Lawmakers look ahead to impeachment vote, Senate trial

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wait until it gets a little cold out and things are moving slower , then put your foot on the head of the snake and the rest of the body used to thrust the head foreword will be vulnerable. PS. Catching them in the process of consuming there pray works just the same.

  2. These people have no sense of constitutional civility and common sense. The biggest problem I have seen over the past 50 years or so is elite owned news media influencing almost everything people do or say. Their duty is to inform citizens of news and not have all their damn commentaries explaining in an unbiased way what the politicians are doing. They should show us the politicians and what they are doing so we can make our own decisions. These are the people that are causing the biggest split in our country today.

  3. The Democratic’s have mental illness problems that they need to get taken care of. They are a sick brunch of people in need of help.

  4. Dems always talk about the presidents crimes and all the truly awful things he has done, but do you ever notice they never actually say what crimes or offensives he’s committed? They are some evil people.

  5. I see, now that we are getting close to the impeachment vote, the wimps are coming out of hiding. Democrats in areas that Rump actually won are having second thoughts. Rump is a traitor and put his own interests above national security. Impeach the unelected, uneducated, unqualified clown in chief. He really is too stupid to hold the position that he was unelected to fill.

  6. Congressional Democrats are full of CRAP!! They know it and we, THE PEOPLE, know it. They're trying to undo the will of the people in 2016, and prevent the president from being re-elected in 2020. If ANYTHING happens to President Trump all Hell will break loose!

  7. " Demeanor, History and Traditions of the Senate" . Just like Schiff did in Congress by having illegal meetings in the basement and LYING through his teeth every time his mouth is open.

  8. I want witnesses, but the Democrats offered no proof, refused to have republican called witnesses. They could not even allow the Whistleblower to testify because he heard nothing and it is all gossip. So it that sense it does make sense to just call for a vote and end the circus.

  9. So the first time , impeachment is partisan, they say that rep are the prob? There is an election coming in 11 months. So y can't voters decide his fate? Even Nixon s impeachment dragged to 2 yrs, y are they so fast in impeaching him?
    If u can't convince majority of people that he has done wrong, then the fault is on rep side? If he gets acquitted in senate, what are they going to do?
    When pelosi says they are trying to impeach him for 2 yrs , nobody cares.
    McConnell said they are voting no on the impeachment, suddenly it's wrong?

  10. TREASON need to be arrest Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Nadler. Joe Biden Hillary Clinton, Obama administration, Obama. Comey those people's need to be arrested. We are the people's stand behind President Trump Trump 2020

  11. Schiff says he resisted this direction, when? When Trump was not the President because he has been trying to impeach the President since before the confirmation? lol Schiff is a compulsive liar.

  12. I really feel bad for all these people out here that support Trump and think that he's done no wrong or the Republicans that think they've done no wrong you guys are so stupid you give me a migraine that's not the way our country was intended to run Trump and his administration has gotten so corrupt that they think that their gods and can do anything they want I can't wait until this impeachments over so we can get this clown party out of the White House

  13. Constitutional duty, mr. Schiff? Since when is making up crimes with no proof to kick out a president that you don’t like a “constitutional duty”?

  14. The real loser here is the Constitution. Republicans have taken a dump all over it in their desperation to avoid the due process of the law. I think it will be a very long time before I see Republicans as anything except liars and traitors to this country, and I was politically totally on the fence until all of this started.

  15. Nadler: "this is the defense of our democracy".
    Well if you call 24×7 impeachment & investigations a defense of democracy.
    Many of us call it a conspiracy to undermine our democracy.
    Also, if you're so concerned about democracy, why do you ignore all of the shenanigans pulled by Obama & Clinton & Comey?

    NO ONE WILL LOAN ILLINOIS MONEY durbin is a laughingstock!

  17. President Trump sure as HELL didn't get a fair trial in the House because of cowards, now he can call WHOEVER he wants and shed some light on these traitors and show the people just how corrupt Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler really are!

