Leaders' Development (7th May, 2019) Commitment to the Restoration of Lost Glory

where is the launch so passive pray together every father would question name for this privilege once again thank you Lord for the kind of hatch of giving us a receptive Hajj a broken heart a broken spirit Lord Allah pray or word will seep down deep into every heart Jesus made not to behold the beauty of the Lord having Claudia of the Lord in wood even now in Jesus name Lord or praying as a ministry to all your ministers when you spray that will never remain the same again he Jesus may be glorified in our lives in a ministry that the work had a washing of our hand the acceptable dear Lord in Jesus name once again open our eyes to behold wonders great seeks out of your word in Jesus name well thank you because we know you've answered Jesus name we pray will he not be my chapter 3 as we look at many much of the three will be a challenge the reason is Bible students and leaders Christians skip chapter 3 of Nehemiah and the raziel is very clear you have a lot of names there and a Hebrew names and Jewish names they're not English names that are familiar with so what's the use of that many people say not only that you have the what build builded built all over this Oh builds this or builded a Tom beards not only that you have because repair these are the one keema right here that other one came repaired and is all fortified the city and so a Popham be build build edge repaired restored fortified and those names there what else but what I'm going to skip chapter 3 we're going to look at chapter 3 because there's a large here to start with I pointed out to you now that the word build in various forms comes up a lot of times no but you the world appear in the videos Forbes also appears a lot of times and we need to understand that which you we are builders but first of all in second Timothy chapter 3 second Timothy chapter 3 a meaning from verse 16 all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable stop there permit all scripture and chapter three of nickimja is part of all scripture because chapter three of magma is given by the inspiration of God it is profitable profitable for watch number one profitable for doctrine as much teaching here number two is profitable for reproof that is to correct our sales are to reprove us number three is profitable for correction but for profitable for instruction in righteousness now the converse 17 that the man of God may be perfect mature complete then says throughly furnished unto all good works you're going to find out that lady Matt did good work and all those a joint has to attend indeed in lots of good works in Judah and Jerusalem and to learn from them because we want to be totally furnished unto all good works that's what we're looking at Nehemiah chapter three not only that we'll find out that's in a match of the three they repaired the kids they restored the gays the great gates were poking down because the gates were broken on the media to come together and be are appear and restore those gays not only that they repeat the walls and build the walls in our own case what gigs are we building because if they feel just by gears and we are learning from them that they built the gates there must be some gates we need to be a wee little repair were interest all okay Genesis chapter 28 verse 17 Genesis chapter 28 and waiting from verse 17 that should show them the importance of study chapter 3 of Nehemiah Genesis chapter 28 verse 17 here is Jacob and he says and he was afraid and said how dreadful is this place this is none other but the house of God and this is a gauge of heaven as well as such they look at the gates that were broken down I was the gate for the gauge is for you to be able to enter into the city there's a city water ain't a tour the snoot Jerusalem that's heaven and it's a gauge that we need to go through and is a gauge of heaven as we look at various churches now a large I look at various branches even of our own church and denomination you might discover that the gate through which were passed each of the kingdom of God the gauge might be cluttered the gate might be kind of close the gate may be destroyed the gate of repentance through which we get into the kingdom the kid of righteously through which we get into the kingdom that we get of holiness through which we get into the kingdom and so look at the gate the gate of heaven that leads sauce into the house of God how easy today that's Lisa was studying this so that was a to be build out a parasol this gauge of heaven while looking at the Word of God in someone 1:8 someone made an age when looking at the gates because if you understand that they repair the gate there is so they give very bilge the gates and that we have guests so we need to repair rebuild our is so you know why I was studying negiah Maya chapter three someone won a time reading from verse 19 verse 20 in verse 19 it says open to me the gates of righteousness open to me again sobriety osun's as we look at her life and they churches are multiplying the petitions of multiplayer ministries are multiplying and they do not know and you see all the posters and see the kind of things that they say they're opening up they are open up a the gate or prosperity they're opening up a gate of deliverance the hope you know they say coming calm are we going to show you how to hook up your deliverance sort of you giving how to up this and that and I'm here to see the poster that shows us how to enter through the gates of righteousness into the holy city and yeah it's this open unto me and that's what you should be telling your pastors and your leaders open to all the gates of righteousness and I will go in it to them in season I will praise the Lord the presence of the local being a must because they get off righteousness is open that's what we call to this chapter three to repair rebuild a restore the gates of righteousness look at verse 20 this is the gate open Lord into which the righteous shall a turn there's a gauge of the Lord and because of the gate of the Lord we need to enter the listen we're coming to these java Jeremiah I mean in Chapter 7 verse 2 Jeremiah dr7 we're looking at verse 2 here stand in the gate of the Lord's house a proclaim their this word and say hear the word of the Lord all ye of Judah that enter inna at least gates to worship the Lord there is the gate of the Lord's house the gate of a lot of kapa compositional natural look at you look at your own church do people even see this sample that nice of a church where salvation is proclaimed where I just miss is established and where holiness is demonstrated yes once we get seen was a wonderful and heat no there was anything like this before see the word of what blowing out see the worship of the love flowing out and see the definition of the word of God that makes us to know the SSR to get to the Lord but the gate of that Lord's house and his same watch there how is it is down and nobody thinks about that and there are people that call me to the city typically I did not commit to your community did not notice the different Life Church there they do not understand that gauge there there's no same board and you want to find out yourself but we get into this church if you a new person that community how do you know the church is there how do you find out I'm going to get in there that's reason why we need to look at a physical church we need to look at the mystical body that is the body of Christ and then the church physica the church spiritual and shows the gauge that leads into that please I'm looking at some 87 some 87 were looking at verse 2 some 87 and we didn't hear from bust you well not love as the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob