Liviu Dragnea, Romania's most powerful politician, sentenced to jail for corruption

Maurice Vega

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  1. Thank you Romania, thank you Camelia Tabacu, Mălin Bot, Marian Ceaușescu, Cristian Mihai Dide, Victor Ponta, and all Romanian heroes of 10 August 2018 massacre against Romanian nation liberation.
    I hope Western Media will present all of you to the world, and will not repeat the same shame as about syrians nation destroyed by Western "civilization" very silent very criminal calculations.

  2. Ala leutul izraelului nou nascut ucrainian e cam trist de asemenia eveniment dar na face concluzii baiatul .

  3. No big loss. He was a "social democrat". Let's hope everything in the prison is bolted down and marked with initials.

  4. He was sentenced for abuse instigation, but the people he presumably instigated to abuse were aquited! How do you bridge this logical fallacy?

  5. This man will not make a day of prison. It will probably be led directly to a private property that stretches across hectares. Nobody will know for sure…

  6. We are slowly getting there after 29 years. We suffered way too much with corrupt and unefficient governments but our time is slowly coming as we jail those thieves.

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