Matt Gaetz Announces He Will Press Charges Against Democrat Politician Who Assaulted Him

exam scores literally so that's what we have to worry about here we at we present charges must be pressed when possible you know I know it's so hard if you're a public figure I mean they can pretty much say anything about you and you don't really we need to change the libel laws in my view in this country I mean they say it about matter all the time and he usually deserves that I don't deserve her I'm kidding not but you know think of this instance this is what's the you know they go after the sixteen-year-old kid a trigger a make America great again hat and they run with a story for days and days even over a week in some cases they're factually well they never made a call they never asked a question they were totally wrong and the great news is Lynwood is a friend of mine he is going to bludgeon these media companies actually and they are going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars Sean this type of behavior from the left is why you really see the right winning elections and winning the culture war I had a circumstance just a few weeks ago where someone threw a drink at me leaving a town hall meeting and I am gonna press charges and prefer precisely the reasons Tammy laid out if there are no consequences then you know maybe it's me getting hit with a drink one time but what if it's a member of my staff and what if instead of a drink it's acid or urine or something else like that so I think it's really important we send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views just like anyone else has a right to their views and we're not backing down from anybody and people that behave this way should face the consequences before a court all right I got to leave it there oh by the way Matt Gaetz did a great monologue

Maurice Vega

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  1. It's about time that Conservatives realize that this Communist / Marxist NWO takeover if the US is an ALL OUT WAR.

    Fight for your life…they WILL EXECUTE ALL WHO CANNOT BE RE-EDUCATED IN DEATH CAMPS… they cheer infanticide and they hate you with passion….They would cheer your beheadings in FEMA camps…THE GUILLOTINES HAVE BEEN INSTALLED ALREADY

  2. If Republican politicians don't grow a pair and force an end to this throwing crap on people it's going to be powerful acids in no time.

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