Main opposition criticizes government’s populist policies, poor handling of crises

Policy speeches by the leaders of major parties
continue at the national assembly. Day two was the main opposition Liberty Korea’s
turn. Kim Min-ji brings to our attention what the
conservative bloc had to say. Korea’s main opposition party used the podium
to highlight the mishaps of the Moon Jae-in administration. In his policy speech,… Kim Sung-tae — the
floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party — said the government’s policies are causing concern
among the public. He pointed to the recent minimum wage hike
that’s led to the firing of workers as small businesses aren’t able to shoulder the financial
burden,… regulations on cryptocurrency that are causing huge price fluctuations,… and
a string of measures aimed at cooling the real estate market that haven’t been effective. Kim went on to say that two recent fires that
claimed the lives of dozens of people also showed the incompetence of the government. “People have started to ask: Is this what
the government calls building ‘a nation that is truly a nation’? They have begun to shake their heads.” Kim said the government is more concerned
about what he claims is “political revenge” by digging out the irregularities of the past
conservative governments — and putting important issues, such as people’s safety, welfare,
economy and foreign affairs at the back of its mind. On North Korea,… the floor leader said the
nuclear problem shouldn’t be overshadowed by the regime’s Olympic participation — adding
that the government has let Pyongyang have its own way. He stressed the government needs to step away
from its naive stance of pursuing dialogue. Kim put forward a suggestion — a demand the
conservative party has long been calling for. “Redeployment of strategic assets is the most
effective military option to counter North Korea’s nuclear threats. We hope the government notes that this is
the most effective response, and a card we can play against North Korea’s nuclear threats
for now.” As for Constitutional amendment,… Kim said
a revision must be made to reduce the president’s authority — as it’s a road to pursuing a
mature democracy and overcoming imperialism. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

Maurice Vega

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