Leaders put people first

leaders are so often so concerned about their status of their position and organization they actually forget their real job and the real job of a leader is not about being in charge it's about taking care of those in our charge and I don't think people realize this and I don't think people train for this when we're junior our only responsibility is to be good at our jobs that's all we really have to do and some people actually go get advanced education and so that they can be really good at their jobs accountants or whatever right and you show up and you work hard and the company will give us tons and tons of training how to do our jobs they'll show us how to use the software they'll send us away for a few days to get trained in whatever it is that we're doing for the company and then they expect us to go be good at our jobs and that's what we do we work very hard and if you're good at your job they'll promote you and at some point you'll get promoted to position where we're now responsible for the people who do the job we used to do but nobody shows us how to do that and that's why we get managers and not leaders because the reason our managers are micromanaging us is because they actually do know how to do the job better than us that's what got them promoted really what we have to do is go through a transition some people make it quickly some people make it slowly and unfortunately some people will never make that transition at all which is we have to go this through this transition of being responsible for the job and then turning it to somebody who's now responsible for the people who are responsible for the job

Maurice Vega

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  1. I think im failing… i believe im inspiring confidence in the people who are in my charge and they are beginning to succeed and grow as professionals… however no one is watching out for my best interests i want to grow as well but how do i do that when im putting them before me?

  2. You can use other examples instead of Apple. They seem to have lost their way. Kinda predictable actually.

  3. I agree with you Simon. True leaders are the one’s that go out of their way to support the people around them.

  4. One of the most important things a great manager can do is to let a report do something in a different way (and perhaps not as well) as they could have done it themselves. Getting the job done is only part of it. Having the employee learn from the experience is another part of it. And sometimes—more often than you might think—they will surprise you and do it better than you could have envisioned.

  5. Simon says – always good words, thanks for sharing your gift! I mean it =)
    For leaders (and followers) team members, business owners, everyone interested in either having or following a leader, at least anyone interested in being a leader over your self – I highly recommend Simons books on the topic "Why" and, "Tribes" by Seth Godin (truly inspiring) and "Extreme ownership – how US Navy Seals Lead and Win" by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

  6. Too bad most of my NCO's in the Army couldn't figure out this simple fact that Simon Sinek so eloquently points out…

  7. Simon i have a question in my mind. Can leaders behave childish sometimes? would it make them as a non serious leader?

  8. Leaders where I work keep making people redundant. I guess that's all part of their "inspirational vision".

  9. There are times the "manager " is the manager because of being at the right place at the right time. These types have absolutely no idea how to lead. They are usually power drunk and push their people to breaking points because they figure it is easier to replace them then actually make them better by true leadership

  10. You are so correct in this thinking. Jesus said, "If you love me feed my sheep. If you love me feed my lambs. It is about giving to others and caring for others that will make one a great leader. Feeding people will take observation and wisdom. Wisdom provides discernment, knowledge, understanding and insight on how to effectively provide the individualized and collective guidance to lead people in the most productive and fulfilling future. Good word!

  11. "The beginning of knowledge is the fear of the Lord, but fools despise wisdom and instruction " . A great manager sees people for who/what they are. It does not matter, the "what" a job is specifically. We all must be trained. Some people are either poor learners, or even worse, poorly taught. It's seeing that "fear of the Lord ". It glows; it exudes from their pores. Those are the shinning stars that real leaders recognize. Do I buy used light bulbs? Well, even on sale it's a poor choice. Now I could go get a PhD in used light bulb purchasing, or I could just buy new, knowing through the confidence and previous experiences of countless others that is "wisdom". Want to be a great leader? Dream on! Want to be a good leader? Follow the Lord. Does this sound too difficult? Watch who your following….they might run you over when they start backtracking!

  12. Do the characteristics of a leader are bound to the specifically his organisation? or is more of being a leader as a person and showing the qualities of empathy and togetherness towards every person they meet in their life? where does it should be started?

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