Lindsey Graham’s Master Plan Falls Apart

>>I wanna circle back to Lindsey Graham. Because we laid out what he wanted to do,
this show of loyalty, didn’t quite work out. By Friday morning, only 44 of 53 Republicans
in the Senate had signed on to his resolution attacking the impeachment query. And so it was initially meant to show that
he had this rock-solid base of support. But instead, it showed that there were some
holes in that. And to sort of buttress that, the Daily Caller
contacted, that’s where I go for good journalism.>>Contacted all, but in this it doesn’t really
matter, contacted all 53 Republican Senate offices earlier this week to ask if senators
would rule out voting to remove Trump from office and received a variety of responses. Seven senators explicitly rejected impeachment
in their statement, so but what they did not find is that all of them were no, we definitely
will support the president. There did seem to be a little bit of a gradient
there.>>So this is a really important story because
this gets to, will they convict him in the Senate. Or is there enough of a threat of conviction
in the senate for Trump to resign in shame etc. So this is really bad news for Trump. Now, look, we can’t help but be fair. I think Daily Callers made up a number of
stories. They’re not a trustworthy source, but can
they, do they have conservative sources? And in this case, they love the president
and yet they went and asked 53 Republican senators, only 7 of them said I won’t do impeachment.>>Right.>>Okay, so obviously the senators would convict
after impeachment. But that is not a good sign for President
Trump. President Trump would want the Daily Caller
to reach out and get 50 out of the 53 senators going, no way I’m gonna convict. That’s not even, I’m not even willing to consider
it. Lindsay Graham puts pressure on them and says,
sign this, sign this, sign this. Then, they go, nope, not gonna do it. He waters it down to, there’s some procedural
problems with how the Democrats are proceeding. And only 44 out of 53 senators even signed
that.>>Yeah.>>They don’t even agree there is procedural
problems. They won’t say yes to the watered-down useless
resolution that Lindsay Graham wound up with. That means they’re all weighing things up. These are Republicans senators.>>Yeah.>>So they are thinking, am I gonna win, am
I gonna lose, what’s my poll numbers, what am I doing here? That means they have not decided, Trump is
in a world of trouble.>>Yeah, I mean back to something you said
earlier. I think it’s really interesting. We’re looking back on previous impeachments
and looking at Clinton for example. And this is sort of the beginning of when
a super centrist, very pro-corporate, very moderate Democrat, was piled on by the right. And all kinds of conspiracy theories were
created about the Clintons, etc. Stuff that we’ve dealt with up until now even,
right? And at that moment, I think you saw the Democrats
were taken aback by, well, here we’ve put up a very moderate centrist, whatever, criminal
justice reform, welfare reform, pro nafta president for you. And you’re still tearing him down and instead
of pivoting and being like we have to be more offensive, they pivoted and kind of rolled
over. I mean I was alive and around during those
impeachment hearings and I don’t remember the democrats making a strong case for the
fact that we’re talking about fellatio, adultery, private people’s lives. Of which, of course, there is no comparison
to the kinds of things that Trump has done in his personal life. But Democrats, we usually don’t get on our
moral high horse. And I think that we should, right, not just
about adultery but all of these other things. So I think you’re seeing the withering end
of that very bad strategy from the Democrats to sort of capitulate to the right wing. And now that the ball’s in our court I’m,
what are democrats gonna do and I just want to say that I think progressives can’t cede
impeachment discussion only to people like Nancy Pelosi. I think just because we agree with her on
impeachment doesn’t mean that more establishment centrist democrats should control that narrative. Because what happens is that we stop reiterating
the facts, we start to play on the well hey, we followed the rules guys, you don’t you
don’t like the rules? No. Okay, I guess we we won’t talk about it anymore,
or we won’t keep on saying->>Yeah.>>All of the crimes that have been committed. Do you know what I’m saying here-
>>I know exactly what you’re saying Francesca. The problem is you’re too rational and no
one in Washington is gonna listen to that. So I was just talking to people in Washington
