Mahathir: ‘The machinery of government has been corrupted’

[MUSIC PLAYING] There are so many things
to do, so many wrong things to be corrected. And the worst part of it is
that the machinery of government has been corrupted,
and we have to rely on that corrupt
machinery, because we can’t dismiss everybody. We have to work with them. We need to do away with some
of the unnecessary projects. For example, the
high speed rail, which is going to
cost us 110 billion ringgit, and we’ll not
earn us a single cent that will be dropped. And there are many
other agencies set up by the government
meant mainly in order to support the
government politically. These agencies will
be closed down. Before China claim
the South China Sea, I was very supportive of China. I pointed out to
a lot of people, including the
Japanese, that we knew the Chinese for more than 2,000
years, they never conquered us. We came into contact with
the Europeans in 1509. Two years later,
they conquered us. So we keep on telling
people that we are more afraid of the
Europeans than of the Chinese. But of course, the China of
today is a very powerful China. The second most powerful
economy in the world. And I’m quite sure it will
have a lot of ambitions, but I don’t think it will
extend to conquering countries. Denuclearization of
the Korean Peninsula. It would be a great
thing for North Korea. It would be a great
thing for South Korea. I have no plans, at this moment,
because I’m still uncertain as to his way of doing things. He changes his mind so
quickly, and then reverses it. For example, he wants to meet
the president of North Korea, then he doesn’t want
to meet, and now he’s saying that maybe
this is going to happen. I don’t know how to
work with a person who changes his mind overnight. When I was in power, I
was not authoritarian. That is a label given
to me by my opponents, and I accepted that,
because all opponents must demonise their opponents. So they say that,
but please remember that, when I was
prime minister, I led five elections
in which I won very comfortably, 2/3 majority. If I am so bad, I would
have suffered the same thing that Najib suffered. Why did he lose? Because the people reject him. If he had been
like me, he should have got to a 2/3 majority. So there is no similarity
at all between him and me, under the same laws.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why china come spratly island 3000 km aways long PLAIN make weaker economy make bangrap c country like Africa sri Lanka Philippine Nepal Pakistan 100% confidence mahather build back our nation Chinese buildings strong naval base in islands south east Asia wealth china PLAIN to steal our Asian wealth

  2. Yeah … be more divisive to the government/ people you depend upon … what a moron! Leading by calling people corrupted and then ask them to work with him.

  3. His comment on Donald Trump is simply excellent! how to even have proper mental preparation to start working with a person who change his mind the whole time? morning he tells you…work on a,b,c…afternoon he question you why not d,e,f first? he can tell you a month ago you are harming the american, then after a while he suddenly worry about your company's job losses….! china has the financial capability to entertain trump, but malaysia is almost bankrupt,how to entertain him?

  4. Many have accused Dr M for being the champion of corruption, including Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kiat Siang and many more. So the champion is going after a small fish in comparison to the high standards of Dr M, and those who called him champion have decided to join in the party. This is politics.

  5. President Trump is not part of the New world order. Where less than 1 per cent holds 90 percent of the world's wealth. The corporations and bankers are sucking the wealth through the corrupt officials that they finance their elections. Donald trump pays for His own and we the people. The $5 , $20 and $100

  6. Congratulations Tun..well spoken n explained…
    At this age your views are classic ,lets move firward..the rakyat should wake up..

  7. China does not seem to concur the world with military power. They seem to come via taking over business slowly and strategically… Before you know they control the food and drink…! Any comments on this? Once you control food and drinks and the buildings and office space…?

  8. When you have rasict base politic and principles of government, it will enhence the other negative elements such proxy,corupption,discrimination,laziness and many more.

    Racism is very bad in nature. When you have a limited resources for sure some minorities will be leafted behind.

    Giving prioritise to certain group of people will surely injustice. This is what happening to Malaysia.

    That's why, corruptions and malpractice happening in all government sectors.

    Promotion for non majority group are none. It's all base on the only group.

  9. Tun M was wrong.. Najib is not on same law.. he basically modify the law to suit him.. which is worse… imagine had we lose the election on 9th May, he would have done more damage

  10. PM, your allies are victim of frauds and intimidation. ASEAN and AFRICA can work together on some projects to unlock the potential of both areas and peoples. Reconcialiation between Indonesia and Malaysia is no longer an option but a necessity.

  11. Feel kinda frustrated that they would scrap HSR project, but if it's for the best of Malaysia. Then let's us hope for the best.

  12. Well said . Tun…
    The hour will not come to established . Trump is the best example the morning he believe and in the afternoon he disbelieve.. that is normal for Dajjal to think…..

  13. Did he just say ??will not conquer countries. What about HK? Remember 1 country 2 system BS?.This is what happens when u elect a SENILE leader? but still nothings worst than a fentanyl using leader like ph ?du30?