  18. Cnn has become the Enquirer of the news. It is sad they aren't embarrassed to actually pass on lies like this. You would think their ratings plummeting 75% in the last 3 years would make them re-think on this fake reporting.

  19. Not much of a constant follower of US politicis but didn't Democrats rule over Detroit Baltimore Chicago Philadephia etc since forever? From what I hear – they are one of the worst city in all of USA . its just as bad here in UK where thankfully labor got wiped out but they too have ruined UK

  20. Don’t know why they are looking ahead it’s already been shown to be partisan and a waste of time. Trump has more than a 20% approval rating if someone wants re-elected they aren’t going to vote to impeach that’s politics 101 the whole reason Clinton wasn’t impeached was because of his approval rating not guilt. It really doesn’t matter wether trump is guilty or not which he isn’t but his popularity is what keeps him in office. Nixon had a single digit approval rating if I recall and that’s why he stepped down.

  21. DEMOCRATS ARE ANGRY that Under this President, to many people, of ALL RACES,
    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Let's have a public trial in the Senate, with all the evidence laid out clearly, with BOTH sides being allowed to question witnesses freely and without unusual restrictions. We need to see a fair trial or the honest everday citizens of this country will join our brothers and sisters across the world who have already started standing up. We're awake now. Bet on it.

  23. Many of you that you're already hurt some different news or speaking about that well for men and women that are or what they are talking about for Republic Democrats Democrats and Republicans that this is getting confused about where you always get it confused but listening very carefully just only one little thing just listening very carefully because sometimes that are I got to give you the truth about it that Democrats already got well page one at a time and they did up a great job only to have finished the homework but every public if they do not get the answer is already too little too late because well next week is coming soon and many of you Dad how is going to be a dad for everything for this that I had to say it well I don't know is your choice

  24. Why do people think Trump is abusing his power? It’s perfectly legal for the president to ask for an investigation from ANYWHERE into someone he believes may be a threat to our national security due to corruption. There are No laws that state you cannot ask for help or information from any country. It doesn’t exist. What is so hard to understand? If you don’t like that then get it changed. I personally don’t want to tie the hands of our president no matter who it is . I don’t even like the guy but there was nothing illegal here. It’s that simple.


  26. By the way, the office of budget and management said the aid being held up for Ukraine was normal procedure so they can investigate if the country that is requesting the aid is following all the guidelines of U.S. policy. Absolutely perfectly normal, as it should be. We shouldn’t be handing money to anyone without getting exactly what we want.

  27. Also Biden being a potential political rival is irrelevant. If he or a family member may be a potential threat to our national security due to corruption then anyone at anytime should be able to ask for an investigation, period.

  28. Oh the so.called "ruling class" in a CLASSLESS society …as.touted by the.self.described "elite class" of msm….
    Certainly not the "basket.of.deplorables" or "smelly walmart.people"..

    All THESE.ASSHOLES need to go…but DEMONRATS need to go NOW….and many.
    No most need to be HUNG FOR.TREASON and ALL their illgotten gsins.confiscated…noW

  29. TRUMP NEWS two financial institutions must comply with recent subpoenas issued by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Financial Services Committee seeking information related to the Trump Organization and Trump family businesses. President Trump and others had filed a suit to prevent the banks from complying with the subpoenas

  30. TRUMP NEWS Manhattan DA to enforce a grand jury subpoena to President Trump’s accountants seeking (among other things) President Trump’s tax returns.

    The Second Circuit acknowledged that the President, occupying “a unique position in the constitutional scheme,” could be shielded from certain types of judicial process, but concluded that a subpoena to his accountants did not merit that protection:

  31. Donald Trump paid a total of $2 million to eight charities. Not because he wanted to, but because last month—in a lawsuit brought by New York’s previous attorney general—a judge ruled that he had to pay this, as a penalty for using the Donald J. Trump Foundation as a personal piggy bank.

