MARCH 2019 Current Affairs in English 02 March – SSC CGL,IBPS PO,RRB JE, Railway NTPC ,Group D

hello everyone welcome to study IQ in this video study IQ I will bring to you the current affairs for today that is 2nd of March 2019 so let's start the video the Reserve Bank of India has set up 8 member ok 8 member task force on offshore rupee markets which will be headed by which person and they will basically you know examine the issues related to the offshore rupee market in depth and they will recommend appropriate policy measure for stabilizing the same and for removing those issues this will be headed by Authority so remember who shot farad committee or who shot rod panel you can also use the word Task Force is for offshore rupee markets Asian infrastructure investment bank in India they have signed a four hundred and fifty five million dollar almost half a billion dollars loan agreement to improve rural connectivity in which of the following states which state is getting this loan the state is under Pradesh Andhra Pradesh and recently south coast railway south coast railway is the 18th railway zone the latest the newest railway zone to be awarded to Andhra Pradesh it will have places like which Avada 1 2 etcetera this is the 18th railway zone in India the latest one okay an Asian infrastructure investment bank it is headquartered in Beijing Beijing capital which public sector bank or the government bank has topped the ease reforms index released by the Government of India that you know for the implementation of so called the reforms agenda right what is the full form of ease this is very very important okay Jesus stands for enhanced access enhanced access and service excellence ok don't forget to remember it ok enhanced access and service excellence these reforms index the bank is Punjab National Bank Punjab – is number one and second is Bank of Baroda IRCTC Indian Railways catering and tourism corporation has launched its own payment aggregator system named what in a bid to promote digital transaction so just like you have Ola money you have Amazon pay now IRC is ATC have their own digital one it it will be called IRCTC i'ii pay IRCTC i pay now I have CTC was also a news because one of their apps which is called rail connect IRS IRCTC rail connect app has got the e-governance award a governance award along with tonnage online or minerals online which is a portal from Chhattisgarh technology support and outreach for micro small and medium enterprises was held in which of the following City tag soap 2019 it took place in New Delhi who is our Minister for MSME Kari Raj Singh mr. Giri Raj Singh is our Minister for them for that MSME can you tell me that okay MSME you know that it comes under the priority sector lending can you tell me what is the percentage of the priority sector lending in India right now Shanthi sorrow but Nagar price is associated with which field good question Shanta soul but neither prize is for you know science so it is for science and 4 2016 11 scientists were given the word for 2017 10 scientists were given the word and 13 scientists will get the award for 2018 so it is for science and who was dr. shanti swarup at naga shanti swarup at naga was you know he was a very great scientist and he was the founder of CSI our Council of scientific and industrial research he was one of the greatest Indians and he was the founder of CSI Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda has inaugurated a center of the you know Sabet that is called central institute of plastic engineering and technology in which of the following states where has been a local center inaugurated it has been inaugurated in Tripura in Tripura and we're in Tripura so there is a place called both the jungle mother both the jungle occur in Tripura a three-day working group meeting organized jointly by the wh oval Health Organisation and the Ministry of Yoshi headed by Sri Panasonic to review the WH er document benchmarks for training in yoga took place in which of the following City yoga day we celebrate on 21st of June so 21st of June is the yoga day and this meeting took place in New Delhi so the answer is New Delhi who is the author of the novel the fate of butterflies the fate of the butterflies is written by nayanthara sagal and you must be knowing who is 9th recycle as per the CSO Central Statistics Office but will be India's growth rate in 2018 19 only 30 days to go then we will end the financial year 2019 because today's all is 2nd March only 30 days to go so in this financial year current financial year our growth will be only 7 percent 7 percent earlier CS over saying our growth will be 7.2 but they have downgraded their forecasts which country will host the 2021 International Association of Athletics Federations that is I a while cross-country championship for the first time in 25 years IAF headquarter is in Monaco and the country in question here is Australia Australia who has been appointed as the chairman of the Police Complaints authority that is pca mr. p este g PS DG is the new chairman of the pc union cabinet has approved the establishment of a new aims in which of the following district of haryana there will be a new aims or india institute of medical science that will be set up in the ramadi district 3 body district in in Haryana please remember it will be the 22nd All India Institute of Medical Science in India 22nd aims of India Mohammed II met three exercise men Amati met three exercise was conducted between India and which country this exercise was conducted on the Tripura border between India and Bangladesh the answer is Bangladesh now there is another exercise called some pretty some pretty exercise is also between India Bangladesh Union Ministry of Human Resource Development that is Ministry of HRD has launched with scheme to fund the science projects on the occasion of the national science day national science day is observed on the birthday of dr. CV Raman who got the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 and the