  14. Every line Mr Mahathir says has sth to learn. And I can see one more thing. Value of honesty. Today he can keep his head high and blame a corrupt as corrupt for the wrong doing, cause he is honest. All can learn that. It's not corrupt money, it's honesty that has the power to rule. Downfall of Najib and Mr Mahathir becoming prime minister is the live proof.

  15. This man is a great statesman, I'm sure he will succeed in fighting corruption and restoring financial soundness in Malaysia.

  16. Rubbish to say Malaysia will not benefit from HSR. Surely there will be the spilling effects on the economy of towns and cities around the HSR stations. As for the abuse of power and corruptions under Najib, wasn't MM the one who whacked the judges, the palaces, and his critics. Wasn't MM the one who tolerated corruptions of his ministers? Najib started his corruption while he was menteri besar of Pahang. Why didn't Umno remove him? Now that it got out of hand, MM cried foul when he is in fact the villain who sowed the seeds of destruction.

  17. When I was young I read storries about hero like Hang I can tell my grandchildren about a great man of age 93 save our beloved Malaysia…I pray that God will always bless Tun and his family with great health .

  18. was never a fan of dr m. but i cannot argue against his track record. 5 winning elections then retirement and back again! omg

  19. Support the rising Malaysia from Morocco ! Malaysia should create a strong alliance and lead the ASEAN countries , I pray that Mahathir will be able to live longer until things got fixed , such honest leaders are rare to find .

  20. Mahathir aka Mr 10% had a reputation for extracting 10% from government projects when he was in power. He is the reason why corruption is endemic in Malaysia. read Now he has done an about-turn because he's protecting his son whose source of wealth can be directly traced to him. Don't be too hopeful that there's real change in Malaysia.

  21. The Malays in Malaysia were spoilt by Mahathir and UMNO. Even today, they want to protect their Bumiputera status. The reason why they voted against Najib was subsidies and GST. Malaysia's future is still in doubt as long as the Malays rely on handouts.

  22. Is everyone blind to the plain truth that all the corruption in government was started by Mahathir?

    Mahathir is a Machiavellian. He is right at the top of the list of hypocrites.

  23. The elections that Mahathir won were achieved for the reason that people were still not wise to the lies of BN and not sufficiently politically mature, and because of race politics. Let us not also forget that Mahathir also made the statement that there would be trouble and conflict if UMNO/BN lost the election.

  24. Well said Dr Mahathir.
    Age is a number, so does a physical outlook.

    There are indeed many ignorant people.
    And here is a typical saying,
    "An idiot is born every second to this world."

    And about the differences between political ideologies ?

    1. Here is a brief narration of Colonialism, and Imperialism.

    2. Then contrary to what the West has demonised it, here is a brief narration of Communism.

    Hence, with some basic knowledge, there is less misconceptions and apprehensions ?


  25. The real reasons China is claiming the South China Sea is because the Americans are bossing and intimating everyone to be their vassals,military bases in Japan,S.korea and the Philippine.They are selling weapons,warships and fighter jets through war mongering the regions,confessions by ex Americans generals reviewed that the Vietnam war was American made,those landmine are Americans made.

  26. Once upon a time he did the same things to malaysia. Pot calling the kettle is really an international disgrace. He had biullet proofed skin.

  27. The hard drive has been corrupted on the computer. Therefore it needs to be restore to factory settings.

  28. Respect for him. This man is tough & real. I wish I can live that longer with that kind of sharp mind. ??

  29. Bravo bravo Mr Mahathir A Real HERO, Wish YOU Long live with quite a sound health…. from Bangladesh….

  30. the high speed rail is for the future. it wont make a single cent?? that is crazy. the chinese already had high speed rail on hainan island. how did they do it so quickly? our wonderful Asean havent even started yet!! and now its going to be scrapped. i think we should examine ourself and stop pretending and blowing our trumpet. action speaks louder than words. we are a disgrace.

  31. With a wiser, expansive, experienced, visionary leader like him, i really dont mind for him to be authoritarian, again and again and again. He gets things done, and the people and nation benefited. Why not?!

  32. Even if a 92 year old leader who made his country to modernisation said that Trump is just crappy, Trump is confirmed to be crappy.

  33. Why cant we for once ,do the right thing to save the country and future generation?.It would be a painful transition at the beginning , but it will benefit the country.

  34. salam, blame yourself, …..God give heaven with free but the fools people try to sell the land like he is the owner….don't be so old, so many selfish people in this state and they got phd after learn it from tree stooges country.

  35. kalau aku jd PM , dpt tau hutang bnyak ni memang menitis air mata , berat betul beban yang nak digalas.

  36. This bastS was lucky that there was no imternet

    He fucked up the judiciary, used racism and scaremongering to win elections

    He remains the worse Malaysian Prime Minister. He is in the same league as Suharto and Marcos.