they love love as the gates of Zion modern all the dwellings of Jacob that is Zion where the law of God is given out what the Word of God has rolled out where the teaching of the word of God is given as well applause that gage and we need to take care of that gate repair rebuild and restore now were coming to the world were building the walls and when it says who are building the world they receive I was studying all this is that it is something for you to build then you see it but you see more than you see an example and you see indecision on how to peel the question then is what I by God to build about what you need to build your personal life your Chris ten life while looking at huge or looking a huge what's 20 it says for cheeping love it building up yourselves building up yourself and if you see other people are built then you want to say free to build myself building up my faith building my love building my commitment build the qualities of the Christian life in my life it says building up yourselves on your most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost not allow me to build your family if you are married if you are not my dear son get marriage they're going to sleep I said if you are not married yet you so get married and when you get money you need to build that family you know I know many people that think that we don't have to you know build up families you know it does I knew the we look good I discovered the will of God and since it is the will of God now where my I don't have anything to do at all in building that family I just wake up in the morning the public is still there they sleep at night and then the family is joke there or they they publish policy because the body is ready to build and behemoth is calm and I'll show you to build your family to when looking at a proverbs chapter 14 already from verse 1 Prabhas 40 verse 1 every wise woman builded a house but the foolish flock hetrick down with her hands those little bunny beheld of Satan – pulled out her family doesn't need the help of a pusses sample at auto buyer to pull that the publisher cell pulls up a family without tongue without an attitude or than knocking and the complaints her hands she pulls everything about a wise woman every wise summa building up her house and because we have something to build about your personal life about your family number three we need to build the ministry and the work of the Lord the ministry and the work of the Lord and as the reason were coming together to look at this were looking for Corinthians chapter three verse 9 whose greatest adversary a bus line a ministry to build a church to build a walk-up at Lord's to feel and I pray that this mission walk work respond your hand in Jesus name first Corinthians chapter 3 verse 9 for we at laborers together with God we press together livers what be pouring were building where is scene of something it says where he had got sauce Podrick and yeah course building according to the grace of God which is given unto me as a wise masterbuilder I have laid the foundation and another buildeth thereon but let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon for all the foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ now if any man build upon this foundation gold silver precious stones wood hay stubble every man's work shall be made manifest for that be shall be clear each because it shall be revealed by fire and the fire shall try every man's work every months ministry every man studies every man attempt to build of what sort it takes if you don't build up your personal life everything will crumble when the time of testing comes when persecution comes then the family if you don't build up a fund which I think this work on slander welcome opposition welcome thieves woke up from different direction against that family if you're not building up the law the loyalty the faithfulness a commitment Sunday the table energy in that family something will happen and then the church that means to the woke up a lot if you're not bill you know that woke up a lot something will happen and day thus far everything is this integrity I pray that this world will prosper your hand in Jesus meal and there you are looking at Acts of the Apostles chapter 20 verse 32 Acts chapter 20 verse 32 because we have the character Christian character Christian commitment Chris a behavior teacher to build up as well absolutely Apostles chapter 20 a medium from verse 32 at 20:30 – is this an operon I commit you to God and to the work to the word of His grace which is able to build you up that's your character the fruit of the Spirit that love have a joy and a peace and the long soft green are the meekness and the saint temperance yourself control building you up maturing growing growing up it says which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among them which are sanctified sanctified by faith and sanctified by the grace of God I want to also build up the work of the Lord by looking at Romans chapter 15 verse 20 Romans chapter 15 verse 20 and you know there are people that they're not they're not on a Sunday Senate bill you know they just you know even the song walk us through some insults and preachers will just go to church on Sunday also go to total what's the goal what's a pattern what is the Droid what is a sketch what the master plan that we're building too austere plan your personal life was the master plan your personal life was the podium where as a goal what are you building chose yours the prisoner became increase at the age of 29 and now you're 60 touchable to 0 to 20 years after and we're asking you that for years after where have you been what are you doing what are you becoming I'm Josie Kristen built up this life let there be more than a dream a goal a pattern that you are eminent here we have a family man and woman coming together the Christian brother Christian sister what you come together will is a goal where is the pattern where is the sketch and they drawing that the architect in heaven are giving to you as a family and says this is where you are going and we just find those families leaders me from the agency there is no pattern we live on day today and there is no model we live from day to day and there's no goodness no dream I'm saying today there must be a pattern there must be a Buddha we must say this family will be like the poverty of Aquila and Priscilla this family will be like a family of Hezekiah and Elizabeth this family will be like Joseph and Mary let there be a pattern and they are walking towards that and walk eat was that because there is submission there is a goal are you building towards a particular pattern they end the church so people at the church and there's no pattern or does go from th should be a week to week and program to program and worsen what kind of church are we racing off is it at the church in episode maybe button it church the church is mana let me be a pattern the church in Philadelphia baby appear button or you on the Church of the Lord isn't a button the Church of Thessalonica you have this church in front of can you see this is the model I were building towards this before we build there is a pattern before we build there is the agitates drawing and then when looking at that have written and as the people are making construction and all that the foreman is making this and that we're checking up were supervising how do I get near and get close to the pattern and be a little that's the ratio away yes I see what do ki not be in my chapter 3 I'm not there yet what word in Romans chapter 15 verse 20 in Romans chapter 50 verse 20 says and make God chapter 15 verse 20 chapter 15 verse 20 ye so a bias tried to preach the gospel not