Massive Backlash After SBG Exposé Video Goes Viral, Ethan Couch Released, The “Good” Paul & More…

Sup! You beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Monday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re going to
talk about today one of The most requested stories of the day today is this massive story around the Sinclair Broadcast Group that has just blown up. They’re one of the largest broadcast groups in America they have over 190 TV stations And you may have heard about them in the past John Oliver did a piece about their “must-runs”. Sinclair reportedly Regularly sends video segments that these stations have to run. They include things like the terrorism news update He’s got commenters speaking in support of Trump. Right, so to many it appears like there’s this obviously lean and it’s being forced on these TV stations to run these pieces. Well, back in March CNN broke new is that Sinclair was going to do a mandatory push of a promo that condemns what they call “fake news” from national outlets and While CNN didn’t publish a script of the promo they did publish select quotes and also internal memos about the promo. The memo also saying That “…corporate will monitor the comments and send replies to your audience on your behalf.” The memo then instructs the anchors to look a-political Then describing what that looks like. Last Friday Seattle post-intelligencer? Posted the script this after our local affiliate began airing their mandatory Promos and then on Saturday this story blew up because Deadspin put out a compilation video featuring several affiliates reading the same parts of script. “More alarming some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first.” -“The sharing of biased and false news has come all too common on social media… [voices overlapping – all saying the same thing] “More alarming some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first. Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what people think. And this is extremely dangerous to our democracy.” Of course the big stand out of this compilation of news anchors doing a Mandatory read: “Unfortunately some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what people think this is extremely dangerous to a democracy and so of course you have many people saying that’s exactly what Sinclair Broadcast Group is doing right here. They have an agenda where they’re trying to control how people think that they’re pushing a Certain angle a certain bias and they’re pushing this across via mandatory reads now I’ve also seen people say well, if those local news anchors. They don’t agree with this. They don’t have to say it They could leave according to some reporting it might actually be a little more complicated than that Matt Pierce Who’s a correspondent for the Los Angeles time he tweeted: “A Sinclair journalist who has been trying to resist from inside the newsroom – But who does not have a union – explains why it’s so hard for TV anchors to refuse the Sinclair’s editorial edict they have contracts that penalize them if they quit.” Then featuring screenshots of direct messages saying “Usually there’s a provision in your Contract saying that if you quit you owe something along the lines of your base pay times 40% and then times whatever percentage of your contract is left And then if you’ve got any bonuses of any kind you pay those back. So for me that’s like $5 of $6k I think what I’ve heard of people having to pay more and you can’t cash out your vacation days and then there’s usually a provision saying you can’t work at another station within the same market that piers then also tweeting out a picture of The alleged contract that this person had. And also an interesting note is this is not the first time Sinclair Broadcast Group has tried to Get this message across in March of 2017 there was another must run feature this one featuring Sinclair vice president of news Scott Livingston reading what appears to be a nearly identical script to the one that recently was done But with local news hosts, appearing to try and take advantage of people’s trust of their local news anchors so on the opposite end of things you also have people saying this isn’t the biggest deal, pointing out that if you listen to the full promo and not just the the compilation videos that have been circulating It’s ultimately about all these TV stations saying that we are striving to be the best we can. There’s a place on our website called “Content Concerns” if you have issues with our reporting report it there. Fake news is a real problem. We do our work Thank you for watching and my personal takeaway from this is it’s a little bit of the to the first thing I’ll say is that yes it is It is a horrifying look to see all of those local anchors repeating the same script talking about all of these other places They’re trying to push an agenda have bias They’re trying to control what you think in a mandatory read spot from a company that has mandatory run segments right that really doesn’t shout Independent and trusted cover it but at the same time it can’t help, but think that this is just an incredibly obvious and apparent Example of an issue that we have with most news when I flip on TV news and I and I try to watch as many Channels as possible just to see what they’re reporting how they’re reporting it is hard not to see bias and agenda everywhere. Sometimes when I pop on fox news it feels like it’s gotten to the point where it’s almost state-run media And then you have like the CNN’s and some MSNBC’s of the world where it feels like they’re wearing patches that say resistance on it. And obviously understand that I’m not talking about every individual anchor or contributor that is on one of those