  32. The Dems want a fair trial in the Senate, LMAO, Call no witnesses and slam dunk it in 1 hour and get this WITCHHUNT behind us and let the President get on with running this country. Oh by the way Shifty Shiff should be sent to the Gallows for wasting our tax payer dollars and Pelosi should go hunting with Cheney.

  33. Ahaha here in Europe we're so happy that Muerikkka is being fucked by Russia!! You deserve that chaos for all the atrocities you've done!! Diiiiiie Anerikkka diiiiiiie. Putin is the best!! Republicans are suckiing his Russian stick sooo hard. Democrats are crying. This is beautiful.

  34. All of those corrupted lawmakers need to be in jail for what they let the fedsters are doing with taxpayers money . They have destroyed the economy by printing money!.

  35. The lesson for voters here is either vote for Trump to have the Whitehouse, House and Senate, or don't vote for him at all. The alternative is these dickheads perpetually impeaching him for the next 5 years.

  36. —-> McConnell and Graham should recuse their selves Jurors are supposed to be unbiased decision makers not sit as lawyers for the defense. This administration gloats in its ability to alter facts, incite defiance of truth and sensationalize the act of “wrong “ as completely justified.

  37. Dems in Nixon's time made demands of the WH that weren't met so they went to SCOTUS who set precedent that Dems today are thumbing their noses at by going alone with Obstruction of Congress charges they cooked up during their artificial deadline.

    The Supreme Court has essentially foreshadowed it will ultimately torpedo the House Impeachment charge of Obstruction of Congress by first granting judicial review of multiple lower court cases brought against Trump about his tax returns, etc. The courts are going to kick Dems' teeth in for trying to subvert the Seperation of Powers by attempting to take powers that are reserved only for the Judicial Branch.

    Then, as now, the courts are the arbiters. The House now could have went to the courts and asked them to make the White House turn over documents they have requested and make people appear after subpoenas were issued.

    But they didn't, think they have the power of the courts to boss the WH around, but the impeachment clause does not give them that power then or now as shown by SCOTUS precedent in Nixon's time.

    Since the Court accepted review recently they essentially ruled that the Executive is entitled to Court review in disputes with Congress, established by the Constitution and precedent.

    Look for SCOTUS to rule that the Judiciary, not the House of Reps, is the arbiters on summons/subpoenas, disputes between them and the WH, and watch SCOTUS overturn impeachment on the grounds of Obstruction of Congress.

  38. Rand Paul's neighbor should punch him again, maybe another punch will wake him up. These guys sold their souls for money & seat. Protect the country not the orange con man.

  39. This bustard had legalized the isis without telling anyone!
    Because of he has a family business tights with the war criminal islamic-facist-isis leader erdogan!
    Last 3yrs the USA foreign policy was based on trumps family business interests thats what all about!
    He betrayed US soldiers, and the best allise SDF!
    2020 he must back to his hotel business.
    Have a nice bankruptcy mr hotel ceo donald…

  40. republican terrorists leaders the greedy selfish and evil. Bad for America assult guns pain pills tobacco insurance companies the terrorists of americans.

  41. The Articles of Impeachment of Donald J Trump is available for reading at USA Today and NPR (
    Happy holiday reading, everyone !

  42. fake news ,. why no story on NJ shootout or Portland muder attack of 4 or 8 black kids attacking one white kid on school bus ? because none of them were white? funny not a word from CNN,MSNBC abc cbs Democrats ,then your pushing story of a Democrats congressman doesn't agree with impeachment and eight of his staff resigned,so now it's bullying ,do as we say or we quit,and your pushing the congressman is wrong . I thought in America you can think what you want ,have your own opinion ,so why would Washington Post be pushing get in line and do as we say or your the problem ? why? because you all want total control over the people and money ,your all rich and we're paying for it all,you get richer we get poor. tell them Democrats are already talking impeachment again if Trump gets elected ,how does that work? lol . yiur guilty ahead of time? lol . why no story on Democrats congressman saying don't vote for any white women? if he was white and said no black women Washington Post My times cnn MSNBC abc CBS Democrats would be the story of the decade .I don't understand . tell me . if your not paid fake news .