where Christ was made less I should build upon another man's foundation the preaching of the gospel the work of God is building building building were being a petition for God that is a place where God will commence I love this appreciated basis my own I'm going to dwell here efficiency of the turbine in from verse 21 verse 22 Ephesians chapter 2 officials chapter 2 verses 21 and 22 in whom all the building fitly framed together groweth Ianto and holy temple in the Lord to see that that is to bring all the members together the Misses together and the officers who Gabriel were build them up into a united building into a united temperate a compact temple and God is saying that is my habitation I can live there look at verse 18 whom he also a build a together fun a petition of God through the spirit and a petition of God through a spirit and then there are times that you need also 45 that means two striving and they come back to Nehemiah chapter three and let's search let's look for that water what 45 it means Australian wine lukina Nehemiah chapter 3 verse verse age Nehemiah chapter 3 but looking at verse 8 where other people are building other people there they wrecked his interior repair in the foundation or their restoring the beauty and the strains of those was some other people it was 45 while looking at chapter 3 verse 8 chapter 3 verse 8 each of the three busts it assists Nexon to Hima repaired was the heir the son of a higher analysis of the gold of a goldsmith next onto him also repaired a Nanaia the son of one of the apothecaries and they tell me that tell me out aloud they fortified Jerusalem on to the broad walk 40 point that means a striving I'm looking at Revelation chapter 3 Revelation chapter 3 and we're looking at verses three two and three Revelation chapter 3 what will choose the Promised One and unto the Angel of the Church of insiders write these things saith the CC that has the seven spirits of God and the Seven Stars I know thy works that thou hast believed that out meanest and a day the watchful and straining what if I strongly fortified simple Australian loose which remain that are ready to die for I have not found that works perfect before God and the Lord is seen that he wants potentially nice perfection and he wants us to soup bilge that the wall or be fortified the work of a fortified the church illustrated and the work of a local prosper and they gotta be happy and will say that is my habitation another petition below door enjoys the toilet not a petition in Jesus name don't sleep on me give me good amen I'm going to divide the message of a pass the message itself as you look at this we're talking about commitment to the restoration of lost glory lost glory because the walls are broken down lost glory the gates were bought to find lost glory I be caused all the day and all that if I'm not the robbers just came and thinks we're not clear the kids were not open the gates were not clear and we to restore the glory of this temple and of the city that's why I said what committed we were giving ourselves to the restoration of lost glory number one number one is god-given responsibility demanding the Saints consecration god-given responsibility and it demands the sales consecration about you now and what is the glorious restoration through so stage concentration concentration that means you pay attention to each that means to focus on each that means to concentrate on e we're talking about the glorious restoration that carves through sustained concentration number three in number three we have great revelation for our solemn consideration there's something so find in this chapter are the great revelations and therefore our sollima consideration I pray that has to consider all this sees the Lord will give you wisdom I will give you understanding our give use of stage ministry in Jesus mail quite number one now got keema responsibiiity demanded the sage consecration become insured Nehemiah chapter three a meeting here from besoin from Aswan exists there dilash the high priest rose up with his Fred rain the priest and the bearded the Sheep gauge the sanctified age and set up the doors of each and even on to the tower of Mir this sanctified age on to the tower of and Anil and then it goes on in verse chip you'll find the word peeled age Iranian but stood like a part of us to build edge already bus three you'll find the fish gauge and what he did you we peel change not what is they again and then it mage the beams and then you come to us for next on to them very pH they began to use the water a pietà because it's on sale there what is probable is coupled and so do repair and then you come to verse five next one to them they take quartz repaired but the nobles put not there next to the work of their Lord you'll find something here that it's like the ad believe us and the lady the lady they don't wait on the cloud God was Bonnie when in vain I don't wanted to restore and rebuild and because of that the lady does ordinary people the common people the members of that a better track of the Terra Cotta they just because built for the nobles the leaders it is very care for the building of those kids and those walls you know it's very much commendable that these people did not see our leaders are not doing anything so I should won't do anything our dealers I'm not concentrating me what should we why should we bother ourselves but he said this is the walk for every oh I love the Lord I love this work therefore whether my leaders are up and doing or not I'm just going to get something on that's the attitude of these people I pray that God will give us that agility Jesus made if the members where the leaders are not open doing if those members they are up and running and they're preparing and they're fielding and they're getting involved or the work of the how much more when the leaders are far beige when the leaders are Zelos what the leaders are hardworking and I said that those are the leaders they lot has given us in this church and we don't have any excuse what I'm saying is if the members of that tribe where the nobles and the leaders and not open Queen yet those members said we are going to do something high about in all case you'll find our leaders in the forefront you're white or lead us there hotshot they're there our heart is there their mind is there in our own church when I leave us called bitches and say we're good chef Angelo find out he does them I want to say we're Comi to build a local church you're either lead us there I mean these people could be openly when their leaders were not doing anything how much models of also are here we're going to do it in Jesus name I said well preaching Jesus name it is people the one really achieve is the work of the Lord just like here I am just say the good thing got started in you will continue until you see him face to face in Jesus name you come to you come to assist you find the water appear you come to verse 7 you are going to find is simply the first line there next onto them prepared Mel tyre and then it just went on and on be fortified apostate then impose in past 9:00 look at verse 9 were looking at was not an accent of every pitch the fire the son of her the ruler of a half patch of Jerusalem how you think about that that yep the whole of Jerusalem I didn't commit that to Joseph person they divided upon Jerusalem into two and so you take one part and you take another path you know sometimes in our own church over here we divide course a web this region well this region where this region was set up for example these the communities about three million people divide that into three religions well thank God at our church there's no complaint but what he will say even in the city one