platforms right and I feel like some of that comes from people’s own personal Bias that they in their head they think that they’ve pushed to the side and for others it seems outright intentional But it is incredibly important to remember that there is a possibility and there is a likelihood of bias and agenda And it’s because ultimately that Information is coming from another human being right and fake news the topic that the big guys have mentioned themselves you hear fox news anchors Talking about fake news you have CNN there Apple is an apple commercial Everyone’s buying to be your trusted source of news to be the Titan among the trash So that’s my take on that as just a generally distrusting person along with this though there’s also a side story between Trump and Sinclair Broadcast Group this because this morning Donald Trump tweeted “So funny to watch fake news networks among the most dishonest groups of people I Have ever dealt with criticize Sinclair Broadcasting for being biased. Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more fake NBC which is a total joke.” So that’s a thing of note especially when you pair it with two other things. One, the mandatory Fake News that’s threatening our democracy read. And two, Sinclair Broadcast Group needs government approval right now specifically they need approval from the Justice Department and the FCC for a 3.9 billion dollar acquisition To buy tribune media that would expand their reach you have people accusing the group of using their control over all of these TV Stations as a way to kind of just grease the wheels along with this other deal All in all, that’s where we are right now. That is a story, And I want to pass the question off to you of what is your what is your takeaway from this? Seeing the compilation video is Shocking to you is it scary to you? What does it make you think about local News, News in general? I’d love to know what you’re thinking in those comments so from that. I want to share some stuff I loved today and today in awesome brought to you by DeFrancoElite. DeFrancoElite of course one of the best ways to support this Very apparently advertiser unfriendly show also a great way to support everything We’re building and get exclusive and extras now early videos exclusive videos exclusive live streams exclusive access Exclusive merchandise a lot more is going to be there in the coming months if you want to check it out you want to try It out for a bit go to and subscribe the first bit of Awesome today is actually self promo awesome if you Didn’t see on this channel yesterday. I uploaded a bonus video. That was the one-hour interview podcast with Sean Evans of “Hot Ones” It’s a great time great video and a series I am very excited to be bringing back. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend watching it after this video and we got a trailer for “The Quiet Place which I can’t wait to see and one Of my favorite April Fools things from yesterday is a Netflix put out a video about how they acquired Seth Rogen acquiring He as a person his thoughts his dreams. Even just the idea of him also on the note of fake news, I feel like unless it was something super super silly like this some of the people just making false claims It was it was harder to tell on the face of everything What was fake and what wasn’t just after the past like a year and a half we’ve had I feel like there’s been so many Moments where I was like. Oh that would never-oh it happened. It happened. Really? Interesting…okay, and so that’s why yesterday. I pretty much just stayed off the internet. I was like I just don’t I don’t have the time for this anyway moving on we also had Aubree Plaza and Dan Stevens Hijacking a stranger’s tender James Corden getting hit in slow motion by the slow mo guys If you want to see the full version to everything I just shared the secret link of the day anything at all Links is always are in the description down below. Then and a quickie requested story We had Jake Paul in the news. This because the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Jake Paul is developing a YouTube talk show For YouTube Red. So I had people ask me what do you think about this? Can you believe that YouTube is doing this and my response is, yes, I can believe YouTube is doing this. One, despite Jake Paul having had a year of controversies after Logan Paul’s whole suicide Exploitation scandal he – and I mean media outlets are actually calling him this – he has actually been identified by some Outlets now as “the good Paul” He’s also done things some would say to just better his image. Videos where he tried to help hurricane victims Recently he put out that that gun reform video, so maybe there are legitimate reasons for YouTube to go, okay well He’s pretty brand safe it also separate from that there are instances where it does appear that YouTube Is giving him some sort of Preferential treatment. Jake Paul seems to be in a special class of YouTube channel where he can feature pretty much just a half-naked woman in The thumbnail he’s got regular ads and mid rolls on that thing, but but someone talking about their coming-out story. They’re getting demonetised That’s just his regular channel. The final thing I’ll say is ultimately numbers move If there are enough kids that watch Jake Paul’s content that can convert their accounts to YouTube Red. YouTube of course They’re gonna try and go for it. Paul just needs to not kill anybody and/or feature someone That’s been killed in a video for like the next six months He gets three to seven million views on every video YouTube’s thinking about those conversions That said for the time being it also appears that YouTube is distancing themselves Because a spokeswoman reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter “Last year we engaged in early development deals with a handful of YouTube creators as part of Our normal process to evaluate new creative ideas. There is no series order currently in place.” It’s being developed the whole seasons not done deal yet, but honestly I would be shocked, shocked if YouTube didn’t green-light it. Then in quickie news that will most likely leave you pissed off Ethan Couch is in the news. Couch of course was referred to as The affluenza kid which unfortunately does very much so minimize what he did if you don’t remember when Couch was 16 He was incredibly drunk He was driving in fact three times over the legal limit And he ended up hitting and killing four people In addition to that he injured several others including two people that got launched from the back of the truck those two severely injured one is no longer able to move or talk due to a brain injury right so that happened and then in 2013 a judge gave him no jail time for the prosecutor saw 20 years in jail Got zero it appears that it went that way because a psychologist said the couch was a victim of affluenza It was a product of wealthy privileged parents that never set limits for him, so he didn’t really know. What was wrong He’s put on probation for 10 years and then like an idiot he violated that probation ended up fleeing the country went to Mexico with his mother ends up being found he sent to the US a Texas judge then gives him about two years in prison the reason even Couch is back in the news today is because today he has been released back into society Granted on probation. He’ll reportedly have to wear an ankle monitor an alcohol detecting patch submit to drug testing abide by a 9:00 p.m. curfew and have a video interlock ignition device installed in his vehicle but still back out into the world after having killed Four people and massively injuring two it’s usually with stories like these where people say well Phil you don’t show that the images Of mass murders you don’t share their names yes, but with stories like this one. It is different This isn’t justice people like Ethan Couch who get away with this horrible horrible shit should never be able to lose that Association with their name Ethan Couch’s in the world the Brock Turner’s of the world, we should never forget those names Then let’s talk about the updates and escalations about the possible International trade war. Of course in the past we talked about the 25% tariff on steel 10% on aluminum initially it was a tariff across-the-board, then it was well We’re not gonna hit, Canada and Mexico. The groups that ended up being excluded included, Canada, Mexico, The European Union, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea Noticeably and purposefully China of course not on that list and so China’s Ministry of Commerce said in a statement late Sunday those exemptions violated the World Trade Organization rules that prohibit members from discriminating against other World Trade Organization members also adding they hope the US government would withdraw the tariffs as soon as possible so the trading products between China and the United States would return to a normal track along with that China announced that they’re imposing their own new tariffs specifically tariffs of 15% on 120 American products. This with things like fruits, nuts, wine, steel pipes also tariffs of 25% on eight other products as including pork and Recycled aluminum China is saying they’re doing this in order to safeguard China’s interests and balance the losses caused by the steel and aluminum tariffs specifically on pork this is something the US National Pork Producers Council actually warned what happened last month saying the previous measures would have a significant negative impact on rural America And it appears they knew this is going to happen because the u.s. Pork industry sold 1.1 billion dollars worth of products to China last year It’s their third largest export market all in all it appears that the tariffs have been announced on about three billion dollars worth of products now with that said This is probably not the end of this Situation that Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin saying you know there’s talking behind the scenes we’re trying to get everything handled. But it’s expected the Trump administration is going to announce which specific products They are going to target with China soon, and it’s feared that if that happens China, then retaliate by going after soybeans, airplanes, But ultimately we’re gonna have to wait and see what happens next. Then let’s talk about updates around the David Hogg – Laura Ingraham Situation and also some things that have been offshoots of that situation if you don’t watch ride a show I’ll give you the simplified bring up to speed version Fox News host Laura Ingraham goes on Twitter She kind of mocks David Hogg of course activist Parkland Florida school shooting survivor for what she called whining that he didn’t get into the schools that he wanted even with a 4.2 GPA. Hogg and others start a campaign to contact her advertisers get them to pull their advertising many do pull their advertising. Laura apologized. David Hogg does not accept that apology. More and more advertisers and continue to pull out more than it doesn’t have so far the Update we’re seeing now in that situation is that Laura is taking a one-week vacation. It’s a really the main question We have is this a Bill O’Reilly vacation where he’s really actually on his way out? Or is this more of a Sean Hannity situation where he is actually going to come back? Obviously the situation’s around both It wasn’t really apples to apples, but it is really a test case