LOL: Fox CALLS OUT Trump’s Sharpie-Altered Hurricane Map

I don’t want to overstate the importance of
the growing Donald Trump battle with fox news because Trump and fox news getting along slightly
less well, as I’ve been telling you that they’re getting along slightly less. Well, it doesn’t really alter that in the
big picture. When you zoom out, Fox carries water for Trump. Most hosts still worship the guy’s every word. You’ve got Hannity, Tucker, Jeanine, Pirro,
whatever. Trump might even see the increasing battle
that he has with Fox News. Uh, w really only Shepard Smith and sometimes
Chris Wallace and some of the weekend hosts. Trump might even see it as sport and a way
to get publicity by attacking Fox. But the reality is that we don’t want to overstate
the importance of that conflict between Trump and some elements of Fox News because overall
they’re still on the same page. And Fox is mostly a pro Trump propaganda outlet. But the disagreements between Fox and Trump
have now spread beyond just Shepard Smith and occasionally Chris Wallace. And once, I believe Neil Cavuto, even now,
Bret Baier is having reporter John Roberts simply say, Donald Trump’s bogus sharpie altered
map of Hurricane Dorian is merely that it’s bogus. It was never part of the original forecast. Now, I already told you in the last story,
uh, exactly how this map was presented. Donald Trump previously saying hurricane Dorian
was on track to hit Alabama. It wasn’t Trump then tried to retroactively
defend that claim by using a sharpie. Not Saying he personally did it, but someone
did a to make it look as though Alabama was within the reasonable a cone or trajectory
of that, uh, Hurricane Fox News then reported on this and they didn’t fall for it. They said this was a bogus altered map. Take a look. John, you were in the Oval Office today for
that pool spray. Um, this afternoon, the president displaying
a hurricane forecast map, but there appeared to be a change made to it. What would happen? This was following a briefing from Kevin Mcaleese
and the acting secretary of Homeland Security, uh, and as well the comment onto the coast
guard. This is a forecast track that the president
held up from last week where it looked like the hurricane was going to slam it in the
Florida coast, maybe even crossed the potential and get into the Gulf of Mexico. You can see somebody with a sharpie or some
other writing instrument added a little bit to the cone of uncertainty, which was not
part of the official forecast, which included the Florida panhandle and parts of Alabama. President Trump had tweeted over the weekend
that Alabama appeared to be in the cross hairs and you could probably extrapolate that if
it had have continued on that track. Alabama might’ve been effective, but it was
never part of the official forecast. When asked this afternoon how that marketing
got on the map, the president said he had no idea. Right. Okay. John, Robert, Slava in the north lawn. John, thank you. This is hilarious, but I really want to make an
effort to provide the right context for these stories. Okay. When it comes to this Fox versus Trump thing,
let me zoom out a little bit. Fox News and even corporate media more broadly,
our what we call sense-making tools and they are terrible sense-making tools for society. So when we talk about sensemaking and media,
this is maybe one of the most important analyses that we can do. And I get it. We’re, we started with a Sharpie, but again,
I’m making an effort to really provide broader and important contexts for when we do these
media analysis stories. When we talk about, uh, the sense-making analysis
for media, it goes well beyond the propaganda value of media. We’ve talked a lot about the propaganda value
of media and how media can sort of serve corporate interests or political interests for one party
or another party. And you really have to zoom out to understand
this. We are an estimated on this planet. We are an estimated 7.7 billion people, each
kind of existing in our little corner of it only having an awareness of a tiny, tiny fraction
each day of what happens on our planet. A nearly infinite, I know that that’s not
a precise term, nearly infinite, but I think people know what I mean. A nearly infinite number of things. It takes place every day depending on how
you measure them. Births, deaths, violence, storms, crimes,
entrepreneurship, food, growing medicine, technology, right? I mean it’s like the, the list doesn’t do
it justice because think about everything that goes on in our planet in one day. Sense-Making is giving meaning to what goes
on in our world so that we can understand it because again, so much happens every day
that the mind cannot actually comprehend it. So sense-making is giving meaning to, to things
that are going on and this is actually what corporate media serves on a plate for us. We can’t possibly follow every development
that takes place on our planet. So what media does is not only do they explain
things to us, but they also narrow the scope of what we pay attention to. And by virtue of that, they assign meaning
to what areas of life should we be paying attention to. Local News, your 11:00 PM local news takes
everything that happened in the day and it makes sense of the world by picking, you know,
it’s usually like five stories. One or two are usually about some horrible
crime that took place. They give you the weather and then a couple
of other stories and that’s how they make sense of the day. For you. And as I’ve talked about countless times about
corporate media, there is really no one media outlet including me. I mean I’m including myself in this. There is no one media outlet that can really
do sense-making justice because there’s just too much that happens in the world. So to be an informed person, I’ve talked about
the knowledge pyramid before. Oftentimes when I go in, I talk to uh, at
colleges and universities about critical thinking and epistemology. The Knowledge Pyramid is this thing that you
have to build up. And the bottom of the pyramid is critical
thinking skills, epistemology skills, learning how to think, learning how to learn. You then build the pyramid further by taking
those epistemological skills and you want to gain subject matter knowledge about sociology,
culture, physics, math, whatever, right? You get subject matter knowledge. And then at the very top of the pyramid is
sort of like what happens day to day. You have to use that entire base of the pyramid
to interpret a specific event to solve a specific math problem. For example, when you think about knowledge
this way, Fox News, calling Trump out or not calling Trump out really doesn’t make a big
difference in terms of foxes bigger picture sense making capacity. But when we think of the universe in which
your average Trumpist is operating, people who don’t have the epistemology and critical
thinking foundation, people who have not used that foundation because they don’t have it
to gain subject matter knowledge for them, their pyramid is truncated. And in those cases it actually can make a
difference that Fox News is saying the sharpie image was completely bogus. It could pierce someone’s echo chamber, it
could get someone to rethink their sense-making choices and it is still a good thing. That is a lot of context. But this is I think how we need to be thinking
about this very public sort of pseudo battle between Donald Trump and fox news and Fox
News occasionally saying what you are saying there isn’t true. What Donald Trump said simply doesn’t correspond
to the facts. And I think that if we want to be informed
news consumers and really be thinking about these things more broadly, it’s fun to watch
Shep Smith say Trump’s a liar. But we want to actually understand the context
and in the context for an audience that is so lacking that critical thinking pyramid
and the subject matter knowledge, it could actually get them to say, you know what, maybe
this guy is a liar and I shouldn’t support them in 2020 and to that extent, I think it’s great. Let’s just not pretend that Fox News is not
still 95% carrying water for Donald Trump and effectively [email protected]