city like you know in one stage of the seated the ace up to five million I will say that because even though it's one single city we're going to divide this into two and so people will say but why is one CT y by dividing about one look at me if I am that they divided Jerusalem into chew and he is to take her and be able to take another not only that know about you there are some country is given and in a continent of Africa that is about 1 million in population and when you have a is single situation a million in population that's about filling missions of that size together and so we divide Jerusalem or your city or whatever it is on your local God mate or whatever it is into two I will say you take one and you take the other on the Strad the population you still haven't realized in some cases is still more than a whole nation your country in some other parts of our conscience so that's what I would do that and I pray that as we do this there be no complete again in a mystic Jesus name I read in verse nine and you see the ruler of hot patch of Jerusalem have imposter and neck so to him appeared shallow the son of had no fish the ruler of a half patch of Jerusalem he and his daughters the daughters even conceived all the women even got involved it would appear in these occasionally parried these walls and I pray that as these women they were up and running and doing and we meant you the womenfolk you're the upper running in Jesus name now average all this you know what I find out these people were committed people there were people that were ready to build the make true their world that is that said over rice open field and what is said you are going to do they actually did find that sometimes there are people that becomes like this another come in then you find out that all the things they promise a lot they will do after two days we don't find them after one week we don't find them but these people they make good their work let me show you what they are set idea and he might have to chew a meeting from verse 18 pretty much at the cheapest 18 then I told them of the hand of my god which was good upon me as also the Kings was that he had spoken unto me and this said what it is saying let us rise up a build and this said let us rise up a beauty they said that at the conclusion of temperature as we find them in chapter 3 everything they said they were going to do they began to do I'm going to ask you a question now all the promises of metallosis who upon again all the commitment you made to the Lord when you are born again all the consecration are submit to the Lord when your body get old Lord I will do this good lord I will do this good lord a worker is where are we today where are you today what have you done what have you done what are you giving of all the things so from his Lord I'm going to do this say that what you are safe I'm dead it appeared are you going to live you're hanging between life and death I said lord I realized how careless of me I realize how idle I mean I realize how a pro touchy up being if you get me out of this sick bed Lord this is what I'm going to do all this is you open your mouth and you say where is it today what are you today and these people said ensure that you let us rise up and build each of the three they rose up and they began to build all that you do not remember you want a discipline and then you know we went for work as a meeting you are not there you will wait forecast retreat you are not there and did the Congress came you are not here also come because of DC that apart and then you said good lord I feel miserable the joy of my life has been taken away if you get me off this situation from this discipline and they restore me O Lord all that have not been able to do during this time of discipline was am restored good lord here am I like my wheel everything I saw rained out to you I'm going to suck you like I never did to be fun then after that what Custer did they leadership called deal and they you are restored and see saw restored where is it now all the promises were made the people said let us rise up appeal and the very next chapter II rose up and asserted building I prayed her to a building Jesus name I said what building Jesus name I'm asking I am reading from George's chapter 11 George's not 11 and we're going to see the attitude we ought to hire the attitude we ought to up you put your heart to the Lord and you sit Lord this is what I'm going to do as the people probably said not you also you're promised the Lord I'm looking at you from district 11 first ratified and it came to pass when you saw her that she arranged is closed and said alas my daughter thou has brought me very low thou down as one of them that trouble me for I have opened my mouth unto the Lord and I cannot go back Jeff I said I have poop on my mouth onto the log the cost was high but he said I have opened my mouth to the Lord and I cannot go back we're going to read that together just the part I have opened my mouth to the Lord and I cannot go about won't you go [Applause] that's great do better now wonderful from the depth of your heart words consecration I have my mouth to the Lord and I cannot go back and that's the future of what we'll see among these people they said well rise up and build and they rose up and they began to build make good the promises of giving unto the Lord I'm reading from some 15 really from some 15 I read from verse 1 the people that worked well in the holy city in the Holy Place the nutrients and the people that would be the very presence of God in all eternity here we are he says Lord who shall abide in the tabernacle and who shall dwell in a holy hill he that walketh uprightly and worketh righteousness and speak at the truth in his sad speaker the truth is the speaker the trolls in Assad does the person at a it's not that you know he has you know 100 naira and then when you say asking all that I'm going to give you the essences and this is a 10-9 I had this all day ten I have got can you have this and I asked hunter age and they Lourdes think the one that speaker the truth innocent yes a million naira and a nice you know was say now we're going to build a DS our local church here and also up this and then you see so I wish I had something to give but you know how babies say $1,000 here and yes a million what he speaks the truth and he said I pray that God ROM because truth were people in Jesus name and those are the people going to heaven it says in verse three he'd about my taste knowledge what a song note was evil to his level no taketh of reproach against his neighbor he knows I see vile person is content and but he onerous babe that fear the Lord he that swear to son heart and changes knowledge he that's way too soon heart and changes on he that's where air the Sun hot and change yet not working to read that together once you go once again say to a conviction all the people that are not sown Lord I made a mistake I made a mistake I shouldn't have told you I'm giving my time to you I should have told you I'm giving my tights and operate to you I should have told you I'm going to be real walk had I not become fiery I shouldn't have told you I'm going to be like Nicky my he's I swear to son Hajj and changes not that it says he that putteth not out his money too usually no ticket reward he gives innocent even do it this thing shall never be moved that's what the Lord is calling also that sure no they call him the Lord is giving you as the Lord gives you this pony your soul Lord was all my hat or my sword all my might I promise you I'm going to serve you and there you will serve the Lord you're serving me Jesus name I said you on Sabine eat Jesus name whatever comes out of your mouth you sing good Lord here