Lucy Boynton’s Audition for The Politician Was Terrifying

-You were in
“Bohemian Rhapsody,” which obviously had
an incredible year and a big awards season. And I heard you were at
the Golden Globes last year, and you got to fan out
on some other actors. Who were you most excited
to meet? -Well, I had to go in on my own,
which was terrifying. But then I saw Jodie Comer
and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. -Yes.
-And I just — -“Fleabag.” “Killing Eve.”
-I know. Well, this is the thing.
I’d only seen “Killing Eve.” And I — I mean, Jodie is such
a remarkable human being. So I kind of immediately
pounced on them, and they took me
under their wing. They were very kind. And we went
for drinks and stuff. But then, unlike everyone else
in the country, I hadn’t seen “Fleabag” yet. -Right.
-I hadn’t watched it. Two years later
than everyone else. Later. And was so mortified
that I hadn’t been, like, cooler around Phoebe.
-Right. You found out later
that Clark Kent was Superman. -I did. Yes.
-You’re like, “Oh! I just thought
he was a reporter!” -I should have acted
very differently. And don’t try and be funny
around people like that. -Oh, right, you didn’t realize
you were dealing with that. -Yes. Stay in your lane.
-I’m sure it was fine. I’m sure you did absolutely
fine. This is very exciting. In a couple weeks,
you’re gonna start filming the second season of this show. Do they give you a sense
of where it’s going to go? Or is that sort of under wraps? -I wish.
-Yeah, okay. -Well, we’ve had, like,
little tidbits here and there. We were kind of guessing
throughout season one where it would go,
and then, actually at the cast and crew screening
at Ryan’s house, we watched four episodes and went to the restaurant
nearby for much-needed wine and then watched the last four. But in that break —
And after he was saying, like, “Wouldn’t it be kind of crazy
if this happened?” And we’d all be like, “Well, you’re the one
with the pen, so…” It would be kind of crazy, so —
-Yeah, I mean, this is — This is Ryan Murphy,
for anybody who doesn’t know. And I would say
there’s no one who’s better at taking shows
into crazy places and making those crazy places
believable. -Yeah, and he’ll always
outsmart you. He’ll always be one step ahead. So anything that we’re guessing,
it will be that on acid. -You — This is —
This is an audition that you did not think
went well for you. -No. No. It was
really terrifying, I think. Just — He’s such
an unreadable person. And that’s all part of his kind
of thing that makes him so cool. But then, also, like, I think auditioning in America
is a very different thing. Brits are all very kind of, like, understated and,
“That’s fine. Leave.” Whereas in America,
everyone’s very effusive and kind and enthusiastic,
and so that was just kind of — -Oh, gotcha. So he was a little
England in the United States. He had a little —
-He’s just too cool. His own thing.
-Yeah. So that was that. And then I was — I —
It went by so quickly. So then I kind of —
It was done, and I left. And I turned right.
And I turned right again. And walked straight
into the bar next door. -Oh, great. It’s very nice
when they audition near a drinking establishment. -It is so considerate.
-Yes. That’s very kind of them. -Noting that for
all casting directors. -From the clip, for those
who haven’t seen the show, you can tell this is not
the warmest of characters that you’re playing.
-Quite. -And I’d heard that your sister
takes credit for this. -She does. For both kind of being
very familiar with that face and also inducing it,
as well, I think. -Gotcha.
-Yeah. When you weren’t allowed
to be mean to each other and you’d just kind of
make that Astrid face over the kitchen table. But, also, it was really —
it was fun. It was liberating
playing someone like that. Like, as a Brit,
I think we’re so apologetic. Like, if you bump into me,
I’ll apologize. -Right. -Then you kind of, as Astrid,
have to shed all of that, and she wears her anger
on her sleeve. -Do you feel like you might
adopt this in your real life? -I think I did a bit.
-Yeah, I think you’re very — You’re very good at it.
-I think I did. When we were filming,
I was like, “Well, no,
she’s very confident, so it feels very good to adopt
some of her confidence.” And then I would catch myself
kind of making her face or snapping something. It was like, “Oh, okay, we need
to reel that back in a bit.” -It’s a fantastic show. I’m so
excited there’s another season. And it’s just so lovely
to meet you. Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you.
-Lucy Boynton, everybody.

Maurice Vega

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  2. Thanks for these..I don't have cable now and work 3 to 11 and hit hooked on late,late night shows with Seth, James,Stephen….

  3. She is soooo pretty and I realy like her personality and she is a very good actress I like her role in "the politician"! 👍

  4. literally just watched bohemian rhapsody and she was amazing in it just like the politician.
    And not to mention crazy hot and gorgeous

  5. Everyone's like "I know her from Bohemian Rapsody" but I just realised she played Posy in Ballet Shoes. That movie was my absolute favourite when I was younger. omg

  6. Brits go to america so early in there carerrs now i have no idea who they are. Its a shame they go and chase the almighty dollar before even bothering to learn their craft at home first.

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