slice here, you know you can see it there. And of course again, it just simply has pepperoni, cheese, the sauce and the crust, so the standard pizza, pretty standard. But heck, it’s from McDonald’s. That makes it special at least. So I’m just going to bite into it. I’ll eat it, and I’ll let you know how it tastes like. So the McDonald’s pizza going in. Wow. I got a napkin here. You know what? I’m not going to lie to you ladies and gentlemen. I thought there was going to be a lot worse to be honest. For what it is, for some McDonald’s pizza, Given the nature of course, of what everything else to McDonald’s is, This isn’t bad. And it takes me truly by surprise. You know, I’m not going to lie. McDonald’s given the quality of what it is. Given how it’s really just gone absolutely downhill as of late. I thought this was going to be some garbage frozen pizza. Unique, yes, but I thought it wasn’t going to be good at all in terms of how it tastes, but now I’m not saying this is artisan-tier pizza because it is absolutely not. But I’m impressed by the quality of this. I really truly am. I’m not gonna lie. The pizza really has just the right amount of Bake to it, so the bottom of the pizza, the base has a little bit of a crunch to it. It is maybe a little droopy, but it’s nothing horrible. It’s no sort of grievous offense at all. Now the pizza itself is it is salty… Now, yeah, yeah, yeah, ReviewBrah you say every damn thing is salty, but that is a very common and popular trend in terms of fast food restaurants. Everything usually is actually fairly salty in nature nowadays, But you bite in and truth be told, the cheese, it does have a bit of a saltiness to it; the pepperoni is more on the salty side, rather than spicy and you might be thinking to yourself, you know, for this pizza, it seems like with the cheese and pepperoni being salty wouldn’t seem too salty in nature. But believe it or not the sauce here and again, it sounds very silly to describe something from McDonald’s as this, but the sauce is very just rich and robust and it’s very flavorful. And the sauce really does add a very very nice countering to the saltiness that’s in the cheese and the pepperoni. and with that it really does add to a very great combination, and adds to a real particularly tasty pizza slice. Now it is oily, It is greasy, but I imagine that’s one of the main contributing factors to its flavor. The crust itself is greasy too. So I have some napkins ready. It does offer a nice little crunch to balance everything out. But really all in all, this pizza is actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I mean this is like the little cherry on top, you know, it’s so unique and they actually have it taste good. That’s, you know, that’s a great added bonus right there. So I’m very impressed. I mean the place inside. It was just a cluster, you know. It was just full of so many people. And then I got some Big Macs, too. Just in case this pizza didn’t work out. And first they give you the Big Macs first, and then they put it where the pizzas are being served and they just let it sit there for 20 minutes getting cold while they made the pizza so it was just a very disorganized mess, and I’m glad at least the wait wasn’t for nothing because the pizza is actually quite good for what it is. I’d say the quality of this pizza is a standard, you know, pizzeria quality. It’s far above a lot of frozen pizzas in nature, so I’m very very impressed by this very much. So they did a great job on this, and they took something that I had low expectations of and really turned it around and did a complete 180° and it really took me by surprise because I’m impressed by it. Price-wise for this pizza Which it’s a personal pizza, but you do get a good amount of pizza for it. It’s around $8.99. Eight, nine dollars and change. And as I said for what it is, you’re getting a good tasting pizza and such a unique item. I think it’s worth the wait and worth the price all at all. So that being said, out of ten what am I going to be rating the pizza from McDonald’s out of ten? I’m, you know what, I’m going to have to give it a standard nine point zero out of ten because I’m very impressed by it. First of all, given the unique nature of it; Secondly though, most importantly, given how it actually tastes for the type of place that’s producing this McDonald’s. You know, it’s usually the home of soggy fries now, and awful tasting burgers that have been sitting out for 20 minutes. Really impressed by it. So they did a great job here. I know there’s very few locations that have this again, Ohio, West, Virginia and Florida. But if you find yourself near one, if you find yourself in proximity to one, give it a go, give it a shot, unique item to get, and you will not be disappointed by it. So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen,
that’s all I have for you. This is Running On Empty Food Review. I’m your host, The Report Of The Week.
Thank you for watching and take care.

Maurice Vega

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  1. He eats like he has makeup on his face and he doesnt want to ruin it

    Btw i don't hate it and i dont have any kind of hate on his eating style

  2. Here to give honest feed back, find a suit that fits, and when eating have a confident posture, but i loke how you use a business suit when esting and you dont make a mess and you do something different than other review, also when showing food dont cover your face that way you look more assertive and classy /confident

  3. I'm so much of a dork I caught that if it's 10 inches in diameter that means it would be 20 inches diameter is the distance from the center to the edge of a circle

  4. This guy is stuck in a time loop, he looks to be someone out of a early 90's move and he is eating pizza from McDonald's…

  5. is he wearing dad's suit in these videos? lol he must be such a little guy to need both hands for a slice. not a bad thing to be smaller – he has a great voice and i hope to keep seeing his videos

  6. No offense bruh but, you are reviewing a McDonald’s pizza wich anyone could buy for like 3-10$ at a pretty cheap price it’s not like you are reviewing a 500$ meal or some special meal that you can’t get normally

  7. when he ate the first slices without stoping and saying anything you could tell he is trying to say its good.

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  9. HAHAHA THEY SAT the bigmacs premade for 20 minutes while he waited on his pizza . just like my town. the burgers all done for evr waiting on the rest of the crap

  10. guy has so much skill we have no idea… challenge all the haters to do flawless review like this… rich text, good presentations… you rock, just keep on going!

  11. I have a random memory from back in the 80's when I was a kid where a McDonald's in my area had pizza at one time. Wasn't in my hometown, so it wasn't one we visited often, but did so on the way to my grandmother's house from time to time. I honestly can't remember if we tried the pizza or not, but I do remember being a kid that was kind of amazed that McDonald's had pizza.

  12. A strange cross between John Mulaney and PeeWee Herman when you combine the face and voice. But this man is professionally charismatic and absolutely killing it with these reviews. A true master of his craft, a mason slowly etching his way into the stone tablet of YouTube history. Keep doing you, brah. We love you.

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