May 2019 Current Affairs in ENGLISH – 29 May 2019 – Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

hello everyone welcome to study IQ in this video study I do I will bring to you the current affairs of yesterday that is 29th of May so let's start the video study IQ sale is on for just today and tomorrow two more days if you want to buy any of the pen drive course then you have just 48 hours to or will have a discount do check out our all said study for more do follow me on social media I'm available on Facebook or Instagram which Bank has launched the bank on wheels facility Bank on wheels it has been launched by Indian Overseas Bank Indian Overseas Bank and this they have launched in three states Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh and Kerala okay it's a mobile man facility for the senior citizens now the banking will be available on your doorstep Reserve Bank of India it has decided to extend the timings for customer transactions in real time gross settlement system by what or how many hours by one and a half hours clear the timing for customer transaction is in RTGS will be extended from 4:30 to now 6 p.m. 6 p.m. the new timing will be affected from 1st of June 2019 when do view observe the world menstrual hygiene day world men's 2 to basically raise awareness about the you know taboos or social stigma associated with menstruation it is observed on 20th of May and what was the theme the theme was it's time for action it's time for action India French military exercise called Verona the second part concluded where in which country it concluded in Djibouti and Djibouti is in Horn of Africa and it was the first overseas military base of China which of the following has entered that globally acclaimed world architecture news awards which building of India the building is statue of unity statue of unity and the sculptor the person who was the architect was ram sita rama bungee sitar he was the architect of this building can you tell me what is the height of stretch of unity rider in comments frame tin Sewell Ananda he is a former prime minister of each country he passed away recently he was the former Prime Minister of Thailand Thailand Thailand capital is Bangkok India does a military exercise with island called Mary who has been elected as the new president of Malawi his name is Peter Mata Rica Peter Mata Rica the World Health Organization has officially labeled which activity as a addictive disorder what which activity it is excessive gaming so remember excessive gaming is now disorder according to the World Health Organization which country has been elected to the Executive Board of the first un-habitat Assembly which country it is India so India has been elected to the Executive Board of un-habitat the Executive Board of un-habitat is responsible for reviewing and approving the strategic plan of you inhabitant which is from 2020 to 2025 veer Savarkar gentie you know the anniversary of Ilse workers spur day the day he was born it was celebrated across India on which day it was on 20th of May he was born on 20th of May 1883 he was one of the proponents of Hindu philosophy he was a politician lawyer activist so the answer is 20th of May which country's Chancellor Sebastian kurz he has been ousted from the office because he lost a no-confidence what in the parliament he was the Chancellor of Austria recently first all-woman crew of the Indian Air Force it comprised three officers it became the country's first to fly which helicopter which helicopter was which helicopter was it that was flown by these three women officers it is mi-17 v5 mi-17 v5 it had a complete all woman crew and in case they ask the name of the officer it was peril baradwaj captain amanda the copilot and flight lieutenant images one who was a flight engineer these three people were there I repaid parole baradwaj then Amanda three and inna just one the union government has set up a new tribunal to look into the pan on which terrorist organization it is Ltd Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam LTTE according to a report by Kukla what is India's rank in the mobile internet speed in the world India's rank is 1 to 1 121 and Oakland is American company so remember that also and what is ne has a rank in broadband it is 68 okay so in in mobile internet speed PR 121 in a broadband be fair a little better at 68 in terms of speed Norway is number one Norway is number one for mobile internet speed Norway has the best mobile internet speed the download speed in Norway is 65 Mbps on mobile and Singapore is number one in the world in the broadband speed the download speed in Singapore is 197 Mbps guy guna returning he won the International dial on Thomas price for his which novel the novel is in our med and Furious City he is a British Sri Lankan writer which country has launched the nuclear-powered icebreaker which is called Iran in order to tap the optics potential it will be powered by nuclear energy it can break the ice so it is it is launched by Russia Russia the former president Mohamed Nasheed he has been nominated as the parliamentary sneaker of each country the country is Maldives and president is Ibrahim Ahmad Soni India's first tree ambulance was inaugurated in which city 3 ambulance was inaugurated in Chennai the answer is journey the ambulance will have plant experts it will have gardening tools water many or pesticides etc according to the association of democratic reforms of the 539 winning candidates as many as how many MPs have criminal charges total 233 have criminal charges clear 233 have criminal charges in India so that's 43 percent 43 percent have criminal charges who has been appointed as the Election Commissioner of West Bengal Election Commissioner is sought of thus he is a big responsibility on his hands given the environment in West Bengal is quite hostile right now also remember the University Grants Commission it has decided to review that quality of PhD theses for doctoral degrees handed out in the last 10 years so basically any person who has got the PhD in the last 10 years his doctoral thesis will be now reviewed this was because lot of fake and counterfeit degrees were given PhD degrees were given and the quality of research has also been degraded that is why this decision has been taken in which of these states of India will you find dolphins nose mountain peak dolphins not nose mountain peak it is in Coonoor it is in Tamil Nadu okay Tamil Nadu nilgiri district Coonoor in the league redistrict Tamil Nadu it is at a height of 15 15 meter clear which of the following rivers is known as the river Ganga but it means old so when it began there is other name for Godavari which takes its origin from Nashik Ganga is known by what name in Bangladesh it is known as Padma and Brahmaputra is known as Jamuna in Bangladesh okay that was a video for yesterday that is 29th of May when more is remaining that is 30th of May that I will bring to you today also I've started working on the best 200 current of his and that probably I will bring to you tomorrow night

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  2. Sir please it's my humble request that you provide PDF of top 200 current affairs for the month of April and May 2019 because we don't have so much time for reviewing your video again and again for revision please please please please please please please please please please please please……….

  3. Plz stop calling VEER to Savarkar, he had done nothing for the country…he was an agent of British

  4. Thank you very much sir , awesome session ,
    The height of statue of unity is : 182 m ( 600 approx foot).

  5. sir country ka currency capital bhi bataya kare………jab kuch foreign country ke bare me batate hai

  6. Sir pls continue the series of ntpc railways current affairs in English it's very very helpful for all aspirants coz all of us r totally dependent on that series itself it's my humble request sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. 1)RTGS Transaction➡
    ◼Minimum-2 Lakh
    ◼Maximum-No Limit
    2)The Height of Statue of Unity➡182m
    Thank you sir.☺

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