Liberal vs. Conservative: A Neuroscientific Analysis with Gail Saltz

So I think what’s really fascinating is
that there have been a number of recent studies looking at brain structural differences between
liberals and conservatives. And what’s been found in several studies is that liberals
tend to have a larger anterior cingulate gyrus. That is an area that is responsible for taking
in new information and that impact of the new information on decision making or choices.
Conservatives tended on the whole to have a larger right amygdala. Amygdala being a
deeper brain structure that processes more emotional information – specifically fear
based information. So it’s really responsible for the flight or fright response. And this
isn’t everybody. It’s not black and white and of course then, you know, what about all
of the people in the middle? But basically the study showed that if you just based it
on brain structural size different you could predict who would be a conservative and who
would be a liberal with frequency of 71.6 percent. 71.6 percent is a pretty high ability to predict
who is a conservative and who is a liberal just from brain structure. When you look at
what your parents were in terms of predicting what you might be in terms of conservative
versus liberal, that enabled you to predict in studies at a rate of 69.5 percent. So very
close. Not quite as good and why is that interesting? It’s because the brain is plastic. So the
question as to whether you have a brain structure to start with that informs whether you will
be a liberal or conservative or whether the formation of certain thoughts from your parents
for example shapes your brain structure. Because the brain is plastic and ever changing, particularly
in youth. So does thinking certain thoughts or predominantly let’s say utilizing your
right amygdala versus your anterior cingulate gyrus inform the growth of those areas and
therefore help you predict later who is liberal and who is conservative. So in terms of interpreting the meaning of
different sized structures for a liberal versus a conservative I think you have to look at
what that area is predominantly responsible for. So for instance for conservatives if
you’re right amygdala is enlarged and that’s the fear processing area you would expect
maybe choices or decisions or character and personality to be more informed by a response
to a fearful situation. So for example conservatives in fact in personality studies do tend to
rate higher in areas of stability, loyalty, not liking change, being more religiously
involved in terms of decision making, having that rate higher for them in making certain
choices. And if you look at liberals from a personality character standpoint you’re
going to find stronger ratings in terms of liking change wanting to actually base decision
making on new information, on science information. And so those differences are not surprising
in light of these brain structural differences. Being a liberal or being a conservative really
is not black and white. It’s really a bell shaped curve where, you know, someone who
considers themselves conservative may be far less conservative so to speak than someone
else who still calls themselves a conservative. And that bell shaped curve continues all the
way through where in the middle there may be a large group that calls themselves independents. What we don’t know is whether that has to
do with differences in brain structure and so would we see in independents, no one’s
does that study to say oh, independents don’t show any differences in brain structure or
any differences in say risk taking reaction. So we don’t know for sure what that means
but I think it’s fair to say that even when we looked at differences in brain structure
with a reliability of 71.6 percent that still leaves, you know, a very larger number that
don’t fit into that category. So, you know, where do they fall out? Are they more likely
to be independents in their mind? We don’t know the answer to that but certainly, you
know, these are not hard and fast rules. This is not diagnostic science and people who are
independent obviously have certain characteristics I’ll say of both sides are somewhere just
like they sound in the middle. I think by understanding what’s going on
structurally in the brain and functionally in the brain we can better understand what
informs people’s very strong opinions that ultimately inform our political system, right.
Because it’s one person, one vote. And in trying to change people’s minds I think
everybody has to look at what’s behind the ability to change a mind. Is it really changeable? When we look at voting and changing minds
and say political advertising you have to recognize that all of that new information
always comes in through the prism of your brain. Which means that what I say to you
versus you may be heard differently even though I’ve said the same thing. So it comes in
through the prism of does what you said make me nervous and afraid and therefore I’m
going to resort to my old standby I don’t want to change my decision? Or am I going
to hear the same information and say oh, that’s novel. I have a receptivity to novel information.
Therefore that’s interesting to me and I’m going to think about whether I might change
my mind based on that new information. I think that’s what the science is basically
saying to us that there are going to be some people who are going to hear the information
and retreat to their original thinking. And other people are going to hear new information