for how strong is the brand. I mean Hannity’s brand was so strong He was able to take advertisers leaving the outrage against him as a way to get other sponsor deals so will be interesting to see what happens next also as far as what some people are calling the targeting of these parkland students and Specifically Hogg, we had Frank Stallone and Ted Nugent in the news Sylvester Stallone’s younger brother tweeting: “This David Hogg pussy is getting a little big for his britches. I’m sure someone from his age Group is dying to sucker punch this rich a little bitch. Watch him run home like the coward he is. He’s the worst rep for today’s youth headline grabbing punk.” And of course many people are outraged by this start sharing it all over the place Frank Stallone ends of deleting the tweet we had Many people saying how can you call for that this kid that you do not agree with to be attacked. You’re a 67 year old man Seemingly lusting over the idea that someone younger than you will punch This kid you don’t agree with. Now after a lot of the backlash like I said Stallone deletes the tweet and then he tweets “Everyone, and to David Hogg especially, I want to deeply apologize for my irresponsible words I would never in a million years wish or promote violence to anyone anywhere on this planet After what these kids went through and deeply ashamed. Please accept my apology. Frank.” Which of course It’d be very easy to tear that apology apart that “I would never” hear at you’re commenting on it because you actually did is it If this is a legitimate apology less than the man that you strive to be Okay, sure. I would say for me personally This is a situation if you look at Frank Stallone’s normal social media Interaction levels this very much looks like an example of someone who is in their small little Twitter bubble where they can just say anything and no one cares all of a sudden getting a lot of attention they didn’t expect and then Just cowering down to that mom. Then of course finally you had Ted Nugent which really and nothing from Ted Nugent really should be Surprising he said things that Hillary Clinton should be hung called Obama subhuman mongrel dome to suck his Tiger dick now He has added this beautiful quote talking about Parkland students turned activists “These poor children I’m afraid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable They have no soul.” also referring to them and March for our lives organizers as mushy brain children And there’s really not much to add there. No one’s shocked Ted Nugent said that but also over the weekend We saw a different kind of outrage people angry at Joan Walsh She’s a political contributor for CNN and she popped out because of Kyle Kashuv. Kyle is also a survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting but he did not join March for our Lives in fact he’s pro-second amendment and has been very critical for March for our lives as well as the Students involved in it he tweeted out a screenshot of Walsh’s likes, featuring tweets like this to Kyle saying “Shame on you I lost my daughter in this massacre this has nothing to do with ego or politics for me clearly are being handled and pushed to Take an opposing view Did you lose a family member in this? Do not judge those of us who did.” Which Walsh responded, “Wow, Kyle Are you really policing who “likes” tweets from a grieving Parkland father who lost his daughter? Good luck handling your stress, Kyle.” Which of course resulted in a lot of people saying WOW Walsh, are you really bullying this kid? Walsh, then seemingly tried to dismiss the reaction tweeting. “Wow my mentions are now a sewer of NRA trolls and MAGA bots. Happy Easter and/or Passover everybody!” When I look at moments like this I often wonder How did you even end up in this place? The easy response to that tweet from Kyle is my likes are not me going yes I agree Especially as someone involved in News I’m essentially hitting like to bookmark this tweet because I want to be able to showcase what people are Saying about individual situations. That’s all you had to say, but instead you told a parkland, Florida school shooting survivor Good luck handling your stress I feel like this is one of those moments that we need to look out to the world and go okay so the people that Were saying you know the the March for our lives kids they were off limits or they were not off limits? Are you treating this situation, the same? Because you should if the kid, the activist, the whoever if They are all of a sudden treated differently because what they are saying fits your narrative You’re a hypocrite. And it’s on that note that I’m going to end this story and pass a question off to you What is your takeaway from from any and all of these instances? Do you feel like people are being hypocritical with who they are outraged for or not? Any and all thoughts on this story I’d love to know them in the comments down below That’s where I’m going to end today’s show and remember if you liked this video you like I’m trying to do on this channel hit That like button if you new here, hit that subscribe button Ring that bell make sure you have notifications turned on. Also if you missed the last Philip Defranco show you want to catch up click Or tap right there, or if you want to watch the conversation with Sean Evans click or tap right there But that said of course as always my name is Philip Defranco. You’ve just been Phill’d in. I love yo faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for tuning in. Let me know your thoughts on any/all the stories down below and I'll see you tomorrow. <3
    Sinclair Broadcasting: (00:06), Jake Paul: (7:15) Affluenza Teen: (8:48) China Tariffs: (10:25), Hogg/Ingraham Outrage: (12:02)