today. And so what you say makes perfect sense. Let’s say I’m a congressman or a senator that’s
Democrat right now. What do I care what Schumer or Pelosi says? I’m gonna come out on fire and I’m gonna attack,
attack, attack. But, in the Washington culture, and I’m telling
you, I have sources inside of Washington. I talk to other media inside Washington.>>Trey Goudi.>>And so the, and so the culture is I know
Pelosi and Schiff are in charge, that’s it, that’s it.>>Sure.>>So, everybody else go away, otherwise you’re
ruining things by actually doing something positive by fighting back, don’t do that,
don’t do that, we have a wonderfully team strategy we’re executing and if we go beyond
that. You have no idea how much trouble you’ll be
in, in the Democratic Congress.>>Yeah, and while I think you’re right that
Democrats should be out in the media pushing the case against Trump, they should also while
we’re relatively early on in the process, continue to push back against the Pelosi strategy
of this extremely narrowly defined inquiry. I don’t think it’s necessarily too late to
put pressure on her to expand it to some of literally just the crimes that we’ve brought
up in this past segment.>>I disagree. That’s the one thing that I disagree on. I think some progressives think there should
be a really broad impeachment inquiry. I disagree. I think this is a perfect instance, a criminal
instance that I think people can get on board with, including, as we just talked about a
lot of Republicans. I think it was smart. What I’m saying is, if it doesn’t take, if
the Senate which we probably assume will not vote to impeach. We can’t let the narrative of the crimes and
take stock of all of the things including maybe the broader stuff, but specifically
this Ukrainian stuff, we can’t let that fall by the wayside. At the same time that we can’t let the issues
of income and equality and climate change and all the other things fall by the wayside
either. I guess I’m wondering if we can walk and chew
gum as we go into 2020.>>Yeah, so let me say the last two things
about that. One is on the issue of, look for example,
what we just did here Pelosi and the democratic congress would find unacceptable. We had a slight disagreement about strategy
and we did it publicly. So John and I think that they should pursue
him on at least four crimes and maybe the alignments clause. Francesca says just two crimes, the two crimes
involved in the Ukraine call, right? But Democrats think that’s unproductive, no. You want a national debate about whether Donald
Trump created two crimes or committed two crimes or four crimes.>>Great debate.>>That’s the debate you want.>>It looks amazing for Democrats if we just
fully talk about all of the crimes and we’re, what is the Emoluments Clause? Let’s go over that again.>>Yes. Because if you bring it up, even if all Democrats
don’t agree with you at least we’re having a conversation, a national conversation, about
the things that Trump has done wrong. Okay, and so that leaves me the last point. Guys, all this is good and important and we’re
telling you the substance of what he did wrong and we’ve said it a hundred times. But remember, the only thing that matters
is not any of the facts, it’s not any of the law, the only thing that matters is Republican
senator polling numbers in their home states.>>Mm-hm.>>The ones that are up for election in 2020. If they start to drop into the low 40s and
high 30s, and that’s where McConnell is already, he’s not even high 30s, he’s mid 30s. They’re going to panic, cuz they’re gonna
lose their own seats. For incumbents, if you’re under 50%, that
means you’re in trouble. If you’re bordering 40%, you almost certainly
are gonna lose. And so that will determine whether they’re
gonna convict Donald Trump or not. That’s it. There is no conversation, any conversation
that happens on TV and it happens all the time about, well will McConnell or senator
Isaacson from Georgia act on principle, will he put country above party. No that is incredibly naive. No, the only question is, are they gonna lose
or are they not gonna lose if they think they’re gonna lose their own seats? Trump is in trouble. And that’s what this story says. Republican senators are in a best case scenario
for Trump, are not at all sure if they’re going to support him cuz it might cost them
their own seats, and if he loses them, it’s game, set and match.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I'm tired of hearing …trump is in big trouble now!!.and yet he still president!..when he is physically gone then I believe it!

