Lindsey Graham’s Challenger: His ‘Word Is Like Mud’ | All In | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Slate the supermarket tabloid reports: “Wine Cave” Attendee Defends Event as Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren Says She Learned From Fundraising Mistakes? One saying that you can say about mayor Pete I don't think he's ever had a "MAN Cave"!

  2. When it's your opponent,your adversary's party needs to be
    impartial! When it's your guy taking the heat,it's "circle the wagons"!

  3. what's your point?, yes he wanted witnesses then for the Clinton Impeachment but never got any, The Democrats denied them the witnesses, so again what's your point?

  4. 🤣😂 Cool since NANCY is dragging here feet to turn in the BS Impeachment articles the Impeachment is Nulled and Void…. hey Nancy the Senate makes the call not you, your done! Turn them in chicken!

  5. I apologize but southern white conservatives don't care. they will vote against their interest every time. they are mostly uninformed and some are very racist and that is a very dangerous combination. Trump is their hero because he and Stephen Miller speak their language.

  6. I so hope Harrison throws graham out of office. Graham is a liar, hypocrite, and could care less about his oath of office. He works for trump and not South Carolina. He also took $800 thousand dollars from Russia.


  8. I may get a mailing address in South Carolina with my family that live in the state just to vote for Jamie Harrison. After all, I seen Trump Supporters mentioning illegal things in Trump support, I may as well do the same. Lindsey Graham, Mitch mccdonal and Trump needs to go on their next election to name a few.

  9. Even though I receive a small monthly SSDI check & I don't live in SC, I will be donating to his campaign.
    It is imperative that the malignant cancer that is the Republicant party be removed from our democracy!

  10. Everything the Republicans say is only applicable to others. They’re apparently above the law. What in the heck is happening in the USA???

  11. Republican Senators have forgotten that they are there to protect and defend the Constitution and to represent the people. It seems like Republican Senators have become self-serving and the presidents protectors which is incorrect they're not there to protect the president they're there to protect the people Lindsey Graham has done a complete 180. I don't know how he went from talking so much negative things about Donald Trump to being his number one Defender what made him turn and change his opinion about this man I'll take a guess money he knows that he doesn't have a lot of time in the Senate so he is like a thief in a buffet of money he is trying to put as much in his pocket before he goes away and that is sad because after he stuffs his pockets he has traded his morals integrity for money shame on you

  12. I like Mr. Harrison of S. C. And I hope he defeats Lindsey Graham for the Senate seat next year.

  13. Old people need to stop voting for lindsey and mitch because you old white people are hurting the rest of America by putting these old racist tired people in office….we need new blood in this country. Out vote OLD WHITE people America!!!!!

  14. I don't want to be a Politician, work for the Government, Military, or any of the corrupted groups in America. I am not worried about truth being a problem to haunt me. Haunt me.. I went to School for two degrees. Once I went for my first field in Administration Of Justice. I saw how corrupted, conniving, and sickening the Family, so-called Friends, and other hypocrites were. I can care less about Government. I cannot stand Politicians not taking oaths seriously. They earned two terms at the most. I am sticking with my two to three classes from my BA in Business. I have generated incomes through my own Businesses. The Federal Government, Courts, and other Governments crooked behinds do not have any power to try to force Anyone to work for them. That will NOT ever happen. These People are disgusting. No One cares about a menace to society street code. Their lives. Their lies. No One cares about crooked Governments undercover or whatever. I do not involve myself in any of that BS. My life is being affected by ALL these nutcases. They need to go to another Planet. Release my financial relief. I am not a part of any ignorant groups of destruction. Move on.

  15. ..Graham knows how ridiculous Trump is, it even slips out every now and then, Graham doesn't even believe him self when he speaks, hahah

  16. Why do the Republicans or the Democrats do that we have filmed documentation that shows what they said, are people so out of touch that they do no research anymore.. I wish Jamie Harrison much luck because I can look back and see would Lindsey had to say about trump before he was elected he's a kook he's unstable he's unfit for the office like that

  17. The reason I don't follow politics is that the little I do they always cater to the audience they're speaking to, they don't mean what they say and they don't say what they mean they say what they think they think you wanna hear. Has no one ever explained to him what is like to be a man..and the commander and queef is the biggest grifter of them all

  18. My respect for Graham, if I had any, which I didn't then up until now was gone. He was a supposed good friend to John McCain, but did nothing or said nothing when Trump was bashing McCain before, during, and after John McCain. With Friends like Graham, who needs enemies. You are a FAKE LINDSEY GRAHAM. Those who now know it finally pulled the wool off of their eyes, and hopefully, you will be going back home to South Carolina to stay, and not going back to DC!!!!!

