Marc Short: Americans have the right to know if DOJ was playing politics

Maurice Vega

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  1. WE WAIT . . . Glad to hear this! Should be 8 Trolls (at least) connected to FISA Abuse.
    WHO? 'WE should know', says Nunes. = )
    Nellie Ohr had a security clearance for FISA access as an ex-CIA Russia expert. (hired by Fusion GPS)

  2. The problem wasn't "entrapment", it was the Deep State actively trying to take down our duly ELECTED president.

  3. China, do not know what a fair , reciprocal deal is! China, , is a criminal organization with nikes. The Chinese do not feel the need to reform and will never do unless they are forced to , by seeing bankruptcy in the eye if they do not stop their thievery, and piracy, market manipulations, currency shenanigans, and fake accounting and intellectual property and business theft , China ,is a big scam. And a house of mirrors , a fake economy. companies do not follow the same financial and accounting standards as in the west, their economy is a black box, full of crap, and fraud. They should be delisted , and ever should leave continental China, if they do not clean up house and open their books and show the real books , not the fake statements, they show in the west, but the real books that show the true state of the floundering Chinese economy.
    They have been pumping money to keep the economy afloat, doing currency manipulation and bailing up , the government sector to the detriment of the private companies operating there. The tiger is made of paper. China, must reform and open up , or become a failure.

  4. The citizens do know if the justice is doing there job or are they representing the party of riots and lies . Only the sisters of the radical.left make up lies , they are hillary and pelosi in a race who can make up more lies …

  5. And then what? Nothing!! Why? The last three years!! we’ve all seen how that played out . Democrats are above the law!!

  6. Lmao! Oh what a coincidence. This happens as soon as impeachment hearings begin. I predict this will be exactly like Benghazi. A big nothingburger.

  7. When are we going top stop playing this he said/she said BS. There is a hard truth out there that we all need to except. THEY ARE ALL INVOLVED! THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT! Pelosi? Check! McConnell? Check! Trump? CHECK! The list goes on and on and on! There is NO ONE in Washington with clean hands. That unfortunately is the beauty of Trump. He's an outsider and he has both sides running for the hills. Why? Because he's exposing them all! Are we as citizens of this still great nation going to let them take us down with them? Good Lord I hope not!

  8. DOJ is corrupt as most felons serving time in prison. The only difference is DOJ Criminals haven’t been caught and go home to their families at days end …

  9. Drain the swamp in DOJ, SEC and in the D.C. who have compromised by the CCP which have harmed the interest of American people. Though we know politics sucks, but we still need to watch what all the politicians are doing, look at the previous administrations they were totally incompetent and compromised by China, which is not acceptable. We can not tolerate any of those happen repeatedly.

  10. It's more than just "playing politics" the left does that everyday to weaponize gov't.. This was an attempted Coup by the Obama administration.

  11. Was it not the specific responsibility of Congress to be conducting their own hearings concerning the corruption alleged against the DOJ and all involved alphabet agencies? Where have they been for all of this time…There has been…for years… ample evidence of this corruption…certainly enough verified evidence for Congress to have been tasked with at least looking into the issue.
    That question that I posed was strictly rhetorical, for we know that the Congress has been too busy tampering with the 2018, and now 2020 elections and obstructing the Barr Horowitz and Durham investigations.

  12. It seems the Constitution and the bill of rights and grace have been thrown out for some people. Others are subjected to
    old testament law like false accusations appearing real because of youtube one sided comments and thus some people have been surrounded in their neighborhoos with people that are hostile and apposed to their political views. this is very dangerous and should be addressed. Some people can't get jobs because of this and are excluded from things and they did nothing wrong. I never hear trump address this problem. thanks.

  13. If China doesn't like the truth then they should change their communist regime. They can have the NBA and the NFL and do with them what they will too. SJW LeBron but not if it comes to.his bank account!!!

  14. Now TIC TAC TIC TAC for the DEMOCRATS.


  16. Finally this president is using his power . Time to use the military as well to round up these traitors and begin closing down the DOJ, CIA , and FBI . USA USA USA

  17. Transparency should take the Deep State Democrats and Republicans down. While they told us to watch Russia, China was buying our politicians. The NBA is a clear warning sign of how much influence China has in our affairs. Our government is corrupt, prove me wrong!

  18. This whole attempt to frame Trump by using the FBI and the CIA should have awaken the American people to how currupt the Obama Administration was and how the Democratic Party has been radicalized by the communist left in their party.

  19. Marc short were you their when Pence, Giuiliani, Putin met with those Russian henchmen the night the American was killed.

  20. Protect America from Foreign Ownership. We need to make investments in our own nation. That is what made America Great.

  21. Trump's DoJ full of people that Trump picked was playing politics AGAINST Trump? That is the weak and cowardly claim from Weak Trump now?

  22. I'll believe indictments when I see them – so much talk and so much covering up on behalf of the permanent state connected to the deep state elite. The swamp is hard to escape!

  23. trump is running of logs to throw in front of this train…Barr chose a decent man to be sacrificed for their political lack of substance. Trump is an empty bag: No wall, no repeal and replace, no check from Mexico, no plans, he doesn't even pay the rent for the venues where his rallies crash…
    I'd be surprised if hes presidency lasts until christmas…next week Russia has already surrounded Ukraine. There is no oil to protect in Syria, it is Israel where kushner and trump planned to create an oil empire with not-a-yahoo, it failed…the oil from Iran and Irak will flow thru Syria and go to Europe further alienating the US…..Get over it trump is a failure

  24. The NBA NFL and the rest.. They will take a knee to their own country and bend over for their Chinese masters… They are over paid cowards They ruined the sports I loved. They are ALL low life traitors! Welcome to the Hollywood elitist NBA, NFL. Your all a bunch of Cowards and low lives. I hope you rot  in hell.