and say that really does change my mind. If we’re trying to have a society that will
work in its own best interest let’s say then we do want to be able to communicate
with one another. And so if you’re a liberal and say you want to talk to a conservative
about gay marriage you want to have in your mind how it might still speak to loyalty,
stability and religious belief in some way. You want to have those ideas inform your communication
as opposed to simply saying but, you know, this percentage of the population is homosexual
and therefore, you know, we should consider whether everybody should have those same rights.
And, you know, science shows it’s not a choice. It’s simply a fact you’re gay
or not gay. And therefore shouldn’t those people have the same rights? That’s not
the best way to appeal perhaps to a conservative on this issue. You want to appeal to them in terms of how
for example marital rules or history might be maintained and not really altered for those
who are in let’s say a “traditional marriage.” How it won’t interrupt the fabric for example
of their lives, of the rules that they adhere to. Those kinds of things would be more appealing
to them whether or not that might be the most appealing argument to you as a liberal. The truth is a conservative is more likely
to be able to appeal to a liberal using novel new information that is science based and
showing certain facts and allowing for it not necessarily to be purely religiously based.
That not be the rule system so to speak. By being empathically understanding. And by that
I don’t mean sympathetically understanding. I mean truly being able to stand in the other
person’s shoes and have some insight into where their brain is directing them and appealing
to that argument. So if you are a conservative you will want to appeal with new information
because liberals are more novelty seeking potentially. And often science based is a
good way to present new information. Part of what’s difficult in terms of what
I’m seeing now is that actually people are tending to double down on their own style
and what appeals to their own group of thinkers. And that is increasingly preventing the kind
of communication that would be important to our future so that we can’t so to speak
cross the aisle because it would require trying on for size the thought pattern of the other
group. And that’s hard to do. Let me say that is difficult to do. So if your amygdala
is screaming at you, you know, run for the hills or double down and fight it’s hard
to say well, let me take a step back and not have a fear based reaction but instead present
the science or present the new information. A good example would be that of gun ownership.
If I speak about gun ownership to a liberal group they automatically have thoughts probably
about, particularly if they’re in an urban area, crime and danger because statistically
that is what they have been privy to. The information has been given to them about how
many homicides are committed, who is, you know, dying by gun violence, et cetera. If I speak about gun ownership to a conservative
group they are more likely in their loyal stable way to think about a sportsmanship,
hunting with family particularly again if they’re in a rural area. Because that is
what they grew up with, that is what has been stable for them, that is the memory that they
have about guns. And so you can see how that’s coming from two completely different directions
perhaps the same word, gun. And that it is hard to stand in the shoes for example of
the other group so that you can come to make decisions about it. So, for example, the CDC has been prevented
from doing any research so that we could have new science about gun violence as a public
health issue by actually the conservative political group has said, you know, you can’t
do research on this area. We won’t call it a public health issue and therefore you’re
prevented from getting dollars and prevented from having research into gun violence per
se. And that comes probably from a fear position that if there is any new information that
sways opinion we will lose our loyal standing to something that we firmly believe in and
harks back to very pleasurable comforting memories from earlier life. So it’s very
complicated in a certain kind of way. You know the liberal group is wanting there to
be this research not necessarily to take guns away but to say we’d like to see the science
to validate whether or not certain things about guns are good for us or not good for
us. The most recent study looking at what is going
on in the brain in terms of politics predicted with the greatest value being able to identify
a conservative versus a liberal 82.6 percent. And this was a look at brain activity which
is different. You put someone in a functional MRI which his different than just taking a
picture. It picks up activity in a certain area of the brain. And found that when you
have them do a risky behavior and look at their activity in their brain conservatives
were more likely to light up in the fright and flight response area, the amygdala, and
liberals were more likely to light up in areas that have to do with social awareness. Again you could see how therefore this difference
would inform what comes to the mind of either a liberal or a conservative while either involved
in a risky behavior or even something that’s happening external to them but feels like
it might impact them in a risky way. And that was actually even more predictive than looking
at structure of the brain or what your parents were in terms of liberal versus conservative.