scheme is called stars St a RS very important star stand for scheme for translational and advanced research in science scheme for translational and advanced research in science HRD minister is Prakash javadekar Union cabinet has approved a Memorandum of Understanding between India and which country to access the top line reports on Missing and Exploited Children this country will help India to reduce the number of abductions of children which countries this it is America so America India have come together for a noble cause cabinet has approved setting up of a Centre for disability sports in which city in madhya pradesh center for disability sports will be set up in the city of Gwalior Gwalior in madhya pradesh now you should know three four more things India's first Park for persons with disabilities was opened in Hyderabad in 2018 and India's first dog park was also opened in Hyderabad India's first disabled friendly Beach is the tittle beach in valses in Gujarat and South India's first disabled friendly Beach is Allah puja in Alleppey India's first disabled friendly railway station is the air McCullum in Kochi in the in Kerala and the Kochi Ford is in 2016 it was declared as India's first disabled friendly heritage site in India America has vowed to defend which country against an armed attack in the disputed South China Sea America has said that if China attacks Philippines then we will protect you so the answer is Philippines Philippines president is Rodrigo Duterte and capital is Manila manila is the headquarter of Asian Development Bank the Union government has banned the jamaat-e-islami in Jammu and Kashmir for how many years under the anti-terror law on grounds so jamaat-e-islami has been banned for five years the answer is five years it was banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs the Home Minister is Raja not saying his locks of a constituency is Lucknow according to the credit rating agency Moody's Indian economy is expected to grow at 1 percent in the calendar years 2019 and 2020 our growth will be 7.3 percent so the answer is 7.3 percent according to Moody's in the in the next financial year so actually in both its its talk about calendar er not financial year okay so calendar year means from 1st January to 31st December so 2019 1st January to 31 December and 2020 also 1st January to 31st December our growth will be 7.3 percent so always be attention whether they are asking financial year or calendar year ayushman history should be Padilla so Nayak he let down the foundation stone for the National Institute of unity medicine in which of the following states Yunnan was the other actually in Hindi you know we called Greece Yunnan so Unani medicine is nothing but the Greek medicine clear not clear so where the center is being set up it is being set up in Ghaziabad okay and Ghaziabad is a part of the NCR but it is in footer Pradesh Israel Indian Space Research Organisation has celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its first composite solid propellant what was the name of the first composite solid propellant it was called Murali myrrh at all so the answer is first according to the railway ministry the number of deaths on account of accidents has come down by what percent in the last five years in the last five years there has been 81% reduction eighty-one percent decrease in the number of deaths because of railway accidents this is claimed by them by the Ministry of rail means which Indian boxer has won the gold medal in the 49 kg category at a mock Arrancar in the mock Arrancar Deepak Singh has won it the answer is defects in which Bank has signed a punk assurance agreement with Li si monk assurance agreement is between a bank and an insurance company insurance company makes use of the bank's large user base to sell its products and in turn it gives a bank the share of the profit so both benefit from it so it's a mutually beneficial agreement bank insurance agreement between a bank and insurance company here the insurance company is Li si which is the bank the bank in this case is the idbi bank so the answer is d name the Breeden's World War two spy who was confirmed as the first Indian origin woman to be honored with a blue plaque at her former London home who was the Britain's World War two spy she is the first Indian origin woman to be given this honor her name is nour Inayat Khan so the answer is we know Inayat Khan golden fiber revolution is associated with what golden fiber revolution is associated with June in India most of the jute is in West Bengal and in the world Bangladesh is the number one producer of jute the Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in which country Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of Africa it is situated in the country called Tanzania Tanzania's capital is Dodoma International Union for Conservation of Nature that is called IUCN it is an international organization with its headquarter where are you see and basically categorizes the categorizes various animals as endangered critically endangered etcetera it is headquartered in grown in Switzerland Klunk in which of the following companies has started project zero to fight the fake artificial products which are called counterfeit products it has been started by Amazon so these were the 30 questions for today 2nd of March I will come up with more tomorrow and I am also starting a series at 4:00 p.m. today which is Railways NTPC special so do give me your support for the same thank you so much and see you next video

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  2. 📌Priority Sector Lending 40% in 2019.It has different Categories these are
    For Agriculture 18%
    Micro Enterprises 7.5%
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    ⏩Priority sector lending is 40% of Adjusted Net Bank Credit
    ➡ 8 categories are
    ⏺micro small and medium enterprises
    ⏺export credit
    ⏺ social infrastructure
    ⏺renewable energy

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