Laughter as Trump lauds politician's body slam of Guardian journalist

[Applause] yes if you just broke my glasses you last guys do the same damn thing you just body slam me it broke my glasses get the hell out of here you'd like me to get the Honda thread also like to call the police can I get you guys's names perhaps the most surreal experience of my life that I've asked countless politicians countless questions you know in in my career in journalism and nothing like this has ever remotely happened and I heard about it and we endorsed Greg very early but I had heard that he body slammed a reporter and he was way up and he was way up and I said this was like the day of the election or just before and I said oh this is terrible he's going to lose the election then I said well wait a minute I know Montana pretty well I think it might help him and it did

Maurice Vega

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  1. When a presstitute from a bordello gets slapped, most of them enjoy it. Some even smoke a cigarette after getting rear ended without lube and without a jimmy being worn by their pimps in the presstitute bordello.

  2. If you think this is funny, read on. You are like the German brown shirts of 1920-1934. Imagine how "hilarious" it would be if this became the norm. Intimidation and Physical abuse: the new "civility"…? I wonder how many of you would be happy to "body slam" me for merely saying this, if only for fun, rather than Googling "Brown shirts Germany Trump" and let it sink in what monsters this American Twittler changes you easily into already. He might be leading you somewhere less heroic and less "GREAT" than you would like to believe, and you might want to pauze and rethink. After WWII, people asked themselves how on earth it was possible that SO MANY Germans became so evil in SO LITTLE time. Now's the time to find out for yourself.

  3. Ben Jacobs was and likely still is a HUGE MORON! Glad he got his ask kicked because he overstepped the line.

  4. Haha.. that's the best.. Why isn't this a trend?? More bodyslams!!! Someone needs to body slam all of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS & MSNBC… back to Mexico.. after the wall's up.

  5. I really hate it he didn't pull out a gun and blow your f**** brains out. Death to all liberal reporters. I hope people start killing you all at random

  6. The irony is Trump is more loved and respected far more than the scummy leftist press that slander and misrepresent him all the time. The ordinary person needs Trump

  7. A slimy journalist aught to acknowledge that things like this can happen in their line of work, if their questions are too prying, or if they're asking them at the wrong time. Should the politician have resorted to violence? No, not really, it's pretty pathetic. But the journalist can learn suck it up.

  8. China and Russia will start a war with you and your country just for one purpose 嚗 TO SHUT YOUR BIG FXXXING MOUTH ! JUST WAIT AND SEE ! MR. CRAZY OLD MAN…

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