  2. 4:04 Of course it's that way, sheep are stupid and They All Need herded around! The Problem is: It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!! Sheep Need to stop having more sheep, and start raising their children Properly…and IF they Can't then they Don't Deserve to have children!! The Greatest, or possibly The Worst thing ANYONE can do is bring a life into this world!! It all depends on how you raise that life!!

    What is sounds like The Sinclair Group is trying to do(even according to your info on this) Actually sounds like they're using their power THE RIGHT WAY!! Forcing STUPID SHEEP to hear, even from their local "trusted(like thats possible in the media)" broadcasters say that they Need to Wake Up and Pay Attention, aka Stop believing everything you hear!! Use Your Damn Heads!!

    P.S. It's Hilarious to hear you pretend your videos aren't riddled with bias too…lmao!!

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  4. why is American news so biased??? You're supposed to tell the news, nobody cares about individuals opinions. Give the info and facts then leave.

  5. The compilation wasn’t shocking at all, but it is terrifying. I hate that resources meant to educate on world and national events are so easily corruptible. It’s disgusting.

  6. I didn't find the news section particularly surprising, as I knew that the majority of news sites are heavily biased, but it was still deeply disturbing, since it really highlighted how corrupt these systems really are. Knowing about the corruption and actually seeing it are two really different things sometimes.

  7. I already knew TV stations have their agenda, that’s y I’m glad we now have so many other outlets of News & entertainment. I haven’t watch regular tv in years, & mostly because of what u showed. Every single one of them saying the same shit!

  8. What's the big deal about the 1st story? It's a PSA. They are informing to do your own research before believing everything you hear.

  9. None of these kids who have become activists should be off limits. Either they have the strength of their convictions and can push through hate or they don't. If they do, then great. If they don't, then leadership isn't for them and they should drop out of the spotlight and be allowed to do so.

  10. 8:15 the reason you just mentioned is why this girl just shot 6 people at YouTube's headquarters. Play the nice guy all you want Phil it's just as fucking criminal to ruin people's lives by tak8ng away their lively hood as it is to outright kill them. And when people see the scum if the earth like Logan paul rising overe people who actually deserve it, it's gonna drive sum people over the edge

  11. The left has turned twitter into a way to stop people from saying what they truly believe and to have to apologize for every time they cross the line. The biggest problem with this is not just people being afraid to speak up but they are not imposing the same rules on themselves. The Joan Walsh tweet is just one example of many leftist personalities not being held to the same standard as the more conservative personalities.