am i I really want to serve you it releases it certified Exorcist certified I'm reading to you from verse 4 Ecklie sister of fibers for with the bow is it Wow that's a bow let us write super bilge we're going to rise up appeal this is what I'm not going to be idle any more indolent any more Livesey anymore I'm going to sink everything I've got all my energy into the work of the Lord and this walk across by my hand and he says when the fires a vow unto God define not delayed not stupid for he has no pleasure in fools peep that which thou us about paid that which thou has bowed and sometimes you know what makes people not to pay their bow like that I'm going to war program when the circuit is because the part of the wall they are called on to appear you'll repair this part and you here this part and you repair this part they're looking at the part of the wall they are appearing and insidious one has more – this one has more Robles and this one has more difficulty and challenges how easily give this to me and they're keeping this to such and such but you have opened your mouth to be not let us rise up appeal and UVB give condition today Lord at that time and this is not the time to be giving conditions now if it is this I will if it is not this I won't if it is this I'll go at it if it's not visa I'm going to withdraw no you give yourself fully today lord I pray that you up on your life in Jesus name or Dale okay look at this man Jonah chapter 2 Jonah chapter 2 Jonah chapter 2 a meaning from bus age Jonah chapter 2 verse 8 it says enjoy nature that you was age they that observe line Vanity's forsake the own mercy but I will sacrifice unto thee or the boys offense giving our feed that that I about salvation is of the Lord what our fathers that Jonah was a prophet and had given that bow and the commitment of a prophethood Lord I'll declare your word send me anywhere sent me Lord good Lord sent me and alongside Jonah go to Nineveh a big city great city and could declare to them the word have commanded and then he said ninny P of all places I want him to perish I wanted to die how is it the Lord is sending me to Nina be Undead he back out from what he had said because he did not like that assignment it is another place I will go but this one I don't think I want to go to this one that's why the judgment of God came you know the story how the stock came he threw him into the RIBA how to will swallowed him up it was in the way nothing you know remember what's up little miss because I for soup my bow that's why he now said in bad Muslim I will beat that that I have bought some assurance of the Lord immediately said I'm going to do what I told they're not as good to look at verse 10 and they lost speak all should on to the fish and it vomited out Jonah upon trial add next verse chapter 3 verse 1 the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time saying arise go unto Nineveh that great city and preach unto each the preaching that I beat this so Jonah arose and waned yeah rules and wait will arise I you'll go I said you arise are you a cool because as the calling of the Lord and that cordon of the Lord you will not feel it Jesus name combat sure Nahum a chapter 3 there's a Lord why don't you look at here NEMA chapter 3 as God's a pitiful remnant United to build and we saw the past glory of the city of a great king they had left some instructions for us build us and restore us to thee while restore us what appearance were builders and I applied some instruction for us and I'm going to give you something is somebody now of that part I read to you of the or the whole chapter chapter 3 number 1 devotion to the Lord devotion to the Lord it said we're going to do this for the Lord and as you read in chapter 3 you see all two enemy scheme opposition keep everything came against that they said this is for the Lord I will see their devotion to the law the whole work was done for single-minded were singleness of heart seeking only the glory of God and not seeking great things for themselves have you seen that you know as we build the wall it is a water you know it's I bought there repaired by so and so they are not nickimja to do that to do the recording if you see I'm the one that get this I'm the one that get this you know putting their names there I'm the one that did this one I want my name on that wall I want my name in that game I want some this is for the glory of God what you do before the glory of God in Jesus is number one devotion to the Lord number two decision and directives by leader decision and directives by leadership it wasn't you know everybody that read teen everything everybody's saying use that dog it's on it since none of that time since see down this way same before that so I see me come back just so insane they put this one there yes I see remove that no yawns leader sheet and that's why those good coordination among these people that walked along with Nagy my decision and directed decision and directions by the leadership that's the beauty and asteroids in our church that we have leadership in our church we you know from the top to the bottom from the US way to the rule state overseers and whatever we see citrus as this is what you do there's decision that's directed from the leadership and then from the state of a set of the region overseers and whatever the citrucel see and since this is the way to go that's the way to go we all follow and from Billiken versus with a local cop make password history pastors and they keep that direction and everybody say yes that's how they did it in a mistake that's how we're going to reach our culture they look at just what a sectional leader there and as I said I stand in all the people walking on the is leadership the answers what to do and everyone say yes that's what are going to do it is that organization and it is that submission it is that to be nice and loyalty and faithfulness that makes the work strong number children decision and directions by the leadership number three division of labor abuse in days that you know from this past this one's building that was Anna one is building this and and all of us this one is building that they divided everything the division of labor the priests and the givers and the rulers and the merchants and the treatment and the families all took their turn and a share in this glorious work where the work of the Lord is concerned it is only fitting that there should be unity of spirit and division of labor as were find in this a chapter that's why you immediately need to stop you know other people they just concentrated abilities you there while you build a just like that OD up the old leader the only that were correct if anything goes wrong and then you'd be why is it once each in Donna do you know what instruction their leaders giving them in that section the division of labor Mesa to concentrate on your path I concentrate on my pattern thank God there was based nickimja supervising everything to make sure that every beat of the work every portion of the work follows according to pattern according to standard we're going to do it in Jesus name number four dedication to their Lord dedication to their Lord they are not closely to this for closer to the Poconos into that they don't stage or what they were supposed to do you know if you know what sure to do is not very clear if it's not we're not out if there is say no kind of assignment that is well clearly defined how do we know what to do everyone will just say you know do this why are you there I thought I wants to do that because there was no master plan and I look very clear Rosen demarcation of duty and assignment to say this is what Terry Nichols of Nehemiah it all said that's your patch does your patch does