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is a fucking joke where's the popcorn. Shit from a first world country. Not even " shit hole" countries even African and Caribbean countries would make more of a effort. To fix a propaganda meme

  2. Where are all the crying republicans screaming "Well what about what this or that Dem did?" – never acknowledging the truth. Come on, you can't all be that brainwashed and stupid, can you? Dolts.

  3. The sense making of the planet, that you're doing, is telling people that Trump is insane. But we know that. Anyone who doesn't understand that now, never will. Isn't the life support system for the planet destroyed right now?

  4. "Mr. Pwesident, did someone use a sharpie on that weather map to include Alabama in the hurricane's projected course?" –  "I don't, I don't know! This is the oranginial weather map. Look! Alabama is sooooo going to be hit."

  5. People are really over thinking this.the fact fox is turning on trump is simply rats jumping off a sinking ship.
    Fox C.E.Os are seeing his base turn on him and his increasingly insane behaviour is obvious to everybody.the fact fox news is only speaking against him Now shows there true lack of patriotism and now there is an increasing level of public outcry against fox and because of that they are losing dozens of advertisers.
    That's what it took the almighty $DOLLAR$ the same dollar which has infested you're government and allowed the Republicans to finance this state run propaganda channel.
    I only ask this…….please dont vote with just your emotions think about it. But not how it could effect you but everybody.
    And somebody who could talk coherently would be nice

  6. WTF! Why is Trump acting like a weather forecaster? Doesn’t he have better things to do, like being a president… On second thought, maybe it’s not the worst thing for him to be doing. Better that than all the other crap he has done as the “president” like enforcing laws that destroy the environment, embarrassing the nation in front of the world and bring on a recession with stupid tariffs.