  12. Google the poor people Ethan murdered and injured. I've hated that little pile of human trash since the day I saw what he did with zero remorse. If I did something like that I would go to high schools and yell at the kids about how dangerous alcohol is. Unfortunately the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Go ahead and Google his father. He's a real peice of work himself. The couch family should give the majority of their millions to the family of the victims and do anything and everything in their power to make the pitiful life easier for one of boys turned into a vegetable in the drunken fueled massacre.

  13. not to be that guy but I am not completely on the parkland kids sides with this. No them and other human beings shouldn't be given shit on the internet but they put themselves as the face of a very decisive/polarizing issue and made themselves major activists of a political issue. So they shouldn't be surprised when people who have a different opinion or who are in the world of news, say something they don't like. And yes people say shit that isn't true or is a low blow but it is too get attention or to make others not want to support said person. These kids should be old enough to just say fuck it and not respond to bullshit. There is my most likely unpopular opinion, feel free to tell me yours.

  14. Purely out of curiosity: are most people of the opinion that it is okay for David hog to go after someone's career and livelihood because someone had a difference of opinion or is it quid pro quo versus mean, angry comments received from the internet. I totally get that online or TV personalities should be more responsible and respectful but despite what this guy has gone through there seems to be no recourse or reproach for how aggressive his responses get.

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  17. LOL the CNN pot calling the kettle black, and this Hogg kid is getting more disgusting every day, Philip DeFranco you can't keep giving hogg a pass of saying vile garbage and defamation just because "he's a kid". that excuse is gonna last you only about six months.

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  19. youtube red still around thought it tanked ages ago. i never went there cause i didn't see a point to it

  20. So its okay to "Punch a Nazi" but not okay to "Punch someone who has a different opinion than you"
    It's NOT okay either way.
    Different opinions is okay… it's not the end of the world.
    Nazis these days are just edgy wannabes… they aint hurting anyone with their words… just like the little kid from the school shooting aint hurting anyone either.
    They both talk utter bullshit, and should be ignored… If you get wound up by their vomit they are spilling then you are giving that vomit merit… by punching these people in the face you are telling them that their words mean something and what they are saying is triggering you.
    Ignore them and they will move on… give them attention and they will stick around.
    It's that simple.

  21. Yeah, having a monopoly on news medias isn't in ANY way going to mess anything up.
    How can you think that having a single company behind all news outlets is going to end in extremely biased and propaganda-like news?
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  24. I already don't trust most news outlets in general, especially the local news outlet in my town because to be frank it is unprofessional, super biased hot garbage and I'm not exaggerating even a little bit. Honestly, Phil, you're the only one I've found who reports on things in a way I can agree with. It doesn't feel like you're ever pushing an agenda and you try not t give super one-sided opinions, even opting for not giving your opinion on issues you don't feel like you should chime in on and I respect that. I trust that you care more about delivering the most honest coverage of the news that you can instead of pushing your ideologies onto me. I can't say that about any other news outlets I've found

  25. I don't feel like the Parkland survivors should be exempt from criticism, but to land such low blows on children who lost family and friends in a school shooting is abhorrent and disgusting. Disagree with their beliefs but don't sling childish insults and petty arguments. Honestly, those kids sound more like adults than the adults do and that's just sad. I don't agree with everything every id who survived the shooting has said but I wouldn't insult them for their beliefs.

  26. I do not get how there are 1.6K thumbs down. I mean seriously how can you dislike this guy? He is just giving the news, does not seem to take a side unless it is against people being HORRIBLE to each other. I don't get it.

  27. The problem is not that there's bias in all news, dude, it's nothing surprising and new to most thinking people. The problem arises when numerous different media channels start spitting SAME bias cause that means that a hegemony opinion is being created, there's less variety to counteract that.
    That's literally the problem people have with state propaganda, for example. Cause state has one opinion and pushed it onto it's citizens. But what is different here? Only that it's a corporation and not exactly a state. But in the country where corporations have so much political power it's pretty much debatable that it's somehow less problematic.
    So yes, it's a bit issue.

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    Some of the best, eye-opening reporting is coming from project veritas.

