Lie Witness News – Trump Watergate Edition

Maurice Vega

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  1. Im from Germany and I just can't believe how stupid these trump supporters are it hurts to listen to these uneducated people.

  2. WOW ! There is nothing to say!!!!!! But I’m sure that many Americans are smarter than that. Not making the diffenrece between Watergate, Vietnam war, last presidents, etc. keeps me speechless.

  3. Not surprising, if you have read Trump worshipers' posts and tweets online. They truly believe every lie that he says and tweets. Do they really think that a so-called "Deep State" who they attribute having so much power, would have permitted Donnie to win the EC vote in '16? And how did the media suddenly become fake after Trump won the RNC nomination? I remember that he had the MSM on his side, until he scheduled a presser for the first time in over a year, then didn't show up for it, and then bragged how he stood them up during his next couple of campaign rallies. The MSM began being more critical of his speeches and tweets after that, which caused the vindictive manbaby to call them "fake news".

  4. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!! Idiots!! Idiots!!! Idiots!!! Ford is dead!!! This is proof how stupid, and I express stupid! his followers are.

  5. I can’t believe these people can be this stupid. Americans need to spend more time reading and less time watching Netflix.

  6. These are the ppl showing up to vote in 2020! Ppl let’s wake up! Let’s vote and get this orange clown back in Mar-A-Lago and out of the White House!

  7. Tbh I don’t watch jimmy kimmel as much at all anymore and I lost some respect for him because it’s so annoying to constantly hear about politics from a tonight show that’s supposed to make you laugh. (I dont pay attention to politics so don’t accuse me of anything)

  8. Holy hell ….these are the types of people who are trying to undermine those with year and years of higher education 🙄🤧

  9. Wow. What an eye opener. It’s crazy to know that this is how people think. Seriously though, did anyone of these people pay attention in history class.

  10. Interviewer: "During trump's term , he shot someone on fifth avenue. Do you think that is an impeachable offense?"

    trumpTard: "No it's not. MAGA MAGA!"


  12. Proof yet again that having at least an average IQ is not one of the requirements for being a U.S. voter. And if enough voters are both ignorant and stupid, it helps those who design misleading political campaign ads to earn a living.

  13. Omg
    I would absolutely love to be by the girl in the curls when she watched herself on a video and then realized the stuff they was asking her .
    Love to be there

  14. That women with the hair roller looks and acts like she came straight out of the 1950s, even talks about news papers instead of news, lol.

  15. Me: I wonder why people keep voting against their own interest, making themselves poorer and the rich richer.

    Oooh, I get it now

  16. I wonder if all the money getting wasted on political ads and campaigns before elections
    would instead go into education and supported health care system,
    would these people still blindly follow a person who simply serves their primal instincts ?

  17. “I like trump and I don’t listen to the news” ok then how do you know you like trump then? I feel like what she said is the exact mindset of pretty much everyone who voted for Cheeto man…all comes down to millions of people being severely uninformed but still voted anyway 🤦‍♀️

  18. There's also a secret agent responsible for messing up with the illumination during press conferences, they call him Agent Orange.

  19. Sign up that blonde haired woman with the southern accent and the curlers in her hair for a television sit-com. Just put her in front of the camera and tell her to act naturally. She is naturally funny like the reincarnation of Gracie Allen.

  20. I am convinced that the only way to rid these undesirables is to take them out in civil war. Sure, millions might die, but at least we'll get rid of idiot like these folks that are being interviewed.

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