Maurice Vega

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  1. This goes along with a lot of other studies and analysis of the differences between the seemingly vast differences in how people act and think. It doesn’t have to just apply to the labels of conservative and liberal. I would imagine if you went to other areas of the world you might be able to see how these brain size differences affect the social mores of other cultures and countries. This is fascinating. ?

  2. I just watched this all the way through, which was difficult. I've rarely heard a more insulting and fatuous theory. The conservative brain explains why conservatives are the liberal caricature of conservatives and why liberals are open to science and new ideas? Really? FFS. I literally want to come over there and give you a piece of my mind to your face (that's a metaphor). How fatuous and probably self-serving. A conservative's brain-type tends to conservatives being conservative? No kidding? Drop the conservative caricature please and you might be able to develop this into a useful piece. Whatever brain characteristics make some conservatives think god wouldn't let climate change happen etc is not the bigger question. Leaving aside those outliers, in my experience, liberals are far less able to understand science and process new ideas than non-liberals. Liberals are only willing to accept new ideas that conform with their world view. What about looking at why liberals are far more likely to go with science that they don't understand and that is in many cases obviously wrong. Liberals are far more likely to be unwilling to accept new data that contradicts their own position. To use an example that you used, the statistics (ie the "science") shows that tougher gun laws do NOT in fact make any difference. These stats are the same in the US and in other countries like Australia. Will liberals hear this and go "wow, how interesting"? No effing way in the world pal. If you present them with that they just call you names. How about a study into why liberals behave in these ways? This is a better discussion:

  3. Im a conservative lets keep our traditions! Im open for new oppurtunity but we shouldnt change the ones we already created

  4. I'm a Liberal and I constantly update my world view based on new information that I deem reliable. Just a few months ago I was more sexist, more ableist etc but I've seen how I can be a better person so I've accepted that I'm not perfect and I can improve. That kind of train of thought led me to veganism too; I always thought myself as a compassionate and kind person, yet I consumed animal products. The more I learned about various things like biology, nutritional health, animal agriculture, the less I could justify my choices to consume animal products. Eventually I absolutely had no choice but to go vegan if I wanted my actions to be consistent with my values. Now a conservative mind would probably just refuse to even consider and just think the established way is the best. Admitting one's own faults is extremely difficult and painful, but it seems like it's much more so for a conservative.

    Personally I think that conservatism is more important when a society is developing and things are now scarce, but when things are progressing and there's less scarcity, conservatism makes less and less sense (conversely, the more scarce the conditions are, the less it would make sense to be liberal.)

  5. But bucketing both groups does not accurately say about the current situation. Infact we have conservatives with some liberal values as well. At the same time liberals with some conservatives as well. Thus we need to recognise this new paradigm shift and work for the wellbeing of the people. The key thing is that regardless of the fluidity of the groups we need to come with a system that keep their power in check for the well being of the people.

  6. We all know that the majority our soldiers veterans & law enforcement agents are afraid of everything & we all know Christian's are the most none charitable demographic in North America. Yes yes we know.

  7. Wait… So conservatives who profess principles and evidence are emotional, and liberals who want to arrest people who make them feel bad are logical? I think I'd like a second opinion.

  8. So, they are so sure of the outcome they fund a study to show what "psycho's" republicans are, & it turns out to be the exact opposite, so they just lie about it for 5 years until the damage was done? Originally published in 2010 it didn't get enough attn, so they republished it in 2012, an election year, where it went on to be cited 45 times in major articles. Like his 2008 election where they labeled conservatives "racists" if they don't vote for Yomama, their new label would be "psycho". Putting social pressure on conservatives to not be labeled a "psycho" by all their coworkers, & vote Yomama in for another 4. This was just one of the many tactics, like IRS targeting, to ensure they got the traitor in office again. Here's there excuse: "There was an error in the way the researchers coded and interpreted their data." Otherwise, they lied their sleazy little asses off. Because, hey, when you know your side just has to be right, you must do whatever it takes to win, & nobody ever faces punishment in American journalism or academia anyway. You never see it but when these "elections" are over, all the big advertising firms that got these imbeciles elected have massive celebrations for their huge paychecks & ability to trample the election process. BTW, there is no left or right. Politics is a psyop played by narcissists to keep people divided & weak. Which explains why, despite it being America's most taxing & toxic relationship, both dems & pubs support israel unanimously.

  9. So let me get this straight.
    The gun loving, truck driving, alpha males, are actually fear based!

    Who would of known?

    Sort of explains why they are so easily manipulated.
    Throw in some binary options and you have the history denying, education denying, predominantly religious based, Republican Party.