  7. this sharpie thing is just bogus to distract from the money-from-the-Pentagon-for-his-wall and the Mike-Pence-in-Trump-Hotel-thing

  8. The greatest thing about tRump is how he destroys American hegemony and standing on the world stage. The more America drowns in the idiocy of its own populace, the more Russia and others prove their point. It's about time America is tossed to the wayside. A country this gullible and stupid deserves no power at all, and mango mussolini sets the stage for the downfall of an empire that was never great to begin with. Even Russia has universal healthcare while the morons here still believe the value of such things are an opinionated debate rather than verifiable fact, how fucking sad is that? Good riddance to the dumb yanks.

  9. If the media just picked ONE bad thing Trump has done and stuck with it he would be impeached within a month. Instead, he feeds them something new almost every day and they thank him for it by switching to that new thing. Thus, everyone gets distracted. I mean, we have the Mueller investigation that shows Trump colluded with Russia and is basically a Russian asset… and we are here talking about Trump using a sharpie on a weather map!

  10. Maybe there are two camps of Fox News viewers regarding this situation: Those who think Trump drew the extension and those who think someone else is responsible for it. Either way Sharpie Gate continues because of Trump.

  11. I can't believe I'm doing this, but in Trump's defense, the earlier US models mostly DID show the hurricane crossing Florida, into the gulf, but it could've hit AL, MS, LA or TX. At least while I was initially watching, the Weather Channel also included the European model. I doubt most Americans know this, but Europe's weather bureau is more advanced than our own and sure enough, they were correct and we weren't. Granted, Trump shouldn't have altered an early map of the projected course and should have been paying more attention to his NWS advisors, but he probably isn't much of a weather geek and didn't realize that this stuff can change almost minute-by-minute.

  12. David, if you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be?

    If you’re going to be such a smart cookie, you should probably know the answer to that. ?

  13. I heard David say here that people on the Right have no critical thinking skills. This is the kind of attitude that loses elections. If you want the votes of conservatives, you just have to speak their language (Kyle Kulinski says this). Otherwise, good analysis, David.

  14. Super hard-hitting stance by FOX "News": TRUMP "APPEARS" TO SHOW ALTERED WEATHER MAP. No, I'm pretty sure that most of us with our heads located on the exterior of our asses know for a fact that Ttump showed an altered map. Although I am shocked he knew where Alabama was located. The man's a genius.

  15. This just in: "The concept known only as Facts finally reveals — "I have never been with Trump, and at this point I can safely say I never will be with Trump." —- No other comment was given by Facts, nor did Facts take any questions from the media. At this time all we can safely say is that the facts are not with the President, and according to Facts, the facts never will be. Sense & Reason News, The White House."

  16. You've talked about this before, but I do still enjoy watching Shep talking to the audience like children;
    Trump said "x", that is not true.
    He also said that it is "y", it is not.

  17. The fact that it's drawn in black and empty inside when the rest of it is white with faint stripes inside proves it's just a silly doodle. Why have I not seen anything with him being called out specifically for that part?

  18. I realize the second your critique Fox news viewers for their lack of intellectual prowess, well, you know. Nevertheless, your point, within the defining context you provide is an indictment of Fox, the right wing, the Republican party and how they predominate in controlling the "American Patriotism" culture war. Without this self-righteous moral high ground to buttress their

    I think it is has been well established by academia and science those people who tend to align with progressive policy and politics, liberal leaning sentiments toward a more inclusive society exhibit higher empathy, intellect and so forth. That not withstanding, the left doesn't hold the monopoly on pedagogy, philology, epistemology or whatever your 5 cent word of choice may be. Albeit, those on the left seem to have missed lecture on denying the cold hard facts (climate change is real. quit giving rich people/corporations tax breaks, gun violence means a discussion about guns, higher civil discourse is a nurtured skill, etcetera). This one thing, the blissful ignorance of fact denial, is a rite of passage for the right.

