Marianne Williamson Wants to Attack Trump’s Third Eye

-Let’s get to the news. After falsely
claiming on Twitter that Alabama was in danger
from Hurricane Dorian, President Trump today
appeared to show reporters a map of the hurricane’s
projected path that had been altered using
a Sharpie to include Alabama. Look at this. I mean, after this, I have to wonder if his high
school report card was legit. [ Laughter ] Following criticism
that he opted to stay at a Trump property in Ireland 200 miles away
from his meetings in Dublin, Vice President Mike Pence
today changed his story to claim that the travel
arrangements were made to keep him close to his
family’s ancestral homeland. which is weird because I thought
this was his ancestral homeland. [ Laughter ] Vice President Mike Pence
visited Iceland today. Said Betsy DeVos,
“It’s pronounced ‘island.'” [ Laughter ] TheNew York Times
has published a new profile on Democratic presidential
hopeful Marianne Williamson in which she says she wants to attack President Trump
in his third eye. Yelled Trump, “Not my butthole!” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Thank you for clapping. [ Laughter ] New York mayor Bill de Blasio said in a new interview
that if he cannot qualify for the October debates
it will be, “really tough to remain
in the presidential race.” Oh, no, you’re not
coming back to New York. You left us. You’re like a dad
who went to get cigarettes and then 20 years later tries to really come back
with cigarettes. [ Laughter ] “There was a line.” According to a new poll,
former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump
by nine points in Wisconsin. And when Trump heard that, he updated
the hurricane map again. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Facebook confirmed yesterday that it is considering
removing likes from its site. Said users, “Then why
am I even having this baby?” [ Laughter ] Costco has begun selling
a 72-pound wheel of cheese… …explained a man
to his plumber. [ Laughter ] Six Flags in New Jersey
will soon be home to the world’s tallest and fastest
single-rail roller coaster, though New Jersey’s fastest fall
still belongs to Chris Christie. [ Laughter and applause ] And, finally, today was National
Newspaper Carrier Day. I bought mine a card and threw it into the bushes
in front of his house.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Lmfao, 3rd eye huh🤣🤣. Please, the only 3rd eye Trumpy has is that lower STINKING ass BROWN eye… Like most and ALL political ASSES! ZERO common sense in much any of this world.

  2. Can we just… Take this in for a moment?
    Reather than admitting he was wrong, the president of the US, used a sharpie to alter the map on national television.

    This is gradeschool level lying folks! How can you stand It? I thought there were laws against mental Impairment in office!

  3. Hasn't Trump lied enough by now to warrant impeachment? His face should be all over WANTED posters throughout the US AND the entire planet. It's criminal. Plain and simple. If it's not there's something seriously wrong with the US justice system… Oh but wait… Apparently that's the norm there.

  4. Guru idiot running for the presidency just revealed her crazy. She talked about ppl being able to think away a hurricane…So sad that we have to keep enduring her nonsense.

  5. I wouldn't even buy a used car from Trump… and I'm serious… well, maybe I would and auction it off on eBay or something.

  6. Ms. M.Williamson, She is actually very intelligent with some really good ideas. Sadly, her wacky cosmic bull$hit is gonna be her undoing…

  7. Is pence of Danish decent ? (Would make sense the most crazy religions people from Denmark migrated to the States…. )

  8. Williamson is 94% flake, 5% cool HS art teacher and 1% aunt who caught you smoking pot when you were 16 but didn't tell your parents.

  9. Wow I don't watch this Seth Thing because I don't believe he's a human. Nope!! I was merely curious if Mariam Wlliamson was still in the Presidential Running, and looks like she is and so I know that today and also know what a Fucktard evil pathetic not funny LOSER Seth is. You dumb fucks here who criticize Trump for offering aid and knowledge- in advance with Hurricane Dorian – should DIE by suffocating on your own Parasitic fecal matter = and TODAY!! Please kill yourselves for the Evolution of the human race – you Fucktards here that clap and laugh at satanic losers like Seth – YOU don't deserve to take up space and air on Planet earth any longer. Please disappear yourselves or Die and ASAP, maybe jump off a bridge or hang yourself those are workable options for any and all assholes too. By by by…or sayonara or adios or Asta La Vista Bastards and Babies