    If only there was a simple solution!
    Maybe, to save money, they should perform MRI’s on toddlers. Then Betsy DeVos could save money by banning the ones with big amygdala’s from attending school.
    It’s not like they are going to learn anything anyway.

  10. So in other words; the way to convince a Conservative to give gays and other "minorities" equal rights is not to say: "These are people like you and I and so they should have the same inalienable rights as we do", but instead they need to hear that their sexuality will not be threatened and they will still be able to hate on gays in church on Sunday, even if we must embrace them and their rights in open society. I suppose mentioning the idea that church and state should be separate and the issue should therefore not be decided based on an old book written by men many centuries ago holds no sway either.. I wonder what the "conservative brain" thought when Europeans went out into the world and enslaved huge swaths of it to the gain of the white man; was that change "too fast" for them, or, since it was wholly to our/their gain, it didn't read that way? i can't remember any "conservative (yes I know, the parties were switched then) voices" raised for slave's rights during the civil war; a war fought partly for change; but change to even the odds for all, not to give more rights to the white man.. Not to mention women's rights and other changes our society has thankfully undergone in the last century or so; It's all very interesting. The people marching with nationalist flags in Poland right now are not Liberals, I'm pretty sure about that; but they want change, don't they? Or is it, again, "change in my favor"? She doesn't mention that conservative politics tends towards reactionary thoughts on race, minority rights and general equality: selfishness, basically. It often seems to me that the fear is less to do with change per se, and more to do with changing the status quo so that all can partake of our age-old privileges, because sharing a privilege doesn't mean losing them; it just means sharing them.. So if you want to hard-draw the lines; the conservative mind is more focused on "MY" rights, and the Liberal mind because of a greater capacity for empathy beyond my little tribe, is more capable of thinking of "OUR" rights.

  11. As the saying goes if you want to piss off a Conservative, then lie to them.. If you want to piss off a Liberal, tell them to truth. One side of the spectrum uses facts.. while the other thinks its progressive to parade around little ten year old drag queens with naked pedophiles… Yup, that's progress. One side is inherently violent and intolerant to ANYONE who isn't indoctrinated to think their inbred retarded way – while the other wants the best for his or her (yes, there's only two genders you lunatics) country and fellow man.

  12. Funny thing I see lots of conservatives giving a scientific data to liberals and the Liberals just don’t want to listen to it i.e. about life in the womb black on black crimes versus cops on black crimes on black oppression I mean it’s crazy

  13. Oh Jesus fucking goddamn Christ…
    Your opening statements are pure fucking bullshit. Your whole goddamn thesis is pure fucking bullshit.

  14. Loyalty, stability, not fixing something that isn't broken I'll take that. Warning to you liberals watch out for Muslims lol their for of those traits is gonna end up fucking you

  15. You may not agree, but this is how I parse new information from a person without relying on social proof, social status, or populous agreement:

    1. Listen.

    2. Assess what emotion is being conveyed,

    3. If emotion has an abundance of fear, desire, anger, jealously, pride, or sadness then the information is BOGUS.

    4. If emotion is neutral, has an abundance of joy, or has mixed emotions then information is more reliable.

    5. Assess body language for manipulation tells (i.e. “believe me eyes”, winching, clenched jaw) until enough evidence is gathered to deem the person either incompetent and uninformed or intelligent and wise.

    6. Compare the new information with information found online with an opposing view.

    7. Decide if the information is true for myself.

  16. What about women? Women have less testosterone so they can be overpowered by emotional thinking, and favor less risk taking since taking risks could mean death of their children. If Men die then other Men will breed with the Women.

  17. Umm Im not born a conservative or liberal I choose to be a conservative /Independent (if it make sense) because I choose to think for myself.Without the news or hollywood idols throwing seeds in me

  18. Conservative: it’s never happened to me, so why would I care?
    Progressive: That shouldn’t happen to ANYONE, thats WHY I care.

  19. A Conservative using fresh novel science based facts ??????? when that happens we’ll talk But I ain’t holding my breath.
    And how do u talk to Conservatives about Global Warming???

  20. 72% is not a high percent !!! any idiot has a 50% of being right..its rather a terrible test with 70% positive predictive value, where are you basing those number on?

  21. So, in other words, conservatives use deep brain structures responsible for fear and anger based emotions, while liberals use the more developed regions of the brain. Makes sense.

