LGBT Indonesians Threatened by Government Officials

In January 2016 some Indonesian politicians and officials began making a series of anti-LGBT comments. They called LGBT rights activism everything propaganda to a proxy war. “LGBT issues can damage national security, ,identity, culture and the faith of Indonesians.” Mahfudz Siddiq, House of Representatives member “The LGBT community is a serious threat to the nation. It should not be allowed to grow or be given any room to conduct its activities.” Nasir Djamil, Prosperous Justice Party Politician “It [homosexuality] should be banned because it does not fit with the culture of Indonesia. As a movement, the existence of LGBT must be opposed.” Zulkiflli Hasan, People’s Consultative Assembly Chairman The outpouring of intolerance has resulted in proposals of laws which pose a serious threat to the rights and safety of LGBT Indonesians.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It's easy, we just need to do what they do. They could have chosen equality to live and let live without any cock forced into their asses, now let's banned religion and force cock into their asses as punishment.

  2. and the common theme throughout the above state instrumentalities is Islam….the one sole denominator, the intolerant construct

  3. Khotbah Politisi adalah Khotbah Rhetoric, artinya, kalo Politisi berkata bahwa Gay itu ancaman negara, artinya mereka sendirilah yg sudah mengancam negara

  4. How do you expect me to tolerate Islam when Islam doesn't tolerate private non-violent consensual gay sex?
    Islam is intolerant so I become intolerant of Islam.
    The more I here about the barbarian policies of Islam the more I believe that Islam is a violent terrorist cult which is dangerous for humanity.

  5. Everyone has the universal right given by nature to be themselves, When you're born as something, you'll remain like it…. whether you like it or not…. Then why take LGBT as something of a disgrace, why not consider it another sort of possible trait in individuals. If being a gay, lesbians, bi or transgender affects you then stfu and ignore, It's not like the whole country is depending upon your not so valid opinion….

  6. Why don't u fuck yourself fuckers😡 most of the muslim leader opposing it…band religion. How will u feel if the government band Muslim? Nonsense fellows. You should eat pee so that your state of mind comes to a better position. I'm not against Muslim or any religion n if u think LGBT rights are Haram then stay away from it. Don't interrupt.

  7. Indonesia is a conservative country, but this is not an excuse for homophobia. Since former president Sukarno, human rights and real democracy are empty words in Indonesia. Meanwhile the religious intolerance, homophobia, and negative of indonesian government to admit the years of repression in Timor Loro-Sae goes on, Indonesia will never have a good prospective future. Economical increase without human rights is a fallacy.

  8. Thou can take'em all to canada or wherever..
    If thou really care that much, so u can ANALyzed the illness..

    Devils x angels..
    bad x good..
    dark x lights..

    Just because "u are" that doesn't mean "we must"…

    Indonesian speaking here..

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