  10. Put Marianne and Trump in the same loony bin…they are both out of their flipping minds…"attack his third eye ?" um yeah….smh

  11. Marianne Williamson is getting blasted today for a tweet about Hurricane Dorian. She clarified her tweet (which I personally think was unnecessary) by deleting it and replacing it with one with more precise language. People are going to ridicule her no matter what. These are the same types of people who use online ridicule and mockery to make themselves feel intellectually superior. Never mind the fact that thoughts and prayers, in the context of an oncoming hurricane, along with humanitarian aid, is often the best we can do in these situations. What else might someone do in the face of oncoming natural disaster? Nuke it away? I don’t find this prayerful response crazy or wacky. People are quick to turn to prayer and other types of spiritual practices when their family members or loved ones die or when they are diagnosed with a terrible illness. Suddenly, prayer isn’t so silly when faced with personal devastation or tragedy. So why ridicule the genuine spiritual beliefs of others, especially when those beliefs can inspire positive social action? Aren’t we all on the same side here when it comes to hurricanes? No one wants to see people die or lose their homes. I would love to see these people who are ridiculing Marianne direct that energy at the real enemy – the leaders of our country who could give a hoot about the suffering of others. #marianne2020 #lovewillwin

  12. I don't see the problem, with including Alabama in the hurricane warnings, at the time that map was made, the hurricane was headed that way, why take chances, the sharpie alteration simply showed Alabama in the path, it it continued in that direction! As you can clearly see, the leftist socialist media is still just a blind, deaf and dumb-A$$ as it has always been!!!

  13. Marianne Willaimson's new-age rhetoric makes it difficult to take her seriously, even though she has some valid ideas. Third Eye Bilnd.

  14. Clinton had to be impeached over a single lie because it was such a horrible thing for the president to do. The president was supposed to be a symbol of honesty.

    Fast forward to Trump blatantly lying (and doing a bad job of it) by altering a map with a friggin sharpie in an attempt to fool more naive idiots into believing his bullcrap.

  15. Williamson needs to go back to New Age school. You can't attack someone's Third Eye if they're in NO WAY CLOSER to opening it in the first place.

  16. ugg, they gotta get her out of the running! talking about a third eye and some of her other comments just feeds into what the conservatives want their base to think democrats are all about. she's just helping him get re-elected everytime she hits the news.

  17. Can we jsut accelerate climate change, just until F7 hurricanes destroy the East coast? Thanks. And yes, I live near the East coast.

  18. Seth Meyers reminds me of the kind of girl that can't stop talking about the boy she doesn't like. It's not cause she likes him, yeah right.

  19. Omg Drumpf is such a narcissist rather then admit he tweeted total bullshit n apologising for scaring people of Alabama he’d rather make an embarrassing attempt at altering a map with a pen 🤭🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. Pence wouldn't last five minutes in the Legoland park in Billund, Denmark before getting kicked out again. It's not at all like Disneyland and you can't get away with creepily staring at ladies while appearing to be touching yourself by claiming to be the whitest man alive and how that's a priviledge to have him visit. Maybe if he went in an official capacity but then there would be too much press covering his every move.

  21. Donate, Volunteer & Speak up.. Like Michael Moore said, America needs someone who isn’t a Politician to go up against Trump, that is Marianne Williamson..

    Trump only gets stronger with the ‘fight fire with fire’ mentality. Marianne Williamson is the water America desperately needs to put out the blaze..

  22. trump is Captain Queeg all over again! He may not have had all his marbles in his brain,, but he had a few to play with in his hand.

  23. " not my butthole!!!!" Jees it's not funny blahahahaha
    WASHINGTON: I can't tell a lie.
    Nixon: I can't tell the truth.
    tRump: I can't tell the difference.

    Vote BLUE no MATTER who

  24. Lmao.. just look at Trumps tiny little thumbs when he is holding up the map. No wonder he is so defensive. If that reflects the size of anything else…ooof

  25. Was hoping to see some fun “stuff” to support the title of this…really disappointed. You missed the opportunity, Seth, or who your journalist was who posted this… 🤔🤨

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