  22. Doesn't this contradict Johnathan Haidt's work that showed that liberals are motivated more by emotion while conservatives are motivated by reason? Also, she doesn't know what she is talking about the Dicky Amendment.

  23. need the data before the interpretation
    tell us more about the study
    some definitions would be a good start
    what I hear bears no relationship to reality
    you cannot hear new information when all you listen to is white noise

  24. I find basically, Conservatives are open to others idea using logic and reality and open to a change. While liberals are set in their minds and easily influenced by media and if you tell them they are wrong on information, they will lash out at you and call you names. They can be very negative. Conservatives love God, country, family, hard working, and goal setter. Where Liberals want free stuff and entitlement and don't like being told they are wrong. Most Liberals are Atheist and they feel they are special. That's why welfare recipients are mostly Liberal. Liberals hate authorities such as Police. Liberals are:  implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are over-emotional, easily offended  and unable to deal with opposing opinions and also known as SNOWFLAKES or SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES,. Where conservatives want an open debate Liberals don't and call them names. Liberals are not just ignorant but stubborn. You can show them proof or real truth and they will not change. Conservatives call them Libtards for this reason and this from our Dictionary:

    libtard (plural libtards)

    (US, slang, derogatory) A stupid liberal or progressive; a person who presents or advocates liberal views in a stupid and/or illogical manner.

  25. someone do studies on brain structure concerning economics everyone knows that social conservatives are mentally retarded but thank you

  26. She got her degree at with the rest of the morons giving each other awards. How can you take this serious when they can't even get the party's animal right lol. I can some it up real quick, Republicans use their heads while liberals use their emotions.

  27. What about people who used to be liberal and became conservative? Does someone with a larger area of the brain necessarily mean that they THINK like that on their own? Or does it mean that they are constantly considering the other side, empathetically? Does a larger fear center necessarily mean that a person is more fearful? Or are they more capable of handling fear? Or both? If i use my left arm for a specific task all the time, it becomes less hard to handle that task with that arm, and makes the muscles involved more developed.

  28. By stating that liberals are more open to new information, and then stating later on that this is better for people working together, she clearly gives the message that liberals are better suited for working together. However, there is something unaccounted for, because what we are seeing is liberals becoming so overwhelmed by their hate for the other side, possibly due to lack of control by the amygdala, this has overridden the anterior cingulate gyrus and caused them to refuse to hear the documented facts from the other side, in many cases. As we know, some pathways must occasionally override others, to ensure flexibility.

  29. Liberal here, living in Berkeley CA. And I own guns.

    And so do others

    Also anyone who thinks this info isn't presented with a bias is kidding themselves. She's trying to be subtle about it but it's still not very charitable towards the right.

    To balance it out she would have to tell us that we liberals are more gullible and are more prone to believe what's told to us.

    Then she would be presenting this info in a fair and balanced way and getting hate comments from both sides.

    Here's the source of the info which would have been included by a respectable content creator. Now we don't have to be so gullible.

  30. Doesn't all of this depend on the definition of "liberal" and "conservative"? Utter nonsense from the get go. Trying to put people in a box…on a "red" or "blue" team – right where they want us.

  31. Notice how many replies try to say that one or the other is “better” or “true-er”. Both are lenses through which we interpret reality. Lenses can both provide more accurate perception AND highly distort perception. Since the terms “Liberal” & “Conservative” have become increasingly tribal identities (I am a…), those who associate them with their identity become defensive when triggered by info (true or false) that seems to paint their tribe as wrong or inferior.
    PLEASE try to accept that your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs are never 100% correct and good/bad and beware when identifying with any ideology, because the second you associate your ‘self’ with a system of thought, you WILL subconsciously subvert your own perception.

  32. Conservatives feel speach is being suppressed
    Liberals feel that knowledge is being suppressed
    Isn’t knowledge a form of speech?
    So don’t they both feel the same thing?

