Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 LIVE | BJP Leading By 331 Seats, Modi Creates History

Maurice Vega

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  1. Peoples of India not voted for RSS but election commission worked for RSS. 1 nation 1 code and 1 dress will be coming soon

  2. 1-Lack of industrial development in Bengal
    2-Patronage to violence and hooliganism (a definite no-no for BENGALI
    BHADRALOK) 3-MAMATA's confrontationist attitude towards the CENTRAL GOVT and
    non-implementation of its schemes 4-Encouragement and support to ILLEGAL
    are insiders but NON-BENGOLIS are outsiders in BENGAL !) What logic ! 5-Induging
    in dynastic politics
    A tight slap on the face of MAMATA BANERJEE from the pages
    of democracy !

  3. 542 seat pr akele modi lar gye or
    Jeet v gye

    Jab bharat ki janta
    Mp. Ke kaam par vote dene lag jayege tab hoga hamare desh asal vikash
    Varna ye sab bakwash hai

  4. Agar pakistan ki janta hafiz sayed thokra deti hai aur bharat ki janta paragya sihng thkur ko pasand karti to kiya maseg jaraha pori dunya me

  5. Hamko. Cpim&congress. Nahichayiye… Modiji…. Chayiyeee… All time.. B. J. P. Jaijai.. Modiji.. Jaijai..

  6. जम्मू कश्मीर में आईईडी ब्लास्ट 8 शहीद
    Khusi baad main bna lena 😣😣😣😣😣

  7. Mulley nahi deekh rahe , Tauba Tauba ramjan par unke allah ne bahoot boori khabar suna di unko .🤣🤣🤣

  8. D man whoz sayng BJP ws a economic failure ….does he knw d definition of economy ….,, Atleast there is a man who thnks about nation before him …jai hind

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