  37. Comment on trump is so on point. My version… just an idiot…. an idiot who just keep on pleasing and nothing have been build by his own hand.

  38. Instead of HSR, why not use the existing electric, double-track system and just buy faster trains. Have 2 services – 1 slow train and another fast train like in Europe. Manage KTM properly with efficiency and good service. If unable to manage, just copy France or Switzerland or Italy which have fantastic, efficient, yet simple rail services criss-crossing their countries.

  39. Mahathir is such a failure but quite a few Malaysians (especially the Chinese) think he is their saviour. He and UMNO are the sole reason why Malaysia has so much debt and unproductive investments. It is not just corruption but STUPID DECISIONS eg Think of all the money Malaysia invested in the failed ventures such as Proton, Malaysian Airlines. etc

  40. HSR is really a luxury item that Malaysia cannot afford at this time. They need to fix their house off rot and do not need a showpiece at the moment. This is good for Singaporeans as well. Save us the money. Even though it could rough up the plans of the people with interest in jurong estate

  41. He is the pioneer of Malaysia racist and corrupt politics and now he cry about Malaysia current situation. Lol

  42. Trump changed his mind for negotiation purpose but Mahathir did it because of BAD judgement – eg on Najib and Anwar. His bad judgements hurt Malaysia for decades.

  43. Trump changes his mind often but can not compare with Mahathir. He wanted to be Minister of Education for one day and the next day assign the position to someone else. That is super fast.

  44. Tun M is a genius. A very astounding record throughout his political career, though he also suffered from a tremendous controversial issues that in return, changed the wave of Malaysia as what we can see today. However, his touch and influence still remained strong even after two PM came into power. Pak Lah did not come well with the people and he became forgettable, while Najib…well, Najib is Najib lol. Without Tun M, Pakatan Harapan would still be defeated. That is what suprised people. His opponents kept on criticising that he may not bond well with a lot of people if social media exists during his time but guess what? He still won! Every race united to make sure he will win against a giant Malaysian political organisation which had been in power for more than half a century since independence. The first man to even break the record when people expected Barisan will still not be defeated. Plus, all the brilliant scholars, politicians, and businessmen are behind him and are with him. That's an astounding feat for a man to do that. That's why Malaysians trust the man so much. They see him as a man who can change Malaysia for the better. This is actually the first in a very long time where I see people are very united and don't complain much in trying to help the government to build back Malaysia. i always thought Malaysians had lost their patriotic spirits a long time ago but I guess it's just that that spirit needs to be reawakened. Barisan's version of patriotism had always been superficial and lacklustred, that's why people are not feeling it. Now, we all feel refreshed and ready for a new beginning. I'm really happy with the new Malaysia.

  45. Unlike many leaders, Dr M is decisive and a risk taker.

    We can call him a dictator, authoritarian or Pharaoh, he is determined in pursuing what he aim for.

    Malaysia needs a leader like him. Like a doctor who is performing an operation to remove tumour.

  46. 60 years of one dominant party rule and racialist policies corrupted the government machinery and people. Mahathir saw that, and he has come back to correct it. Hidup Tun! Hidup Malaysia!

  47. Tun Mahathir – Malaysia Truly Asian Tiger. Despite of his age, his canines and claws are sharp as ever.

  48. "Machinery in the governant are corrupted" ni la kot ramai yg kena pecat. Ramai yg makan rasuah. Bad Bakteria = rasuah

  49. Sad when PROTON is no longer Malaysian car's brand, because Nqjib sold the company to the China's company ?

  50. He's a genious becuase he did the opposite of what the IMF and wallstreet wanted and came out successful when they said he was going to fail.

  51. Other countries should truly use this as case study on how to clean up corruption. Respect! And true people with odds stacked upon such as dirty tricks by previous regime to make voting day on Wednesday without holiday to try to dissuade people from voting. Amazingly over 80% turnout!

  52. mahatir the political grand master of malaysian political chess.he will win so long he gets his share.the old umno and new umno were trained by him.he takes you back by saying he eats nasi lemak all the time.frankly he is the biggest malaysian crook.bringing the dirty crooks from old umno is his grand design.lge and the indian minister are merely wall flowers who will be kicked out and his malay delimma is actually the dellima of chinese and indians and sabahans.

  53. He ended up canceling two-thirds of Chinese investment in Malaysia, saving the country 20+ billion USD. The rest is suspended with renegotiations suppose to take place.

  54. The Razak curse actually started in 1969 when checks and balances on elected leaders were gradually dismantled in order for them to steal from the coffers using the excuse of affirmative action, race, religion and proxies.

  55. Once 'corrupted' man and woman got elected and got appointed, it is impossible to keep the machinery's corruption free.

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