  30. President Donald Trump Sinclair is credible, but they say literally the same thing all the way across the country. We're different doesn't mean we need to be divided, but it also means that we're not the same

  31. David Hogg is scum though. Being a "victim" doesn't make you an expert and definitely shouldn't allow you to get as much attention as he's getting. He's a fucking high schooler for god sakes. When he grows up, stops trying to get media attention, and refines himself, I'll show him some respect. But for now he's just another idiot that politicians are giving a platform because they're desperate for votes and public approval. Why didn't you report on that leaked call of his where he looks like a complete ass and says something along the lines of everybody in the NRA needing to be killed? Why does him being young give him immunity to so much shit too? Nothing that kid has said hasn't been said before and all of it is garbage

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  35. Sinclair media group does demonstrate state-run media tactics, like China. I know there are other media groups that are heavily biased as well (Fox, CNN, CNBC), all having agendas.

    Just let's keep an open mind and remember what Philip DeFranco has said in the past… that we all need to take in content from a variety of sources, and make an informed decision based on all the various pieces of information…. to not blindly follow the media regardless of the format (print, TV, radio, Internet, etc)

  36. We need more private news. That way it's original and created by independent thinkers who bring more knowledge, information, and good ideas, instead of the usual bad news, why not report something that is actually essential for the good or well being of others. Where's my "should this new law or regulation be passed?" Alert app?

  37. Phil, I feel that your analogy referring to Fox news as "state-run" and CNN as "the resistance". I feel that those are backward comparisons. CNN has more socialist ideologies which would make them the "state-run".

  38. Lols. Sounds kinda stupid over in America. In my country, we just have 3 or 4 news stations and they don't seem to have any bias, just plain news and facts backed with pictures, video and so on.

  39. For the Parkland Shooting, it honestly disgusts me how there are so many instances of adults going after the children and criticizing things they say or do about an issue they survived. Most of these kids are trying to make a difference and I really believe that it's our generation standing up and taking our place in this world especially in the area of politics.

  40. That David Hogg kid is cute lol someone put me on 👀 I admire him for his activism, even though I don’t agree with some of his opinions.

  41. The whole shooting incident is horrible, what is even more horrible is one of the activist said they were right to have bullied the shooter in school prior to the shooting. Who knows how far back that bullying went, I really don't know too much else on the shooting and aftermath / fallout either. Idk it just seems like the monster of that shooting was made.

  42. That edit of those identical news stories is ridiculous. We've known the news is biased for ages, let's be honest, but this is hard evidence. Not like it's gonna change anything.

  43. Mainstream news is overwhelmingly left. Most bias comes from the left. But that doesn’t mean bias doesn’t exist on the does. There’s just a much higher dose of it on the liberal side.

  44. So he's rich meaning the law doesn't apply to him? I'm sorry what? Am I missing something or is this now normal?

  45. All I can take away from this is how cold the boomers really are; and the blame on millennial's and generation z. You enjoyed the boom of the economy and shit on us because we can't get by with how messed up the economy you left us. While you chill in your luxury homes and hot tubs judging us for being lazy shits. We are pooling thousands into our lives to start ours while paying into your lifestyle.

  46. fun fact majority of people get there news from there local news channel – its really sad.. we need you bro we need you.

  47. I do my best to watch right and left leaning stations. What's weird is that I actually get more honest information about what's going on here in America from sources that are NOT located in the USA. I watch the BBC, Aljazeera AND RT. And no, I do not have a political bias. I prefer some policies from both the left and the right.

  48. This video was preceded by a trailer for Unfriended Dark Web, so to see that, and then see your little split screen news compilation, I almost had a heart attack. So thank you, Phil.

  49. These tariffs are so bad, we're heading for another Great Depression….oh! Is that what Trump meant about making America great again?!

  50. I have a HUGE issue with Ted Nugent. I absolutely LOVE the man's music. My dad got me into his tunes and I haven't looked back since. But FUCK ME RUNNING is the man a God damned idiot. I can't stand his politics. He's bar none a perfect example of everything that is WRONG with America at its core.

    I wish he would just shut up, play guitar, and sing.

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