Master’s Open Day at UNU-MERIT/Maastricht Graduate School of Governance

you can find a lot of the information about what is great about this program in the manual but what you won't find there is and my personal favorite is the people and I chose this kind of a screening mechanism with these programs that if you want to solve social problems you're generally a kind of compassionate and cooperative person but that is exactly what you find in the program it's an amazing bunch of people a America and doing a major in governance economics and development and this seems like a really good masters to stay on that track it mixes more data science side with the social science approach when you assign the data to the social problems for other issues environmental problems then you fill them with life and I think that's a perspective that's very helpful for our fellows policymakers and academics as well then what is this association that actually gets elected in the very beginning of the year because we have one short year to do all of your studies and we try to understand what makes our code very unique here is the sense of community so we just try to nurture it and we try to understand what the other students want from the forms of activities lectures trips ideas I've never been around a group with such a strong sense of community so quickly and it really creates a lovely learning environment it's I feel very very lucky this program has allowed my friends and former fellow students to go anywhere they want some of them are now working for NGOs grassroot organizations in Afghanistan and Africa others have joined funds agencies in big cities like London or Berlin some like me have joined the you institutions some work for UNICEF as far as I've seen like it's a tough program it's very love classes of reading knowing where you can end up after the program makes it easier to also where to Carter and stay harder because you have a certain goal and I think that's that's nice it'll be good

Maurice Vega

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  1. Does this program need economics background? I am considering applying to this program next year. If economics is needed, I will get some relevant courses.

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