    Those prevailing forces of the right–considered their intellectual heavy weights–are taking advantage of the fact their base of supporters live in an echo chamber, suffer from acute amnesia and invariably are easily hypnotized with two or three words (God, Guns, Bible or Jesus, Abortion, Immigration). The "truncated pyramid" of eclectic knowledge, critical thinking skills, logic and so forth cannot be blamed on Chris Wallace or George Will…but they're not the ones profiting from all the subterfuge and lies. You would imagine the rules from their old "play book" would have been realized by now as retread from the last 50 years of failed policy. Nope.

    Honestly, in order to sell low quality trash, like Trump, you have to lie as much as he does. You have to distract from the swamp engineers working behind the curtains as they fleece their very own supporters like pirates or wolves cloaked in all the Christian sheep wear.

  19. David, honestly, what do you expect Fox News to accomplish? They profess to be "Fair and Balanced", which can be argued, but do really expect a corporation to stop catering to a conservative audience that the vast majority of the media don't cater too? Wouldn't that be the dumbest business decision? They are filling a void and its lucrative given that they are the sole mainstream outlet for the right. "Sense-Making" is done by every major news outlet. Even the degree to which they do it is practically the same. Can you guess who lacks epistemology and critical thinking skills to counteract this……..almost everyone REGARDLESS of ideology. Thanks for the content David.

  20. It is so refreshing to see David Pakman give context or clarify things before making a point.
    Proper descriptin and analysis always. Not overhyping and seeming outraged by puny things. Just giving an onbjective take about given topids. There still are logical thinking real people on this planet. THANK YOU!

  21. Hilarious and pathetic. What a lame attempt at alteration. Truths about Trump:

    The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns.

    The “genius” who hides his college grades.

    The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years.

    The “playboy” who pays for sex.

    The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church.

    The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity.

    The “patriot” who dodged the draft.

    The “innocent man” who refuses to testify.

    Trump Translator:

    "Many People have told me" = Voices in my head and fictional people have complimented me

    "A lot of people don't know" = I just learned something most people already knew

    "Believe me" = I just lied

    "In Fact" = I'm about to lie

    "He's a great guy" = I will deny ever knowing this person after they begin to tell the truth about me

    "MAGA" = Making my pockets fatter off the American tax payers

    "Nobody knew" = Everyone knew except me

    "Huge" = moderate to below average in size

    "Loser" = someone who makes me feel inferior due to their talent or accomplishments

    "Policy Briefing" = Turning on Fox News

    "Liar" = Someone telling the truth about me

    "Fake News" = Real news

  22. David, I just can't with this idiot. I understand how as humans we wanna make logical out of illogical, we wanna try to find reasons, when often times, there's no reason. To maintain a healthy mindset, I prefer to find the humor in those things that NOBODY, will actually ever figure out, it's easier this way, especially when it comes to this Trump character. Here the supposed President, of these United States, took a BLACK sharpie on a white map, that had no BLACK on it, until he altered it. ? You mean he DIDNOT realize that it would be SEEN ? How so? I mean he goes know there's white out right? ? We know he's a master at cheating, but he couldn't figure how he wanted to cheat ?? Than he wrote the line on the map, and pretended he DIDNOT, and his staff (the reporters source) told it? ????? This Whitehouse is a freaken romper room. ? These are suppose to be adults. Can you imagine Bart Simpson laughing about this, with his unique laugh….or Kim Jon UNG and Puden laughing in slow motion????? after it's spread all over world news outlets ? ? They better hide that sharpie in the secret place with his diploma. ?? . David you have to be serious most times, because people depend on your take, and so you far as I have seen, don't laugh a lot, when your rendering your information and your opinion. But ME, I don't have to do anything but bust a gut, because after this stunt Trump's, pulled, all I can do it crack up! ?? IAM crying over here. This is hilarious ! ? When you think, he's done , he comes back with something else special, that proves a basket case. But this one TOPS it. It's like a little kid, who wrote on the wall, and his dad ask " who wrote on this wall"? " Not me dad"! That's Trump. Except he's 74 years old. Ok David, I know enough is enough, I could go on, but I won't, I have cried enough ! I CANT!?

  23. WOW, you are the biggest "Tool" in history. Well can't discount; bernie, beto, kamala, and Pocahontas… This is a regular "Fan Boy" channel, FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS, I can hardly wait to see the tears after Trump's 2020 win. Maybe then you will all actually leave the country as you said before, then again you must be VERY comfy in mommies basement. MAGA!!!!