  43. tell them all congress person's make $87.65 hr, so 4 years of nothing at $87.65 hr, and us peons paid for it ,we the people won't make what they made in 4 years in 50 fkn years ,for nothing , but all you rich milionairs care so much about us peons , roflmmfao . you all know what's right for us ,why we stay poor and you get richer . your all fake . Trump wasn't suppose to win, he fkrd up all your games and called you out, that's why every milliknair is against him . big tech Democrats world leaders cnn MSNBC abc cbs hollyweird messing with your money and power over the people . our economy is the best in the world, best in 60 years . how's that happen? funny isn't it ?

  44. DEMS will pay the piper in Nov. 2020 …. they've let the lunatic left of Identity politics subvert sanity and democratic party traditions.

  45. Never Trumpeters try to Trump Up, or Conger Up (Usually thru Witchcraft) things against Our Legitimate President. Beware a Challenge to the 22nd Amendment! Can you see Three Term Trump! Woo Woo!

  46. "This is not political"? Huh? ……..Well at least Adam looks like he's been crying as the good lord intended. His district has the plague and he really cares about the 85 new homeless showing up every hour. I wish it was a joke. THE PLAGUE!!!




  48. The left can’t have an intellectual conversation about politics because they get so triggered they automatically start cussing or name calling because they are still mad Trump won… Name one thing the Democrats have accomplished since he’s been in office oh yeah nothing because they’ve been stuck on an impeachment that’s never going to work. Let me guess you hate trump because African American and Hispanic unemployment are at an all time low (and no he’s not riding Obama’s number because they literally have opposite views) , or do u hate that More than 6 million workers received tax cut bonuses and benefits that help middle class average Americans or do you hate or do you hate that Trump hasn’t collected one single paycheck because he’s givin it back to the people which no president has ever done because only real politicians are in it to get rich, or are you mad that America is now the #1 leading oil producer because of the trump administration so it’s creating more jobs for the working class? Are you mad the trump lowered the children from crossing the border from Obama’s 54,000 to what under 5,000? Yeah that’s a huge difference and a major success if you can’t tell. Or let me guess you hate Trump because he signed a bill that lets families with autistic children finally get the care they need? Oh wait it must be that u hate that the Trump Administration implemented reforms to the amount Medicare pays hospitals for drugs that are purchased under the 340B program, saving seniors $320 million in 2018. Or is it that you hate how Trump signed a bill illuminating Obama’s terrible VA plan that requires old veterans to drive 40 miles or more for service, and now you can just go to your local providers which is saving American people thousands monthly. There’s literally so many things GOOD that Trump has done the only reason you hate him is because you think he’s a racist even though he’s done more for the black community than Obama and he was in office for 8years..
    The only thing the American people found out about the investigations is that Biden is tied to Ukraine and only democrats and liberals would turn their back on that treason and then try to get the American people to vote for him.. let me guess you hate how trump turned Obama’s 54,000 kids held at the border to what under 5,000? Or wait you probably hate Trump because he signed a bill that lets families with autistic children finally get the care they need? Oh wait it must be that u hate that the Trump Administration because they implemented reforms to the amount Medicare pays for hospitals drugs that are purchased under the 340B program, saving seniors $320 million in 2018. Or is it that you hate how Trump signed a bill that eliminated Obama’s terrible VA plan that requires old veterans to drive 40 miles or more for service, and now you can just go to your local providers which is saving American people thousands monthly. Or do you hate that he signed a bill so all black colleges can receive more money for funds? There’s literally so many things GOOD that Trump has done the only reason you hate him is because you think he’s a racist or because Twitter or Snapchat told you too even though he’s done more for the black community than Obama and he was in office for 8years..
    honestly with how much Trump has done for minorities and average American families, I think the country is finally figuring out who the real threat and racists to this country are and it is the left. But that’s a conversation they’re not mature enough for.. and that’s the tea

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