  33. Let me take a step back and present a non-fear based reaction. That’s good advice for just about anyone.

  34. My problem with this is either she has conflating ideologies or science. Or what we believe to be good or bad in terms thought is actually opposite of what is true. example if liberals are more open to "new information" (which i think is false because liberals dont like dialogue they start yelling or name calling) and conservative are more prown to the right Amygdala which is responsible for "fear." It sounds like a person who is open to New Information is better than a person who is just based off fear. But in actuality she explains conservative personalities tend to result in Stability, Loyality, Not liking change (Traditionalism) and Religion. While Liberals are for liking Change and Decisions are based on new info. Again it appears that by saying someone is basing though of NEW INFORMATION seems to be more legitimate than someone basing thought off fear. But she mentions the personalities of these individuals and i conclude the " fear " based thinking (if that what it actually is), is way more productive than being a " new information " based thinker. The example that Traditionally , Religiously, and Historically relationship Loyalty is that of a man and woman. This is a norm of human understanding since the inception of man woman and production of babies. This is conservative in thought. But " new information" or ideology is any type of marriage is acceptable along with unlimited amounts of genders because "New Information" states their are unlimited genders. Of course Conservatives make decision on fear because its an ideology of not changing what we know works , has worked, and what has been true for a long time. And liberalism is an ideology of change is always good, new is always good, different is always good, and old is bad. She states it might be logic based what couldnt conclude if this is true or not especially when comparing independents. While I agree some change is good but if it isnt broke dont try to break it. Why change what works to try what new. NOTE: I am neither for or against gay marriage or unlimited genders I only elaborating on the point she gave.

  35. Liberals lack basic logic skills. Those buffoons support abortion while not supporting capital punishment. Logic, not even once.

    Liberals use emotion in their decisions. They choose what makes them feel good even though it won't accomplish anything (and most often than not will make things worse). See: Border security, gun control, banning plastic straws, etc.

    They don't understand basic economics. They think punishing successful people and handing money to fuck ups will solve problems when in reality, it makes things worse. See: California. The worst state in the country with the highest amount of poverty and homelessness because they aren't intelligent enough to understand that enabling poor people doesn't solve the problem.

    The majority of liberals are racist. The problem is that they are literally too stupid to realize their own retardation.

    Homosexual men are usually liberal because they have the same brain structure of a female, and females base most of their decisions on feelings rather than logic. Low testosterone men are also usually liberal because they are closer to a female physiology.

    Liberals are too simple-minded to understand why healthcare is not a right. They don't understand that you have no right to anyone's labor. And if you think you do, you're a fascist.

    Liberals don't understand basic concepts of free speech and think there's such a thing as "hate speech."

    Liberals really are the dumbest shit-heads in existence.

    ps. I'm not a republican.

  36. Right wingers are subhuman tumors shaped like people, powered by fear and hate. Akin to shovels with rudimentary brains, good for physical labor but little else. I am not shocked to learn that their brains are underdeveloped. If not either re-educated or otherwise dealt with, they will render not only their own species extinct but will also endanger those of us who are fully developed as well. Thankfully, the time for arguments and dialogue is nearly gone along with the dangerous delusions of neo-liberalism that fostered it.

  37. Wow..shouldn’t the research question its findings based on what we see every day in the media, at work and college campuses where the liberals are the ones that are by far more emotionally out of control ??

  38. Before 2006 there may have been some merit. FMRi today shows especially the "liberal" brains utilizing the amygdala at the expense of, and visibly atrophied, prefrontal cortex. This is the logic/empathy region. The silicon device might be a culprit.


    So much for liberals not being emotional! ??

  40. Conservatives, take a breather. She didn’t say you were good or bad for being a conservative. Calm down.

  41. Lol I love how people use science when it adds to their argument, but not when it comes to gender lmfao

  42. Big Think is great reminder of how today’s left leaning folk are much more likely to swallow propaganda than today’s right of center folk.

  43. Propaganda. She is right about one thing. Liberals taking in new information which is what I did and became a conservative. I was a classical liberal. I was one up until my sophomore in college '11-'12 year. I went to a conservative event at my school and when they were speaking about different topics, what they were saying aligned with my beliefs. Since then I've been a conservative.

  44. This person does not have an agenda. She offers information and u may take it or leave it. She is not the only one that offers information of the difference in thinking of conservatives and liberals.