  2. I don't think there should be any rush as the longer it goes on, the more the rot will reveal itself and as more come forward, there could be more opposition members who will also be impeached or arrested. We need to allow for the existing systems to fray and crumble.

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  4. Although I don't doubt most Republicans just want to save there assess, I also believe it's there job to represent the thought and desires of their home communities. If that means impeachment then they need to go with it. If their heart isn't in it and their thoughts and morals are not in line with their home communities, then they need to not run again. Like that will ever happen. Just sharing a thought. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Trump won't be there, after the next election. They don't want to loose their jobs, in their next elections. They will, if they don't impeach. Graham is sure to be gone.

  6. Why are my not surprised, tyt with another gabbage, highly over-exaggerated click bait title. TYT, it is your mother's and fathers who fell apart scums.

  7. "Resign in shame" – you are joking right Cenk? – Trump doesn't even know what that means – the scary thing is he might actually survive – the evidence needs to be tight and even then it might not be enough

  8. Asking a Senator whether they rule out impeachment is meaningless. You need to be careful with wording – if the House gets a majority, Trump is impeached and it goes to the Senate for trial requiring a super majority to convict. Even if the Senate acquits, Trump is still an impeached president. As to the scope of the proceedings, I'm with Pelosi. The Ukraine issue is the cleanest and the nature of the allegation is such that it's very difficult to argue it's a political attack. The rest of it is best left to the people next year – if it's packaged into impeachment and Trump isn't convicted, the GOP can falsely sell it as exoneration. He hasn't got away with it if it's a significant factor in voting him out. So tactically speaking, I really think it wiser to let it fester in public minds. I am one of those who doesn't think Senate acquittal is a foregone conclusion, but the odds are against. Congress can (and will) seriously stigmatise Trump with impeachment but the best shot at removing him rests with the voters.
    As to the damage he can do in the remaining year, well it's a worry but at least he'll be really busy campaigning to save his skin. The judiciary can stay executive orders and take their time over litigation. Trump will call it obstruction but the counter is that he'll be causing delays by obstructing everything in sight himself. And of course it's due process, which he suddenly seems very keen on.

  9. I'm loving how the Old White Boy Politicians for the first time in their shady lives, are finally losing their shit from their own hypocrisy.

  10. Only, unfortunately, this is no longer true
    is what has been reported. Isn't the most
    recent news now 50 have signed?

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  13. Nancy Pelosi’s strategy is the way to go. And it is working, the polls are reflecting that. Add to much and you will lose. People can understand the quid pro quo in Ukraine. If they cared about emoluments, they would have started clamoring about it in year 1.

  14. You guys need to get it correct! The House Impeaches! Once Impeached by House, then Senate has trial to remove from office!

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  17. Keep the Articles of Impeachment simple. The rest will play itself out. If you muddy the waters by broadening the crimes the Republicans will draw it out further by saying that that this is not a court of law. Just hit Trump with abuse of power and make sure that this is with high crimes and misdemeanors where William Barr is involved. Barr needs to be removed for helping Trump commit his crimes and protected him.

  18. Racist Paedophile 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Should be in Prison getting Gangbanged by his Aryan Queer Chasing Brotherhood 🚶🏃👨👴👱🕴️🕺👨‍❤️‍👨😍😘

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  20. All that you know, is your KNOWLEDGE….A situation arises….A conclusion, analysis, determination, is needed……So, using your knowledge, which is limited , you form this conclusion…….Musn't the conclusion be incomplete. I'm asking

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  22. I don't believe the Republicans party in the Senate will not impeach him .I do believe America will have to vote him out of office trump and the Republicans party in 2020.

  23. I can guarantee you and you can put money on it that the GOP will never impeach Trump.Being politicians they may hem and haw about it whenever the media asks the question but in reality they can't impeach him.The rich donors that put him in office still support him and after getting a trillion dollar payoff in tax breaks they still think he will deliver even more for them.We the people are screwed.

  24. I am sorry the Democrats are weak. They always bring a knife to a gun fight. The Republicans uses lies and twist facts very well against Democrats.

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    I have called EMAILed politicians are no listening to the progressive base. I want impeached

  29. Oh Cenk … "trump is in a world of problem" if I had a nickel for every time you've said that and then nothing happens

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  32. Mr Graham you had it correct the first time

    You said if we elect trump he would be a danger to our country. You where 100 percent right.

    So way do what trump has accused Biden of doing to Obama?

    Kissing that fat jellied ass.

  33. Maybe Lindsey can come up with a bill that authorizes trump to have access to twitter while in prison, so we can read his prison tweets.

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