  24. This has become comical. If some had showed me a news article from the future before trump was president and said this was real. I would think it was Saturday Night Live or something. In no way is this normal. I can't believe that in the Highest office, the most important job in our country is being run like this. We are actually spending time arguing whether or not Alabama was posed to be hit by a hurricane because our president doesn't have the humility to admit to a mistake.

  25. I'm sure you're familiar with "manufacturing consent" that reasons that it is the journalist that follows the rules of the media system who rises to the top. Take the same logic and ask "how is it that Trump is president?" and suppose "because the media and the buffoon are symbiotic." Keep it up. Idiocracy part coming in 2020. Either lose your shit over a weather forecast, or war in Syria. You picked a mark on a map.

  26. Who besides Dotard tRump is allowed to mark up an official weather map? …and Dotard had no idea of how the map got altered??? Right!

  27. Trump don't need any hurricane center or meteorologists, he got this with a magic marker. And he only surrounds himself with the "best".. well maybe Epstein was a mistake but only the the best. Make America morons again. Just ignore the radioactive category 5 hurricane no one ever heard of heading to Alabama.

  28. Generally I would not even raise Fox to the level of fake news but rather just a barrage of fictional entertainment. Imagine being someone like Hannity who has to wake up every freaking day and ask his staff "alright, what bullshit do we have to make up today to defend all the train wrecks that orange fucktard said, did, or tweeted the past few hours?".

  29. Again and again and again, your posts are full of half-truths. Your subscribers are some of the most gullible sheeple type. They believe whatever you say. Group-think at it's best. See truth below.

    "From Wednesday, August 28, through Monday, September 2, the information provided by NOAA and the National Hurricane Center to President Trump and the wider public demonstrated that tropical-storm-force winds from Hurricane Dorian could impact Alabama," the statement read. "This is clearly demonstrated in Hurricane Advisories #15 through #41,

  30. This is one of the most blatant examples of intentional dishonest by our "news media".
    Dorian was originally forecast to make landfall in Central Florida before moving north. Under that original forecast there would have been some effect felt in Alabama. Then the media claims Trump is low IQ and doesn't know where Alabama is.
    Then they claim a sharpie on a map is, "an altered image".
    They prey on the low IQ and weak of mind.

  31. Nobody picked up on the fact that these outward going cones grow in size? Logic suggests that the buffoon should have included Mississippi and Louisiana….

  32. Trump clearly told someone to make a map showing Alabama in the hurricane's path, and someone trolled him hard by simply using a sharpie that is clearly out of place on the map. Either that, or Trump drew it himself. I'm not sure which is more embarrassing to be honest.

  33. Apart from anything else, the circles expand because, as time goes on, the unknowns add up. Suddenly having a more certain area after a given time makes no sense whatsoever.

  34. The dumbest part is that Trump is so stupid he can't even be an authoritarian dictator right. Like you have the resources of the white houses' dozens of aides and you don't have some loyal yesman whip up a convincing doctored map. Instead, you pull out a sharpie. If he was Stalin, the pictures Leon Trotsky would have just been scribbled out by a crayon.

  35. This was pretty luke warm if you ask me. They basically let him off the hook by not challenging his answer of how the marking got there and why it would even be there in the first place (to stroke his ego).

  36. Why isn't the word: 'mistake' considered here? AND, it's the effing weather! Important ? Yes… But not in relation to his current efforts in China. Please move on to something else… You're being pedantic – thus boring!!!

  37. The plot thickened on this story…the employee for the National Weather Service was reprimanded for tweeting a correction on Trump about Dorian impacting Alabama. The President cannot be corrected! The White House got involved and the National Weather Service was made to issue statements to back up the President, if they want to stay in business, even though none of their information backed up the President. It also came out that Trump made the Sharpie correction himself, even though he denied knowing anything about it.

  38. It couldn’t be a proper Cock and balls on the map with just one ball… somebody had to draw the other one! Duh!!!

  39. Cnn made basically the SAME PREDICTION trump did. Mark dice has the video. Trump derangement syndrome is real. Damn. I knew i waked away for a reason.

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