  19. Can we get real here Mitch flipping McConnell constantly polls that low, but he will continue to win because he does what Republicans want even if they kinda hate him

  20. Let's not forget this gem by Graham; "Trump a 'race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot";

  21. Well if there is no witnesses and no documentation will the impeachment trial will be rig that's just what Mitch McConnell and the Republicans want they do not want the public to hear those recorded emails and those recorded phone calls and no witnesses that way they can rig the impeachment trial for Donald Trump you got to have the recorded phone calls recorded transcripts in recorded emails and witnesses if you don't have that the trial is rig just what Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham & w publicans want a rig trial

  22. While this is all true. As well as Republican politicians are easily anti America/US, and anti Constitution. They are the living epitome of hypocrisy.

    With that said, You should pass this segment to independent news orgs bc MSNBC's word is like mud too.

  23. As you watch Graham you can tell that he is an homosexual . What dirt did Putin dig up on him ? To make Graham do an complete 180 re Trump? In 2016 graham called Trump a racist xenophobic unfit for office. Trump invited him golfing one weekend and the trump syncopation began.

  24. Who even listens to these guys anymore? If Trump told us a nuclear missile was heading our way, I would probably tune in to House Speaker Pelosi or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC for information.


  26. Lindsey Graham has ties to foreign governments he has to do with Donald Trump says he was on TV doing what Donald Trump wants him to do and he has to do they act like they doing something with him it must be awful goodbecause doing that impeachment of Bill Clinton he said they had to be witnesses and and transcripts emails recorded phone calls along with the recordedand he was saying that in the Clinton impeachment of whoever was being impeached that they had to be witnesses and they had to be doubly corded emails and the recorded phoneif you want to rig a impeachment trial you don't have any witnesses you don't have any recorded emails you don't have any recorded phone calls and you don't have witnesses this is the most shameful administration in Senate in world history

  27. The American people is sick of these criminals because they only benefit in foreignand not done anything for the American people the food prices is sky-high the gas price is sky-high the economy people's working 4 to 5 to 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet the economy isin bad shape when you got to work 2 to 3 job at 4 to 5 jobs to make ends meet when Obama was President gas prices was down food prices was down and we didn't have to work 2 to 3 jobs in 45 jobs to make ends meet in the obamas economy

  28. What does Graham have to say for himself/his change in moral character? Was the Constitution/country ever important to Graham or was it always about hypocrisy/personal power?

  29. Lindsey two-tone Graham and his flexi faith has lost all credibility as a man and a Christian.
    His opinion means nothing.

    However, he does a pretty fair job at being a weasel!

  30. Trump still has the power to have GOP candidates primaried. This is the whole problem in a nutshell. Trump's constituent voters refuse to be swayed by evidence, and seem to back him no matter what he does, giving Trump the power to hold influence over a controlling portion of the GOP electorate. It's like Trump has a gun to the head of each GOP candidate up for reelection.

  31. I'm glad Graham has solid competition. He went from one of the true honorable Republicans who spoke out against Trump's idiocy, racism etc to the biggest Trump patsy yes man not in Trump's cabinet. Truly pathetic. I hope he loses and never gets another public office.

  32. I wish I wasn't smarter then you all. my life would be easier if i wasn't so dam smart. when I say you deserve to die thats completely accurate.

  33. Please take a moment to pray with me. Dear God we humbly ask that you open our politicians hearts to our country's needs. Please guide them to put our nation's needs before their own. We love you and trust you. Amen.

  34. How can ANYONE like or even THINK Trump is a "model" unless its a model CROOK!!!Not only does this individual NEED to be removed from office but CHARGED with all the CRIMES he has been commiting for the past number of years! INCLUDING selling out America!

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