your part our fight dedication should their Lodge number five web demonstration of loyalty demonstration of loyalty those people our lawyer no I given in this chapter no conflict in this chapter no disagreement in this chapter no fighting in this chapter no pulling apart in this chatter they all said this is what to do on this a pattern to follow and that's what it did demonstration of loyalty number six is discernment by the leadership the Sun made by the leadership or some people that said we want to be part of feature we can do some feature and the leadership research that they were not having the right heart and the right attitude because of that said no you don't have any part in this look at your touch of Nehemiah be much attitude and I'm reading from verse 19 and way but when sanballat before night and Tobiah the navigation the Olympian or the treble column at each in lat austere scorn and despise us and said watch is the what is this scene that she do were ye rebelled against the king therefore answered I then and said unto them the God of heaven he will prosper us therefore we his servants will arise and field but yellow portion nor I know Memorial in Jerusalem those people wanted to take part they said no you cannot do any any part of this work because you must have you want the booty key you must be circumcised your mother sanctified there must be a change a transformation you must be patch of course how can a child of the devil come to build some people Christ I'll call somebody in the kingdom of darkness take part in the walk of the kingdom of light it's not possible it must be a pony game here phosphate transfer must be changed individual before you can have patch in this number seven is the devotion of the leader Sidney Myer Mahima was part of it the soul of the whole undertaking the planning the motivating the mobilizing and the delegation and the supervising and the sustaining of the work everything depended on the gray sacrificial service of nehemiah the leader I pray that assad leaders have been committed they'll continue to be committed in Jesus name and even more commitment were going to see former leaders in Jesus name I come to a point no but you know glorious restoration through sustained the concentration so stage concentration look at that what sustained sustained other people the attention span is very small they can concentrate for maybe 5 mins after 5 minutes their minds begin to wonder and then they they want that was listless there is less some people cannot concentrate on single assignment for a long period of time building this now and n disturbin any not that they're missing that they had walk in and they appear that there's a lot of energy bottled in inside them but they cannot stay on just one assignment and finish it through and just say this is done and that's why P we have a lot of what we call unfinished projects unfinished projects and inside to a small small things in your life first of all number one is them finished day your wake up in the morning and say these are the things I'm going to do and no matter what you should do is so say a B and C a very important very essential mostly done I cannot be really be very important but if I don't get to it I can't do that tomorrow and then see I can do it yes all right buzzy non-essential a plc when you wake up in the morning that is what to concentrate on you say this one is urgent and important and then you concentrate on that I just want you reach the audience and important then go to be is important what is not a change and then if your finish feed and you come to see this one is not important it's good it's good it's not a bad it's not a simple thing is Google not important and not urgent but people are model are but you see these people they said this is important as well as a change and we're going to get it on and they concentrated or need until if we don't so state so state concentration and then if your days or finished day and I in the night you say what I said I was going to do this item I never got to eat you know I just started when I go to the office I said read in newspapers and for newspapers and then somebody came to my office and you simply ace and I was there talking rain after they talking I looked at the mills and NDS and that and before and it is now gone the essentia see the importance in the orchards and important all that's on finished day and Dead Sea I'm going to read a one book in a month does he want what woke him up or at least was that was that and then you pick up this book you read introduction really you know you read the preface and then you start with chapter one and maybe after the war you close it and then oh this other book has been wanted to read it before I buy the other one I get back to that later if you finish any book since you started reading apart from your you know your academic well me I'm talking about really troubles that will help you finish books they are all there and then or finish projects decision we're going to do this we're going to do this hey pastor you announced the other type these is what we're going to do after about a two Sundays the person makes another announcement you're all that what is the background and then be on fish porches as we look at that life so on to come back and learn from bismillah Maya what'd he take permission from the king was good to do it was good to feel the warmth that have broken down was me to build and repair the gears that are all destroyed were fire and then he said they're those Reformation walk to do and at which I was teaching what to do that wait that's this one truth let that wait this one I told the King I was going to do that he did it was when he finished that and concluded that and perfected that he went to another scene that's what we're learning from Nehemiah here that you will finish what you have started you're finishing Jesus name glorious restoration through sustained sustained concentration I'm looking at Georgie's judges chapter eight judges chapter 8 you get higher other people get tired at you and then you get is interested along the way the middle of the way other people get the same problems you George is chapter age Nam reading from verse for the digital age were looking at verse 4 and give young came to Jordan and passed over E and a 300 man that was in page yet watch pursued a phage tired wheelie fatigued yes pursuing bed that reason why they succeeded and I they say we are going to succeed as well you've got to sleep well succeed in Jesus name the vehicle to succumb challenges calm but hey stop the difficulty and we're looking at a picture of the edge of the race we're looking at the picture the end of the building I was looking at the edifice was setting up were looking at the walls strong and deep and high and sequence a genome and we see the end from this point to say when everything is completed this is the way it would look like thus what is keeping us going your keep on going in Jesus name the Lord is not interesting this was sad and they are not able to finish we're such and we're going to finish while looking at Acts of the Apostles chapter 20 verse 24 and so the Apostles chapter 20 verse 24 exists but none of these things move me none of these things would be you know what there are many people easily moved in literal wind is blowing their mood and you know what you have a sheet of paper that doesn't have too much way to put it in on the scale and the index a hand of the scale were not people move at all because the scene is so light and because it's so light any breeze or any wind that blows will pro it up if six that are light and sees that a minor able to move you that you know you're standing on this the supplied wage that whatever