the Lagos State University Department of Public Administration held eight uh no leadership training program which focuses on issues affecting the nation's development speakers are the events emphasized on the importance of good leadership for sustainable growth of the nation across pendant Sudan water hospitals in the support presented for our students leaders play a significant role in a society they are the pillars the growth of any society therefore the need for good leadership and governance for the growth of a nation cannot be overemphasized these leadership training programs are themed challenges of leadership and national development in Nigeria was organized by the Department of Public Administration Lagos State University the event hosted master's students of the department academic staff and Vieira's coordinators and dignitaries from the general foundation the Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences spoke on the need for Nigerians to change their orientation and work together for the nation's leaders to achieve sustainable development in the country we just have to agree that's ready in Nigeria we are having a problem of leadership but today's lecture has proved that while we are claiming the revelry – the problem we also have followership problem and we have Sinclair Lee leadership problem is not only we have we also a vu let us do with the followership there's need for Nigerian to change our orientation our culture if you want to move forward National Development kanakam by relying on only leaders we we together we have to force a leaders to do the right the founder and chairman of John Doerr Foundation and core TV news who was the guest speaker had the event focused on the education content in schools he said there is a need for schools to invite practical experiences into the curriculum of schools at all levels I think if a university environment from time to time put this together it's a great long way in preparing upcoming leaders for for the challenge you know they stand to face because some of the things that we have to do is we we piss everything on theory while in school there are no practical experience and like I said in my in my lecture I thinking of a situation whereby from time to time we can bring the student out so I did few of what is happening in the real world because as an employer of liberal we've noticed that many of the gravida will turn out today we struggle with them to see how they can fitting into the present system and the reason is impoverished is because I think our government's the moments they viewed the block walk the city of giving education to to the school and that I shouldn't be content is the most parenting where I'm not saying there shouldn't be infrastructure of course but if the content is right even if you teach people on that it tree they will understand what it is the central coordinator of John Doerr foundation further commended the organizers for the timing of the event she said the need for good governance and leadership that will provide social economic support to the people and the nation at large is of fundamental importance for a nation like Nigeria this leadership according to her is what the founder and chairman of the foundation personifies particularly this is very timely because we understand that the bedrock for good governance is to have good leaders who have the real intent of the people that are there they are governing so it is important that we have the red leaders because that is what to cascade to the followers and now we'll bring about the best changes that we want in Nigeria in Lagos State in particular so the lecture and is very timely because what we need in Nigeria to move forward is to have good leaders it's be able to ensure that the governor's connects to the grassroots and they provide the socio-economic political support and put a structure in place that would ensure that every citizen would be beneficiary of good governance the university further said it will continue to contribute to the discourse that will hate the economic growth and development of the country [Applause]

Maurice Vega

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