  45. What she is saying is basically…liberals and conservatives may have different brain structures….but her analysis is based on surveys why may be skewed….it is the same as polling……..
    I do not give much validity in her analysis …WHY?…PSYCHOLOGY LIKE SOCIOLOGY….are considered…………….SOFT SCIENCES….They are not hard sciences….like
    1.Chemistry…where analysis can be proven…exactly and quatitatively
    2. Applied Mathematics(Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, basic)…..the same…because you can PROVE your results..1+1 always equals 2…..(unless the psychologist says…"
    depends on who is adding"
    3. Probability and Statistics….where the Law of Large Numbers applies
    4. Biology….where life forms are measured using Math and Chemistry.
    5. Physics….if you don't believe in the Law of Gravity…try jumping out of a plane without a parachute
    All Five of these Sciences are classified as HARD SCIENCE….they can be proven with math ….100%
    …….Now Psychology and Sociology are different….sure they have clinical trials…but they cannot predict a PERFECT….100%….outcome….
    And they are also subject to opinion………….The difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?…….A MEDICAL DEGREE!!!…PSYCHOLOGIST cannot even
    prescribe a drug for a patient……………………And I AM SUPPOSE TO THINK her opinion is …………..GOSPEL…………………..
    Gail Saltz diatribe… opinion….with a splash of so called studies……………that is all….A NEUROSCIENCE ANALYSIS?……….give me a break……..As a southern Black man who
    lived under 25 years of DEMOCRAT institutionalized and LEGAL RACISM………I find her analysis …..bull….

  46. One side wants open borders with the 2nd dangerous country in the world…we dont need to examine brains really

  47. "Conservatives should appeal to liberals by presenting them new, scientifically based information" while trying to sound compassionate or concerned–well, that is exactly what Murray and Herrnstein did in their magnum opus, _The Bell Curve_. Liberals uniformly responded with ritual denunciation. Facts do not change liberals' minds. New information only makes them hysterical. Thus the liberal epithet, "hate facts."

    New information on firearms: see Lott's book, _More Guns, Less Crime_. New information, facts, research: did it change liberals' minds? No. They still want to disarm citizen. And they are especially eager to ban combat arms that could potentially be used to resist tyranny and are rarely used in street crime.

    Opposition to research: liberals oppose far more research than conservatives, and even argue openly that some facts, even if true, should not be known by the general public, and we should not fund research that might uncover these dangerous facts.

    I have even read "confessions" from liberals that they are more comfortable debating, disagreeing with, or expressing controversial views with conservatives than dissenting from any of the accepted liberal dogmas among their fellow liberals. They know that many of their fellow liberals are intolerant and may treat any dissent on any issue as a form of treason or blasphemy. Just ask, for example, Larry Summers. Conservatives debate, liberals persecute.

  48. My parents were liberal and turned conservative.. this is pretty interesting! I’m an artist and very creative but also love God and lean more conservative♥️ I love learning how we are all so different

  49. All really interesting. Thank you! One gentle critique though, you said "one person one vote" at 5:30. But Superdelegates in the Dem party knock out 10,000 votes of ordinary delegates in Caucus states and everyone knows that lobby groups, PACs and corporatists pay a lot of money to get the political system to favor their interests. Wish that the will of the people, brain structure of the people, votes of the people, etc were accurately reflected in our political system but that is simply not (at all) the case.

  50. liberal brain = lack of critical thinking and excepting theory without due diligence resulting easier to indoctrinate with marxism socialism and climate alarmism, also a tendency to follow the crowd in thought and behaviour.

  51. And conservatives want to say they are the ones using logic.. lol you heard the psychiatrist, they process on an emotional level in particular based on fear

  52. I am a psychologist. Out of all my clients, the overwhelming majority of my most severe cases are radically liberal. Liberalism is indeed a mental illness.

  53. I enjoyed your video. I found though, some of it left analysis to your liberal belief. 
    As example, your reference to firearms. Statistics on firearm murders include suicides ,
    ( statistically more men use guns, where more woman use pills) accidental discharge 
    and police shootings. It also shows of the remaining number of deaths removing these
    non-murders by criminals, that 25% happens within 4 major cities. These being in minority
    neighborhoods. The conservatives say this is a economic problem that over time has also
    created a social problem. If you wish to discuss this without emotion, feel free.

  54. Most of the liberals I've known have been hard workers, actually. Do you conservatives have studies to back up liberals working less?

  55. The main problem I have with a lot of this is that because conservatives stick with old Ivy is more frequently many modern conservative ideas are outdated and irrelevant. It doesn't matter what perspective they come from they are still wrong

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