is happening is blowing you up from what you ought to do but Paul the Apostle said and heavy wage and it doesn't matter that we blow in that will not move me pasta sauce rice knob that will not work me and he said all a slide on generate that or not what me oh the misinterpretation of what I say the misinterpretation of my intention or that should not move me they had anybody their freedom of speech to say whatever they want to say I know that this is we am going and that is what a bit that's why I said but none of these things move me now that can't I my life dear or to myself now that count I my life what is this my life or about me I breathing in and breathing out more than that it with my health it is my joy it means my happiness it means even my property it means all that I possessed all that makes life what life is all those is do not matter to me there's 14 that matters to me this what the Lord has given me to do you I've started and I'm going to finish that's one thing that matters to you I said that's what we that matters to you it tastes the work of the Lord as committed in Johan there are some people they say I want to take life easy so that I don't end danger my life and I don't die you know people order to walk they also die people don't even sleep all throw that base and also their time they also die Lizzy people die obviously Lizzy people living forever I said have you seen their work I know people they die lazy people did I in fact interlace kills people more than work because you know what you are not working yet the tendency to eat and eat and eat I will just eat and eat and eat like that you dig your grave with your teas and so that's the reason why get up out work if you are going to die die on active service as I died on active service you know say there's also she took me there you those people there I don't know the kind of people they ah I don't want to him bigger my life hey get off that's the place to go and it whatever people out there will not touch a life in Jesus name and that's why Paul there was all these none of these things move me not account I might like my elves my joy my treasure my property anything at all deal to myself so that I might finish my course with joy he said I've started I'm going to finish anybody want you to finish there amen you're finishing Jesus man and then say it also say and the ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus to testify the gospel of grace of God and that's what these people add and that is what we are going to have I come to point number three now create a Venetian for our solemn consideration great revelation great revelation pass solemn Constitution I'm coming to me he Meyer chapter three verse one Nehemiah chapter 3 verse 1 he says verse 1 then Elijah the high priest rose up with with a spread rain the priest and the building the ship gauge this sanctified each and set up the doors of each even unto the tower of Mir this sanctified age on to the Tower of an Anil over Friday one man here and this man he he rose up and he was number one to build and build the sheep gate you know why because it was a high priests and got all this other priests around he and listen why did that other sheep gate is that the people will bring their sheep for sacrifice and he has one of the priests and the high priest he will take that and sacrifice for them for the cleansing what took me of their sees and now he did this and this was good so far so good so far so good but let's see that's the beginning of Nima well you can me much of the 13 now ladyman chapter 13 I'm reading from verse 4 lady much after 13 from verse 4 and before this Elijah you recognize him now the priest happened the Opus side of the cheek bone of a house of a gorge was a night on to Tobias Tobias was not enemy enemy of God an adversary to the people of God and he had this kind of secret association secret attachment secret networking with to buyer a person that was at the forefront of serving the love working for the Lord and yet the a second of association and then it goes on in verse five and he are prepared for him a great chamber where a four time delayed the meat offering and the frankincense and the vessels and the tides of corn and moon wine and oil which was commanded to be given to the Levites and the singers and the porters and the offerings of the priests but in all this time was not I at Jerusalem Lima was not around in my wage back to the king because you know he might have given the King the dish the time is that I come back at this time and so he went back temporarily and before Nehemiah came back we're told that Elijah had compromised I pray you're not compromised it it's not just such it's not all to say I concentrated on the world I committed myself on to the world the responsibility was given that the chance was given the opportunity he was given he misused that opportunity and that's why the Lord is telling us this is a great revelation personam consideration that he'll not be a personal tour backslide and pay your link off and join up or the enemies of God enemies of the work of the Lord and here we're told he even made a chamber somewhere for the angel for him to leave is that I came on to the king that's when he was absent and after certain days or take I'd leave of the king he came back again it was seven and I came to Jerusalem not a student of the evil that alas she did for Tobiah in repairing him a chamber in the courts of the law of the house of God to see this that this man that was having God before now he had backslidden when the man of God Nehemiah when he went away for some time because of the absence of Nehemiah yet go on ito compromised I pray that will not be you compromise will not be part of your life and part of community and part of your family in Jesus name watch show by your wife don't allow your wife to bring compromising syncretism I don't worship Peter George watch over yours band such horsemen will not break idolatry and all this candle burning and all these unnatural practices into the water by your children so they will not bring all these books you know this territorial spirit and push meat and water spirit and is the highest grade heaven spirit and low-spin did not bring into our church in Jesus name this is a ship it brought all this I pray that what God accepted to build you will not destroy Jesus name look at verse 8 and he gripped me so therefore I can suppose all the household store to buy out of the cheap bus and then I commanded and be placed the Chamber's that's a real man awkward thank God for Nehemiah and thank God for you be like Nehemiah and she is awesome look at verse 28 look at verse 28 and one of the songs of Johanna the son of Elijah Elijah became look at him look at him you know I have a very end of making Maya the man was not if we cannot reckon with him anymore in chapter 3 it was impossible alleged the whole chief he said look at my example look at my pattern here is what I'm doing for the glory of God at the head he deleted here to the edge it is contained on to the end it is hold on a standard on today you will hold on the son Trivedi Jesus name it says in verse 28 and one of the sons of jehoiada the son of Elijah the high priest was son-in-law of samba lodge a poor annoyed therefore what did I do tell me out loud tell me again I chased him from me there's no inner in the house here men and women we're going to do this the same passion I have you have that passion they said commit matter have you have that commitment I will continue to the very end in Jesus name and say say I chased you from me kissing from me I will thank God we put life past us and depart life and group al-sultan people at overseas anywhere will seek compromise or compromises