  25. FWIH: Opposition research TECHNICALLY is not considered criminal in most instances, TRUMP was a citizen; now PRESIDENT Trump: is a different story an Act of obtaining confidential information OR DIVULGING SAME … WITHOUT PERMISSION through clandestine human intelligence; using operational techniques; recruiting assets and utilization of trade craft in acts of interference with foreign relations, etc, etc, etc appears to be a different story … just saying

  26. Didn’t want to do this …1. Yo James Hong Kong are Chinese 2. Yes Chinese people love SPORTS ONE is B-ball; 3 Chinese are faithful to what they LOVE get it 4. China GOVT has been screwing the world for years to ADVERT HUNGER and POVERTY 5. There are many LARGE cities that are NEARLY EMPTY 6. President Trump Has virtually brought them to their knees 7. Thanks Lebonehead you threw a ittybitty wrench in the works 8. If you and your elite, international ignorant hoop throwers stood up and came home FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AGAINST ALL CHINESE 9. You think maybe the PEOPLE of China would NOT BE HAPPY 10. What would you have lost the annual take home of most Americans? 11. But that’s OK President Trump will still cut a great deal, no matter how ignorant you and others are who don’t care about people’s rights

  27. Playing politics? Playing? Organized Crime and Rico are completely relevant here. This was a coup and it goes all the way up to Obama. If these people do not see huge jail time then everything is lost.

  28. The Democrats and Republicans have sold are country to China and other countries to line there pockets! And kids pockets!!

  29. The Democrats are and have been after ONE thing for decades, One World Order, with them being in POWER. Dem's have sided with EVERYONE but the American people. Democrats almost succeeded destroying America, her values, her Milatary and her people. If not for OUR great President Donald Trump, we would be under Communist rule, with NO RIGHTS AT ALL.

  30. Where is so funny talking about values on the other side of a conversation just talking about how corrupt our own government is I know Fox will never do any reporting on the Foster care system and how the child protective services steal children and put them on a bunch of medication because I get more money from the federal government

  31. Just like Brexit, Horowitz's report is never going to & if does the Dimms & MSM will attack it and nobody will be held accountable.

  32. The Trump Administration is like the goose that lays the golden egg. And, Fox is the beneficiary. Unfortunately, the folks at Fox are too stupid to appreciate what they've got. Apparently, they don't know how to ask the right questions. They don't know how to add two plus two. I can appreciate, when you are really stupid, you don't want to jump to conclusions. But, surely you can ask questions. I read Epoch Times, who without access, came up with the Spygate InfoGraph. Why can't Fox do that?

  33. The Obama administration DOJ State Department CIA and FBI knew full well they would be caught if Trump won the election. There was so much corruption in the Obama administration it pails in comparison to any other time in history Clinton selling off 20% uranium to a Russian company Obama sending cash to Iran Biden withholds military aid to Ukraine unless a prosecutor is fired investigating the company paying his son over $50k monthly and the China deal it appears no one is untouched in the Obama administration when it comes to corrupt politicians and intelligence agencies personal. The more we dig the more corruption is found and it’s only a matter of time before the people find out the truth. The media can’t hide the truth forever even though most mainstream media has tried the people are only going to believe the propaganda for so long then those media outlets reputations will be such the people will no longer trust them seems like bad business lying to the public if you ask me.

  34. I have no problem with looking for facts. But does Barr really want this? Deeper investigation could turn up additional damaging evidence against boss Trump, related to his dealings with the Russians.
    Besides, what's to gain? Suppose hypothetically that a couple of bad apples are discovered: How would that make Trump's criminal conduct go away? That's not how law works.

  35. These last two weeks have been brutal, and next week is shaping up the same. As if the scheduled witnesses weren't enough, Giuliani could well be criminally charged, in an epic indictment with "Individual Number One" on every page.

  36. Let the sunshine in. Examples of things hiding in a cave or hole are toxic mold, bin laden, snakes, poisonous spiders, rats, worms, sadam hussain all with evil intent.

  37. No much difference between the dems and the chinese. The dems are traitors and crooks. The chinese are liars and crooks to the bone… see it, yourself!

  38. We have been hearing for over two years there are over 20,000 indictments being held for these criminals who are so far ALL free to continue with their illegal activities. What about those people?

  39. We need to pierce the veil of secrecy in the intelligence departments. We can't just trust them anymore because they are influencing politics which is a betrayal of trust with the American people.

  40. The American Left & Dems have lost any Honor they may have still had, regarding China, the filthy dem dogs have lined up at the Chinese money trough, and well and truly have there snouts DEEP in the Slime !!!!!.

  41. Could you imagine if your local police department was “playing politics.” What if they only arrested, ticketed, prosecuted Trump supporters. What if they were spying on and recording anyone they believed had different political beliefs?

    You’d be worried then, but because people don’t see the DOJ or other acronym agencies on a daily basis they forget there needs to be just as much oversight.

  42. We do all want to know we need to know I think we already know what happened but let's prove it they sit this up and should be punished for it and exposed everyone involved let people k ow just who these up standing citizens these people are

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