Leila – Web Series Review | Discussion & Analysis | Political Philosophy / Ideology Explained

Maurice Vega

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  1. A detailed and comprehensive discussion about the ugly and brutal left liberal ideology. Anyone who wants to to have a basic knowledge about the left liberal ideology must watch this video.
    I think Leila has crossed all limits of anti Hindu propaganda. Your video is a medicine for those who have watched this web series to get cured from the disease called Left liberal ideology.

  2. @9:25 The Scene that you mentioned in 'Leila' actually happened in real life in Gujarat riots where a man from Bajarang Dal named 'Babu Bajrangi'' has said been caught saying on camera what he did to a Pregnant women, he says it with pride. Don't believe me? search it here on youtube itself!

  3. iska trailor dekhne k baad na serious deakhne ka maan nhi kiya aur ye log jo apne aap ko liberal bolte hai right of speach right of expression k naam pr stupid baato ko discuss krte hai mai unse ek hi baat bolungi jis desh ka example dethe ho ya copy krna chate ho bas ek bar apne desh k bare mai phadlo ku ki jb comparison krna hi hai tho information dono k bare mai honi chahiye na dekhi dikhae baato pr ku belive krte ho jis din india ki true history pta chalegi usdin gaurav se khud ko face kr paogi, bharat aur hindu ye dono asia desh Or dharm hai jisne sab ko har chez ki azadi di hai aur accept bhi kiya hai.
    Jai hind

  4. दुनिया में इतने सारे इस्लामिक देश हैं किन्तु उनसे किसी लिबरल को समस्या नहीं है, इतने सारे ईसाई देश हैं किन्तु उनसे किसी लिबरल को समस्या नहीं है, लेकिन यदि एक हिन्दू राष्ट्र बन गया तो हवा पानी समाप्त हो जायेगा, ऑक्सीजन स्तर गिर जायेगा, औरतें गुलाम हो जाएँगी, संसार नर्क हो जायेगा.

    सीधी बात यही है कि 2014 और 2019 में मोदी को जिताकर लिबरलों कि दृष्टि में जो पाप हिन्दुओं ने किया है उसका बदला चुन चुन कर हिन्दुओं से मीडिया के द्वारा लिया जायेगा.

    लैला मात्र एक प्रारम्भ है, अभी तो आगे बहुत ऐसे सीरियल और वेब सीरीज आएंगी जिनमें हिन्दुओं को और उनकी आस्था को निशाना बनाया जायेगा.

  5. Kya dhanda bana Diya hai… har video mein Hindu khatre mein hai… Bas Karo yaar bewakoof banana… Water crisis ho raha hai…uspe inlogo ka Dil nahi jalta hai… Logo ko chutiya banana band Karo … Ghand mein dam hai toh sarkar se sawaal Karo… Aur kya kare 350 se zyada seat de di na Hindu ko bachane ke liye… Saala review ke alawa sab bol Diya…

  6. Bro I agree with whatever you said. But one thing you don't realise in blind love for the country. Indian army has actually done such heinous acts and molestations on people

  7. Hey you 'RELIGIOUS CENTRIC GUY'. When creators put 'Muslims' in the negative side then you haven't any problem and when they do the same with Hindus' you guys just oppose it… Hindutwa khatre main haain… Tumlog jaise insaan khatre haain issh samaj main… Paade-likhe lagte hoon, saram nahi aayi thodi vi ye saab karne mein… Just try to get the message which the creators wanted to provide… Itni acchi web+series agar tumlogo ko pasand nahi aati toh tumlog jao Race3 aur SOTY2 dekho…

  8. This is shameful but not surprising. Netflix is known for their so called liberal propaganda worldwide. These people have no good intentions , they merely work for division and lies. Love from a 16 year old from India!

  9. Ye leila ka poster sahi hai, ye dikhata hai left liberals ke ankhon pe kaise patti bandhi huyi hai, or ye sab inke bandh aankhon se dekhe or banaye huye kalpana matra hain inka vastavik jeevan se koi sambandh nai hain

  10. Review ke alawa sab kuch gyan baat rahe tum…bahut gyani ho bhai tmm baki sare indian ne hamara itihas nhi padha ho sayad….

  11. Very true! Read 1984 by George Orwell.. and you will see the similarities between the two.. it seems that the series took the characteristics of government i.e. totalitarian, omnipresence, interference in private lives, etc, hatred of people towards the one who differs, etc from the novel and to show that it's fascist in nature changed BIG BROTHER to HAIL ARYAVART and many other symbolic changes… To truly understand what we're fighting against we must learn about these left ideologies, their entry in politics, how they managed to survive, and devise a system for implementation but ultimately proved to be a total fail simply because the mechanism which they opted for implementation of ideologies was incorrect! Upon reading history we'll find that since left ideology has entered politics it's been hypocrite because it'd unrealistic aspirations which threatened the survival of left parties that's why the parties're often found changing their statements and giving stupid justifications for this. But now arises a questions when it's a fail why it still persists and dominates academics? To know the answer watch the interview of YURI BEZMENOV available on YouTube. Lastly, in practice socialism/communism/other left ideologies are as bad and as dangerous as fascism so don't be flattered by the former if it promises you of equality, fraternity etc etc by some economic/political/other such macro scale mechanism because it's as irrational as aryan purity theory on which Nazism was based. We must understand that the virtues which the left seek to implement cannot be achieved by bringing some macro scale change, here comes into play the role of micro scale institutions of family and schools which are capable of inculcating such values by giving good Sanskars and thus bringing up humans like MARYADA PUROSHOTTAM SHRI RAMA. But today the stupid 'intellectuals' and their organizations are attacking these institutions and remember if anyhow the former manage to succeed, humans but zombies will survive.

  12. NETFLIX ko BOYCOTT hona chahiye
    Leila ko banane wala bhi Muslim,


  13. pratik bhai u r doing a very gud job, try to be more logical and well equipped with more facts, u'll be on the top, i wish i could be friend of you.

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