which is the way well we're not have you know is my relative is coming from my village it's of my tribe is of my is my sister-in-law it's my vision that was the pranking scene and the Brinke evil was which is them from us and nobody is going to you know because I signaled I'd look at a you know person so it she is the person away we join hands together and which is reprobates and compromises away from the church in Jesus made and so that just won't find yet that's when he might create in verse 29 in verse 13 is this remember them oh my god because they have defiled the priesthood and the cabinet of the priests of the priesthood and of the Levites so we'll find all these people here and we thank God for people like Nehemiah thank God for you as well that will honestly contend for the faith was delivered on says we're not going to look back in Jesus name I'm looking at Jude verse 3 Jude verse 3 he chewed for three I'm reading here from verse chapter 1 verse 3 it says a beloved when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation it was needful for me to write unto you that and exhort you that he should have heartedly contained Liz Lily contained slipping Li contained have you contend earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints earnestly contend for the faith which is once delivered was once delivered until they cease thank God I'm in a church like this it's the kind of church that is prepared to get to heaven and that's the only place I want to go because I'm not going to go to hell I bought you I bought you stay in a church like this if you have been you know kind of befriending compromises their compromiser compromises their ritual to endure to the end it's only the people that had go to the end that shall be saved and I want you pretty well I'm pretty for you all until to the end in Jesus name Matthew chapter 24 reading from verse 11 what is chapter 24 verse 11 and many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many body or not deceive you and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold but he and she thou shalt impure to the end tell me the same shall decide when the sage good matching II you're there that's right soap and talk to the Lord in prayer that God will help you that God will help you you're not dying by the wayside you're not give up by the wayside you will not compromise your kiss all those compromises chiseled away from you pass of a local church chase those people away from the priesthood group pastors chase them away from the priesthood not allow them to pollute the priesthood defile the priesthood doesn't fun sign it together on a watch of the Living God study together on this unchanging world honestly contending for the faith walls to be much on to the sails bring all this is what Lodge before the Lord and say lord help me the gate of the house of a lot of Appeals get a porch in each there is a Lots house and is the gate of heaven yes vote and get on sale get aboard the gate of the Lord getting bald bilge the Lord will help you we go your talent or skill or the earnestness with EU if compromise is setting in pray and say Lord I'm sorry repent of that and if your leaders have been asking you you've been denying open or say I'm sorry about that and he tell you the whole truth before but not be painted again might like cool it with a lot now they'll not accept you build up your life your prayer and I'd build up your life your sunny life build up your life your spiritual life build up your life the most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost build up your family have a model before you a big button before you a make sure that you build according to that pattern should to you in the mouth there's a Mount of Transfiguration and the Lord is showing us what what what Moodle or the example to build a family on probably like a queen and Priscilla the shield there next to the work addicted to the work exact Riya and Elizabeth committed righteous already need have any child by that time when he chipped away but I kept on working for the Lord some in the Lord with all sincerity humility and holiness until the child came give yourself fully fully completely or a savagely to the Lord build of a ministry don't join to build Bible on the giant to build barbell build of the body of Christ but if I am strengthen the things that remain look at the work your local church and a weak section there destroy section they're scattered section they're getting the MPO look at every section and go build a ministry the work a people of God a new city organization in this chapter three devotion to the Lord the heme iron and all the other people working along with in the portage committed devotion to the Lord decision and directives by leadership the legs and the hands are not taking this jump overhead the mouths and the nose and the ears were not taking decision for behead the head took decision and the Memphis of the body followed that's what I D that's how they did it that's how the walk prospered in their hands and the walk is good to prosper your head so to the right see in the right way for the right reason for the right purpose for the glory of God leave those decisions and directives and the hands of the leadership division of labor and devotion to a lodge keep at it stick to H stick to your area don't disturb other people Donis try water that's a Dewey will confuse all of us you're not finished yours concentrate on your own they dedicated to your Lord and if you are in that place before now you're booked on to go into another theme concentrate or what we're doing now not blackmail assault slander all the people because that's what I should be doing the presidents are right to be doing it now don't say that don't say that while you're acting superior to all the people are you feeling superior to other people or don't you have submission to leadership in the church the leadership has directed at the ACE is what you'll be doing concentrate on that don't go through a lie sad grumbling complaining pushing all the people down I should be doing that that's not the right attitude demonstrate loyalty the most rage loyalty a little bit assignment or the illah leadership those who profess to know he was in walks the night he at where every good walk righteous practiced there a probate she is them away from the work and I'm gone sexual their lives children of Satan cannot win converts for the Savior the saw Antichrist in nature Antichrist in spirit Antichrist in Hajj they cannot build up the body of Christ they are the spirit of the Antichrist walking in there with a journey and we as workers who as Mises was leaders should a good example if you are telling members to pray pray pray we were leaders must pray what le members to be faithfully given their tithes and offering with what leaders and workers were faithful in pain a Titan of free material tabatha lies we were leaders and walk as ministers massage evangelize Nehemiah showed that the portion of a leader showed us I remember the slushy double a king you remember his mother started we're finished bad Saturday right direction they finished as a reprobate finished as a backslider finished as an apostate the way less that which happen to Elijah the COS office our attachment to the enemies of God a destroyed of a built on radar God will help you so that this great revelation was solemn consecration your consider you're not backslide not compromised you're not deteriorate watch your connections watch your associations watch your networking it's not that well pray I got to help you to finish one he got a deal so they age the same shall be saved she attend just for the edge the same shall be saved you

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