Leverage Key Politics into Your Next Home Purchase or Sale 2019 – Mike Bolger

The results are in and what does this
results this election mean for you when you’re considering to make a move in
real estate stick around for key ideas that leverage politics into your next
home purchase or sale my name is Mike Bolger with Chestnut Park West one first-time homebuyers will see some
great release as their liberal tax government has promised a more flexible
first-time buyers incentive increasing the qualifying rate to nearly $800,000 to increasing the home buyers plan and incentive by $10,000 making $35,000 being
able to be drawn upon from your RRSPs for the first-time homebuyers. Our government will be imposing vacancy tax on foreign investors purchasing property as a safe haven and not for residency this will actually drive down the
foreign investors activity and create an opportunity for first-time buyers to
have a more affordable entry-level real estate Once again my name is Mike Bolger
with Chestnut Park West Realty. Click or call with any of your questions and how
real estate needs are my number one priority feel free to comment anytime at
(519) 616-2656 or MikeBolger.ca Your vote of confidence makes the
difference elect me as your number one choice in real estate and I promise to
make your real estate dreams come home

Maurice Vega

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